Chapter 3

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Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

Draven leaned on the sword stuck in to the floor planks of the deck of his ship. The rising sun painted the eastern sky a crimson red, but Draven’s gaze was fixed to the northwest. The air was heavy. The time had come…

Draven’s feet lifted above the deck and he floated over the edge, slowly advancing over the water toward the shore as he held the blade pointing downward in his right hand. After a moment, he set foot on the rocky southern shore of Romme once again. It was a short stroll up the sandy hill before him. Once he got to the top, he saw exactly what he expected to see… dark clouds circling a black object just above the sea in the northwestern horizon (Since he docked his ships in the southwestern “corner” of the island, where the southern and western shores meet, the sea to the west was visible at this hill). He was nearly here…

The Emperor’s ship was a massive, unholy vessel, some 10 times larger than one of Draven’s warships. Rather than float in the water, it actually hovered some hundred feet above, surrounded by a thick gray mist like a ghost ship, although it could not travel over land. The dark sides were covered with alternating rows of cannons and grotesque statues of demons by the hundreds. The gray sails that were attached to the pointy shafts that shot up seemed too small to propel the ship. But the most defining characteristic was the touches. Hundreds of them lined the sides, the deck, the poles… giving the ship a fait red glow in the fog from a distance.

Due to its vastness and slow speed, the ship looked closer than it actually was, and it would still be awhile before it arrived at the island…

But Draven’s attention was immediately caught by something much closer in the sea before him… A small transport boat approached with two figures plainly visible… one as dark as a shadow and the other’s armor shimmering a bright blue…

“Wonderful… he brought them along for the ride…”

Draven leapt off the dune to the rocky beach below. The boat landed in front of him and the two figures leapt off in the same fashion, standing side-by-side before Draven, crossing their arms. Draven gave the woman on the left a faint nod, almost respectfully.

Draven: “Neptra…”

He didn’t do the same for the tall man on the right, instead merely glancing at him without moving his head.

Draven: “… Jayce… what brings you two here…?”

A faint breeze blew, and Neptra moved a strand of hair away from her face.

Neptra: “Our Lord wishes to know if you have the sword…”

Smirking, Draven flipped the blade up, slashing the air inches away from the two new arrivals’ chests, yet they did not flinch.

Draven: “Right here.”

The tall general in black armor raised an eyebrow at the sword in front of him.

Jayce: “Let me see it.”

Draven rested the blade on his right shoulder.

Draven: “I think not! I’ll be presenting the sword to our emperor personally…”

Jayce: “I don’t think you want to do that…”

Draven: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jayce responded only by extending his right hand expectantly. Draven studied the man’s face for a moment, but then handed over the sword-- blade first. Jayce grabbed the blade and swung the sword around, catching the handle with his left hand before inspecting it.

Jayce: “Hmph…”

With that, he struck the large rock to his left with the sword, shattering it to pieces, before throwing the broken handle down at Draven’s feet.

Draven: “Wha-- … You IDIOT! What in blazes did you do that for?!”

Jayce: “The real sword is unbreakable. You’ve been tricked, you pathetic little man…”

Neptra, who had thought for a second the real sword had been destroyed, covered her mouth and began to giggle. After a second, Jayce joined in with his insidious laugh. Draven stood there speechless, eyes wide, looking at the shattered bits of metal on the ground, while the laugher of the two generals rang in his ears.

Jayce: “I’ve managed to obtain three of the weapons, Neptra has obtained two. Yet you… you have yet to retrieve just one…”

Draven clenched his fists; he could take no more. The uncontrollable rage of fire within him burst through.

Draven: “ENOUGH!”

Dropping his fists to his sides, a blast of fire surged from his body in all directions, catching his two rival generals in the full fury of the blast due to their proximity. Neptra took a step backwards, covering her face, but Jayce did not flinch. After the initial explosion, Draven, wrapped in an aura of flame, pointed his finger up at the tall Jayce‘s face.

Draven: “You know very well it took me weeks to find this wretched little island! And you stay out of this! I will retrieve the blade soon enough!”

Jayce emitted an aura of his own-- a force rather-- yet it was invisible to the eye. It was so quick and so violent that both Draven and Neptra lost their balance, taking steps backwards to regain it. After that, it was gone. Arms crossed, Jayce glanced at the dark ship approaching behind him.

Jayce: “Don’t you have a job to do?”

Draven traded his pointed finger for a clenched fist, beginning to levitate off of the ground until his head was even with the taller man, about to hurl a spew of insults. But remembering his time was almost up, he turned around, rocketing towards the northern horizon like a red comet. Images of the group gathered in front of the cave flashed through his mind… laughing, joking, making snowballs… but most of all, Zeros’ confident smile as he gave him the fake sword…

Draven: “You wretched little INSECTS! I’m gonna KILL YOU ALL!”

His voice boomed across the island as he sped northward, flames from his aura licking the treetops.

Jayce and Neptra watched the red star fade into the distance.

Neptra: “Really, you two must learn to converse less violently…”

Jayce ignored her, now levitating a few inches above the ground himself.

Neptra: “Now what are you doing?”

His eyes remained fixed on Draven in the distance.

Jayce: “Retrieving the sword. Notify my father of… our friend’s failure…”

With that, he sped off though the air in pursuit, his black cape outstretched. He disappeared into the horizon quickly, since he gave out no light as he flew.

Neptra returned to the boat. With a motion of her slender right hand, the waves changed direction, propelling her towards the humongous black ship out at sea…

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

"Damn." - Scorch told himself. - "The false blade has been detected, and yet instead of Draven getting into trouble, we have only more forces here in Romme including the Emperor himself, propably..."

Suddenly, he noticed Jayce heading away from the shore, levitating.

"Damn... not him, too!"


Cheetah was sleeping.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

Shin jerked awake suddenly, sensing the emporer's aura. This was his time.

He jumped to the branch where Nevina was resting and uttered "be safe" under his breath, then jumped down to the base of the tree. He then walked through a few yards of tall grass, then entering the forest while exiting a commoner's plain view...


Sigilus washed up on shore to the exact spot where Gyulim had decided to rest the night before. Gyulim stood up, and tended to the poor boy's injuries. He awoke...

Sigilus: "*groan* Where am I?"

Gyulim: "Somewhere called "Romme""

Sigilus: "Is...Draven still here?"

Gyulim: "Who? I'm sorry, but I'm unfamiliar with that name."

Sigilus: "Wait...who are you?"

Gyulim: "My name is Gyulim; I came to Romme to find my love, Shin Yong Tsing. He and I are from Aritan."

Sigilus: "Great....hey, could you help me out?"

He then gestured toward his clothes.

Gyulim: "Yeah, I guess. The ship isn't too far. Let's get you on board and check the supplies."

Gyulim and Sigilus stood, and walked along the sandy shores of Aritan, stopping once behind a rock when Sigilus took a bad pinch from a crab.

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

Duilin eyes open and then he jerks up and swings his combat knive out wile he sits up in bed.

"Oh...." Duilin closes his eyes and then puts his knive away and then steps off the bed. He grabs his gear and then heads outside of the cave humming some gloomy tune


Meanwile on the emporer's ship, two high ranked officers were inside one of the cabbins of the boat, one a short, skinny man, and another an evil but atracive looking women.

"Veronika, are we there yet? I'm getting bored...." Says the man to the women

"Almost, Pophin, almost..." Replys to women.

"Okay, it's just it's been takeing such a dreadfull long time." Says Pophin, looking at his reflection in his clean scimitar.

"Well just be patient, you have asked me that 4 times! And I don't even know if we are there or not, I've just been saying "almost" all this time. So just go to the damn front of the boat and figure out yourself!!" Veronika says annoyed

Pophin just gets up with out saying a word and leaves the room.

Veronika sighs and leans her head back, going into deep thought about battle plans and such.

Posted by: Trent on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

Tsunan Nami was taking backward steps, gazing toward a tall tree in his... yard, one could say. He wanted to run up it. He took off sprinting toward the tree, and vertically turned his body so that his back faced the ground as he ran up the tree, getting 1... 2... 3... 4... 4 steps before falling back down, onto his back. He would get back up, and try again.
--- --- ---
Zion Ultima stood in front of the ruins of Romme. "Okay... I'm lost here."
--- --- ---
Xenai Omega sat in a high up tree, watching over Zion. Just waiting for the time to strike.

EDIT: Changed some wording.

EDIT 2: ...And fixed Zion and Xenai's intros.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

/// EoN... Romme is destroyed, capital city lies in ashes, castle is destroyed and the soldiers are - mostly - dead. There are some southern villages, but they also aren't in best condition after last battle. ///

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

A hovering Figure holding a quarter staff as though it was supporting him, felt Dravens anger.

"What hissy fit is that silly mortal in now..?" The paleish blue man said with a tone of annoyance in his voice.

He began to glow and fazed out of his room and onto the ships deck, from which he began hovering over the ocean towards Romme, following his General.


Nevina and Seth are still tranced. Wake them up if you want them to join yeh.

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

Zeros' sensed Draven's aura flared up; he smirked. "Now I will have a fight on my hand." He nodded to himself. Zev awoke right before Zeros' came out of his trance. He rubbed his hand on Zev's head, ruffing up his hair. Zev was about to say something, but Zeros' simply put a finger on his lip.

"No Zev. Stay here; protect Qeni." He reached behind his cloak and started rummiging around. He pulled out a necklace with a blue gem attached to it; a sapphire, and handed it to him along with a small sword.

"Don't leave this spot unless you have to. Got it?" Zev gave a small nod, he knew it was best to listen to Zeros'.

He stood up and looked back towards Zev; he gave him a gentle smile before he took off and headed off towards the direction he sensed Draven's aura in.


(Decided to change Genma's clothing. He instead wore a white gi; basically a karate outfit and he had a white cloth over his right hand instead of a purple one. He still has his wooden staff though. He also has short white hair in the back of his head instead of being blad. His long beard still stays.)

Genma supported himself on the bow of the emperor's ship with his staff in his right hand and his left in a fist behind his back, looking out towards the island Draven was on.

