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The symbol of the Blue Minotaur.
The symbol of the Blue Minotaur.



The Blue Minotaur lives in temple hidden in the large woods near by River Town. Not much people find reasons to go there as they keep mostly to themselves.


The main opposition in the past was a rival cult known as the Red Cyclops. They were similar but used the magic of summoning for more evil deeds. However they were eventually overthrown.

Another group of bandits and raiders known as the Ice Warriors were also taken out, due to them constantly raiding the near by cities, and they almost breached the Blue Minotaur Temple.

They are seemingly harmless, however they were brought into a battle with the Aspyes and allied with the Crimson Empire, due to some miss knowledge from Marshall. Due to Marshall's foolish acts, the Elder thought it was for the best to banish Marshall, seeing as he was putting them in danger and giving them a bad name.

Enventually the Temple was attacked by the Kandarinian Sovereignty. None of them were left alive, only to become zombies of the undead army.


The Blue Minotaur worshiped an unknown entity known only as 'the spirit'. So far it has only appeared as a blue fog. The spirit has many secrets, and the entire truth about the spirit is only known by The Elder of the Blue Minotaur.

The Blue Minotaur uses the lost magic art of summoning creatures, for the good of mankind. They are collectors of history and legends. They watch the happenings of the world and record what happens.

Battle Scene

The undeads were advancing. One by one, the minotaurs fell. Roland, alarmed, lifted up his arms again, and began an extremely concentrated chant. The army, having consumed all ten minotaurs, kept crawling forward. Suddenly, a bright beam of light erupted from the Master Crystal, and hit the earth right in front of the army. A large cloud of smoke arose. -"RAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!"
A gigantic blue dragon was now standing in the middle of the dust cloud! It took a huge breath, and exhaled a long jet of fire. The undeads were getting fried by the hundreds. The dragon, seemingly satisfied, took flight. It flew around the temple in a gigantic circle, and then soared behind the army. Another jet of fire brought a few hundred more zombies to a nice crispy condition. The dragon flew high into the sky, then dived right into the middle of the legion, slamming into the ground. A terrible shockwave followed, crumbling another 50 dead troops. The army seemed to pause for a moment.

Meanwhile, Kronos was getting a little unrested. The Blue Minotaurs want to play with big toys? Very well...

Suddenly, a few trees from a forest just behind the blue dragon flew up into the air, crashing into some undeads. Four horrible creatures rose up from the woods, each as big as the dragon. One was an Ogre-Dragon, wielding a long whip made of bones. The second one was an odd mix between a wyvern and a monkey, in which it had two large wings and four enormous hands. Third was an exceptionally tall creature with five legs, each ending in a spike. On top of the legs rested a massive contraption with some undead ogres inside. The last abomination was huge. It was like a bug, covered with tough bone carapace, with thousands of tiny legs underneath it. The dragon let out a fierce roar, and charged at the newly arrived reinforcements. The bug-tank, trying to hurry as fast as it could, crashed right into the dragon. The undead creature did not seem phased by the concussion; however, the dragon stumbled back, and shook its head in bewilderment. The ogre-dragon then leaped upwards onto its blue relative. The dragon, however, regained its stability, and slammed the ogre-dragon in mid-air, knocking it back down onto the ground.
Roland and the Elder were supervising the battle from above the temple. -"That dragon completely drained me... I don't think I'll be able to summon anything else soon.", sighed Roland.
-"You did what you could, friend. Let us hope our blue servant shall be successful."
The Gorvern (gorilla-wyvern) hurried past the army to the dragon. Just as the blue reptile turned around, it was greeted by a bony fist right on its forehead. Another shot landed on its neck; third and fourth fell onto the places where the wings met the back. The poor creature wailed, and summoned its last forces in a powerful swing of its claw. The Gorvern's head soared high above the ground, landing somewhere in the distance. The rest of the massive body collapsed onto the ground.
The dragon was nearly out of energy, as three giant spikes nailed its wings to the ground. It looked up in desperation, seeing the Marcher (tall thing with ogres on top) above it. The ogres housed in the bone cage on top were released, all falling down on the dragon, and beating it. The mighty creature resisted, then gave up.

Kronos was quite content with the way things turned. "Time to count up the damage and deal some more..."

The temple grounds were quickly overrun by the zombie army. The bug-tank, the Gorvern and the ogre-dragon were dealing massive blows to the temple, crumbling it to bits. Any resistance was swiftly neutralized. The Marcher, however, walked over to the large crystal on top of the temple, and let some of its ogres down to get it. The ogres retrieved the giant prism, and loaded it up onto the Marcher.
Soon, the battlefield was deathly silent. Crushed undeads were being repaired by Kronos in the distance, and coming back to life. The "live" ones were salvaging what equipment they could find from the temple. Even more zombies were now making up the army. Now also consisting of some undead summoners, not many forces could match its power.

Roland was fighting bravely behind the temple, fending off the undeads. The Elder was next to him, assisting him how he could. -"Well, my friend, it seems like this is the end. I don't know if we will get out of this alive or not, but that matters no longer. I want you to know it was a pleasure working with you..."
-"Spare me the teary speeches", barked Roland. "In case you haven't noticed, we have some other problems right now." He swung his sword at an incoming ogre, and busted another one's head right off its shoulders. "Look at this - as soon as I strike one down, it is instantly being repaired by some... force... If only we knew what it is! It woud definately be this army's weakne - ARGH!!!"
Roland missed an undead minotaur wielding an axe coming behind his back. The large rusty axe was now stuck in between Roland's shoulder blades. -"Gah... *cough*... *gurgle*..."
-"Roland?! Are you alright?!"
-"Do I... *cough*... look... alright?"
-"Oh no, what can I do?"
-"You can do... *cough*... little... *gurgle*... to ease my pain, old friend... You must... *cough*... seek out Marshal and tell him of... *gurgle*... this onslaught..."
-"Very well, old friend. May the spirits be with you..."
Roland let out a final *gurgle*, followed by a *cough*, and stopped moving. The Elder quickly summoned a wyvern and hopped onto it, urging it into the skies. He almost made it... A huge bone whip from the ground struck him down, off the wyvern. He let out a scream, and fell onto one of the temple's spikes, dying instantly. The temple of the Blue Minotaur has fallen.

Relations with other groups/nations

Crimson Empire: Usually coexist with each other
Aspyes: Slight enemies, mostly coexisted
Ice Warriors: Enemies (defeated)
Red Cyclops: Enemies (defeated)
Kandarinian Sovereignty: Enemies (defeated by)