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"Duilin, remember to always embrace happier memories. Never let the anger and hate overcome you. Embrace your human side, but never forget your demon side."

-Zeros' words of advice to Duilin

Duilin Talonscar
"I'm half demon, but I'm all kickass!"
Created by Dude Man
Physical Description
RaceHuman/Demon crossbreed
Usual ClothingDark grey shirt and pants, with an orange belt made of cloth, and several straps on the pants, holding a pouch of gold coins.
Body ArtNone
Facial HairNone (occasionally has light stubble)
OtherHe has demonic wings
SpecializationPhysical Combat, Demonic Magic, Fire Magic, Air Magic
JobHigh General
Weapon(s)-The Iduran
-Talonscar Mace(in storage)
AllianceRomme Avengers
Gaian Federation



Duilin being part demon, has demonic wings, yet the skin is slightly lighter since he has only had them for a bit over 6 years. Throughout the story his clothing changes, at chapter 1 he wore standard Dark Empire armour wile in chapter 2 and 3 he wore standard Romme armour. He gained his wings at the end of Chapter 3. From chapter 4 to early chapter 10 he wore a black shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and black pants.

At first Duilin was a bit of a push over. He lived in fear of his commander, who always kept a close eye on him. When he finally got the opportunity to turn against his oppressor, he got a sudden rush of courage. Duilin's skills in combat greatly increased at a fast rate. The truth is that Duilin craved power. He can be quite a friendly person at times, yet he's short tempered and doesn't enjoy being put down about his strength. Sometimes he could be quite manipulative to people unless he had true hatred for the person trying to persuade him.

However, after he was able to balance his human and demon sides he's become a bit of a different person. He still wishes to become stronger but he doesn't crave it as much any longer. He is much more likely to protect others then himself and is willing to put his life on the line in order to save innocent people. He still has a short temper, but is much more likely to smash wall or throw an object then to attack somebody.


Duilin was born April 16th 526 G.E. and was raised in a small-unnamed village. His father was not around very much, and he kept to himself much. Eventually the Dark Empire raided it. He was to be left alive if he was to join the Empire. During his time in the Empire, he chose to make the most of it, he served most of his time as a servent for the commander Darion until he became a soldier. He was taught the art of demonic magic by a General named Nex. Currently he's now a High General in the Gaian Federation and is married to a woman named Bell.

In Chapter 1

“I really hope he knows what he's doing.”

He was a Lieutenant in the Dark Empire. He was forced to join against his will, but he never had the courage to turn against them until his Commander Darion framed him of betrayal. He joined Romme and helped out an old Solider Iduran, and told him about the Dark Empire and Draven. He also met Scorch, an ex-dark empire commando, who he was never quite fond of, and a shape shifting Gepardi, named Cheetah.

In Chapter 2

“You just don't care about anything do you?”

When he went with Iduran and Cheetah to a Romme outpost. That's when he was initiated as a Romme solider; he changed his armour, and weapons. However he still had bits of his old Dark Empire armour on him. He joined up with Seth and he went to go take Iduran's sword to the Dragons Den, but he later gave it Zeros', who later defeated Nex.

In Chapter 3

A sprite DA2 of Duilin.
A sprite DA2 of Duilin.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever...”

Duilin grew very tired and upset and spent most time inside the cave outpost; until wile standing on guard his old rivals, Pophin and Veronika, kidnapped him. Eventually he bull shited himself to join the Dark Empire, but just used it to escape. Later he learned that Iduran was captured and taken to Retan's Vessel, he went there with Cheetah and Seth, but was stopped by one of Retan's elite guard Genma. Veronika was also there. He fought her until he KOed her. He later discovered that Retan killed Iduran, and he was stuck with grief. Then a spell that Retan caused the ship became invisible. Later Nex was revived but was weakened by Zeros' again, but he had new powers, he revived Darion. Nevina defeated Nex but he revived again in the body of Pophin gaining new powers but loosing fire immunity. Nex told Duilin he was demon, and proved it. He was able to defeat Nex by counter attacking a huge Fire Ball of Death. He then saved Nevina before Retan destroyed the island with the MDAA.

Chapter 3-4 interlude

Duilin moved into the town of Laus. It was one of the only places where the Dark Empire had been forgotten. He did wish to go back to his hometown, yet he never found it. Nevina apparently also lived in Laus, her being to only other person Duilin kept in touch with. He bought a cosy little house, and spent most of his days, in pubs. He hid his wings inside a large backpack when he went out.

In Chapter 4

“I'm somebody, who could melt your frozen ass out of existence, Ice Boy!”

