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Map showing the location of the Crimson Capital on the Dark Continent when it was grounded.
Map showing the location of the Crimson Capital on the Dark Continent when it was grounded.

Built from the ashes of the wrecked capital of the Dark Empire (destroyed in Chapter 5), the Crimson Capital was perhaps the most heavily fortified city ever created. A massive wall surrounded the city, sporting huge turrets when could fire concentrated spheres of destructive shadow elemental energy upon any would be invaders. Deep underground, channeled energy from a number of large crystals could be called upon to create a barrier around the entire capital. Located in the center was the magnificent Crimson Palace, the huge towers of which sported even more of the destructive cannons. The palace was so huge it sported a fully functional and often used airship port.

Messy sketch of the Crimson Captital.
Messy sketch of the Crimson Captital.


Floating Island

The most impressive capability of the Crimson Capital was demonstrated when the entire city lifted out of the ground during an Aspyes attack, revealing it to be a floating island. Airborne it was practically unassailable, though a member of the Iron Wing once managed to get in though the underside. It was also fully propelled and navigable through a control room located in the Crimson Palace, technically making it the largest airship ever created.


The fall of the Crimson Capital came about in Chapter 9, when Draven attempted to use the largest tower of the palace as a focal point for an inter-dimensional summoning spell, placing a huge black crystal atop it and moving the palace to align it with other crystals placed hundreds of miles away. However, another Aspyes attack left a small nick in the crystal, completely throwing off the spell, which instead sucked the entire island into Hell. Draven and the remaining Shinryuu strained to defended the city, but it was soon overrun by demons and assumed destroyed, with Draven the only one making it out of the whole ordeal.

The Return

Draven mangaged to bring the Crimson Capital back in Chapter 13 and use it an assault against Jayce. Draven was later defeated by Retan, leaving the floating island abandoned.

New Welkin

After the fall of the Dark Empire, the freed Velkens made the floating fortress their home, since it was similar to the floating islands of their homeworld of Welkin. They have named their tiny nation New Welkin, although the name "Crimson Capital" often sticks, especially for outsiders. The island's exact location is never known for long, as it constantly wanders over the open ocean.