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The symbol of the Talonscar.
The symbol of the Talonscar.
The Talonscar is a demonic cult based of the worship of the Demon Lord known as Abodahon. The cult usually has attachments to the major empires, usually as a secret squad, or even as a full powered section such as in the Grey and Jet Empires. The cult however was seemingly ended when Abodahon was killed by Haraldur, a long time rival of Abodahon. All of the members were assumed dead, however for a bit over a year a few of the Talonscar Elite remain, still worshipping their deceased god. In Chapter 14 a few members returned from the dead. It seems that the cult is now being lead by Pheonix, a spirit demon loyal to Abodahon.



Nobody is too sure of how long Abodahon has lived, or how long he's had people worshipping him. As Abodahon assisted his friend Melkoth in many empires. Abodahon's longest lasting follower was a demon of an unknown breed, named Nex, who had been part of the Talonscar from the time of the ancient Jet Empire right through to the more recent Dark Empire.

The group had fewer and fewer members. By the time of 550 GE, the Talonscar had only six members left. Many of the members died in the Battle Of Romme. Most of these deaths were responsible of Duilin and he was charged by the empire of the deaths of Darion and Pophin yet was later discharged when him and his friends formed an alliance with them against the Aspyes. It wasn't until Chapter 8 when the Talonscar become a larger group, due to the rise of the Grey Empire, which only lasted a bit longer than a day, due to the hastey attacks by the Aspyes. This soon saw to Abodahon's death and the assumed end of this group.


The Talonscar worship demons and their power. They highly worship the demon that leads them, Abodahon. They believe that he was chosen to conquer Qor and take the throne as ruler of hell, and increase the power of the demons to fully rule the world of Thanatos. They also have quite a lot of respect for Melkoth, they believe that without him, Abodahon would not be the powerful demon he is.

Yet now that both Abodahon and Melkoth are dead their beliefs and goals aren't quite clear. It's been stated by Pophin that they no longer wish to have Duilin as the heir to the Talonscar because his personal beliefs are too conflicting with the ways of the Talonscar (ie: he's too inheritably good). Yet Pheonix and Nex and leading, and it's clear they are up to something, whether or not it's control of Gaian and/or Thanatos is still unclear.


After Abodahon was killed by Haraldur, the remaining members helped Valos open a Hell gate, and they were teleported to Hell. When they arrived they were killed by Ibans forces. It was unknown, to pretty much everyone, what happened to the spirit demon or Abodahon's remains however. However small remnants of the Talonscar who were living in deep isolated area in Thanatos, apparently were still around. The spirit demon Pheonix apparently is being held inside a glass orb. It's unknown what their full intentions are.


The active members of the Talonscar have often changed. Although Abodahon was alive since it's beginning until it's defeat in 562 G.E. he was temporally imprisoned in Thanatos during the Dark Empire era. Note during the Jet and Grey Empire areas there were many more members then listed, but were only minor unnamed non player characters.

Jet Empire Era

Dark Empire Era

Crimson/Grey Empire Era

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