"Why can't the two of them just calm down..Heh heh." Genma turned away and walked towards the cabin where Veronika and Pophin were. He opened the door right when Pophin was walking out.

"Well now Pophin, you should calm down and lose that temper of yours boy. It will get you in trouble someday. Heh heh..." He walked in and sits down besides Veronika.

"Another fight I see. What was it about this time? He should really calm down with that temper of his. Heh heh.." He asks the young female officer.

Posted by: Trent on Thursday September 2nd, 2004

//Mkay... I really should read all of DAL one day. *Tweak, tweak on intros.*//

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 3rd, 2004

//I am back!//

Haraldur saw that Iduran was now fully healed. He shook him. "Wake up!"

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Still blazing northward, Draven passed over the eastern side of the mountain in the center of the island. Just a ways north of here... or was it? The trees and valleys below all seemed to look the same.

"Blast it!"


Arms folded, the dark Jayce tailed the red star northward, his expression bored and uninterested.

"Best to watch him from a distance for a bit, I suppose..."

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday September 3rd, 2004

(Okay, Neptra, who headed back to the ship, is on the inactive character list. I'll bring ol' Iduran back...)

Iduran slowly opened his eyes. When the blurriness faded, he saw the concerned face of the young man who helped him yesterday.

"Huh? Oh yes..."

He sat up, running his hand through his hair.

"Hmmm... so, you have a ride back to Romme?"

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 3rd, 2004

"He just being a pest, all he has said was, "Are we almost there?". So I get mad at him and then tell him to see for himself. I don't worry to much about him, he's very sneaky so probally danger never finds him, so what brings you here?"


Pophin goes to the edge of the ship he stands there in silence for a few minutes and then he goes over to a near by table and takes out a sheats of paper and reads it over. It's a list showing the commanders and lutenauts of Draven's army.

"Probally half of these buggers are dead allready..." He scans more untill he notices a fimular name "Duilin Talonscar? So that's were the bastard ended up. That jerk allways bullied me! I hope he's still alive so I can kill the fool!"


"Hmmm...." Duilin thinks for abit wile looking at Seth, he then jumps right in front of him and yells "HOO HAH!!!"

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 3rd, 2004

"I have my own ship, and my own crew at my command. We can leave whenever you wish to."

//Xorlak, I am sure, for the interest of the plot, that the Dungeon Master (you) should be able to control as many characters as deemed necessary.//

Posted by: quoaz on Friday September 3rd, 2004

((well,gotta start sometime,so here goes lol))

Lia waited as her boat drifted through the water,takeing her up to a small Isle with a little boy and a sleeping girl.(lol)Lia got out of the her tiny boat and took a looked around.She saw the boy and watched him for a minute,waiting for him to move.

((lol lets adopt children!!! LOL j/k...))

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Seth jumped up from Duilins loud cry and drew his Falchon in a split second, his eyes still closed. He opened his eyes and saw he had his Falchon point 2 milimeters from Duilins chin.

Seth drooped his arm down, still clutching the Falchon, to his side. He apologized to Duilin, then asked, "Where we goin'?"


Tsar picked up speed (which is quite fast consitering he was hovering foward at about 24 mph), as to catch up with Draven.

".......Sir......?" He asked Draven in a slightly sarcastic tone, despised that he must address Draven as such.


Nevina is still tranced in her tree.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday September 3rd, 2004

"Oh nothing much really..The emperor wanted me to handle some 'things'. Poor Draven...heh heh." He started to chuckle and then calmed down a bit. He stood up and waved back to Veronika. "Well I best be going, no telling what Pophin will do now...heh heh." He was laughing as he went out the door.

He walked behind Pophin and tapped him on the shoulder. "Howdy youngster. Why did the emperor call on you? I think we have enough generals here as it is...heh heh."


Zeros' started laughing in the air while he sensed that Draven was confused. He started flying agian towards Draven; he felt a farmiliar aura in the air, he couldn't put his finger on it though...


Zev looked over towards where Lia was and waved; he had a feeling that she wasn't evil like those men.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Pophin looked up Genma and blinked abit a few seconds later he spoke "I'm, a spy, I sneak around behind enemy lines and eavesdrop on there conversation and gather info and steal usefull items. The Emporer says I move like a ghost. I supose he means I make no sound when I walk. So Genma, why did the emporer want YOU here?!"


"No problom, buddy. It's just you should probally get up now because we need to protect the cave and make sure Nevina and the others don't get hurt. I also I have to tell you about the strange dream I had!" Duilin says to Seth

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday September 3rd, 2004

"Who me? No reason really, Im just here to watch over you youngsters to make sure you all don't mess anything up, heh heh." Genma started laughing agian.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Pophin sighed and shook his head at Genma and then continued looking at the list of Draven's army. He noticed two more fimiluar ones, Nex and Darion.

"Hmm....Genma, did you that Nex went to work for Draven? Wasn't he one the emporer's elite guard?" He asked him, showing him the list.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Shin Yong Tsing hiked tirelessly through the woods still, sensing out Draven's aura. He was a pretty long distance away, so Shin decied to enjoy his little walk while he could. As the sun continued to beam down through the greenish gold treetops, Shin began to sweat and grow nervous. He wasn't the only person in the woods, as he had just heard a twig crack behind him. Sure enough, when he looked, there was a Kobold glaring straight at him. This slimy lizard-man was green in color; a slight variation from the blue kobolds native to Aritan. Shin groaned something about it being a waste of his time, and he forged his ice sword.

"Let's turn down the heat!"


Sigilus and Gyulim finally arrived at the Aritan vessel after Sigilus's little crab incident. After a minute of whining, Sigilus was able to treat his own wound.

Gyulim took Sigilus to her cabin on the vessel, despite rude looks from the crew, as if they suspected him to pull something. The Aritan girl dug through her spare outfit reserves. Thankfully there was a perfect silk combat tunic that fit Sigilus perfectly. The best part was that it wasn't girly. The only problem was that it didn't match his hair...

Gyulim didn't wait for Sigilus's permission; she created blue hair dye with some of her supplies, and forced Sigilus's head into the bowl so as to get all of his hair fully covered by the metallic blue liquid.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Genma took the list from Pophin and looked at it, sure enough Nex and Darion's names were there in black ink. "Ahh Nex...I remember that imprudent young daemon..." He searched around for his aura, knowing he should be around the island, but he couldn't find him.

"Hmm thats strange...Nex's aura is gone from this region..." He remembered it was here yesterday. Genma handed the list back to Pophin and turned around. He let out a heavy sigh. He looked over his shoulder to Pophin. "You know...Nex is dead now? His aura disappeared from this region yesterday all the sudden. Didn't you feel it?" He said with a look on his face.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday September 3rd, 2004

Seth said, "Tell me about the dream in a minute, that girl should wake up now. I sense a disturbance not far from here..."

Seth got a running start, bounded down, and lunged upwards landing 1 branch above Nevinas in one bound. He shook her, and she sturred.

"Wake up, it's been 6 hours.. over trancing isn't good for yeh."

Nevina picked up her head and looked about. She then Jumped down from her tree and wondered off to a stream near by.

Seth jumped down and came to Duilin. "What were you wanting to tell me?"

Posted by: quoaz on Saturday September 4th, 2004

Lia smiled and came over,stumbleing a bit from hunger."Hi!"She said as she leaned over to take a better look at him."Your a handsome one! What are you doing out here?"Lia asked as she gave another smile.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 4th, 2004

(errr... so much posts... maybe Xorlak should return rule "2 posts per day" to avoid overall confusion now so many folks joined the RP...)

Scorch sat before the rock and went to sleep <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /> (he didn't sleep for long, oh well)

Propably sleeping near enemy terroritory (the fleet) wasn't a best idea, but he was damn tired.


Cheetah was already sleeping, and he usually sleeps hard as rock. (wake him up if something happens)

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday September 4th, 2004

Draven stopped, moving to an upright position in the air, looking over his right shoulder. Tsar, the commander he left in charge of the ships, had caught up with him and was approaching from below. He was about to shoo him away in his irritation and rage, but calmed down a bit and realized some backup might be useful.

Still on fire, Draven folded his arms.

"There's winged man with a sword I want."

He held a clenched fist in front of his face, which glowed a bit brighter than the aura surrounding the rest of his body.

"We're going to find the blade, then kill him and his six or so companions. Sound good?"

Another explosion of the aura, and he continued flying northward.


Jayce watched as another joined the one he was pursuing. One of Draven's officers, no doubt. He sighed and looked at the trees pass below him. If Draven didn't find whatever he was looking for soon...


As Haruldur spoke Iduran stood up, adjusting his metal gauntlet and affixing the broadsword to his back (since all RPG warriors who know what they're doing sleep in full body armor).

"Excellent. Lead the way."

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday September 4th, 2004

"He's dead? Interesting..." Pophin didn't seem to worried that his enemies were able to defeat such a warrior "Well, I'm probally sure there is an honest explanation why you can't sence him, or maybe he could be dead, but who or what could possibly kill him?"

Veronika then got abit bored and then went out side to wear Pophin Genma were.
"Pophin are you still reading that stupid list! Nobody in Draven's army knows you!" She swipes the list away from him and crumples it up into a ball and then throws it on the floor

"I found three who I knew, Duilin, Nex and Darion." Pophin says to her

"Okay WHO is Duilin? Why would Nex be in Draven's army. And...I understand why Darion would go with him, he was allways a suck up."

"Duilin was Darion's slave, who accually became a Lutenaut because of his skill."

"Oh yes now I remember him...Nex was going to kill him wasn't he?"

"Yes...." Pophin then got up to the edge of the boat and looked at the island

//Xorlak is the boat allmost there??//


"Well, in my dream, there was this HUGE hovering boat comeing toward here, with extremely though warriors, they came and killed us all. But the thing was I was with the Dark Empire fighting against you guys, and nobody seemed to notice...I hope it dosen't mean anything...." Duilin says to Seth

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday September 4th, 2004

Haraldur led Iduran out and to the docks. They entered a ship with crew. Haraldur cast a haste spell so that the journey would be as fast as possible.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday September 4th, 2004

"Hmm.. Perhaps there is some truth to that dream.. I'm getting an odd malphoria.. something is approaching. As far as you fighting with the Empire.. nah.. I think thay's merely an illusion.. At least.. I hope.." Seth spoke.


