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Lower class Lizard Men appear in Dark Age 2.
Lower class Lizard Men appear in Dark Age 2.

Lizard Men hail from the subterranean world of Mizar. Many are massive, ranging from seven to nine feet tall, although there are many exceptions, including extremely short dwarfs. They are bipedal, resembling a raptor with razor sharp toe and fore claws. The majority have striking green scales, but variations ranging to a tan color exist. A few have natural horns. The race is categorized into several different classes largely based on their physical bodies as well as their births.

Females are still called "Lizard Men" despite the gender misnomer. They are generally smaller with less prominent scale colors, though they can still hold their own in battle and some hold military and political positions, although many more are forced into more servantile roles.




The S-Class are set apart by their massive strength, whether it be physical or magical, or some kind of (often devastating) combination. All S-Class are natural born Lizard Men, originally classified as A-Class but set aside due to their abilities. All are given some sort of military position, usually high ranking, depending on their strength. Although the S-Class are not known for their intelligence, they aren't entirely stupid. Less than 1% of Lizard Men rank in the S-Class.

Gorus in an S-Class Lizard Man.


The A-Class are all natural born Lizard Men. These are almost always smaller than the S-Class and B-Class, though they are generally the most intelligent. Most A-Class either hold some political or management office in Mizar, hold a minor military officer rank, or serve as elite guards. Many are magically inclined. Some 2-3% of the Lizard Men are A-Class.

Grav and Jacobie are A-Class Lizard Men.


The B-Class is the last of the natural born Lizard Men. Their physical strength lies between the S and A class, although they have little to no magical abilities. They are generally dull and olfish, and serve as minor ranking officers. About 5% of Lizard Men rank in the B-Class.

Lagart is a B-Class Lizard Man


The C-Class makes up a large percentage of the Dark Empire's army. Called the "growable" warrior class by Jayce, these are synthetically grown Lizard Men harvested in eggs by their own kind, probably involving some sort of black magic. They take three years from conception until they are battle ready, then last for five years before dropping dead. They are mindless creatures and obey order without thought or question. They generally are slightly weaker and smaller than their B-Class counterparts, and never have any magical ability. The average C-Class Lizard Man is a match for five human soldiers. Over 75% of Lizard Men are C-Class.


The origin of the D-Class are unknown but clearly Retan is creating them for a purpose, for their ranks are increasing in the Dark Empire (although they are mainly used for fodder, even more so than the C-Class). They seem to be inferior C-Class, slightly smaller and thinner, with rounder heads and more tan scales. They seem as mindless and obedient as the C-Class. Some 15% of Lizard Men are D-Class, with several divisions in the Dark Empire's ranks made up entirely of them.