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Map showing the location of Bandervil on the Dark Continent.
Map showing the location of Bandervil on the Dark Continent.

Bandervil is one of the Five Fortresses of the Crimson Empire. Located in the center of the Dark Continent. Due to its unstrategic location, it is the least well manned, though it served as a strategic point many times in wars long past.


Bandervil isn't especially huge, but it is built atop a plateau in the center of a rocky plain, steep drop-offs on all sides making a perfect natural defense. Stone walls are constructed on all edges , adding to the inaccessibility, save for one narrow path that leads up the side of the western cliff.

Inside the walls lies a small town, several towers, and a large central keep.


In chapter 8 the traitor and new High General Vincent tries to take the fortress, thinking all the inhabitants will submit to the Grey Empire after the apparent defeat of Draven. However, General Ajax fights back and catches Vincent off guard. Melkoth lends Vincent an army of trolls, whose expertise in climbing help bring the downfall of the fortress. The fortress' main keep was toppled and several holes in the walls were created during the siege.

In chapter 9 the fortress was mostly rebuilt. It quickly became the main base of the Grey Empire. However, by the end of the chapter, mostly the entire base was leveled to the ground from a severe attack from the Aspyes, as well as the rulers of the Grey Empire.