A strange person, who claimed to be the apprentice of Zeros’, confronted Duilin. He was asked to join him, in search of the weapons. He then met some old friends, Cheetah, Haraldur and Zeros', as well as making a new friend Kami-Ryu. He went with them, to Haraldurs home place as obtained the staff. That is was he found a strange tablet, with the location of the next weapon, which was in his hometown. After going there, he obtained the mace. He met some former Dark Empire grunts, there to; he then got a change of close. After heading back to his hometown, he was confronted by Draven, Armic, and the Ice Bros' piloting a ship. After a large battle and the rescue of Nevina, he went back home, but was ambushed by Scumfreeze. But he was made short work of.

In Chapter 5

“I think I can successfully balance my human and demonic side now.”

A small imp confronted Duilin by the name of Rink who claimed that he was the one who killed his former master, and following a code; he was to be his partner. Later, him and the rest of the team ventured off to get the final weapons from the Dark Empire castle. After a large battle fighting off an army, lead by the brother of his old rival Darion, named Maxwell, and two towering golems, Armic opened up the gates of hell. Eventually a Necrodragon emerge, yet he was able to defeat it after merging his demon flame and his new demon energy. Him and the others went back to Laus, and Haraldur opened up a gate using the weapons right in his house. After a small adventure in there, a small child confronted Duilin and Kami-Ryu. Draven [who had joined them] and Zeros' were chasing Haraldur who apparently went berserk. After they returned the child grew and multiplied, he was known as the entity. Maxwell was killed and Duilin was able to defeat one of the clones, by powering up his blood rage [and that made him more demon]. After Haraldur and the Entity merged. They went off to find the great wise Dragon of Romme, which Duilin told Haraldur about. His old friend Iduran told Duilin of the dragon. Haraldur dived down into the water to see the Dragon, and Duilin and Zeros' followed. After a chat with the Dragon, the entire team went to an icy wasteland to defeat Alpha Retan. He was a huge Black Dragon. Duilin aided Haraldur, Zeros' and Zion in the defeat of him. Eventually Haraldur went off to fight his father Melkoth, and the entire world was falling apart, Zeros' summoned the goddess of earth and everyone donated energy to repair the world, Duilin drained almost his entire blood rage, and it helped a lot. They went to defeat Haraldur, however he killed himself. Duilin was very angry with Draven, however he left.

Chapter 5-6 interlude

Duilin moved into the town of Rivertown. Seeing as his old house was destroyed and Laus was far too rowdy for him. Duilin didn't hide his wings anymore and just embraced himself how he was. Rink chose to stay with Duilin, and the two lived as roommates in Duilin's new house. The two spent most of their days fishing, hanging out in pubs, and occasionally travelling off, fighting monsters. At one day, during a grand market season, Duilin purchased a book of Black Magic, which greatly made him stronger, yet even more uncontrollable. He began to have terrible nightmares, which seemed to have some symbolic meaning to his life. Many of which included him fighting his old friends as well as him battling a mysterious black figure of giant with bulking arms and another dark figure of a humanoid with a large sword.

In Chapter 6

“Oh, yeah they were pretty weird at first, and it was kinda hard to get used to, but now I don't know what I'd do without them.”

Duilin's nightmares became worse, more real and made more sense. After a small problem with his landlord, Zeros' visits Duilin and Rink and tells them that he senses a strong power that they must seek. They then join up with him to seek it out, but The Prophet arrives and warns them of a group called the Aspyes. Once they locate were the power was coming from, and meet a few new people, they find out that Haraldur was returned. They follow him to the Crimson Palace, and find out he has followers that were locked up there. Eventually they get spotted and a battle begins. Duilin, finds himself face to face, with a man who knew almost everything about him, yet he has never seen him ever. His name was Valos, he was a General of the Crimson Empire, former apprentice to Nex. After a battle, causing Duilin's demonic side to grow, Zeros' and Draven have made an alliance, and send a mental message to them, telling them to stop fighting. They then plan to attack Haraldur and his army of the Aspyes. Valos, being loyal to the Empire, still wishes to proceed with his mission, yet, he wants to convince Duilin, to do what his father wishes, and let his demonic side take control and gain the throne of the king of hell. Duilin, wishes no part in it, yet the more demonic he gets, the stronger, would it be for the best? After a failed battle on the Aspyes, they head home. Draven believes it to be a victory so the have a banquette. Haraldur arrives and interferes; yet they were able to cause him to flee. Duilin, meets a female servant, and gains quite a friendship with her.

In Chapter 7

“No logical reason to fight? But is there any logical reason for us not to fight? So, anyways, perhaps we should test this unbreakable law of physics instead of talking, because that seems not to get us anywhere.”

