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The Romme Avengers is the unofficial name of a small group of strong warriors. Their major goal is to bring peace and end the war of Gaian. They sometimes may ally with former enemies to over throw others. Zeros' is the unofficial leader of this group. He is looked up to by many of his friends. The reason being that some may refer to them as the Romme Avengers, is because when the group of friends met, they were defending Romme, but failed to protect it from the catastrophic spells of Retan. Duilin, in fact keeps a shard of metal from the armour of a Romme solider on him, with the insignia of the Romme Kingdom, although he's found less use of it when he found the Iduran.


Members of the Romme Avengers

Current Members

People who are currently with the group.

Lost Members

People who are lost, but have not ultimately left the group.

Past Members

People who were with the group and have died, or have ultimately left the group.

  • Aegidius, an angel from Olympus, sent to help protect Gaian. He was killed by Gorus.
  • Cheetah, A shape shifting gepardi, who died of a skin disease.
  • Haraldur, an extremely powerful man. His friends turned on him when he went berserk in Chapter 5.
  • Marshall, joined the group briefly, but left them for the Aspyes.
  • Nevina an elf highly skilled in holy magic. She died shortly after killing the Dark God Qor.
  • Seth, a drow monk who befriended Duilin at Romme who went missing in action after the battle of Romme. Assumed dead.
  • Scorch, an air mage with a rough attitude. He died in a fight with Draven.

Relations with other groups/nations