"Hmm.. That's a poorly formed plan Draven.. but Killing sounds fun.. My blood thirst needs quenching.. ... Purple Skies, Black Mists.. yes, yesssss..... Ascend.." Tsar said, his eyes going blank near the end.


Nevina reached a calm little brook and looked at her reflection. She fixed her hair a bit, as it was quite askew after the previous day. She splashed water onto her face to help bring herself around, as she was still quite groggy. She then got down on her knees and brought her pink lips to the crystal clear water and took a drink.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Genma sighed and turned around to face his two companions. "You MAY be right, but you may be wrong." He said stroking his beard. "I know of a few people who could kill them, Dulin isn't one of them." He remembered back yesterday when he felt Nex's aura flaring with another one he could vaugley recognize...

"But trust me...Nex is either near death, or he is dead. You two may not be martial arts master's like me, but you can still sense hints of strong powers in the area, Draven being one of them."


Zev didn't know what to say. He knew she wasn't evil, but she didn't want to tell her about Zeros'. He thought for awhile, then finally spoke. "Well...my friend had to go take care of some things, so he left us here because he didn't want us to get hurt."


Zeros' sneezed right after Genma's comment. He looked around, but no one was there. "Man..is someone talking about me behind my back..." He decided it was better to get to Draven faster and get as much distance between Draven and his kids.

He layed down on his stomach in the air, spread his wings out as far as they could go, then pushed forwards with all his might, making him go much faster.

"Hes almost here..." He mumbled to himself.

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Draven raised an eybrow at the officer behind him. Well, he always was an odd one...

A black object appeared on the horizon ahead. Draven slowed, moving to an upright position in the air. The approaching figure was definitely winged.

"Well, what do you know. Here comes our boy now..."


The misty air passed through Iduran's hair as the ship sped through the seas. He wasn't quite sure what to expect when he arrived back home... Did the warriors that helped him hold their ground? Could the fighting really be nearly over? Or was it just begining...


Neptra walked through the hallway in between the officers' cabins inside the Emperor's ship, announcing in a loud voice:

"All officers and warriors with business on the island of Romme as ordered by the Emperor may disembark via the transport ships. All others will remain on board until notified otherwise."

She turned the corner, heading towards the Emperor's chamber...

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Haraldur sensed that there was a huge power in the area.

"I think we should proceed with extreme caution," he said.

The boats slowed down and stopped, and started drifting silently towards the shore.

Posted by: Trent on Sunday September 5th, 2004

//Bah... I have to re-post.//

Tsu plopped down onto the ground, taking a rest from his tree-running. He looked around, and noticed Xenai sitting in the tree. "Who's..." He then looked over to Zion. "...he?"
--- --- ---
Zion sat down in front of the destroyed city, wondering what to do next. He started to concentrate, and a huge, evil power caught his attention, causing him to jump up and spin around to face its direction. "Oh, man..."
--- --- ---
Xenai watched Zion's recent action, and looked in the direction he was facing. He felt around for someone, and what he felt nearly knocked him off of the tree. "I must meet this person..."

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Sunday September 5th, 2004

The Kobold lunged at Shin, his rusted sword slicing through the air. There wasn't even time to blink...Shin's sword had impaled the foul beast's heart. Slowly, the ice energy from the sword spread, and crystallized over the wretched being. Shin removed his sword, and dismissed it. Shin took a few steps, and then realized how bored he was. He looked at the Kobold and grinned. He spun and planted a perfect hook-kick at the crystal; it shattered. It's shards flew all over the place, several of which left engravings on the surrounding trees.

"Now that that's over with, I shall continue..."


Sigilus allowed his hair to be dyed so that it matched his outfit better. After emerging with blue-ish hair, Gyulim began to chuckle.

"Oh, you're so cute" she teased.

Sigilus burst out laughing; something he hadn't done in the longest time. They gazed into each others' eyes, a look of longing within both of them. All of a sudden, Shin didn't matter to her anymore...only Sigilus. Sure, he was a little young, but it didn't matter. He was exactly the type of person her father wanted her to be with...she now saw why.

Still, Sigilus didn't distract her from her mission...she had to find Shin. He wasn't just her former lover, but he was the highest ranking general of Aritan. Her father would never forgive her if he was lost because she gave up hope. She looked at Sigilus.

"Forgive me, but we can't let things get out of hand...I'm searching for Shin Yong Tsing of Aritan. Will you help me?"

Sigilus nodded. The name Shin sounded familiar...

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Zeros' spead as fast as he could. He stopped; he sensed Draven and another one, likely another Dark Empire officer. He flew forwards alittle then stopped agian and folded his arms.

"Well well Draven...we meet agian." He said with a seriousness in his voice, one no one has heard.

Posted by: quoaz on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Lia smiled gain as her stomic growled."oh....you wouldn't happen to have any food with you...would you?"Lia said and sat under the tree,putting her staff and spellbook right next to her.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Zev shook his head. "Nope"

Posted by: quoaz on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Lia sighed,"I guess I'll have to make some."she said as she picked up her book and started flipping through the pages...."I konw its here somewhere.... aha! here it is!"She said as she claped her hands and said something wierd as a table and a meal good enough for a king appierd."Want some?"Lia asked.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Tsar merely hissed at Zeros' (He is no longer in his stable mind set, as you may have noticed in the past post) then closed his eyes a began to gather Psi energy from his own being. The Psi was in a visible form, and gave the illusion of steel plates layering on top of each other, in an orb, surrounding Tsar.


Seth headed for the same Stream Nevina had walked off to, as he was covered in dry blood from pervious days battles.
Nevina had Since left the stream and wondered back to the Cave, taking a different route than she had going there, so Seth never encountered her.
Seth came upon the stream and got some of the blood off of him, and cleaned his Falchon, then headed back to the cave.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 5th, 2004

"So..." He studied the outsider. "You live not from this place of existance, but from another. I know all about you Outsiders. You are summoned by a person who needs you." He put his hands to his sides and then balls of energy flew from his body, looking as if they appeared from nowhere (He used speed, which made them APPEAR as if they came out of thin air) towards the outsider.

He turned his attention back to Draven. He knew Draven wanted to kill him by himself and he wouldn't let the Outsider interfear.

"So Draven...just you and me. No help from him?" He pointed towards Tsar. "I know that isn't your style." He grinned.


Zev nodded. He went over to Qeni and started to shake her. She didn't wake up. He shook her harder still, but agian she didn't wake up. He shooker her harder yet agian and started yelling. "Qeni..Qeni...QENI! Wake up!"

Posted by: quoaz on Sunday September 5th, 2004

"Who's Quni?"Lia asked as she turned to look at them both...."Are you....brother and sister?"Lia asked as she got up and walked over to them both,laying her hand on Quni as she assesed her.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday September 5th, 2004

Duilin then decieds to go back to the cave

"Damn this place is a mess, a bloody mess, litererately" Duilin says looking at the cave walls.

There was a small stream of water inside the cave, so he took his claymore and washed off the blood, followed by his mace and combat knive and the messy parts of his armor. He then washes his hands and face. "Now I'm all clean! Ready to bath in blood again!" He says with smirk. A near by soilder looks at him

"You want to bath in blood? That's not heathly my friend!" He says
Duilin then spits at the soilder's foot and then walks out of the cave.


"Well that's us." Veronika says after Neptra leaves "Comeing dareling?" She says to Pophin. They walks off the ship along with the other warriors. A soilder near by them, carrieing a tent, is noticed by Veronika. "You!" She says pointing to him

"Yes? Me?" He says

"Yes you, and the person next to you come with me and we shall set up that tent! NOW!" She orders

The other soilders looks at the one with tent and smiles "Dhat's gotta be one of da first times a gal's asked me ta followa her!"

The four start to set up the tent near by a tree stump...

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 5th, 2004

The balls of Zeros' energy merely fizzled as they touched Tsars Psi barrier, and the humanoid swished his red hair out of his eyes and glared harshly at Zeros' with his un-human eyes.

Tsar bounded down, as though he were trying to jump, even though he was floating, and he lunged into the sky at an alarming speed.
Once at his destination, about 110 feet above Draven and Zeros', and well out of their sight, Tsar began absorbing Psi from the Moon.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 6th, 2004

Genma sighed. He walked to the edge of the ship and jumped off, landing skillfully by where Veronika and her crew are setting up camp. "So...whats the plan now?" He asked Veronika.

While Genma was talking to Veronika, he was sending telepathy to someone. "So emperor...what do you wish me to do with these young ones?"


Zev looked at Lia and just nodded. "Yes...our friend Zeros'...he saved us from out burning village." He hoped she didn't know Zeros'. He is a demi-human/god.

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 6th, 2004

Tsu started to run toward Zion, because he was the one who looked less threatening. But before he could reach him...
--- --- ---
Zion's expression became hard and serious, and he took off flying in the direction of Draven's energy.
--- --- ---
Xenai glared at his childhood friend. "You're not going anywhere, buddy." And he took off toward him.

Posted by: quoaz on Monday September 6th, 2004

Lia got a confused look on her face but it quickly went away as she looked at Quni."Does she always do this?"Lia asked as she kept her hand on Quni,looking at her with worried face.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 6th, 2004

Zev shook his head. "No...I don't know whats wrong..." Zev turned his expression back to Qeni.

Posted by: Cesque on Monday September 6th, 2004

Cheetah, woke up by sounds of someone washing blade in the cave, woke up and rushed toward Duilin.

"What is going on? Some new trouble, comrade?"

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday September 6th, 2004

Duilin looks up at Cheetah and says "Well I did have this dream of a Giant boat comeing toward this area, and Seth thinks it might accually be true, it wouldn't be the first time one of my dreams have had a true meaning to it. Think we should go scout the area?"


