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Abodahon Talonscar
"You humans don't realize that you're just small fish in a big ocean filled with hungry sharks."
Created by Dude Man
Physical Description
RaceDemon Lord
BuildLarge, muscular
Usual ClothingDark grey pants
EyesGolden Yellow
Body ArtDemonic symbols branded on him
Facial HairNone
OtherHe has four wings and heavily tanned skin
SpecializationDemonic Magic, Telekinesis, Black Magic
JobLeader of the Talonscar cult
Weapon(s)Two large black gauntlets that triple his arms size, with orange diamonds on the top of the hands, which boost the charging speed of his magic
AllianceHimself, and frequently Melkoth



Abodahon is a demon lord who leads the demonic cult, Talonscar and is the father of Duilin Talonscar. He appears as a giant muscular yellow-gold skinned man with two sets of wings and over-sized gauntlets. Him being a master of demonic magic and a naturally physically strong person makes him a very powerful opponent.


“It's quite an interesting story.”

A former guardian of Hell, and Qor's most trusted and elite warrior. He protected the temple from many rebellious demons, which dared to attempt on overthrowing Qor. Although Qor would likely be able to handle them himself, he insisted on having Abodahon fight for him. It may have been that Qor wanted him to be his heir.

One day he was visited by a powerful and evil god named Melkoth. He would grant him with some special powers, if Abodahon were to try and overthrow the dark god Qor, and gain control of the demons. Melkoth himself asked Qor if he would help him in his conquest, but he refused. He then spotted the potential in Abodahon, and then offered him the deal, and he accepted.

With his new powers, and his old ones, he believed he could take over Qor. However, that was quite a big mistake. Qor defeated Abodahon in battle, due to his powers taking a bit to long to charge. Qor let Abodahon live, but as a punishment he severally damaged his upper arms, making them quite useless.

Haraldur, being with Melkoth at the time, then made Abodahon his gauntlets, they practically would serve as new arms, he would be able to lift them up as if they were his own arms and swing them around as normal, they were also equip with orange diamonds to increase his magic charging speed.

During his years, him and Melkoth have lead many Empires and have done many evil deeds, such as bath in the blood of virgins, force people to make sacrifices to them for there pleasure, create plagues, etc. They were possibly the most evil "human" beings in the world.

Abodahon was also the leader and "god" of the Talonscar cult. They were highly in to demonic worship, hopping soon Abodahon will be the Dark God of Hell. During one of his ceremonies, as him and his followers attempted to open up a hell gate, a strange small imp, by the name of Rink arived from the gate. He demanded that Abodahon stops his plans, as it was a danger to the entire world. Abodahon of course refused and simply smacked him back into the Hell Gate.

However, unlike Melkoth, Abodahon's life span was limited. He therefore believed he needed a heir. He could easily find another demon spouse, however he found that would not satisfy. He has done studies and found that humans in fact have great potential in power if they are properly modified. He then chose to visit cities of Gaian, in the form of a human, from a spell from Melkoth. He visited three villages and father three children, once in each village, with different spouses. The children's names were Valos, Pophin and Duilin. However, the transformation of him into a human affected some things. The demonic gene failed to pass into some of the children, he expect this, this being the reason he fathered three children, as for with different women, it's likely due to his lust for many different women he has. Duilin was the only one that had the demonic gene passed into him, he would be his heir.

As he went about traveling the land, he told people of his legends and tales, and started back up his Talonscar cult. Most of the members of the Talonscar were members of the Dark Empire, he saw this empire as a threat to his goal, so he thought if he had some inside men, it would help take it down.

Later, he paid his followers to raid each village he fathered a child in. They were ordered to kill each and every person, except for the child he fathered, he wanted to test each of them. His human children would serve as elite warriors of him, wile his demonic child would be his heir.

After the final village was raided, he opened up another hell gate so he could return to his homeland. As the gate was being opened, he encountered the imp Rink again. He asked him once more to stop this, he threatened that he would try and ruin his entire plan by convinceing his sons that he was evil, and his plans were only to destroy the world. Abodahon is highly annoyed with the imp and attempts to destroy the small creature. The imp, however was only severely damaged, and was infected with amnesia. Abodahon then returned to Hell.

While he was in hell, he continued to build his power. He would soon one day overthrow Qor. Soon he gained a rivalry with another strong demon know as Iban, who had similar plans. After the passing of a few years, soon Qor was killed, by surprisingly some sort of elf, named Nevina. Abodahon took the weapon used to kill him. He was surprised something of such little power could have so easily killed Qor. Soon he realized that Qor had merged with the body of a mortal named Armic, why he was unsure. Iban and Abodahon continued to fight each other; they had groups of allies with each other who fought with each other, causing a large war in hell. Soon, Iban was able to chain up Abodahon, yet due to the followers of Abodahon, Iban was not yet the ruler of Hell. A few of the symbols branded on him, were added to his body during the time of his imprisonment.

In chapter 7

A sprite of Abodahon.
A sprite of Abodahon.

“I like to fight close...so I can smell the fear!”

He arrives at Gaian, with the help of his friend Melkoth. Melkoth is forming an Empire known as the Grey Empire. Abodahon also sees his old friend Quintus. Melkoth and Abodahon then go off to the town of Alphagrad to take it over. Abodahon simply slaughters tons of people, without even using magic. After the army is taken out, he then sees that some people have arrived. He then confronts a half god half demon, a knight and two swordsmen, he fights them off for quite awhile yet, because of him being out numbered his is forced to retreat. He then appears again, and talks to Valos. He warns him that he would loose his ‘freedom’ if he did not help them, and aided the Crimson Empire. He also tells Valos to keep a close watch on his son Duilin.

