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Created by Dude Man
Physical Description
RaceDemon (Unknown breed)
Usual ClothingLarge tattered robe
Body ArtUnknown
OtherHas a mocking tone in his voice
SpecializationDemonic Magic, Air Magic, Bladed Weapons
JobElite Warrior
Weapon(s)Dual sickles, dual cleavers and a scythe
AllianceTalonscar Cult, Kandarinian Sovereignty



Nex wears a large tattered robe, and a helmet that covers his face with horns on the forehead . He has a mocking tone in his voice almost all the time. The average person would find him quite frightening. It was also noted by Dude Man that he had the same voice that Mark Hamill used for the Joker in the Batman Animated series.


A loyal servant and likely one the only people who could be loosely considered a friend to Abodahon. Prior to his coming to Gaian he was one of the very many demons employed to torture lost souls. It's unknow when and why he came to serve Abodahon but he was one of the first members of the Talonscar cult, implying that he likely worships the extreme power of his master. He had served with him for many, many years. However later he began to loose faith in Abodahon around the time Retan started the Dark Empire. Nex left his master and joined the empire, which caused Abodahon much stress. So he had Nex possessed by his spirit demon servant Pheonix. Abodahon promised him, that he would not allow the spirit demon to take control over him as long as he promised to keep his loyality. Nex agreed but still kept his position in the Dark Empire. Eventually he became one of the emperor's elite guard, his master had went back to Thanatos to plot another defeat against Qor and Nex was sent to Romme to aid High General Draven in finding one of the legendary weapons.

After his death his demonic soul was left alive inside the spirit demon Pheonix who has been using Valos body until Abodahon's death. This lead to Pheonix to release all the souls he had captured and return to Thanatos. Nex had later been revived by a pair of strange pale skinned human-like beings under the service of Pheonix.

In Chapter 2

"Not that I wasn't going to kill you in the first place, but you just gave me a better reason to kill you!"

Nex was assigned to scout the Romme island and find the rumoured hidden outpost. As a wyvern rider he was quickly able to find the location of it. He informed Draven and the two of them went to seek it out, however they were attacked by a warrior and a half demon. Draven fought the warrior who seemed to be very skilled and Nex fought the half demon, whom he later knew as Zeros'. However he was struck by a shirukun covered in Zeros’ blood. Yet it was not clear, this was when he began to die, and the spirit took over. He then began to gain demonic powers and demon like features. He then lead an attack on the hidden outpost, and one of the soldiers found a child who Zeros’ greatly valued. Nex knew that Zeros’ had the sword so he used the child as bait. However, when Zeros’ went to save the child, Nex was killed.

In Chapter 3

"I'm Nex, your doom!"

He rose up from his grave. Zeros’ didn’t kill him just yet. He wanted revenge; he didn’t care about finding the weapon anymore. Zeros’ sensed this happening, as did Duilin. Zeros’ then confronted him and they fought once more. However Nex was defeated once again. After a long wile after he chose to try again. He then gave artificial life to the dead body of Darion. Quickly, Nevina killed him, this was starting to get annoying. He then chose Pophin as his next victim, because Nex’s body was too damaged. Pophin and the Darion Zombie then got a hold of Duilin and began beating on him. Pophin told Duilin that he was half demon. Eventually Duilin made his first big step in his demonic powers and burnt the two of them to a crisp. The spirit demon had actually done its job; Duilin will now start his process into to become a full demon.

In Chapter 9

"A storm's coming!"

Nex made a very brief appearance, when Valos, summoned the spirits of him and Pophin. He was defeated with the combined efforts of Xenai and Ven. His spirit was then transfered back into Valos' body.

In Chapter 14

"Come on out boys and girls! DEATH has come out to play!"

Revived by the remnants of the Talonscar cult in Thanatos, he was brought to Gaian by Xnhrthsnhz, where he had to fight some sort of dragon named Beta Vraigus that was serving the Dark Emperor. It appeared that Xnhrthsnhz was banished to the Void, before Nex was able to kill Vraigus. Retan and the dragon left, and Nex along with his elites were alone. Despite his past with the Dark Emperor, he chose not to join with them and thought of joining one of the resistance groups.