"Well, Genma, I'm sending Pophin to scout the area himself and see what he can find. You do know how good of a spy he is? He's never bean caught..." Veronika says

Pophin not knowing that he was going to be sent out alone is abit surpized by what Veronika says, he says nothing about it however and just deciedes to go with it.

"I want him to go ALONE, he'll be much safer." She turns to Pophin "I want you gather as much information as possible, find something that will be usefull. Go now."

Pophin says nothing and then turns and walks off, his feat not makeing a sound as they touch the ground.

"So Genma, are you going to hang around here, or do something of your own?" She says

Posted by: Cesque on Monday September 6th, 2004

"Dreams often have great importance. I guess that's a good idea... ship? That would be we should head to the shores... Scorch and Draven previously were heading there or somewhere around, I guess... which means we might face some trouble, but what the hell, I'm in. Let's go." - answered Cheetah.

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 6th, 2004

Tsu plopped down onto his butt and blinked. "Who were they?"
--- --- ---
After a moment of flying, Zion saw who had that power. The closer he got to him, the stronger it felt. Zion had no clue about any of this which was happening, but the guy seemed evil. And thus, it seemed as if he should at least make an effort to take him out. He flew in closer.
--- --- ---
Xenai looked over at the guy that Zion was flying toward, shook his head, and took off in the opposite direction. "One less maggot I'll have a problem with... Zion, my friend, you are an idiot."

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 6th, 2004

//I see the dashey underline under your name, Xorlak... How slow do you type?!//

//EDIT: And then you decide NOT to reply... ¬_¬//

Posted by: quoaz on Monday September 6th, 2004

Lia nodded."I wish I knew how to help her..."She said as she sat there watching Quni.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday September 6th, 2004

Draven folded his arms, smirking as Tsar soared above the two.

"You are correct, half-demon, or whatever... Normally, I would prefer to tear you apart personally. However, considering the fast one you tried to pull on me last night, I'm not in the mood for fair games..."

He outstretched his arms, a crimson orb materializing in each hand...

"You know what I want. Give me the sword... the REAL one... You should do so quickly, since once my friend up there gets in one of his moods, he's quite uncontrollable... If you refuse, then we'll simply disembowel you... and move on to those two brats of yours..."

At that moment, another shadow arrived on the scene, appearing behind Draven. Draven kept his gaze upon Zeros', but spoke to the one behind him in a much darker tone...

"I thought I told you to stay out of this..."

Jayce assumed the floating crossed-arm position that Draven had a second ago.

"Heh heh heh... Do I make you nervous, Draven? Really, I'm just watching..."

Jayce's attention shifted to Zeros'.

"Hmmm... what is he? His face resembles a human's, yet he has wings like a demon..."


Iduran stood up, looking at the faint shadow of his island in the distance. Something was not quite right, as an eerie mist hung about the air...

"Hmmm... we're approaching from the west... If we follow the shore north a bit, we should find a small port town where we can dock the boat. We should be prepared, though, because there's a chance it might be occupied by the Dark Empire. I have no idea if it is though, since I haven't been there since the initial attack..."


The surroundings around Genma lost their color, and time seemed to stop as he received his reply:

"Their mission differs from yours. If you can accomplish yours by accompanying them, then so be it. If not, do not. Remember, I want you to assess Draven's loyalty to me... Do whatever you deem necessary... if need be, join his ranks as a commander, talk to his officers... just do it subtly..."

The effect faded and everything returned to normal.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday September 6th, 2004

QUOTE(The Eternal EoN @ Monday, September 6, 2004 09:05)
//EDIT: And then you decide NOT to reply... ¬_¬//

(*Ahem* I'm on a modem, with call waiting... tend to get interrupted and cut off for long periods of time...)

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday September 6th, 2004

The boats turned northwards.

"Something major seems to have changed since the last report we have had from here..."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday September 6th, 2004

Tsar began to slowly ascend higher, twirling, as he absorbed more Psi. His body began to surge from all the Psi, and he converted it into an outside form, a sphere, of a yellowish transparent color.

The ball swelled, getting larger by the moment. It as now 4 feet in diameter, and Tsar let go of the ball with his hands, though continuing to channel the Moons Psi from his being, into the sphere.


Seth and Nevina were both outside the cave, and heard Duilin and Cheetah talking.

"Well.. let's go to the shore then." Nevina said.

Seth and Nevina both headed in that direction.

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 6th, 2004

QUOTE(Xorlak @ Monday, September 6, 2004 12:15)
(*Ahem* I'm on a modem, with call waiting... tend to get interrupted and cut off for long periods of time...)

//Oh, okay. I get it. No issues, then.//

Tsu has nothing to do...
--- --- ---
Zion came up fast upon Draven's location. He noticed the energy he was charging up, and he began to charge up his own energy ball. "Hey, you!"
--- --- ---
Xenai was stuck between going off to help Draven kill Zion and just leaving him to do it himself. So he decided to watch from a distance.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 6th, 2004

Zeros' smirked. "So. 2 on 1 eh? Sounds fun." He pointed at Jayce "Unless he wants to join in."

Zeros' drew his favorite long katana, which was also his trademark.

He stood in a loose stance, waiting for them to attack. He used an attack called "Soul of Ice", this helped him keep calm in the most distressing of situations. It also had the added effect of keeping people from reading his movements.

He saw Zion and called out down to him. "No. Don't interfear. This is my battle."


Genma nodded as the effect of the emperor's telepathy wore off and he was released back into normal space.

"Sorry Veronika. I have to go do something. Been fun though. Hehehe."

He proceeded and pulled out a small cloak, which he liked to call "Cloak of Shadows". He wrapped it around himself and used the "Umi-Sen-Ken". A technique that uses a cloak to make the user disappear from normal space. This allows him to sneak around in the shadows without being detected, unless someone has very high martial arts training.

He speed through the forest, going towards Draven's location.


Qeni and Zev's body's started twisting as memories of the past few years rushed through there heads.

There mother and father dying, Zeros; resucing them. The destruction of Romme. The discovery of there powers by use of Nex. A memeory they will never forget is the kind smile of there savior.

The sounds of bones twisting and cracking filled the air around them. The ripping and tearing sensation also filled the air...A bright light filled the air around them and the childs bodies lay limp on the ground. Two figures towered over the childrens bodies.

//And so the plot thickens!\\

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 6th, 2004

//Oh...I also forgot to mention that while using the "Soul of Ice", they have no facial emotions or any sound of emotions in there voice.\\

Posted by: quoaz on Monday September 6th, 2004

Lia covered her ears as she heard the bone crackleing and twisting was heard,she looked up intime to see the two figures(description?)."Whats Happening?!?!?"She asked as she tooked a few kicks backwards to her staff and grabed it.

//ow I hate that sound....and a desp of the figures please? or do they look like Quni and Zev like I think..//

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday September 6th, 2004

Duilin looks at Nevina and Seth and says "So your comeing along to? Okay then...let's a go!"


Veronika says just motions her hand as Genma leaves. "All the better, maybe now I can get some rest..." She looks over at the two soilders who have now finished seting up the tent. And then walks inside the tent. "I'm going to sleep watch guard and wake me when Pophin comes.

The soilders noded and then took there weapons out, both armed with those scarey dark empire spear like weapons.


Pophin was sneaking around threw the tall, tall grass. He kept hikeing threw untill he say 4 warriors exiting a cave, two drows, two who appeared to be humen, one he reconized.

It is Duilin! He thought

He then turned away and continued looking around

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 6th, 2004

//There wasn't a description there for a purpose...\\

Genma ran past where Pophin was and continued on, getting closer and closer to Draven with each passing moment...


The figures that stood over the two children were there real forms, reincarnated to seal away there powers.

The reincarnation of Qeni was glowing with a holy aura, angel wings sticking out of her back. Light pink hair covered her head and down to right above her butt. She was dressed in a white robe, from her shoulder, drapped down to her feet (a traditional robe, nothing special. Like a mage robe.)

The reincarnation of Zev was much different. He was also glowing white, but he was a wolf. He was about up to Qeni's waist, Qeni was about 5'4. All his hair was flowing, as if the wind was blowing gently and he was going agianst him, have the effect of his hair being blown the opposite direction he was facing.

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday September 6th, 2004

"Hmmm...I think I saw something, I'll be right back..." Duilin say to the others as he walks off


Pophin then heard somebody near by, he sneak around and then saw Duilin wandering around.

He's here...What should I do? Run? No....this time, I have the upper hand, I can finally get my revenge! This is it....

Pophin then aimed his spear right at Duilin and tossed it right at him, the spear hit Duilin right on his side!

"AHHH!!! Guy's get over here now....help!" Duilin yells in pain, he gasps, he's hurt, bad. Pophin then walked over to Duilin, smileing

"Do you remember me?" He asked

Duilin noded at him and then yelled "GET OVER HERE GUYS! HELP ME!"

Pophin then got scared "More people?!" He picks up his spear and then runs off extremely quickly......

"Help.....me........" Duilin is lieing on the floor, a large cut is on him. "It dosen't look....to....fatal....I.....realy hope...it...isn't......" Duilin then pases out

//Okay guys, he's not dead, just put him in his room inside the cave because I might not be active for awile, Thanks//

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 6th, 2004

Zion now floated directly behind Draven, with his palms pointed at him, his energy ball floating in front of them. I'm going to regret this, thought Zion. But he did it anyways. He fired the energy ball at Draven.
--- --- ---
Xenai cackled at Zion. "Ha ha ha... You're dead," he said quietly to himself. He floated from a distance and watched.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday September 6th, 2004

Seth ran, following the malphony of Duilins screams, Nevina not far behind him.

Seth stopped suddenly, and Nevina ran into his back.

"shhhh..." Seth said at Nevina.

Seth wasn't sure what was there, as he heard and saw nothing, but he could sense Duilin, though his signal was much weaker now.. he also sensed something even fainter, but he could not tell what it was. Seth pulled out his Falchon and standed guard.

