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The Grey Empire was a quickly formed Empire. Their goal was of course, total world domination. The Empire's leader was a "god" named Melkoth. This Melkoth, had people whom worshipped him. He also had a large amount to do with the creation of Haraldur, and is often referred as his father. They had many religious connections to them, such as the Dios religion, whom worshiped Melkoth, and the Talonscar which was a cult for demonic worship.



When they were first formed. Melkoth had seemed to be constructing this empire in secret for quite some time. They were able to quickly gain control of Alphagrad and Retangrad, due to their large numbers, and the lighting fast powers of Melkoth and the strong brutish powers of Abodahon.

Eventually the Grey Empire had mostly taken over the entire Crimson Empire, due to the rapidly building process done by Quintus, and how they were able to get a Crimson Empire general Vincent on their side. Also the sudden loss of Draven highly damaged the Crimson's moral.

However the mighty rapid growing empire fell down and quickly as it rose up. Haraldur, with his Aspyes were quickly able to destroy the rulers of the Empire and destroy the main base at Bandervil. The remains of the Grey Empire are now going back into the Crimson Empire, with the return of Draven.



These four people served as the brains and even secret weapons behind the entire Empire. The weakness the Empire had, that without them the Empire would be at loss.

Melkoth, Emperor
Quintus, Main Assistant
Abodahon, Talonscar Leader
Vincent, High General

Notable Members

These are the notable characters that served under the Grey Empire.

Darak, A veteran officer whom later took Vincent's position
Steorra, A powerful mage who befriended Darak
Valos, a servant of Abodahon
Nick, a young half demon warrior with special powers
Calavous, the older brother of Nick

Relations with other groups/nations