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Name: Calavous
Created by: Burton Projects
Gender: Male
Race: Demon/Human
Age: 28
Weapon: A giant two-handed sword that always rests on his back. He can swing it swiftly and powerfully.



Height: 5'9
Build: Medium
Hair: Golden blonde
Usual Clothing: Dark red shirt. Also wears black pants, which always have a sheathed dagger on them
Eye colour: Unknown
Body art: None
Facial hair: None


Angel Of Destruction

Lets him become a demon with black skin and his eyes glow red. Charges for three posts.

Spirit Sword

His sword grows twice the length and glows red. He slams it downward to cause a shockwave.


Nick's long lost brother that he never knew because he was mysteriously taken away by the army to go in to train when he was 15. He is mild-tempered and will only get angry if you really annoy him. Asummed to be deceased.

Chapter 9

                   "I want your boat"

Calavous came into play when Nick brought him from hell. He travled to Bandervil where he then left to a small Island where he met Cyan and was attacked By Frenier. He left the Island going back to Bandervil where he was killed by Haraldurs blast. In hell he gave Nick his energy, powers, and intelligents.