Nevina copied Seths action, pulling out her Bastard Sword.


Tsar cotinued his twirling ascention, not noticing anyone below him. The Moons energy continued to course through his viens and into his sphere.
The sphere became a darker yellow, and it lit up the sky a bit, making it nearly seem like a tiny sun.
The ball was getting much larger, now 21 feet in diameter, and still growing.
Tsar shrieked, and began channeling Psi faster, twirling faster. The ball continued to grow, this time at nearly double the speed..

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 6th, 2004

"Zev..." The angelic figure said.

I know Qeni...we were finally released... The wolf said through telepathy.

The new Qeni bowed to Lia and the new Zev bowed his head. Qeni lifted herself up off the ground and Zev followed. They flew off towards the direction of Zeros'. The bodies of the young children now disappeared, there was no trace of them being there.

Zev we have to help Zeros'...or at least watch his back Qeni noted in her mind. (They have a telepathic link)

The wolf nodded. Yes...but were not strong enough to do anything to help him. Zev added.

Qeni already knew this. If anyone interuppted the fight, they could fend them off, but not be able to do any damage.


Genma stopped in place, still in Umi-Sen-Ken mode. He looked up and say the 4 warriors standing still. Tsar charging up Psi energy from the moon and Draven charging a fireball. Jayce say back and watched. Zeros' stood there with his katana at his side, wating for the to attack.

He leaned agianst a tree and waited for anyone of them to strike.

Posted by: quoaz on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

Lia watched for a second as there bodies dissapiered,she grabed her stuff and nearly jumped on her boat,useing the staff to push the boat as fast as she could to catch up with them."Wait!!! I have so many questions!!!!"Lia yelled as teh boat followed them...

//how fast are they moveing?//

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

Cheetah followed Seth and Nevina, unsure what's on Duilin's mind.

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Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

(Yes, please try and keep it to one or two posts per day. Thanks.)


Draven smirked.

"Calm and confident, huh? So be it."

He wrenched his hand back and threw the ball of fire straight at Zeros' head like a baseball. At that moment there was a flash of light directly behind him. Draven spun around, chopping his now free right hand downwards, sending Zion's energy ball hurdling downwards into a group of trees below where it exploded. Vexed, Draven held the second fireball in his left hand about at the level of his head, studying the teal-haired newcomer.

"Who in blazes are you?"


Jayce, who saw Draven about to be attacked from behind yet said nothing, began to chuckle.

"How positively entertaining!"


A pier emerged from the mist in the distance as the boat moved on.


Iduran turned his attention forward.

"This should be it..."

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

"My name is Zion Ultima. I felt your energy from the destroyed Romme, and I figured you mighta had something to do with it. And here I saw you with a couple of fireballs, apparently about to assault these people, so I figured I'd step in."
--- --- ---
"You are such an idiotic goodie-two shoes." Xenai still watched from a distance.

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

The ship apporached the pier, and was tied to it. Haraldur led Iduran up onto the pier, and then the ship was untied and left. It seemed quiet enough.

"Would you care to lead the way?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

//Not that fast, they were just released so they don't have all there strenght back, but even then, they still couldn't fly that fast\\

Qeni sighed. She sensed that the battle had started already. Zev...

The wolf nodded to his companion. I know, but we still cant fly that fast. We should be there in about 30 minutes if were lucky.

Qeni nodded.


Genma started to chuckle to himself. It was amusing to see someone else attack Draven.


Zeros' sighed. "You Zion or whatever...I said stay out of my battles!"

Draven's ball of energy came flying right at Zeros', he knew Draven knows this won't kill him. Zeros' slashed his blade while he yelled "Yama-Sen-Ken!". A vacum blade appeared where he slashed, cutting Draven's fireball in half. He aimed it to where it would be cut in half and the pieces would fly at Tsar above him, and Zion below him.

//Also, if your familiar with Ranma 1/2, you may recognize some of the techniques I use, like the "Soul of Ice", "Yama-Sen-Ken" and the "Umi-Sen-Ken".\\

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

//How far away are you guys anyway?//

Zion dodged the piece that flew toward him. "Now hold on a second, I didn't get this piece of information. I didn't come all this way to be told to get lost."
--- --- ---
Xenai was rolling on the air laughing. "This is great..."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

The fire ball, having traveled upwards 175 feet, had weakened profoundly. Once it reached Tsar, it went through his robes without even bothering the material, and it burned Tsars skin instead. But tsar took no notice of this, as he was transfixed on his current task.
The ball was now 96 feet in diameter, and Tsar, now being satisfie with the size, came to a sudden halt, though continued to ascend a bit before stopping completely.
He made a gesture with his hands, one similar to someone flatting dough. The sphere then began to flatten a bit. It was now 20 feet thick and about 162 feet in diameter. Tsar then raised his hands in the air made a slamming down motion. The very center of the psi figure was aimed at Zeros'.
Tsar didn't even think about the fact that there were others around Zeros' that he could harm. His soul intent was to kill zeros'.

Posted by: quoaz on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

//he I guess we were posting a little fast,I'll slowdown...//

Lia tried with her might to keep up,This boat was ready to flip over but for somereason it didn't,Lia was powering it with a continues fireball spell from the end of her staff,staying just behind the two kids...


Posted by: Trent on Tuesday September 7th, 2004

//Sorry to break the post limit, but I gotta move my charrie!//

"Ack!" Zion looked up at the huge thingie being hurled down toward Zeros', and tried to get as far away as possible, as fast as he could.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

Draven, who was only some 20 feet from Zeros', looked up at the humongous disk shaped mass of energy decending upon him.


He began to fly backwards to evade the impeding explosion, his red aura streaking in front of him. (He's flying in Zion's gerneral direction.)

"It's too slow; bird-man will surely dodge it..."

He had forgotten about the fireball in his left hand, and he now grapsed it with both hands in front of his chest, begining to pour more energy into it.

"Perfect distraction, though..."


Jayce, who wasn't too far off himself, began to float backwards slowly as well.

"That's gonna leave a mark..."


Iduran drew his sword-- just in case-- and began to walk down the the empty pier. The mist was beginning to lift, and the town buildings were more clear now. He looked around after stepping off of the dock. The town was undamaged.

"Good. They haven't been here... yet. There's no boats and the town seems deserted. It looks like the people fled, probably heard what happened to Romme Castle... I'm relieved."

He turned to Haraldur.

"We should see if we can find a store. Probably won't be anyone there, but we should pick up some things none-the-less. Some healing potions, perhaps..."

He turned around again. Something cought his eye in the eastern sky, some miles away... It was a bright white flattened sphere shaped object slowly decending towards the earth...

"My god... what are they up to now...?"

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

Zion was completely oblivious to the fact that Draven was charging up his fireball while he watched the disk thingie from a safe distance.
--- --- ---
Xenai, however, was not. "Ooh... Look out, buddy." He was still far away enough to where Zion couldn't hear him.

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

"Ha ha ha! This is great!" He stood his ground and waited for the ball to hit him, or so it appeared that way. Zeros' phased out and reappeared right below the ball, his sword glowing with his ki energy. He held out his blade and blocked the ball of psi energy with the flat of his blade.

His ki charged sword allowed him to block it, he used just enough to stop it. He charged more energy into his blade then grabbed it with his left hand. The massive amount of psi energy started to burn his hand, and it did. The flesh on his left hand started to peel off, but he managed to force it back to his attacker before it burned his hand to the bone.

Zeros' sheathed his sword then pulled his hands back and started charging up energy. He shot his hands out infront of him and swirled them around and shot out a ki blast at the ball, making it go faster.

Zeros' then turned to Draven, some 20ish feet away. He unsheathed his sword agian then phased out agian then back in, right infront of Draven.

"Know...shall we get this little show on the road?" He said, a smirk attached to his face.


Even from as far away as Qeni and Zev were, they could see the massive energy.

Dont worry Qeni, he'll do something... As if right on que, the ball flew back towards Tsar.

Qeni nodded. She was very relieved.


Genma sighed from his place. He knew Zeros' sensed him, but apparently he wasn't going to say anything about it.

"Well my old student, you have improved greatly...even after some 700 years." Genma started to laugh to himself.

Posted by: quoaz on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

Lia was just able to keep the staff where it was as she saw the masseve attack."Whoa..."She said as she watched it instead of Quni and Zev.

Lia went past them just a little...

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

"What is Draven normally up to? Let them have their fun, for now.

"You know the area, don't you? If you do, where is the commerical area? We might as well start looking where it is most obvious."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

Tsar shrieked a bit at Zeros' move, but then ascended higher at a speed nearly equaling the Psi balls. He absorbed the energy back as he ascended, but he could hold but so much energy at once. After his body had taken in all i could, He released a mini psi ball, about 2-4 feet in diameter.
After a few minutes, he had refined nearly half the psi ball. He had around 10 spheres now. He warped back about 20 feet, then fled backwards, his spheres following him.
The disk missed him, but he could feel the heat on his face, as it only missed by a few feet.
Tsar grinned with Glee, as he spun his spheres around his body.


What am I gonna do about Seth and Nevina? I need Dude Man to control Phophin..

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

Shin Yong Tsing continued exploring the forest in hopes of crossing paths with Draven. It seemed as though the Kobold he killed had dulled his senses. It didn't surprise him, however...monster fights are the worse in his opinion. After only 5 minutes of walking, he stepped into a snare trap. The worst part was that the one who set the trap sat nearby and was laughing his head off at Shin's stupidity.


Gyulim and Sigilus left the vessel and began exploring the island. While Gyulim was busy trying to sense Shin's signal, Sigilus was in the process of figuring out who this Shin was. It popped in just as Sigilus saw an ice shard lying on the ground; he was the one who hired Sigilus to kill Draven in the first place. Since Sigilus knew his senses were much more keen than Gyulim's, he began scoping the island for Shin's energy signal. He got a lock. It felt like Shin needed a little bit of help. But first...

Sigilus focused his mind, and Gyulim's top began to rip...

