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The four winged dragon insignia of the Dark Empire.
The four winged dragon insignia of the Dark Empire.

The Dark Empire were the first "bad-guys" to appear in Dark Age Legends. It was a huge Empire, which had nearly full control over the Dark Continent, and was the fastest growing empire in Gaian. The rulers of the Dark Empire were of course an Emperor, and three High Generals who ruled over each section (divided by north, south, east, west) of the world. The Dark Empire defeated many of their enemies and had proved to be a very powerful and long lasting empire. The Empire appeared to have been defeated at the end of Chapter 3 when the emperor Retan appeared to have died. Draven then took over, and started the Crimson Empire.

However, Retan returned at the beginning of Chapter 9, reclaiming what was left of the Crimson Empire without contest. Retan apparently had a secret army of lizard men being built up. It was also revealed that there were two other divisions of the sky and the subterrain, suggesting the Empire transcends Gaian.


Rulers of the Dark Empire

The original Dark Empire (Chapters 1-3)

Retan, The Dark Emperor and head of the Northern Division
Jayce, Prince and High General, Western Division
Neptra, High General, Southern Division
Draven, High General, Eastern Division

Return of the Dark Empire

Retan, The Dark Emperor
Jayce, Prince and High General, Gaian Division
Grav, Prime Minster of Mizar
Virmir, High General, Skyward Division
Gorus, High General, Subterranean Division

Notable Members

In order of appearance...

The original Dark Empire (Chapters 1-3)

Sigilus, a young assassin
Kail, a dragon riding commander
Darion, a large brutish commander
Nex, a strange and mysterious elite guardian
Genma, a powerful monk
Gelu, a Frost Mage
Veronika, a field captain
Pophin, a sneaky spy and messenger
Tsar, a Psi-Mage summoned from another world
Maxwell, the elder brother of Darion

Return of the Dark Empire (Chapters 10-15)

Renard, a Velken mage in Virmir's division
Xarn, an S-Class lizard in Gorus' division
Thogus, an S-Class lizard in Gorus' division
Melface, a Nightmare Demon in Jayce's division
Ssobra, an A-Class lizard in Gorus' division
Bloat, an S-Class lizard in Jayce's division
Rosario, a dark elf in Jayce's division


Duilin, a lieutenant and former servant of Darion
Jacobie, an A-Class lizard man
Lagart, a B-Class lizard man
Ophelia, the only human officer in the new Dark Empire
Ragnar, Rogue spellcaster/fighter/renegade
Xenai, former solider in Draven's division

Relations with other groups/nations

Aritan: (Former) Enemies
Kandarinian Sovereignty: (Former) Allies
Romme: (Former) Enemies
Tjed: Enemies
Víkingagarð: (Former) Enemies