Duilin has yet another nightmare, he doesn't give much detail to Bell, the female servant, whom he had spend the night with. After a short walk and a talk with Darak about Valos' strange acting, he then flies to Laus along with Zeros'. They talk about the visions he has been having, and eventually bump into Marshall, who tells them that Haraldur has gone to Rivertown. Zeros' senses that Marshall is lying and the man then fleas. As they arrive at Laus, Haraldur and a hooded man approached them. The hooded man was named Ein, he seemed to have newly gained the knowledge of magic, so Duilin would be able to defeat him, yet let him live, and they called it a draw, but the demon Ein summoned was not so luckily. Duilin then helped Zeros' fight Haraldur and even got a hit in. As they chase Haraldur to the Crimson Empire base camp, and back to Laus. Valos is chasseing the city that seems to be floating away. Duilin the aids Valos in a powerful attack, that however fails to do anything. Duilin then senses a strong aura, and then him, Rink and Zeros' goes after it. It seems that Melkoth (Haraldur's father) has formed a Grey Empire and is attacking two towns. Duilin then goes down to fight of the army yet is greatly out numbered, yet with the help of Tsu, he was able to survive. After Zeros' and a few others defeat a terribly powerful demon lord. Valos and Rink have a strong disagreement, and Duilin takes Valos' side. He seems to regret getting his friend mad.

In Chapter 8

“Back in the Empire, Darion got really into gambling. It took him years to earn back his money, but he could only afford some pretty rusty armour. He was even thinking of selling me for gambling money.”

He couldn’t sleep all night, but he didn’t even know it. The area was so dark. Eventually he finds Ven and makes a torch and the two of them find a strange group of people. It turned out they were part of the Kingdom of Tjed. Zeros’ and Rink arrive at the scene and Duilin apologizes to Rink about earlier. The people of Tjed needed Ven’s help to try and cure a pelage that has hit the Kingdom. The five of them go to Tjed to find out how to stop the pelage. They are shown people who look dead, nobody knows why they are like this. Suddenly all the sick people start swarming towards Ven. It turns out that Mavas was causing this. He was never really driven insane, and wanted to control Tjed the entire time. Duilin, Ven and Zeros’ fight Mavas and eventually bringing him to his end. A victory feast is then set up as they rejoice the great victory. The king of Tjed then gives Rink, Zeros’ and Duilin a ship to go back to mainland. Duilin captains the ship back and as they arrive they are attacked by Hell Crawlers. After him and Zeros’ vaporized them all Valos appears, and reveals he his body is controlled by the same dark spirit who controlled Nex. Valos claims he can never die and then offers them to join him in the Grey Empire.

In Chapter 9

Duilin and Valos fight on Tjed.
Duilin and Valos fight on Tjed.

“I'm ashamed to have you as my father. But I'm not ashamed of my demonic side, I'm going to use it for good, not for whatever sick twisted shit you've got planned.”

Just as Valos is about to close his offer. Zeros’ senses the aura of Retan and Jayce. Apparently they have returned. They appear to be at Romme, so Zeros’, Rink and him fly off to Romme. They meet back up with Zion, Xenai and Tsu on the way. When they finnaly arrive there, they meet Jayce, he challenges them to a game, were he’s going to kill as many people in Tjed as possible and they have to stop him. Duilin attempts to put up a fight against Jayce, but doesn’t do much help.

After Zeros’ and Mugen Seijin chase of Jayce, Valos shows himself again. Duilin and Valos get into a raging argument, and proceed to fight. Haraldur apparently shows up, and he sees Zeros’ and him talking. Valos explains to him, that they have just made an "alliance". After a few moments of fighting, Valos blasts him with a teleportation spell, which he said was a vaporization spell.

Duilin and Valos found themselves in the basement prison of Bandervil, the current mother base of the Grey Empire. There Duilin met, Abodahon, his father. Abodahon had been watching over Duilin for many, many years. He told him the story of his goal, to take control of Hell and Gaian, and "Bring them to peace". He also told him the tale that Zeros’ was “afraid” of Duilin’s power, and planned to kill him. Duilin being naive and manipulative, because he is drunk on his own demonic power buys all of what Abodahon is telling him. He teaches Duilin more ways of demonic power and prepares him to take out his old friend.

Duilin is ready to fight, when Haraldur and his Aspye friends arrive, him and Abodahon go out to fight. Haraldur and Abodahon apparently having quite a strong connect in the past, talk and fight. Haraldur tells Duilin the truth about Abodahon, yet Abodahon tells his son that Haraldur believes what he is saying is true, but only because he is insane. Zeros’ and his friends arrives and Duilin begins to attempt to fight Zeros’ and Rink, yet they soon finally convince him that Abodahon is making up lies, only so he can have somebody to take his place when he dies. Zeros’ also convinces Duilin that he did not ally with Haraldur at all, and that he is not afraid of Duilin’s power, he is only worried that Duilin would attack everything in sight when he becomes to strong, because of his blood rage. Rink also remembers that Abodahon actually paid Darion and his cronies to kill the people in Duilin’s old village. Valos arrives, and tells Duilin that what they are saying is true, that he was there when it happened. Duilin then gets very upset with himself, for trusting Abodahon.

