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Map displaying Tjed's location relative to the Dark Continent and Romme.
Map displaying Tjed's location relative to the Dark Continent and Romme.

Tjed is located on a very large roughly egg shaped island less than 100 miles northeast of the former island of Romme. Though the island is large, the nation itself is sparsely populated due to it's vast mountains. Food is plentiful in this country. Though the amount of flat land available for farming is small, the nation depends on livestock heading in it's vast mountain ranges. There are seasonal festivals in which all members of society are invited to participate. In Tjed, it is not unheard of for a poor shepherd to become a semi-wealthy merchant or a well respected knight after years of hard work.


Tjed's government is similar to King Arthur's roundtable of legend. Though the king's word is final, he will discuss affairs with his chancellor, several advisors, and several of his knights before making a decision. The most respected knights are the High Knights of Tjed, and are nominated due to both displaying extreme skill and providing an example of one act of exceptional valor, and are regarded as the nation's heroes.


The current king of Tjed is King Henri II.

Romme has been the traditional enemy of Tjed for hundreds of years. Temporary peace treaties between the two island nations were not uncommon, though.

A short while ago, the three High Knights of Tjed were Ven Hyul, Mavas Hyul, and Kyle Recos. However, Mavas betrayed the other two after the cursed Kelvos pendant made him insane, killing Kyle and disappearing. Ven exiled himself in search for his brother against the king's orders, and the nation went into shock at the sudden disappearance of their three icons. Shortly after this travesty, as if the next part of a curse laid upon the nation, a mysterious plague spread across the populace... This turned out to be Mavas' doing, and he was utimately defeated by Zeros' with the help of Ven and Duilin.

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