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Name: Zion Ultima
Creator: Trent
Gender: Male
Specialization: Light Magic, Kenjutsu, Energy techniques
Race: Assumed to be Human
Age: 33
Job: Wanderer
Weapon: Eternity Weapon, a thin sword that radiates light
Alliance: Unknown



He stands about 5 foot 8. He's mostly slender, but a little muscular. He has teal hair styled like that of Urameshi Yusuke. He usually wears a long sleeved white shirt over a black t-shirt, white jeans, black boots, and a silver necklace with a diamond cross hanging from it. Eternity Weapon's white steel scabbard is on his back.


He mostly fights with his sword and energy techniques, but he is knowledgable of a tiny bit of black magic (his only black magic spell nowadays is called Omni) and much more white magic. As of now, his strongest white magic is called Judgment, which is a rain of light beams from the sky, and his strongest sword technique is called Divine 256 Strikes, a play on Hyuuga Neji's Hakke Rokujuuyonshou.

DAL History

It's been a really long time. I don't remember a lot of the details. Sorry. :P

Zion's debut to Dark Age Legends came in Chapter 3. He first came in looking for Romme, intending to join their forces. It was to his dismay, though, that he found it destroyed. He saw some action occurring off in the distance, and went off to check it out. It was here that he met Lars Draven, and almost immediately engaged him. He used his strongest spell (at the time), Omni, on him, but it did not serve to be very effective. Xenai Omega then showed up and served well to distract him by summoning Zero Weapon. The next piece of action he'd get was by fighting Neptra alongside Zeros', and defeating her. One of the next things he did was to create Eternity Weapon, a demonic mech similar in nature to Zero Weapon. By now, Xenai had become good, and Zero Weapon was tamed. However, at the end of Chapter 5, both Eternity and Zero Weapons were sacrificed to help Gaia save Gaian, which was rapidly deteriorating.

Years later, he found himself engaged in Gaian's conflicts again. He befriended Ven Hyul and met Mavas, who was able to sucessfully copy every aspect of him, right down to Omni. His next big fight would be alongside Xenai, Zeros', and Tsu Nami, against Abodahon, however, they did not stand a chance. Next, he fought and defeated Valos, however, he simply came back.

He is currently involved with Zeros', Xenai, Tsu, and Aura Hikari in an attack on the Grey Empire.