Haraldur having infected Abodahon with a very potent poison, the large demon was now dieing. Duilin tells off Abodahon, saying he is ashamed to be the father of such a monster. Abodahon yells out one last time before he explodes, due to the effects of the poison. Duilin then walks off, and then gets some rest. He now vows to never turn on his friends again, and to try to keep control of his power.

In Chapter 10

"Yeah, because I could see that we're going to have to wait, like twenty minutes just sitting here with our thumbs up our asses wile you guys gather your friggin' energy."

As he senses the presence of somebody lurking near by his attention is turned away from it as Rink brings the news of a gigantic magic powered machine reading a powerful and deadly attack. He battles the machine and it appears to be extremely powerful. Soon the rest of his friends arrive, yet the machine appears to still keep the upper hand in the battle. However, suddenly an angel appears, seemingly out of nowhere. He claims that he was sent here by the gods to remove the abominations of life. The battle wages against the machine, and it appears to have the upper hand yet it ends when it finally collapses due to lack of energy.

Duilin who was wounded in the fight, and had most of his clothing damaged, went with his friends to a near by village to get new clothes. He buys a new uniform, with the money giving to him by Aegidius, the angel. They return to the scene of the battle were Zeros' was waiting. Not to far away they spot the machine with Draven who is fighting Jayce. The battle ends with Jayce flying off, and the group then cases after them. Apparently a human looking person was with them, he seemed quite over friendly, especially over friendly for a world like this. He told them that Draven and the machine had gone into a secret lair. Him and Xenai are then able to enter the lair, by blowing open an aperture leading to the lair. The two enter, and it appears to be a long hallway. Duilin talks about what he's expecting Draven's further actions will likely be, as they head towards another strongly built door. He summons Aegidius and Rink to come help them blast open the door. However as Xenai and Aegidius are about to blast open the door, the machine comes running out holding Draven and grabbing Xenai and Aegidius and heads toward the exit. Duilin and Rink chase after the machine. Suddenly a large explosion bursts from behind the door. Rink was able to teleport himself and Duilin out of the lair and back onto land.

After an extremely brief chat with Draven, he flies to North Point. Duilin and the gang then decide to head towards North Point themselves, because obviously something is going on their. When they arrive, they are greeted by Draven. The Crimson lord offers them a proposal, they join him as his servants and he will protect them from the Dark Emperor Retan. They refuse. Draven enraged by this attacks the group, yet Duilin insists on battling him one on one. As Draven and Duilin have their climatic duel, Retan is charging a spell that will banish him and his friends from Gaian. Zeros' senses this and informs the group of this. Seeing as it is inevitable for Duilin to avoid this, he decides that he'll attempt on bringing Draven along with him. He attempts this by using his newly mastered Stun Orb technique (which was one of the few Elemental Magic spells taught to him by Abodahon), and grabbing onto the Crimson Lord's armour, yet Draven blasts a firey protective aura around him and Duilin's desperate attack failed, and he was sucked into the vortex.

Chapter 10-11 interlude

Duilin remembers nothing of what happened in time he was gone. Yet ever since he's felt a strange balance between his demonic and magic powers. Aegidius may have had something to do with this, as when Duilin returned to Gaian he briefly saw him, just leave.

In Chapter 11

"I can't believe how stupid you are."

Well, he was back on Gaian. He had no clue how long he was gone, or how he returned however. He did briefly see the wings of Aegidius so maybe it was his doing? Or perhaps the doing of something else? He had arrived in some strange city, or perhaps evens a county. As he walks the streets he bumps in to Marshall and his comrade Firstman. Rather then battle his former foe, he chose to actually help them out, in exchange for information. They told him that he was likely gone for 18 months and currently the entire world is ruled by the Dark Empire or Kandarin. They also told him he was in the Vandrin County, where the infamous Count Vandrin was building an army of mutants.

So, to help them out, he goes to set an explosive device inside the main troop barracks. He sneaks in encounter only very little resistance and set the device and fled just in time to avoid the explosion. He then meets back up with the two Aspyes. Just then they were found by the guards. After some time of running from guards and battling mutants, Duilin engaged in a duel with Count Vandrin himself. 'Twas quite mighty duel, yet in the end Talonscar had the high ground and the upper hand. Rather then smite the old man, he chose to take him hostage so he could escape.

