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The Iron Wing is an elite force serving the Nightshade cult, similar to the Shinryuu Elite Force.


Relations with other groups/nations


The Iron Wing's members knew each other from early childhood. They all had unique traits: Leto always played with big rocks and large sticks pretending them to be cannonballs and swords. Celer was a coward; he'd run at the first sight of danger. Ogen always seeked a source of thrill. He did not seem to fear any conventional fights. Felix, however, was different. A curse running deep in the family caused him to become albino. Only his face could be exposed to sun without danger, and even that was a miracle. Most albino members of the Leaven family died shortly after they learned to walk, due to horrible skin cancers they were getting from the sun. One day they all decided to go to a mountain range near their town. They heard that there is a magical fairy that would grant them all one wish, living in one of the caves in that range. However, not many people made it there. In fact, all of them gave up when they reached a certain cliff in the range: it was incredibly tall, with no way around it. Eventually, the four friends came to the cliff. They decided to get Leto to smash it up a bit, which didn't do much. Ogen tried climbing it... and failed, painfully falling off and hitting his head on the icy cover that clothed the mountain. Celer seeked a way around it, eventually giving up. Leaven just watched them try, but not really contributing to the effort. He paced around a bit. However, when he came closer to the left edge of the cliff, he heard cracking below him. He called his friends. -"I think I found something, come take a look at thi--", and suddenly the ice beneath him broke. The other three followed him into the newfound tunnel. It went below the cliff, reaching the surface above it. They climbed out of it, and saw it: a cave. They went in. Well, it wasn't exactly a fairy they found. It was a cult, lead by an enigmatic figure known only as "Iban", that was known to have incredible amounts of magic ability. The cultists called themselves the Nightshade. Essentially, they were formed by Iban who had some sort of "history" with Abodahon (the bad kind of history). After a few questions, the cultists took them to Iban. He agreed to fulfill their wishes on one contition. They had to stay within the cave and become part of the cult. They agreed... and he enhanced their natural abilities by as far as he could. For three of them, anyway. When he tried to do the same to Felix, he found that his greatest quality was his mind. Making people smarter was beyond his power, so he simply gave him a life-draining ability, and immediately gave him an advanced status inside the cult, namely "Baron".