Kandarinian Sovereignty

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The Kandarinian Sovereignty symbol.
The Kandarinian Sovereignty symbol.


Relations with other groups/nations

Ario Empire: Unofficial enemies
Drannic Republic: Unofficial enemies
Gaian Federation: Official enemies
Romme Avengers: Neutral
Talonscar: Allies
Tjed: Official enemies
White Chimera: Official enemies


The Kandarinian Sovereignty's time line can be divided into four major sections.

Before Kronos

The Kandarinian Sovereignty was founded by a powerful mage and wise leader, named Skorn. He has gathered the warring tribes of Kandarin into one. However, the people insisted on not liking each other, so Skorn decided to take complete control. He was still at a loss as to what to name the nation, but after that event he named it the Kandarinian Sovereignty. Kandarin, coming from the name of the region, and Sovereignty, from the ideology he employed. He ruled with an iron fist, and encouraged his children to do the same. He also built the main cities of Kandarin, Jovil (the capital), Qim (the main industrial region), Sizri (the leading magic research centre) and Undecimus (named after eleven towers around it, Undecimus is the largest Kandarinian military coalition). The buildings were quite unique in Kandarin - solid stones in the shape of tall pyramids, with a pole down the centre attaching them to the ground.

The Kandarinian Island Chain

Four Marshals later, Kronos took the throne as the ruler of the Sovereignty. He eventually changed the title of the reigning monarch to "Sovereign".

The only known past involvement of the Sovereignty under Kronos in the affairs of the Continent is when Kronos sent a scout to a nearby island, home to both Duilin and the Blue Minotaur. The scout ended up going out of control (as Kronos' powers were not mature yet), and infected a soldier, who soon turned into a zombie. Soon enough, most of the soldier population of Duilin's home village was zombified, who were apparently locked in a giant bunker.

After that, Kronos' nation has been continuously on the rise (and fall) to and from dominance. The earliest recorded attempt by the Sovereignty to take over the world was in Chapter 9. Kronos used an army of about 15,000 undead to ravage the Dark Continent. The world fell pretty quickly, but unfortunately, Kronos was unable to hold on to it. In chapter 10, another attempt followed - this time, a more successful one. However, soon, Kronos once more lost control of his land, due to the Kandarinian Cataclysm and the return of the Dark Emperor Retan. The Cataclysm forced Kandarin to relocate in Chapter 13, and this takes us to the next epoch of Kandarin.

Gros Morne

At this time, the Kandarinian Sovereignty made its home in the Arctic Region up north. There, Kronos lay undisturbed for some time, building his city - Gros Morne. The city served as the whole country, pretty much, other than for some still-standing Kandarinian outposts on the Dark Continent - now once again controlled by the Dark Empire and Retan. Kronos generally refrained from trying to take over the world at this stage, as his nation was far too weak for this. He does, however, build the Sovereign's Hammer, as well as the Gros Morne Citadel. These two devices, along with the KAF and Kronos' undead forces, helped him to finally get a firm grasp on the world. The destruction of Gros Morne by the Hammer began the fourth, and current, distinct time period.

The Hammer

The horrible weapon known as the Sovereign's Hammer, as well as the countless undead minions help Kronos to reinforce his control over his nation, and to take over the Crimson Continent. At this point, he controls nearly the whole land. The only ones to stand in his way is the Gaian Federation.

Additionally, Kronos has made a number of reforms to the Kandarinian infrastructure. The old KAF was disbanded, and reorganized into 10 Regiments, each with a specialization. The rank system became more rigid, as there are only four ranks of power within the Kandarinian military now: General, Captain, Lieutenant, and Private. This was done mostly for the ease of organization. However, it so happens that the originally military-based reform slowly took control of every aspect of Kandarinian life, turning the Sovereignty into a purely militaristic state.