As the two bicker, eventually some specially enhanced mutants catch up with him and rescue Vandrin and run off with him. The ones that chose to stay and fight Duilin, are killed by him and Duilin continues to wander the wastes. Eventually he meets a Velken by the name of Renard. He was injured by a crazed fire mage and needed medical aid. He agreed to assist him to Asgarnia.

Once they two get there, Renard stops by and buys a few elixirs and gives one to Duilin, as a reward. The two then stop by at an inn to get some rest. However, before they can get sleep a group of bounty hunters stomp in to their room. Apparently Vandrin had put a large bounty on Duilin. As Renard fights off two of them, Duilin combats the other two. A young man by the name of Elliot, prove himself to be a terribly fighter and in the end, he accidentally killed himself, by swinging his knife too harshly and too close to his liver. He then battles the Water Mage, Brice, who proves to be an extremely better skilled fighter then Elliot, yet in the end he was still no match for Duilin's lightning blasts...

In Chapter 12

"I am not week!! If I have to kill you in order to prove that, goddamnit, I will!"

Duilin is thanked by Virmir who is apparently a High General in the Dark Empire. All along Renard was with the empire. Frustrated about this, he chooses to leave the town and head towards the nearing seaport. As he is traveling he is approached by a strange woman named Ophelia and a demon captain named Rex Vondran, both with the Dark Empire. He duels with Rex, in the end killing him, and disables Ophelia using his Stun Orb technique. Rather then kill her, Duilin asks for information and then lets Ophelia leave.

He continues his venture and soon arrives at a run down old seaport, managed by a run down old drown named Goldolf. As he talks to him about renting a ship he is approached by two people who were following him. One was a lizard man named Lagart and the other was his old girlfriend Bell. Duilin explained his absence and Bell then told Duilin her story. Bell, Lagart and Goldolf all agreed to join him on his travel to Tjed, on Duilin’s old ship he go in Tjed, that just happened to have found it’s way there. As the four sailed the ship, they noticed a small fleet of imperial vessels, which they expected to be attacking Tjed. Having already dealt with the failure to save Romme, Duilin was not going to allow the fall of another peaceful nation to happen. The group then sped the ship up arriving only moments after the large ships arrived.

Duilin and the others make their way to a barricade and meet up with Ven. Duilin offers his help only asking for the highest protection for Bell. Goldolf having some skill in magic helps a few other mages in guarding in the wall and attacking from a distance, Duilin, Ven and Lagart fight off the attacking Lizard men. Later in the battle, Duilin senses the strange aura of something, similar to the dark entity summoned from the Legendary Weapons. It turns out to be a nightmare demon, that has the ability to make people believe they are living their worst nightmares. Duilin is lead to believe that his father Abodahon has return but Zeros' denies him to fight because he is too weak. Duilin is filled with rage and attacks them both causing his demonic energy to increase. He destroys this mental image of Zeros’ but immediately is brought to another terrible nightmare. He has helped Draven take over Gaian and bring it into chaos. The powers of the nightmare demon where strong, yet the Duilin’s demonic rage turns out to be stronger when he is then brought to a full blood rage and attacks the fake Draven, which causes Melface to loose his focus and is force away. Duilin has now transformed into a Demon Lord. With his new found powers he slaughters the attacking Lizard Men, and even a couple Tjed warriors that get in his way, because of his bloodrage. Just as he is in the middle of loosing control, the angelic spirit of Aegidius talks to him. He told him that when he was sucked into the vortex and sent to Limbo, that he requested that he be brought into heaven and be trained to control himself. Aegidius spoke of a prophecy that a half demon would learn to fully control himself and follow the path of the good and noble and pass and teach other half demons to do this. Duilin gained control and continued to defend Tjed. He battled a fat lizard named Bloat, knocking him out. Duilin, then goes in for the kill, but Rink who had recently arrived with Zeros’, tells him that he needs to focus on defending Tjed, and that it’s indecent to kill a defenceless opponent. Duilin aggress and then flies towards where several giant lizard men are, outside a cave. Duilin helps the people being attacked by them and helps kill the last few lizard men. Duilin then noticed that one of them is Iduran, his old friend who has came back from the dead. Duilin had arrived just in time, to see him before he departs into the after life. However, strangely his life force is turned into a mystical sword, dubbed The Iduran. Duilin wields the blade and then joins back up with Ven and the others to help fight the second battle.

In Chapter 13

"Has your ego gotten in the way of the fact that if you release your attack then you'll destroy Tjed?!"

When him and the others make their way to a checkpoint in the caves, Duilin is approached by a strange cat-like woman, who he couldn't quite recall the name of. She told Duilin that she was the one who brought back Iduran. She gave Duilin a special sheath for the sword, allowing the spirit of Iduran to talk to him and his allies. However, at first it appears not to work. Duilin still keeps the sheath, and continues on. The cave entrance is soon attacked by Jayce, himself and Duilin along with a new ally Bjendell fight him.