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday September 8th, 2004

Its DM's mom...he can't get on Mondays-Thursdays

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday September 9th, 2004


Zeros' had carelessly phased right in front of Draven. With both hands, he thrust his fully charged fireball right into his opponent's chest and blasted it outward like a cannon.

Three more smaller crimson orbs materialized around Draven's body and began to rotate in a clockwise fasion.


Jayce scowled at the poor result of Tsar's attack.

"I'll give them five more minutes..."


Iduran began to walk down the empty street, but kept looking eastward. Whatever that light was, it was now heading upward.

He stopped at a shop with the familiar sign of a medicine bottle and began to knock at the door, which was locked.

"Anyone here?"


"I hate to do this..."

He jammed his sword into the lock, and the door creaked open. Stepping inside, he found the shelves to be mostly bare.

"Blast it."

After a closer inspection, he managed to find four small bottles of liquid in the back corner of a shelf behind the counter. Feeling guilty, he reached into his pouch and laid several gold coins down on the empty counter before emerging outside with the bottles.

"Better hang on to these." He handed Haraldur two of the bottles, one being a normal healing potion and the other a higher concentrated M-Potion. The other two, being the same two types, he placed into the small leather bag tied to his belt.

He looked east again.

"Hmmm... I suppose the best place to start would be that cave where your older friend teleported me away from... although it looks like we'll have to pass by whatever's going on over there..."

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday September 9th, 2004

Haraldur deposited the potions into a small pack on his back.

Haraldur smiled a grim smile, and began to float gently upwards.

"Come up, you have the ability. We might as well see what we are trying to get past."

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Thursday September 9th, 2004

Gyulim noticed her top beginning to rip, and she glared at Sigilus, who had a dirty look in his eye. Her spurred feelings back on the vessel were gone, and Sigilus knew it...he took a mighty kick to the jewels for his actions...and was in tears.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday September 9th, 2004

Tsar began to laugh insanely, as he pulled his 10 psi balls to form a barrier covering his head, and he began to fly downwards, head first, heading towards Zeros'. He was going down at 74 mph, then, about 14 feet from Zeros', he warped 10 feet behind Zeros', knowing Zeros' would block a head on assult with ease.
Tsar continued to speed, going the 10 feet in mere seconds, but jumping away from the barrier a split second before it would supposedly hit Zeros'. He landed about 7 feet back, facing Zeros' back.

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 9th, 2004

Zeros' took the blast full force, heading straight towards Tsar. Draven certianly knew this wouldn't kill him, then he saw Draven spinning 3 orbs.

He held his katana out infront of him waiting for the right moment...He flew towards Tsar position in a mear 2 seconds.

He made it look like he was still winded by the blast. Zeros' smirked. He was now about a few inches infront of Tsar, he thrust his katana behind him, waiting for him to lose his concentration or dodge the blow.


Genma smirked to himself. "That's m'boy...I taught him well." Genma looked over towards Jayce's position and noticed his scowl. "Well..." Genma floated up alittle then rushed towards Jayce's position, still in Umi-Sen-Ken. He reached Jayce's postion and settled there.

"Hello there Jayce...long time no talk eh?" Genma said still watching there battle. He removed alittle bit of the cloak, but just enough so Jayce could see his face.


Qeni and Zev stopped about a 100 feet from the battle. They decided to just watch, they both knew they wouldn't like them for interupting Zeros' battles, even if it was 2v1.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday September 9th, 2004

Zeros' thrust stabbed Tsar in the shoulder, and the bluish colored man began to bleed, though once again, his outfit made it look as though nothing happened. No entry point, no stain from blood. Zeros' wouldn't be able to tell Tsar was bleeding just by looking at him. Tsar showed no signs of pain, and took the hit with a smile. He knew he was hurt however, and better keep a distance, he shouldn't let Zeros' near him close enough to use his sword.

Tsar phased again, up ten feet, to insure that Zeros' didn't follow his thrust up with another blow. He then ascended upwards at a 70 degree angle, going away from Zeros'. He then thought t himself, 'How well can that Deamon fight without a blade..? Perhaps we'll see soon..'

Posted by: quoaz on Friday September 10th, 2004

Lia Tried to make a short as the two kids stoped by doing a 180 on her staff.But,she messed upHer staff landed in the up postition at the other side of the boat.The boat flipped as Lia let go of her staff,makeing the fire ball go away.Sending her twords the battle in the air....

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday September 10th, 2004

The three orbs changed trajectories, now circling Draven in independent paths as electrons circle an atom. Moving towards Zeros', Draven extended both arms to his sides. A wall of flame began to form 100 feet to the left and right of him. Looking from above, the flames began to rotate in a counter-clockwise fashion, soon completely encircling the three fighters on the sides. The flame then began to move above and below them. In a few seconds, Draven, Tsar, and Zeros' would be locked in a hollow sphere of flame 100 feet in radius-- a death cage of sorts...


3 minutes...

Jayce lowered himself from the sky, landing on the branch of a large oak in the forest below, still keeping his gaze on the battle above.

"Genma? Yes. With all the noise you're making down there, I was wondering if you were trying to distract the fighters above..."

He glanced downward and smirked at the floating face, hoping to get some type of frown at his sarcasm.

"So why are you here. Business or... entertainment?"

He motioned his head towards the flashes in the sky.


Iduran looked up at Haraldur.

"Gah! NO! Not that again--"

He jumped back, expecting to be thrown up into the air, placing his hand on his head.

"Hah... er... I mean... if they're fighting in the air, perhaps it would be better to observe from the ground, you know..."

He began to fidget with his right gauntlet.

"It's not like I'm... er... afraid of heights or anything... no sir... not me... hah... because I would fly if I could, you know? But seeing that I don't know any levitation spells, we'll just have to walk... on the ground. Yes, on the nice solid ground... just like normal people... normal people... uh huh..."

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 10th, 2004

"As you wish," said Haraldur, grinning in an almost sardonic fashoin for a moment, before realising his rudeness. "Do you wish us to merely avoid all that happens over there, or do you wish us to interfere?"

Haraldur lowered himself gently to the ground, and walked in the direction that Iduran had indicated earlier.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday September 10th, 2004

Tsar was simply baffled at Dravens move.

"heh.. and I'm the 'maniac'... Tsar said with spite.

He then consentrated on his new task-seperating Zeros' from his sword.

Tsar consentrated his entire mind on Zeros' sword. Seeing and comprehending every aspect of it. He became one with the sword. He then began to make the weapon move just as easily as he would his arm.. but Zeros' still had firm grasp of it..

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 10th, 2004

Pophin has ran away and Duilin is hurt

Duilin opened his eyes and looked around, he thought he herd people comeing

"I'm hurt! Help...." Duilin groaned


Pophin stoped running. And went back to the camp. The two soilders looked at him and then one opened the tent to wake up Veronika. A slaping sound was herd and then the soilder walked out blushing. A few minutes later Veronika came out of the tent and looked at Pophin.

"I found something...." He said to her

"What!? Were!?" Veronika replied

"Come with me, it would be best you if you brought a weapon."

Veronika went in the tent and picked up her weapons and followed Pophin back to were Duilin was

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday September 10th, 2004

Genma had a sort of smirk on his face. "Business my friend. Well at least YOUR smart enough to notice me. Draven is too concedied to notice anyone thats hidden...heh heh." He started to laugh.


Zeros' notice that Tsar was trying to remove his sword from his hand. He looked up towards the Outsider, knowing that blow wouldn't do near enough to do anyone in, maybe a small child, but otherwise no.

He turned his back and sheathed his sword, but still keeping his hand on it. He phased out then back in about 10 feet from Tsar, hand still on his sword. He spead towards the bluish outsider. He phased out about 10 feet from Tsar's positon then back in right behind them.

"Stay out of this."

He held his hand at the back of the outsider and forced a powerful blast of ki energy into his body, knowing he couldn't take much more because he knew sucking in all that Psi energy almost broke him to his limits.


Qeni and Zev sensed something off towards the direction of the cave.

We can't help Zeros' now, we might as well help Duilin and the others who are still there. Qeni nodded at her wolf companion. Zev noticed that Lia was flying was about to fly right into the flame wall that Draven just made.

//I hope this is ok...Im not TECHNICALLY controlling her.\\

Zev spead towards Lia, making it just before she hit the barrier and caught her between his teeth. He thrust his head back and threw Lia onto his back with a thump.

Hold on. You don''t want to fall off, also don't worry about your staff, Qeni got it. Qeni appeared infront of Zev, holding Lia's staff. They spead towards the cave where Duilin and the others were.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday September 10th, 2004

Duilins not in a cave.. He's in the woods, wounded. Seth and Nevina only a few feet away

Zeros' blast hit Tsar easily, and wounded him quite severely, knocking him back several yards. This blast brought Tsar back to logical thinking. Almost as though Tsar had switched personas. He returned to his former state.
Tsar was in critical condition now, though he still didn't show any signs of injury other than shortness of breath.
He could not escape because of Dravens Flame cage, so Tsar decided he'd make do.
He flew up, about 20 feet from the top of flames.
He no longer had enough Psi in his own being, and the flaming barrier greatly slowed his ability to channel Psi from the Earth or Moon, So he decided to draw from Zeros'.
Tsar was not taking much energy at a time, so Zeros' couldnt really tell energy was being taken from him.
Tsar then focused the Psi on his wounds, and little by little, he began to repair himself.

Seth put down his Falchion, figuring he was merely being fooled by his own senses. Nevina did the same. They then ran through the bushes and discovered Duilin, clinging to life.
Nevina kneeled down next to the fallen comrad, and began a healing spell, while Seth tried to comfort him.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday September 10th, 2004

Zeros' noticed Tsar was trying to do something, but what? He didn't give himself time to think, he could deal with Draven later, Tsar was becoming a pest.

"Don't think so!" Zeros' phased out then back in about 30 feet up and started to fly the rest of the way, but when he reached about 10 feet away, he stopped and unsheathed his katana.

"YAMA-SEN-KEN!" He yelled out as he slashed the air and several vaccum blades flew right towards there target, the now severally wounded Tsar.


