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Name: Melkoth
Created By: Haraldur
Gender: Male
Race: God
Age: 17 million years... at last count. Why bother counting if you cannot die of natural causes?
Job: Was ruler of many Empires, at different times, usually, but not always, on the Dark Continent (nicknamed so due to the events that took place there, usually under Melkoth's rule), but sometimes on other landmasses. Now he is back.
Weapon: Himself, mostly. He does wear a sword, usually, and he always wears a ring called the Poison Ring.
Alliance: Himself, Grey Empire.



Tall and broad shouldered, he has long blond hair and a beard, blue eyes. Like his son, he wears black (although Haraldur now wears a neckerchief around his neck as well: a red and black one), in the form of long flowing robes, a tunic and trousers. This is not his only form, as he is a shape shifter.


Appearing in the universe some tens of millions of years ago, he has been involved in many things on this planet over the past hundreds of thousands of years, it all starting with the Gaian Empire, and Empire that lasted a full 33,000 years before eventually falling apart in bloody war and destruction. He led many Empires since, of varying lengths of existence, but usually in the thousands, and some in the tens of thousands. One, the Jet Empire (in case any of you do not know, Jet is a mineral derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure, and is black, "jet-black", in fact) lasted in excess of 145,000 years.

What is known about him is that he was a very autocratic and cruel Emperor, every time. Sometimes, he forced Zeros''s mother to be part of his harem, causing her to get claw marks on her back from when he shape shifted in anger when she had defied him.

Five years ago, he was fought against and defeated by Haraldur, his own son (well, it is more complex than that), and the two have a mortal hatred. In the meantime, he has been preserved in several lockets, which are hidden in many places, so he can be brought back. He has only "died" twice, both times killed by Haraldur, who had discovered the location of a locket the second time, and killed him again, and thought that there had only been one (indeed, still thinks that, for the moment). The intervening period lasted 20,000 years.

In Chapter 7

He was recreated by Quintus. He then organized an insurgency in which Alphagrad and Retangrad were taken. He then left for some thought and has come to the conclusion that the world has changed dramatically: there are now many more individuals of high power, rendering large armies of little utility.

In Chapter 8

Working in the background, he has surveyed the Dark Continent, and is prepared to hypothetically divide it up. He did help his new High General, Vincent, a little in a battle, however.

In Chapter 9

He went to Romme when he found that Retan had returned. He spent some time there, but was again killed by Haraldur, yet he arrived back at Bandervil alive and well. He stayed there with Quintis and Abodahon, until they were attacked by the leaders of the Aspyes. Makhno, Durruti and Tesla worked together to kill him once more. Haraldur then destroyed the lockets which Melkoth's life force was, ultimately destroying him. However Haraldur was killed in the process of this.