As the fight is taken out to the field, in the middle of the battle Draven arrives on his floating castle. Jayce seeing that he is a bit overwhelmed is forced to transform to his dragon form. The battle continues on and pauses when Duilin delivers a devastating Thunder Rage blast, and he is forced down, semi-buried in the ground.

Draven seeing the best opportunity to finish the draken off starts to charge up his deadly CDAA attack. Duilin who knows that this spell is strong enough to destroy not only Jayce but Tjed with it! Duilin rushes toward Draven demanding that he stops what he is doing, but the fire mage refuses. Soon a large army from Ariosis comes and starts attacking Jayce, and oddly Draven as well, which disables Duilin from attacking the crazed mage. Duilin realizes he is at loss, and can't do anything to stop this. However the power of the sheath of The Iduran activates and Iduran tells him to create shield around the CDAA like Zeros' did several years ago. Duilin remembers that Aegidius told him that his human side was enhanced when he was in Asgard and he would have the ability to unlock new powers by allow his human side to take over. Duilin was then able to transform into a super human. With his new power he begins to create a shield that is (hopefully) as strong as the CDAA. A few minutes later, Draven tosses his attack at Jayce and Duilin binds his shield around the CDAA and Jayce. A moment of worry ensues as the shield begins to break, but Ven and the others use their own magic energy to reinforce the shield, and the CDAA does minimal damage to Tjed.

The group then heads to Tjedon for some well earned rest. The battle was finally over, but the war is still far from finished...

In Chapter 14

"Too many people have died today."

Duilin sensed a strange aura coming from outside Tjedon, so he thought he'd go out and get closer to figure out what it was. On his way he joined up with Rink, Lagart and the angel who helped him fight Jayce, who introduced himself as Bjendell. Together they went to investigate the aura, but were ambushed by a swarm of evil beings in the form of angels. Duilin and company fought off the dark angels, until they retreated. Meanwhile as they were fighting them, King Henri was murdered and two agents of the Dark Empire sneaked into the castle. Duilin was rather upset to see the king dead as he promised Ven that he would protect him, while he was gone. Duilin then went off to try and find the killers, but Rink and Bell, were held hostage by the intruders. Duilin quickly went to their aid. He found that Goldolf was killed. The strange woman, Ophelia whom he encountered outside Asgarnia, a small pale child in an off white cloak and one of the mercs who came after him in Asgarnia were all their holding Rink and Bell hostage. All they asked for was to have Duilin surrender his life.

All seemed lost, as Duilin gave himself up to save his friends, how Lagart smashed into the room and apparently saved the day. He saved Rink from the clutches of Rufokanno and the imp was able to use his teleport ability to save Bell. Duilin battled Ophelia, while Bjendell fought off Melface and Lagart took Rufo. After a mighty and climatic duel, Ophelia revealed her true identity as the maternal half sister of Duilin, whose true name was Sienna. Duilin was able to convince Sienna to give up her murderous ways, and she said it would be best to leave and go back to their home village, and try to come to terms with herself. Before she left, she told them that Virmir and his squad were in Tjed, and likely killed the king.

Duilin was terribly upset, because he felt like he was betrayed by Renard, whom he saved earlier. He got even more enraged when he entered the banquet hall to find the entire counsel slain by the fox-men. He challenged Virmir to a fight, but Renard stepped in and insisted he fight him. Just as soon as they were about to engage in combat, Renard used a spell to create an illusional world, where he could show Duilin that his people, the Velkens where actually enslaved by Retan, because he saved them for a terrible dissater were the sun started burning them up. Retan held the entire world together, and if he suspected the Velkens were betraying him, or if he died, then the spell would be lifted and Welkin would die. Duilin then agreed he'd try to save Welken.

After the illusion was over Duilin faked an injury from a fake magic attack done by Renard to stop the fighting. The Velkens then had to take over Tjed, but agreed not to harm anyone unless they resisted. Duilin eventually came to the conclusion it would be best to try and save Welken now. So him and Bjendell went into the sewers to try and escape Tjed. On their way they fought a giant zombie rat, met up with Ven briefly, who was poisoned and then later joined up with Zion, Xenai, Tsu and Aura. Once they escaped Tjed, they met up with a few pirates and headed off to North Point, where the Gaian-Welken portal was.

However, on his way he had a strange vision. A zombiefied Pophin gave him a warning that Nex has returned and is up to no good. Looks like Duilin is in for a hell of a ride next Chapter...

In Chapter 15

"You know what? I'm not giving up. I love this world too damn much to let it go, and I hate you too much to not do anything. So, f--- you, this world doesn't belong to you no matter what you think. If I don't stop you, I am going to annoy the hell out of you while you do this, to make it as unpleasant as possible for you."

