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Kronos is the current ruler of the Kandarinian Sovereignty.

"Necromancy. Gotta love it."
Created by D. Ein
Physical Description
RaceLich, ex-human
BuildRelatively thin
HairSimple black
Usual ClothingBlack and white robe, torn at some places
Body ArtA simple gold earring on his left ear
Facial HairNone
OtherCan shift phases, turning slightly transparent and invlunerable to physical attacks
SpecializationNecromancy, some Air Magic
Job Sovereign
AllianceKandarinian Sovereignty
StatusAlive (in a way)



Kronos was born to Maya Yu, a commoner woman, and Marshal Ratrix II, the previous ruler of the Kandarinian Sovereignty. Although on the outside Maya appeared as any other normal person, she was secretly invloved as an apprentice of a powerful Necromancer. Due to the dislike of the very nature of Necromancers, both she and her master had to stay undercover. Ratrix, Kronos' father, was a powerful, but tainted druid. He did not show others his powers often, but when he did, it was serious - engaging an army, curing dead crops, etc. The result of Maya's and Ratrix's love was Kronos. It seems that the gods were not too pleased about the child - he received only the darkest of both his parents. When he was 19, he slaughtered them. As he was the only child (or so it appeared at the moment), he inherited the throne.

Early Chapters (9-15)

"Wretched quill, at last I found you!"
Kronos is first seen as a ruler of a medium-sized kingdom, the Kandarinian Sovereignty. He makes several attempts to take over Gaian, only one of which succeeds - and only for a short period of time. Eventually Kandarin is destroyed by a cataclysmic event known to be caused by Ein, Horus, and several golems. It is unknown how this came to be, but the resulting explosion locked Kronos in a parallel world for three months. He later found a way out, and gathered the remaining survivors of the Cataclysm to "rebuild his nation". Receiving help from Kerig and Weloss, he build a new Kandarinian capital - Gros Morne. He ruled from there for some time, once again making several futile attempts to take over the world. Finally, he builds the Sovereign's Hammer, with which he (seemingly) destroys the Dark Emperor Retan. With the Dark Empire out of his way, Kronos is free to take over Gaian. That he does; Chapter 16 begins with 70% of the Dark Continent dominated by the Lich.

Chapter 16

The Sovereign makes a brief appearance when confronted by Nex. The encounter made Kronos realize that spending time outside the Citadel is potentially unsafe. He makes a final entry in his logbook, stating that he will not need it, and there his notes end... for a while.

Chapter 17

Kronos stayed mostly hidden during this chapter, letting his General do his work for him.


A short list of Kronos' abilities, both Necromantic and Elemental.

Kronos drawn by Dippy.
Kronos drawn by Dippy.

Necromancy: Death Control
Kronos has the ability to control any biologic matter that has been alive at some point (excluding plants). He can move bones around as if by telekinesis, sometimes choosing to use them as projectiles. As such, he can also arrange them into a barrier between him and whatever threat is approaching him. He has been known to use bones as a construction material to create massive creatures, and, in once case, a suit of armour complete with a shield and a sword.

Necromancy: Awaken
An extension of the Death Control ability, Awaken is generally used for "low-priority" corpses. These include dead guards, enemies, or critters. Bodies raised through this method are quite weak, and used primarily as cannon fodder or material for the Death Control ability. The biggest difference between Awaken and Death Control is, since Kronos' mind would be put under too much of a strain controlling each undead individually, the zombies actually have a primitive mind of their own. This is never true in the case of Death Control. The Awakening ability loses power over range: in his immediate vicinity, Kronos is able to Awaken anywhere from 30 to 100 to 30,000 (though taking much longer) corpses. The ability may be used over vast distances, but affecting only one to three creatures at a time (which are also much weaker than those Kronos Awakens close-up).

Necromancy: Resurrect
The pinnacle of Kronos' necromantic powers, this ability lets the user resurrect the target completely, with their free will and mind, as well as their powers, intact. It takes a lot more time to perform, and only one person can be brought to life at once. Also, just like all of Kronos' undead manifestations, resurrected creatures will cease to live if Kronos himself happens to perish. However, despite retaining their free will, Kronos is still able to exercise his Direct Control ability on those he Resurrects, though this happens very rarely (those he deems worthy of being Resurrected are usually trusted by him).

Necromancy: Direct Control
Both Awakened and Resurrected beings are subject to being controlled directly by Kronos. Upon using this power, the target's eyes and blood glow slightly with a deep purple colour, and move in a somewhat puppet-like way (it is very difficult for Kronos to split his brain between his own body and a victim of Direct Control - which also limits this ability's use to one or two creatures at most).

Elemental: Lightning
An Air Elemental ability, used by Kronos in extreme circumstances where he needs to protect himself without any corpses available around him to exploit. As a defensive measure, it is used very rarely - Kronos is almost always in the company of at least one undead servant. He has found other uses for the attack, though: one such use being the ability to transport a portion of his power across long distances to a person, who may then be used as a "mirror" of sorts to reflect that portion of power across several other nearby individuals.

Neither: Phase-shift
The Lich Robes which Kronos usually wears allow him to desynchronize himself from dimensions, making him impossible to hit with physical attacks and pass through solid matter. Magic attacks will still affect him, however.

Other Info

  • Keeps a journal of the events that happened to him.
  • Has a somewhat sadistic personality.
  • Is the only character so far in the RP whose posts are written in the first person view.
  • Only known relative is a sister.
  • Art in the imagebox by Mikado.