Qeni's sensed jumped. She was about to connect a link, but she noticed Zev had a worried look on his face also. She nearly turned back around and continued flying, they both gained speed, knowing Duilin was barely clinging to life.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 10th, 2004

Pophin and Veronika arived were Duilin was. They looked at Nevina and Seth.

"Who are you to?! Get away from that man, he is comeing with us!" Veronika says, Veronika had her Auto Shotgun ready, but not aimed at them, Pophin was standing about 5 feet away from Veronika stareing at Nevina and Seth, his hand was cluching on his Rapier, and he was trembling.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 11th, 2004

(WHO THE HELL hurt Duilin, could someone please explain this to me? someone from Draven/Tsar/Zeros battle?)

"What the...?" - Cheetah suddenly paniced a bit. - "What is happening?! Someone attacking us?"

He readied his spear in case someone is going to attack them.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday September 11th, 2004

(Cesque, did you not read any of my posts? Okay here is what happened, Pophin was sneaking around, Duilin thought he saw something so he went to go find out what it was so Pophin ran off abit and then threw a spear, He was going to kill him but then he herd more people comeing so he ran away, Nevina and Seth went to Duilin, and now Pophin returned with Veronika and they want to take Duilin with them)

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 11th, 2004

(all right... I got confused <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' />)

Posted by: Trent on Saturday September 11th, 2004

"I've got to do something," thought Zion.

He pulled his arms to his side, and started to charge up a spell. An aura of all colors started to appear around his body.
--- --- ---
Xenai looked over at Zion, and started to seriously consider stepping in. "He's not gonna do it. Or is he?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 11th, 2004

They looked down and they say Duilin, Nevina, Seth, Pophin and Veronika. Zev nodded to Qeni as they touched down near the 5 warriors.

Zev went alittle farther and sat Lia down on the ground, while Qeni landed behind everyone. She looked at Duilin and saw Nevina was doing the best she could, he could last out for awhile, as long as Nevina doesn't get distracted.

Zev came and stood by Qeni's side, Qeni started to pet her companion as she read his thoughts.

Don't worry, its ok. Duilin won't die just yet...we have to take care of these two Dark Empire generals.

Zev nodded and started to growl at Veronika, his teeth showing.

"Well, Well...more Dark Empire generals...What do you want here!?" Qeni said to the two generals.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday September 11th, 2004

Tsar, his senses hieghted further than normal from his injures, grabbed his Quarterstaff and twirled it like a baton, spinning and spinning..
Eventually it formed a small cyclone and it swallowed Zeros' vaccum blades.
He thought a bit, and realized Zeros' wasn't going to let him gather any more Psi.. He must try to defeat Zeros' in melee combat. Tsar was well aware of how poor his strength was, but he figured he had zerod' beat in agility.

Tsar headed downwards, then headed back up at Zeros', traveling at 94 mph, his quarterstaff aimed to hit Zeros' in the gut.
Seth drew his Falchion and jumped upwards, then came down, blade first, aiming for Veronikas head.
Nevina started to get up to fight the Soldiers, but then saw the two new figures appear and thought it best to continue trying to heal Duilin.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 11th, 2004

After understanding the situation, Cheetah (who was still a bit sleepy but the attack on Duilin was one big system shock for him) turned himself into the ice serpent form and with full force breathed freezing cold air toward Veronika.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 11th, 2004

Qeni wasn't much of a fighter herself...and Zev was a wolf, but he in terms was a fighter, they still needed as much help as they could get. Veronika looked like she was being handled, so Qeni and Zev decided to go after the assiassian.

Qeni and Zev both regained there speed, but thats about all they could do. They both phased out then back in near Pophin, Qeni behind him and Zev infront of him.

"Go home and we will not harm you...we do not like to fight." Qeni said in a stern voice.


Zeros' noted at Tsar's powers, he was powerful at long range with spells, but not melee combat.

Apparently he's exhausted all his energy reserves....

Zeros' grabbed his staff and held it there. He unsheathed his katana (if you wanted to know his katana and sheath are at his right side) and phased out then back in right in Tsar's face, still holding his staff.

"So...you obey him even though you don't like Draven..." Zeros' thrust the katana at Tsar's side, not trying to kill him but mortally wound him.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday September 11th, 2004

Veronika swung her wip at Seth's Falchion and it wraped around it she forced it to land infront of her, she also spun herself dodgeing Cheetah's icy blast

How the hell did she do that? Duilin thought, still awake but to frail and weak to fight Who is that anyway Duilin's view was bad, she chould tell it was a female, mostly by her voice.

Veronika laughed "You weaklings think you can defeat me? Well I'd just love to see you try!" She blasted her auto shotgun at auto fire at Seth and Cheetah, for they seemed to be the largest threat.

Pophin swung his is Rapier and shifted back and fouth looking at the two. What were they? He was looked at the Angel for awile. He then smiled and and bowed down as a good bye and sneaked away, like nothing was odd about it.

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday September 11th, 2004

A flash of red.

Draven slashed his crimson blade downwards, smacking Zeros' katana out of range of Tsar's side, his aura of flame exploding, pushing the weakened Tsar out of the way.

"You've done well, old boy. You've bought me more than enough time to gather the energy to kill this worm..."

The orbs ceased to circle Draven, and shot outwards from him. Upon striking the burning walls of the encircling burning cage of death, they began to bounce around wildly. True chaos erupted inside the sphere...


Draven barreled towards Zeros', slashing huge arcs with his 4 foot blade of pure flame...


1 minute...

"Hmmm... that wall of flame makes it impossible to see what is going on inside..."

Jayce gave a bored sigh.


"Never enter a battle without observing your opponent first..."

The two continued down a beaten path in the forest. Now there was a red sphere in the sky...

"Although I think I know the one we're dealing with..."

He continued on, slashing some weeds out of the way.

"If it's someone we know, we might have to jump in..."

He looked down at the broadsword he was carrying.

"I wonder how Duilin and the others are doing with my sword..."

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 11th, 2004

"Fine then Draven..." He said as he side stepped and made Draven burn Tsar's staff. "Lets fight then."

While Draven kept slashing at Zeros', trying to cut him down, he used his excellent speed to avoid all his attacks. Slowly...ever so slowly, Zeros' lead Draven into a spiral, in a few moments they reached the middle of the spiral, which was near the middle of the flame wall.

Zeros' charged his left hand with ki energy and grabbed Draven's blade. He put more power into it then I thought...

"Goodbye Draven!" He clenched his right fist and threw it into an upward corkscrew.

"HIRYU SHOTEN HA! (Heaven's Blast of the Dragon)" An icy tornado appeared where Draven was floating. This had the added effect of weaking the barrier slightly.


Genma started to laugh as Zeros' Heaven's Blast appeared. "Hahaha! That's m'boy!"


Qeni and Zev were puzzled why he just left. (Duilin there not children anymore...there spirits were released from Qeni and Zev's bodies) Qeni made a ball of water appear out of mid air and dropped it to the ground. In there reflection, it appeared as if they were just children still to the non-trained eye.

I guess the effects of us spliting bodies still made us appear to be children... Zev nodded to Qeni's thoughts. As if on que, there reflections disappeared and it showed there true forms in the water.

Zev sweat-dropped. Thats not good...

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday September 11th, 2004

Tsar was startled by Dravens sudden assault, and Tsar nearly fell when Zeros' let go of his staff. He barely had the energy to fly when Zeros' let go, and he had been staying up mainly by holding on to his staff which zeros' was supporting.
Tsar was slightly angered that Draven had bee using him as a decoy the whole time, "I could've died, Draven. Though death and returning to my plane would be better than serving you.. I'll remember this next time..."
Tsar then noticed his Staff had been ignited and he calmly blew it out like a candle.
Then he noticed the pattern in the flame balls path. He got in a place where they don't travel and began drawing Psi from the Flame barrier itself, consentrating the energy on his wounds.
Seth dodged the bullets and pulled out his Steel claws. He then charged at Vironika again and slashed at her gun hand and her neck.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday September 11th, 2004

Veronika saw Seth running at her, she chould tell were she was aiming, so she quickly flug he weapon infront of her neck and head, cause both to hit her weapon. The gun was strong but it was hit with great force so she droped it, she then swung her wip at Seth's legs.


Duilin then tried to get back up, that women's weapon was extremley powerfull and could do alot damage to his friends. He really wanted to help, but he was in so much pain that he decieded not to. He looked up and saw somebody "Nevina? You gonna help?"


Once Pophin got out of site he ran as fast as he chould, he moved like a strong breeze in the wind. He then returned to the camp nearby the ship. The two soilders looked at him. "Were is Veronika?!" One asked. Pophin ignored him and then went over by the ocean. He went to the beach part, and splashed water on his face and smacked himself a few times and shook his head


"Could that have been real!?" He says to himself...."Uhh....Oh no! I forgot about Veronika!!" He ran back to the soilders "Follow me now!!" He then ran back to were Veronika was.

(Just for futre refferance, these guys are ELITE soilders)

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday September 11th, 2004

"I would guess that most people of note remaining in this country are people you are aquainted with, at least at the last report anyway."

He stopped and smiled. The wind was changing.

The sound of rain hitting earth filled the air.

"Wait for it..."

A large white ball, about the size of a man's fist, smashed onto a rock near them. Haraldur dragged Iduran under a mildly singed tree.

Posted by: Trent on Saturday September 11th, 2004

Xenai frowned, trying to watch from outside the ball of flame. "This is what you get for ignoring him..."

Zion was now done charging up his spell.

//Can't tell if Zion's in or out of the ball. So if he's in...//
He looked over to Draven, pointing both his hands at him.

//And if he's out...//
He tried to feel for Draven's aura, and locked onto it as best as he could, pointing both his hands at it.

"Consume all, flash of death!!!" With those words, A bright flash of light came from Zion's body. As the light dimmed, it seemed to turn to darkness, and envelop itself around Draven, engulfing him into a transparent ball of darkness. Inside the ball, the gravity started to increase, and at an alarming rate. Soon enough, inside the ball, would be 100x the planet's gravity, pushing from all sides.