The team arrived at north Terian. Duilin was trying to clear his head from that odd vision he had. Eventually on their way they were ambushed by a group of wraiths. He fought a bunch of them off. When they got to North Point, Duilin could spot what appeared to be a heated battle between two people, which he couldn't quite get a good look at. He was about to get a closer look, but was then approached by a shadowy figure. He followed it into the woods, and it then revealed itself to be Renard. He informed Duilin that Retan's attention is diverted by that heated battle going on, and that now is the time to try and open the Gaian-Welken portal. Duilin and Renard then sneak into North Point, and Duilin uses his magic to open the portal. He isn't greated with open arms, rather with distrust by the other Velkens, but Renard assures them he is a friend. The Velkens then escape through the portal, but are then ambushed by a giant black snake. A massive battle breaks out, and Duilin, Renard and few other Velkens, including Renard's younger sister escape on an airship and head back to Tjed.

Upon arrival they are forced to dock onto a Dark Empire ship with lizard men on it. Little fighting was required but once the general was taken out, Virmir lead the other Velkens into battle against the lizard men. Duilin joined back up with Rink, Lagart and Bell back at the house after he fought off some of the lizard men. Ven had been cured from his poison, and was informed of Henri's death. They went for a walk, because Ven wished to be alone. On their way back they saw Ven attacking Renard. Duilin demanded him to stop, and he did so. The group then joined back up with Bjendell in a half angel half demon form. They talked for a bit, about what's been going on, and eventually they spotted the airships taking off, and eventually came to the conclusion the Velkens were chasing off the lizard men who were trying to escape. There was one airship left over, so the group then decided they should take the opportunity to try and finally defeat Retan. They decieded that they would go to Kandarin and try and form an alliance to defeat him. As they got ready, Ven apologized to Renard and agreed to help out the group.

When they arrived at Kandarin they discovered that it was totally empty. Before they could start getting overly confused they were messaged by a lizard man scout who belived they were with the empire and gave them the new location of the Kandarinians, Gros Morne. They were also informed that Retan was attacking it. Duilin had to give a little bit of a moral boosting speech to convince the others that this was the time to try and defeat Retan and that even failing was worth it. They arrived at Gros Morne and approached the Dark Emperor. Duilin was easily able to transform into his light enhanced super human form. The group engaged in an epic battle against Retan, smashing apart the city and forcing the draken to transform into his dragon form. Duilin then dove into the draken's mouth attempting to stab his insides with the Iduran, however the battle was stopped by the giant beam of white light. Retan was killed. But what about Duilin?

He was saved at last second by Rink using his teleportation spell, however he was still exposed to the strong beam for a very short period and was dieing. The group transferred their energy into Duilin, and he was revived. Although he didn't kill Retan, he was still pleased with the outcome for the most part. He promised that he would still continue his heroic ways, but also settle down a little bit too. And perhaps work on an alliance to try and prevent any more dark empires from taking over Gaian...

Chapter 15-16 interlude

Duilin along with the rest of his friends helped form the Gaian Federation. Duilin quickly became one of the high ranking generals, and head of the Helternian military. He's well known for both is kind modesty and his aggressiveness towards his foes. Many of his soldiers have said that they're "glad they're on his side" on many occasions. He is mostly satisfied with his personal life, as he is now married to Bell, yet they do not have a child yet.

In Chapter 16

"Tentacles!? Gah, I HATE tentacles!"

After a boring meeting at Ariosis he's assigned on a mission to attack an area with Necrolytes on Terian, with General Nymphadora. He goes to Fort Klawvorn to pick up his squad and recruits Grant Zimmerman. He leaves to the Dark Continent yet the battle doesn't seem to go well untill Ein arrives and helps the team. After they defeat a giant beetle, Ein advises them to retreat. Once they arrived back in Helternia Duilin return to Klawvorn, where Valos was waiting for him. Valos told him of the return of the Talonscar and Nex becoming a Kandarin captain. They then planned an attack which they would launch the following day.

In Chapter 17

"This chapter was too short, and it's mostly YOUR fault because of it. I don't know why you allowed your personal life to get in the way of something obviously more important."

Duilin with Rink joined back up with him. Rallied up the rest of his squad including Repins. Soon him and Valos will have to fight Nex. But something else is going on in Helternia, maybe it might interfere?


Duilin's main equipment are his weapons and his customized combat uniform, which is useally worn by village milita. His magic seems to be able to change the appearance of his clothing, making it darker, lighter and/or a different hue, this useally only happens when he transforms into a demon lord. His two weapons are the Talonscar Mace and a sword called The Iduran.

