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Vincent Elridge
"An interesting proposition indeed."
Created by Xorlak
Physical Description
Facial HairA hint of a beard
JobCaptain, Alchemist
Weapon(s)Auto Shotgun, Flamethrower
AllianceKandarinian Sovereignty



About average height, Vincent does wear any armor, but rather something resembling more of a black trench coat with a few military adornments on his chest. His long black hair is tied in a ponytail behind his back and his calm, almost brooding eyes shine behind his small square rimmed glasses. He has just a hint of a beard and a square chin.


Vincent Elridge was an alchemist and inventor since his youth, growing up in the central regions of the Dark Continent. Finding his talents applicable to the military, he was offered an officer position (read drafted) and eventually became a colonel in the Dark Empire, a position he held for several years. However, his talents often went unappreciated, as more destructive magic based officers were preferred, causing him to slowly become resentful... He was finally promoted to a general upon Draven's reformation of the Dark Empire, but it only seems he was promoted due to a lack of generals at the time.

At the time of his debut, he secretly dreamt of nothing more than becoming a High General, and leading large scale military campaigns... or maybe becoming something more... however, he was repeatedly stuck with less important supervisor or management positions, and is rarely given the chance to prove himself. Until the rise of the Grey Empire and certain new opportunities in chapter 8...

In chapter 7

As a general of the Crimson Empire, Vincent defended the fortress Redvik against Haraldur's attack, which included an erupting volcano that separated Laus from the mainland, buried the city surrounding Redvik, and nearly decimated the fortress itself. Vincent took an interest in Haraldur's power and insisted on viewing him up close, but Haraldur escaped into another dimension, leaving the only contact between the two a very brief exchange of words.

Vincent correctly assumed Melkoth's attack was independent of Haraldur's and, his number calling him to the new front line, raced to the area where Melkoth's Grey Empire was attempting to dig its way into the Crimson Empire's territory in his alchemically improved airship. Having been shot down by their new fortress, Vincent snuck his way into the quickly assembled new Grey fortress, where he has a face to face encounter with the great prophet Quintus, who proves himself a deadly foe as well...

In chapter 8

Quintus offered Vincent a position as a High General in the rising Grey Empire-- an offer of power an prestige he could not refuse. Still under the guise of his Crimson Empire position, he infiltrated and sabotaged the fortress Sigmund, an otherwise impenetrable land base of the Crimson Empire, allowing an army lead by Quintus to raze the fortress with minimal difficulty.

Taking an army of his own, Vincent set his sights on the fortress Bandervil in the center of the Dark Continent, thinking the apparent "defeat" of Crimson Emperor Draven would cause its occupants to surrender. This was an ill assumption, and the occupants fought back, exposing Vincent's lack of experience and judgement on the battlefield. However, reinforcements from Melkoth and a reformed alliance with Zion, Xenai, and Tsu changed the tide in his favor, the fortress falling to the Greys.

Later Chapters

Vincent eventually died at the hands of Makhno, was cut into pieces, and stored in meat locker. However before his death he consumed a special potion of his design in an attempt to heal a wound. The potion dramatically altered his body chemistry and his body melded back together some time later, giving him a second chance at life.

Faced with a decomposing body, he joined the Kandarinian Sovereignty searching for a way to keep himself together, eventually restructuring his body to a sort of liquid metal that is capable of multiple shapes in addition to a human guise. He lead the design team in the production of the Sovereign's Hammer.


Vincent is the captain of Regiment 4 of the KAF.