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Emperor Retan of the Darkness
"Allow me to demonstrate my generosity..."
Created by Xorlak
Physical Description
EyesBurning Crimson
SpecializationCatastrophic Shadow Elemental Magic
JobSurpreme ruler of "the world" (i.e. The Dark Empire)



The Dark Emperor himself, Retan stands at average height. His facial features are mostly hidden by his black helmet, with its two jutting horns. His black armor his covered by his thick black cloak. Large spikes extrude from the plates covering his shoulders.


Truly mad with power, Retan has spent his entire life attempting to conquer the entire world. As a result, his empire was the largest in history, spanning some 40% of the planet's surface. His conquest had lessened over the past few years of its existance, however, as he has set his sights on collecting some strange artifacts for reasons he has not told even his highest of generals or his own son...

Retan is unparalleled in summoning the black arts, though his physical body is decaying with age. Where exactly such a menacing wizard has come from is unknown. Very few know his true strength...

In chapter 3

Retan arrived at Romme aboard The Great Black Vessel announcing his plans to collect the six weapons. He brutally kills Iduran after failing to extract the location of the final weapon from the old knight, deciding it would be easier to simply blow the island up and extract the (unbreakable) sword from the ashes. This plan is set in motion as he begins to cast a truly devastating spell-- the Mega-Death Annihilation Attack. However the spell is interrupted in its critical final moments by his son Jayce, angered and embittered over the death of his love Neptra. The distraction causes the spell to create a vortex. Romme is wiped off of the face of the planet and the two Drakens are trapped in the void for five years...

In chapter 9

By manipulating the actions of the alchemist Allen, Retan and Jayce are able to return to Gaian, causing much attention from the forces of all sides. The Dark Emperor re-summons the The Great Black Vessel, and muses over current events and changes on Gaian with a calm irritation. After Jayce leaves to "play" with Zeros', Seijin and a host of other warriors, Retan meets briefly with Haraldur, which quickly turns into an Aspye attack on the misty black ship. Retan is unimpressed, and having a good grasp of the players in this war, he disappears into the darkness.

Retan and Jayce return to the Lower Dark Empire, a seemingly underground world known as Mizar inhabited by bipedal lizard men. Here the Dark Emperor inspects his troops, which have been continuously preparing for war since Retan's last visit many years ago...

In chapter 10

Retan assumes control of North Point, reestablishing the Dark Empire on Gaian. Lizard Men fill the fortress, the humans seemingly disappearing. The veil of clouds begins to spill over the Dark Continent once again...

Retan makes a new alliance with the Kandarinian Sovereignty. Calling several of his never-before-seen High Generals and his new allies together for a banquet, he announces his first order of business will be to punish those that interfered with his plans five years ago. Soon his adversaries attack, and the Dark Emperor casts a catistrophic spell which banishes them to some netherworld...