He wandered towards North Point and there he met his old friend Draven. The two engaged in an epic and climatic duel, causing Nex to open up an amateur hell gate in the form of a giant lava pool. The battle ended with a DBZ Ki Beam fight, and Nex sank into the giant lava pool, and his elites jumped in after him. Shortly after, he rose up from the lava pool and it seemed as if he merged with the elites as he was three times as big, and had Abodahon-like gauntlets on. Hopefully this isn't permanent as it seems that he has become a lot stronger.

In Chapter 15

"Now, I could ask you again to join me...but to be honest I'd much rather have you as meal then as an ally."

Draven and Zerobi no Anti were no match to Nex in his powered up form. Draven however was able to allow the slight Hell gate Nex had summoned to open up and the tortured souls were able to escape, yet so were Nex's steam demons. A huge battle ensued, yet Nex seemed to keep the upper hand until Retan himself came and destroied the steam demons. It appeared that Nex was also destroyed by Retan, yet he was able to escape.

With a group of gleepers in wolf bodies, he tracked down Sienna, who was with a young girl named Puco. Nex again showed his display of high power. The battle ended with Puco teleporting her and Sienna away.

It's still not entirely clear what Nex's objectives are for his mission.

In Chapter 16

"It's been a proven fact that human meat is the healthiest thing for demons to eat. They've got a lot more water in them then demons do, and demons come from a hot place. We get humans coming into Thanatos, a world of fire and brimstone, all the time. Where else can we get our water?"

After killing Tin Dao Kaineng, Kronos was impressed by this, and offered Nex to take his place as captain of Regiment 7 in the KAF and he accepted. Nex shared his secret plans with Kronos. Nex made a bit of a friendship with a Kandarin Lieutenant named Wing. He also met Gwen who didn't seem to like Nex at all. The demon got a new outfit and then settled down for a little while.


The old sketch of Nex.
The old sketch of Nex.

Being a demon Nex has inherited most of the basic demonic magic abilities. During his time serving with Abodahon he was often considered his most powerful minion at the time. A few of Nex's abilities are very similar to Abodahon's, but he does have many unique ones.

Demon Flame

Also known as the "Fireball of Death". What separates this from a normal fireball is that it is a demonic technique for summoning the flames of Hell. The demon flame can be rather hard to control and can get to big and damage the user if he is not careful or unskilled. The effects are not to different from a basic fireball, but it comes more natural to demons.

This is a Fire Elemental and Demonic ability.

Lightning Bolt

A very common and simple wind spell. It's simply blasting a bolt of electricity from the hand, or fingers. Nex has the ability to mix his demonic magic with the lightning making it more deadly, and change the lightning's colour to a more red hue. He first used this ability when fighting Zeros' on the mountain of Romme.


A powerful wind technique, where he simply creates a Tornado using air magic. This is usually done by the caster rapidly spinning around and releasing their magic until a tornado is created. The tornado varies in size and strength depending on the time charged.

Lightning Wrath

A demonic variation of the famous Thunder Rage spell. This spell is very similar but has an increased intensity and is usually focused on only a single target. Nex is surrounded by the red lightning before he releases it into the air and it then rains down on his chosen target.

Stun Orb

This attack is in the form of an electric field in the shape of an orb. The effect of this attack is a powerful explosion of electric energy that stuns anything caught in it. This can be quite powerful against a group of weaker foes, or a single stronger one if concentrated.

Mind Affection

Nex has the ability to affect a person's mind, such as making them think or believe something is happening. He often uses this to make a person spontaneously feel scared, depressed or feel as if they are in physical pain. Nex is also skilled in telepathy. He can read minds as well as send messages to them.

Zombie Animation

A mild necromancy spell. Oddly enough this spell is very similar to his demonic lightning bolt attack. He charges energy into a dead body giving it a sort of life. However the zombie is totally soulless and mindless, obeying only Nex's commands and doing only that. The zombie could be under attack and not defend itself unless Nex commands it. He first used this ability after he came back from the dead in Chapter 3.

Inventory Manipulation

Nex has the ability to have his weapons disappear and reappear. He also has the ability to throw weapons and have them move at an unnatural speed, and even lengthen, shorten or widen the blades of his weapons. However he can't change the weapon into another weapon (ie: his scythe can't transform into a gun or anything like that.)