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Haraldur The Aspyes Revolutionary
Created by Haraldur
Physical Description
RaceHuman... shaped. Race unknown.
SpecializationHaraldur Magic
AllianceThe Aspyes Revolution

"He has a perplexing personality. Of course, he is made up of several people, some insane, some just jerks, at least one demonic entity, and several metallic weapons... don't ask..."

-Draven describing Haraldur.



Long blond hair which is almost white. A beard and moustache of same colour. Northern European like skin. Blue eyes, in which a stange fire seems to burn in rage. Dressed in the skins of black bears. A swirling, dark black and red aura surrounds him.


Haraldur is a mysterious entity of a completely unknown race. He is composed of several people and parts: the younger and elder Haraldur, Ragnar, a demonic entity and the Legendary Weapons. He merged together with the two Haraldurs and Rengar by the end of Chapter 3, but he did not fully fuse with all these parts until Chapter 5.

In chapter 4

After having a brief encounter with the Ice Warriors, he joined Zeros' party. They then recovered the staff and the mace. Haraldur revealed his reason for wanting to destroy the weapons: that they were part of himself that people used to leach of him. Near the end of the chapter there was a large fight with Draven, Armic and the Ice warriors (who died during the battle), in which Armic released daemons into the world, before Draven escaped, leaving the party temporarily stranded in Laus.

In chapter 5

Haraldur leads the group to attack the Dark Empire palace. So they can obtain the fifth weapon from Draven. After a large battle they do so. Haraldur then goes to Duilin’s house and uses the weapons to open a gate to obtain the final weapon. The group is teleported to another demention, that enventually unlocks a strange entity. Haraldur begins mergeing with his 'other parts' and goes berserk. The others not understanding this, ally with Draven to defeat him. Many more battles happen between him and the group. Eventually he helps killing Alpha Retan and shortly after he defeats his father Melkoth, and after that he destroys himself.

In chapter 6

He is brought back by Tesla, and they go to free some prisoners, blowing up half of the Crimson Capital in the process. The go back to the former home of Víkingagarð and go to a settlement, releasing the prisoners. Soon after, the bulk of the Crimson Armed Forces attack, with the help of the Blue Minotaur and of Zeros' and Duilin. This attack is repulsed, and ended, to some extent, after Marshal from the Blue Minotaur negotiates with Tesla and Haraldur.

Haraldur and Tesla attack the Crimson capital, but find afterwards that they had attacked an illusion. After a battle with Zeros', which caused great damage (though temporary) to Haraldur, and as a result the laws of physics (for that universe) started to warp and break down, but only momentarily, as Haraldur quickly healed himself.

Haraldur and Tesla move south, and liberate the city of Laus and fortify it, while remaking it on more egalitarian lines. Haraldur leaves south to meet the ghost of the prophet, and Tesla organises resistance to the inevitable attack.

In chapter 7

Before and during the attack on Laus, Haraldur pays a visit to Redvik, chased by Zeros', and fights Zeros' and Duilin there, causing great damage to the city, as he had intended. Later Redvik would be annihilated and the castle in it almost destroyed by Laus separating from the Dark Continent, as waves of lava smother the area. Laus then "swims" away and along the coast, turning north as it reaches the Eastern point of the South coast of the continent. It is travelling very fast, devastating several sparsely populated areas, including some Crimson Empire naval harbours.

Laus is then transported to a similar universe to the normal one, and Haraldur then returns to this one. He attacks a few places in the Crimson Empire before attacking the capital again, causing some damage to the Crimson Palace and other buildings before leaving towards where Salazar is, in Wahhabia.

Tesla remained in Laus in the parallel dimension, as a giant building project was commenced in the dimension with accelerated time to see whether the society they were advocating would be workable. The results are encouraging so far.

In chapter 8

 The Anarcho-Technocratic Flag as used by Haraldur and those in his group.
The Anarcho-Technocratic Flag as used by Haraldur and those in his group.

Haraldur killed Salazar. He chats with the king of Tjed. He frees Buenaventura Durruti from capitivity during the Alternan part of the Aspyes Revolution, meeting up with Tesla soon after. They travel to the Dark Continent.

They reach the Dark Continent. Tesla, Durruti, Marshall and Ein start a revolution in the area, while Haraldur goes to Alterna. He flies around it, surrounding it with something looking like a shield, and storm clouds gather...

In Chapter 9

He goes back to Romme to confront the recently returned Retan. After a short battle with him, causing him to loose the sword part of him, he then fought his father Melkoth. He was able to kill him, yet he knew that he revived and was back at Bandervil. He then went to Tjed, to ask Zeros' if he would aid in defeating the Grey Empire. They agree on a seize fire, and they head towards Bandervil for a final showdown with the Grey Empire. There Haraldur confronts Duilin's father, Abodahon. He fights him to the death and in the end wins, however he died when he destroyed Melkoth's lockets. He then started a revolution in Hell.