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Male (left) and female (right) demons.
Male (left) and female (right) demons.

Demons, are a very unique race. They have quite a history and are believed to have lived long before humans. Demons come in many shapes and sizes. They can very to look very human-like to more dragon-like. They tend to have red, orange or yellow coloured skin and many of been know to have corrosive blood. Demons, tend to appear to be superior compared to humans. They are born naturally knowing magic, and are (usually) much more physically stronger then humans. Yet, they are not superior, demons tend to have a very brutish and manipulative nature. They are often referred to as monsters, yet it can be justified that they are so.

The only known place to house demons is Thanatos (known to mortals as Hell). Which is another demention, also used to house the spirits of the dead (usually ones who have been 'bad').

It is also known that there are half demons. Like, nearly any other race, they can breed with others. The most common know crossbreeding is the cross of a demon with a human. The crossbreeding of this can be known to be quite dangerous.

It's also known that half demons can in fact change "how much demon" they are. For example, as a half demon's rage grows, usually the amount of demonic blood they have increases, growing the amount of demonic features and powers they have. This is not known with all half demons, some half demons may in fact always be a perfect balance with their demonic side, as well as their other side. Yet the best example of this blood shifting would be the human/demon Duilin. From without the story, Duilin struggles to keep his demonic side balanced with his human side, yet it proves to be quite a fight for him.

As for the more monster-like demons, it is unknown if they can crossbreed with any other race. Yet for the most part, demons have almost an unlimited possibilities of what they could look like. Although the most common appearance for demons, are human shaped beings with red, orange or yellow coloured skin, horns and wings.

In conclusion, demons are one of the most varying kind of begins there are. Yet there are some common types that are seen, and have even been named.


Types of Demons


  • Bijuu, A conscious mass of highly compressed energy. Akin to the Bijuu of Naruto. (Zerobi no Anti)
  • Classic Demon, red skin, a pair of wings and horns. (Boron)
  • Demon Lord, golden yellow skin, two pairs of wings and a hulking build, have emence physical and magic power. (Abodahon)
  • Nightmare Demon, demons that make people belive they're living their worst nightmares. (Melface)
  • Spirit Demon, a ghostly demon that possess beings and can control them. (Pheonix)


Characters of this Race