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Name: Nick

Age: 16

Race: Demon/Human

Created By: Nick A.K.A Burton projects

Job: Master Assassin

Weapon: Long slender sword

Specailization: Ghostly stealthiness, Demonic Powers.

Alliance: Later to be known, whom ever pays him first (more reluctant to Crimson Empire, who killed his family).



He's pretty nice and well tempered but when you bring up his family he will get really mad. He’s kind when he wants to be but he's no sissy. He wears a black robe with a hood and a facemask, has blonde hair and some facial hair. Never really see his whole face. Always carry an obsidian dagger in a sheath under his robe.


Air Dash

Jumps in air and runs above enemies then stabs them from there. Only used once in a chapter.

Vampiric Wolf Thrust

Thrusts his hand into the chest of another then drains their energy and after that he stabs them.

Fatal Spirit Sword

Uses the energy from the Vampiric thrust to duplicate himself into five other men.

Power Thrust

Another power using his sword and the energy he thrusts sword into ground and recites these words: Over the blood of those lost in the never-ending war, I shall take revenge on those who kill and those who murder, by winning this war for the family of sacred blood. Then his eyes turn red and a faint picture of a wolf goes around his body, and dashes back and forth slicing all he passes.


When he was a child, some soldiers from the Crimson Empire came to his home to kill his father who was a general in the Grey Empire and Nick watched as his family was wiped away as he hid under the bed helpless and worthless. Now he regrets this and wants to kill the ones who destroyed his life and all in it. He went to a temple in the Grey Empire to train body and spirit. He left the temple to soon to finish his training he could not wait to slay those who killed his family.

Chapter 9

In the begining Nick is captured and tortured by some Crimson soliders. Later rescued by Steorra, Vincent, and Darak. Helps them attack some Aspye mages and destroy a town. Then they are attacked by Makhno, Durruti, and Tesla. They later escape after Vincent is hurt.

They reached Bandervil where Vincent died after being killed by Makhno. Nick follows Makhno and tries to attack him. Makhno escapes, and Durruti attacks Nick. Abodahon comes to help the Grey empire and fights Haraldur. Haraldur makes huge explosion and wipes out nearly everyone. Nick opens gate of Hell in middle of a battle against Xenai.

In Hell he gets new powers and weapons.

Chapter 10

During Chapter ten Nick began working for Kronos. He was ordered to kill Aura but couldn't. So he let her go and headed his own way. Kronos departed to a 'meeting' at North point as Nick waited for him, Galack's army rose from their underground home and attacked Nick , and the other various rulers and powerful men at North point

Chapter 11

Nick Was on a mission for Kronos. Top secret and not yet accomplished.