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Name: Quintus/"The Great Prophet"
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Age: 2 million years
Job: Deputy to Melkoth, Chancellor of the Grey Empire.
Weapon: None except his magery.
Alliance: Melkoth, Grey Empire



Withered, grey hair, blue eyes, a wild look. Wears tattered grey robes out of preference. These have now been replaced with new grey robes. All this time hinting at the Empire of the same colour.


Many ages this man has seen, including those of the future, or at least, the possibilities of the future. It was he that made the prophecy concerning Haraldur and Ellenna, a prophecy that only he and his "students" are aware of.

Chapter 5

Attempted to guide Zeros' party to an end where Haraldur would be peacefully "fulfilled", but had unexpected difficulty.

He remains worried for the future. Things had not worked out absolutely as they had supposed to, but he supposes it was close enough, or so he hopes.

Chapter 6

He travels to warn Zeros', but shot by Tesla soon after.

Chapter 7

He is released from another Plane by Haraldur, for reasons he knows not. Whatever his reasons, Haraldur would be pleased that plenty of trouble was caused by this action.

Chapter 8

He got Vincent to defect and with his help went about the business of setting up the Grey Empire. As a result of their efforts, the Grey Empire now controls the western part of the Dark Continent.