The Talonscar Mace is rather impressive looking, rather then a ball with spikes at the end of the pole it has four blades. It has a red leather grip, and the mace is made of a dark coloured metal. It has runes engraved on the pole. He received the mace from his father Abodahon.

The Iduran is a sword that is merged with the lifeforce of his old friend Iduran. The hilt of the sword is gold with ornate curves. The blade itself is like a dazzling mirror, with tiny silvery runes etched upon the edges.


Duilin being a half demon, has much stronger abilities then nearly any human can achieve. He is naturally physically stronger then he appears and was born with the ability to use magic, yet didn't know how to use it until he was an adult. He is mostly self taught in magic, by watching the abilities of his enemies and he has a few techniques taught to him from Rink, Nex and Abodahon. He briefly practiced Shadow Magic but abandoned using it, when he realized how manipulative it was making him. Duilin's demonic abilities can grow stronger as he gets enraged, yet it can get to a point where his demonic blood will completely take over his body and he will mutate into a massive demon lord. However if Duilin is able to gain self enlightenment and gain a mental state of nobility (ready to save the world, rather then kill his enemies) he will then change into a super human.

Demon Flame

Also known as the "Fireball of Death". This was taught to Duilin by Nex and it was his first spell he learned. What separates this from a normal fireball is that it is a demonic technique for summoning the flames of Hell. The demon flame can be rather hard to control and can get to big and damage the user if he is not careful or unskilled. The effects are not to different from a basic fireball, but it comes more natural to demons.

This is a Fire Elemental and Demonic ability.

Lightning Bolt

A very common and simple wind spell. It's simply blasting a bolt of electricity from the hand, or fingers. Duilin has the ability to mix his demonic magic with the lightning making it more deadly, and change the lightning's colour to more golden orange hue. He learned this ability on his own in Chapter 5.

Thunder Rage

A more advanced lightning spell. Duilin blasts his energy into the air and then focuses it down to a certain location and down rains a series of lightning bolts upon and around his target, causing a lot of destruction. He first used this ability in Chapter 10 in a fight against Horus.

Weapon Enchant

Duilin has mastered the ability to temporally enchant his weapons with magic, mostly of the wind or fire element. This can make the swings of his weapons much stronger and more effective, and he can use the weapon to shoot magic blasts that are more precise, as he can shoot them from the weapon rather then throw it. He learned this ability on his own in Chapter 5.

Energy Blade

This ability is very similar to Draven's Crimson Blade. However, Duilin tends to use lightning and demonic energy to create it. He is self-taught in this move. He came up with this by watching Draven's techniques and mimicked it, following similar motions such as spreading the energy with his palms. He first used this attack to help defeat Alpha Retan in Chapter 5. He's used the technique noticeably much less ever since he's started using the Iduran.

This is mostly a Lightning and Demonic ability.


Having wings, it's only natural that he can fly. However by using magic, he can fly quite fast, almost matching the speed of Zeros', yet he finds that he is also tagging behind his friend. He was taught to use magic to help him fly from his imp friend, Rink.


Duilin has some slight abilities in telepathy. The only time he uses it, is to send messages to other people, a telepathic message or whisper if you may. This technique just came natural to him in Chapter 5. He attempted it several times before but never did it correctly until after defeating an entity clone.

Shielding Bubble (Air Shield)

Duilin can create a protective shielding bubble of energy around him by using his air magic. He can block attacks and can even go underwater and breathe with this shield (Chapter 5). He also can create smaller ones around his hands and block oncoming projectiles (Chapter 7). It appears as a bubble but it's actually rapidly spinning yellow gusts of wind.

Demon Flail

This attack is Duilin's most frightening and his strongest demonic ability. This was taught to him by Abodahon and is similar to his Demon Flame, however, rather summoning hell flames, he summons the bones of the dead demons of Hell. The flail is composed of a demonic skull and spinal cord, and is a translucent red-orange. He swings the flail around several times and tosses it, very little aim is required for this technique, as the demon flail actually hunts down the target and tries to hit it, he seems to just know what the user wants to hit with it.

The effects can be quite violent and deadly. The skull bites onto the target and explodes. The pressure of the explosion is quite powerful and the demonic energy is quite hot and can quickly burn right through the flesh and infect it internally as well as externally.

Stun Orb

This is Duilin's most powerful lightning technique. Charging this technique is quite similar to his energy blade, and his energy blade can even change into a stun orb. The only difference is at the end the blade (or whatever the energy is in the shape of) in then moulded into an orb.

The effect of this attack is a powerful explosion of electric energy that stuns anything caught in it. This can be quite powerful against a group of weaker foes, however it can be simply blocked by one using his aura as shield. Duilin's first attempt on using this to stun Draven was a total failure, because of that.