In chapter 8

“I really don't see why you continue to trust people; you obviously don't have the correct people skills. Oh, it just upsets me to think how heart breaking your love life must be.”

Abodahon begins to make plans on the capture of Duilin, but the plans are soon put on delay due to a heavy attack on one of the cities. He goes to Valos and tells him to follow. He orders Valos to attack Draven, but eventually refuses. Abodahon then triggers the spirit demon to take over Valos’ body. After a battle with Draven, Melkoth shows up, causing Draven to run. They both follow him back to the Crimson Palace, only to find the place to be sucked into a black hole. Him and Melkoth then return to Sigmund. Abodahon meets Vincent, whom recently switched away from the Crimson Empire. After a brief chat, he then orders Valos to find Duilin.

In Chapter 9

"I understand completely what you are: a mental case, but soon you will be a corpse!"

Abodahon goes over to the fortress of Bandervil and talks with Vincent and Melkoth for a little wile, until they go over to Ugran. But Abodahon stays behind. A bit later Valos was able to teleport him and Duilin into the basement prison of Bandervil, the current mother base of the Grey Empire. And Abodahon had met them. Abodahon told Duilin the story of his goal, to take control of Hell and Gaian, and “bring them to peace”. He also told him the tale that Zeros’ was “afraid” of Duilin’s power, and planned to kill him. Duilin being naive and manipulative, because he is drunk on his own demonic power buys all of what Abodahon is telling him. He teaches Duilin more ways of demonic power and prepares him to take out his old friend. Duilin is ready to fight, when Haraldur and his Aspye friends arrive, him and Abodahon go out to fight. Haraldur and Abodahon apparently having quite a strong connection from the past, talk and fight. Haraldur tells Duilin the truth about Abodahon, yet Abodahon tells his son that Haraldur believes what he is saying is true, but only because he is insane. Zeros’ and his friends arrives and Duilin begins to attempt to fight Zeros’ and Rink, yet they soon finally convince him that Abodahon is making up lies, only so he can have somebody to take his place when he dies. Zeros’ also convinces Duilin that he did not ally with Haraldur at all, and that he is not afraid of Duilin’s power, he is only worried that Duilin would attack everything in sight when he becomes to strong, because of his blood rage. Rink also remembers that Abodahon actually paid Darion and his cronies to kill the people in Duilin’s old village. Valos arrives, and tells Duilin that what they are saying is true, that he was there when it happened. Duilin then gets very upset with himself, for trusting Abodahon. Haraldur having infected Abodahon with a very potent poison, the large demon was now dieing. Duilin tells of Abodahon, saying he is ashamed to be the father of such a monster. Abodahon yells out one last time before he explodes, due to the effects of the poison.

In Chapter 18

Abodahon was resurrected and became the King of Hell after the fall of Iban. Upon Kronos contacting him for a purpose of sparing a legion of demons, he was greeted by an offer. Abodahon wanted to fuse his physical being with Kronos. As a demon of unfathomable power, Abodahon cannot simply pass over to the above world and still wished to follow on his legacy of conquering Gaian he attempted with Melkoth. The only way to transfer his power up here was to set up a conduit for it - which is where Kronos came in. Using his phase-shift abilities and Nex's invocations, he successfully grafted the demon king into his own body. The end result was a massive lich-demon hybrid with immense power named Abodos.


Abodahon was a master of Demonic Magic and had some skill in a few other areas. He was known by some to be the most powerful demon that ever lived. However his competitor Iban has proved to be stronger on several occasions. Nevertheless Abodahon was extremely powerful both physically and magically.

Demon Flame

Also known as the "Fireball of Death". What separates this from a normal fireball is that it is a demonic technique for summoning the flames of Hell. The demon flame can be rather hard to control and can get to big and damage the user if he is not careful or unskilled. The effects are not to different from a basic fireball, but it comes more natural to demons.

This is a Fire Elemental and Demonic ability.

Ground Slam

This is actually not even a magic ability. Abodahon is so strong that with enough force he can slam his huge fists down on to the ground causing destructive shockwaves and send hordes of enemies flying in the air.

Hell Fissure

A magic version of Ground Slam. Abodahon performs the same actions, yet charges his demonic energy into the ground, splitting it. This creates a large fissure and summons several tortured spirits from Hell, which tend to grab onto people near by and explode.

Hell Gate

Abodahon has the ability to open up Hell gates. Doing this takes time, however it can prove useful for teleporting from Gaian to Hell.


Abodahon is also skilled in telepathy and telekinesis. He can move objects and read minds aswell as send messages to them.

Demon Flail

Similar to his Demon Flame, however, rather summoning hell flames, he summons the bones of the dead demons of Hell. The flail is composed of a demonic skull and spinal cord, and is a translucent red-orange. He swings the flail around several times and tosses it, very little aim is required for this technique, as the demon flail actually hunts down the target and tries to hit it, he seems to just know what the user wants to hit with it.

The effects can be quite violent and deadly. The skull bites onto the target and explodes. The pressure of the explosion is quite powerful and the demonic energy is quite hot and can quickly burn right through the flesh and infect it internally as well as externally.

Demonic Seeker

Abodahon shoots a large laser from his hand. The laser has the image of a skull at the front. The laser seeks down the target and explodes. The after affect of the blast is infecting them with strange form of poisoning, which may cause mental damage, like hallucination, fear or confusion.

Blood Bomb

Perhaps his most devastating spell. It takes a wile to charge up. In his hands he gathers his demonic energy and when ready he has a large orb, which he throws at the target. It's quite inaccurate but if the hit is direct, usually the target is killed almost instantly. Nobody has ever been hit with this and lived. The after effect causes it to rain blood, for some reason.