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Smith Darak
"You heard the General! Now move!"
Created by Dude Man
Physical Description
Usual ClothingBlack clothing and standard Crimson Empire armour, with an officer badge.
Body ArtNone
Facial HairShort beard
SpecializationAxe Techniques
JobFeild Commander, later High General of the Grey Empire
Weapon(s)Double Edged Axe
AllianceDark Empire (Chapter 4)

Crimson Empire (Chapter 6-8)

Grey Empire (Chapter 8-9)


He fought along side with Darion when they invaded Duilin's old village. He stood at the hidden city with several soldiers, and they live there for ten years. Suddenly one of the legendary weapons falls down to the village so they hide it in the caves. They were attacked by monsters, which may be hiding in the caves, under the town. Yet a group of people come to the town and tell them they are looking for a weapon. They are convinced to help them find it, after a battle with zombies in the cave the group then finds the weapon and leaves. After a month or so. Draven begins to from the Crimson Empire. Darak then joins the new Empire. After five years, he then sees somebody familiar. It was Duilin he was a person in the group he saw five years ago. He then talks with him for a little while and then goes back to work. The next day the word is given that two towns are under attack, so he is sent off to defend them. Darak is waiting for the next battle at Alphagrad and Retangrad.

In chapter 8

“Well, thank you. Now die.”

Darak was travelling with a large attack group, when suddenly; Grey Empire warriors ambushed them. Darak then meets Steorra, a woman with strong magic abilities. She joins with him, and the two head into the inner city, only to find them ambushed by Talonscar Elites. After a fight with them, the two of them arrive just in time to find Zion defeat the possessed Valos. They then join with them, to head back towards the Crimson Capital, but were flagged down by a group of people, whom included General Vincent. They were informed that Draven has fallen and a new Emporer Melkoth has taken his place. Having has gone through the same with Retan falling and Draven taking his place, he didn’t have any problems joining with the new Empire. One colour is as good as another. He then assist Vincent in the attack on a fortress, that have disagreed to join them.

In chapter 9

“Stupid kid.”

Darak, Steorra and Vincent all go towards Redvik to prepare for a battle at Ugran. They find that the place was surrounded with zombies. Near by they find a small cave, and find some Crimson Empire resistance fighters beating up a young soldier named Nick, they save him and he joins the group. Soon, they meet a man named Kronos who reveals that he was the one who made the zombies and he was using them for an attack on the Blue Minotaur and then he may help them with the battle at Ugran, so they agreed to let him about his work. They go into the base and rally up the soldiers and head off towards Ugran on airships. Darak fights in the battle, yet he notices that High General Vincent had be wounded in the fight. He carries him on one of the floating discs back to Bandervil, and Steorra, Nick and the newly joined Calavous head their way back as well. Later, Vincent dies by a rebel attacking him that sneaked inside the base. Quintis appoints him as the new High General, and Darak leads a large scout to search around the base to find the killer, soon the base is attacked, many soldiers are lot, and eventually after a couple of explosions, Steorra dies and the base is mostly destroyed. Darak emerges from the rubble, he sees that the last remaining superior of his is slowly dieing, so he goes to finish him off, yet the crazed Valos comes at him, stabs him several times and finally kills the brutish man, ending the adventures of Darak.