//Mkay... This is my first time posting a major attack... If anything's wrong with it, that is against the rules, let me know, and I will make changes.//

Posted by: quoaz on Saturday September 11th, 2004

((aww rats I hate being grounded,I'm sneaking on to post this and with that 3 day hit rule,I'll apply it to this k?))

Edit:Opps I forgot the other page...

Lia found a tree and dosed off quickly,almost like she was to tierd to do anything.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Cheetah, still in his serpent form, turned to his side so that the bullets hit his scales, not doing any greater damage.

"Is there nothing in this land but war?" - he thought.

Noticing Seth attacking Veronika and how she lose the shotgun, Cheetah thought the monk will be able to take care of the situation. He instantly turned himself into a cheetah and headed in direction where Pophin ran.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Now the hail was really falling down. There were sounds of forest creatures squealing from direct hits from hail stones the size of their heads.

"I wonder when they will notice."

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday September 12th, 2004

(Eon: You decide whether Zion got trapped in the sphere or not. It could go either way.)


Draven jerked the blade from Zeros' grasp crossing his arms in front of his face and taking a full hit from the icy spiral. Draven's aura of flame protected him from damage, but it disintegrated with the attack, leaving him exposed. The spiral also hit the top and bottom of the sphere, weakening those points slightly. Draven pointed the blade at Zeros'.

"Not bad..."

He moved his blade up for another attack, but he was immediately attacked by something else...

The gravity attack hit him totally off guard, since he had yet to rebuild his aura of flame.

"Ahhh... What magic is this?!"

His voice echoed from inside the black bubble. An immense pressure came upon him from all sides, which he attempted to counter by pushing his energy outward like in one of his aura-explosions.

Outside the sphere of fire, the hail was taking its toll on the top portion...

(Hits left to destroy the sphere:
Top: 1
Sides: 3
Bottom: 2)


The falling chunks of ice bounced off of an invisible barrier around Jayce, who took no note of them.

"Time's up..."

Standing on the tree limb he moved his arms to his side, turning his fists upwards and clenching them. Something began to emanate from him... or did it? The black armor somehow became darker... the very light around the man seemed to dim, a shadowy translucency formed around him, distorting the look of objects seen on the other side... the aura of darkness...


Iduran huddled under the tree as the hail intensified.

"Your people can control the weather, can't they?"

Posted by: Trent on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Tsu, being as bored as heck, decided to wander away from his house, and found himself walking into a nearby forest.
--- --- ---
Zion concentrated as much as he could, trying to keep the Omni spell intact, but Draven was just too strong, and the effort was too exhausting. He let the spell fade away, and just floated there, catching his breath, and trying to get his energy back. "Should have charged up more..."
--- --- ---
Xenai was very impressed by Draven. "Woo, this guy's awesome! That Omni spell cripples me every time!"

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Genma sighed. "Oh come on Jayce. Lets leave the kids alone. Let them have there fun. If Draven get's killed its his fault, not ours." Genma said with a smirk on his face.


Zeros' saw the spell diminsh and immediately charged at Draven, he swung his sword around in the air and did multiple vaccum blades.

"YAMA-SEN-KEN!" He slashed hundreds of times at Amaguriken (basically means very very fast), hundreds of vaccum blades appeared and headed for the now stunned Draven.


Qeni and Zev nodded to each other. They phased out then back in above the forest and started flying after Cheetah.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Seth jumped and dodged Veronikas whip, then, on the wa down, slashed at her face.
He then jumped back, about 5 feet in front of Veronika.
Nevina thought Duilin was in condition well enough that he didn't need her to be next to him constantly, so She lept up and charged at Veronkia from the Left side, aiming to slash her in the rib-area.

Tsar continued to channel energy from the Flame sphere and consentrated it on his wounds. He had halfway restored himself already.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Veronika moved her head back barely dodgeing the attack, then Nevina's attack hit her.

"Ahh!" She fell to the ground next to her Auto Shotgun, she was bleeding, but she could take it. She grabed her weapon and fired it, blasting 10 shells, at Nevina.


Pophin then pointed to were Veronika and the others were

"You go there yourself, I won't be much help. Your Elite soilders you can take care of yourselfs." Pophin says turning back to the camp

The two soilders glared at Pophin

"Wimp" One said "But we should just go, Veronika may or may not be in trouble."

The two soilders ran over to were the guys were

(Okay feal free to control them, just I don't have much time left and all, but please don't kill them off in one posts, there ELITE soilders, there more skilled then Duilin and such)

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Seth saw the shells fly and jumped in front of Nevina. He took 2 hits and the other shells missed.
He fell down and began to bleed.
Nevina started to run to his side and aid him, but he told her he would be fine and to go take out Vironika.
Nevina chanted as she ran at Veronika, "Oheh Mur Ken ki, Oheh Mur Ken Ki,.." she stepped forward and twirled with her blade sticking outwards, and she began to develop an aura.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday September 12th, 2004

Veronika fliped back out of the way of Nevina's attack. Then then ran over to were Duilin was, she pointed her shotgun at his head, and stood him up, he used him as a sheild, and had the gun pointed at his head.

"He is comeing with me now! If you even think of following me or attacking, your friend here is going to have his head all over the place!" Veronika slowy backed away and headed back out of the way, she was going to take the route she took before but she new that the Gepardi went that way so she took a detour."

The two elite soilders saw Veronika

"Mahm, are you okay?" One asked

"I'm fine, make an exsample of the two infedals!" She ordered them

The two soilders took out there weapons, and got ready to kick ass!

//Okay well you have fun. I know my posts may have been abit quick, but hey I can only posts a few times a week, so I think it's fair really. Oh yeah and could you please not follow Veronika and Duilin, I kinda want to do something.//

Posted by: Cesque on Monday September 13th, 2004

// Dude Man, Dude Man, damn, slow down! Cheetah is running half distance between Pophin and Veronika in cheetah form - about 5 times faster than an average man can run - and suddenly soldiers got to Veronika in 1 post without meeting him, damn it... //

// I guess Xorlak's action-limit per post is sometimes not even enough... //

// Anyway, playing 2 days in week sort of sucks as you can't really interact... //

Noticing the elite soldiers running past him, Cheetah turned and... hmm, sorry, I have no idea what can he do in the current situation (because basicaly all connected with Veronika/Seth/Nevina was done by Duilin in 1 post). Let's say he turned into wyvern and went to sleep at some local tree.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday September 13th, 2004

A wave of fire erupted from the bubble as Draven broke. But he had no time to vent his anger at whoever cast the spell as he was immediately under attack by a barrage of wind blades thrown by Zeros'.

He had to vent his anger at someone, though... He slashed his blade of flame in front of him in a figure-8 pattern. Though he did not quite match the speed of his adversary, each consecutive swing knocked several vacuum blades off trajectory at once, effectively blocking the attack. Continuing in this fashion, he slowly inched toward Zeros through the barrage of blades...

The sphere surrounding them had weakened considerably. Draven was paying less attention to keeping it up than rebuilding an aura of flame around himself as he swung his sword.


The tree Jayce was standing on began to wither and die, eventually turning black itself. The same affliction krept down the roots and into the immediately surrounding grass and weeds.

"Normally I would not care. But I've better things to do than see him toy with this nobody for hours..."

A black streak shot up into the sky. He was gone, barreling towards the giant fireball above. As he sprang from the tree, the branch he was standing on broke off and fell, crumpling and turning to dust upon impact with the ground...

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday September 13th, 2004

"Control the weather? Yes, we can do that. The average person can only change the weather in a very small radius. What I have just done has only ever been done by 4,000 different people in recorded history. A few hundred can do it now. I am judged to be scond best.

"We find all this very useful for sailing, because we can choose local wind direction at will. Why else do you think there have been no successful attacks on my country? All enemy ships and flying creatures have always been sunk, killed or driven away by violent winds."

He stood still for a moment, as if in thought. "This seems to be the largest military operation of the Dark Empire for quite a while. Whether that is a sign of your allies' success here we can think of as a possible reason, but it cannot be the only one. Something important is going to happen, and relatively soon. It seems that this time things might go all the way..."

To the north there were loud sounds of strong trunks of wood bein crushed by ice. The temperature seemed to be dropping at an enormous rate. And the hail increased in amount and size.

Haraldur handed Iduran a fur cloak. "You might want to have this," he said.

The hail was then accompanied by a blinding blizzard of snow.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 13th, 2004

Qeni and Zev saw the soldiers whip past him and turned around and started flying towards them, hoping there not too late.


Genma sort of shruged and looked at the tree. "Alas...poor tree." He resumed full Umi-Sen-Ken and followed Jayce slowly, not wanting to give off too much aura to be detected, but he knew Jayce knew becuase of his training.

Zeros' continued his barrage of Yama-Sen-Ken blades and also moved towards Draven slowly, hoping to destroy the barrier in the next few minutes.

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 13th, 2004

Tsu wandered around the forest, and bumped into Shin. "Hello... Who are you?"
--- --- ---
Zion noticed Jayce, and figured that he was going to interfere with the fight. Zion charged up a large amount of energy into his hands, pointed them at Jayce, and unleashed a large energy wave at him.
--- --- ---
Xenai watched Zeros from afar. "I may want to toy with this goon..."

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday September 14th, 2004

Jayce shot upwards like a rocket through the snow and hail, a large wave of energy barely missing him.


Draven continued blocking the blades, inching closer... closer... until... perfect.


He twirled in a circle, about to hit a horizontal slash on Zeros' right side, but the mark would not be hit...

Suddenly, there was a huge disturbance directly behind Zeros'-- a large hole had been punched in the side of the encircling orb of flame, which had kept the three fighters inside oblivious to the hailstorm outside until now. A black figure sped through the hole, stopping directly behind Draven's winged foe...

The already weakened orb faltered. With the continued hail and snow outside, it finally gave way and fizzed to nothing, exposing the warriors to the elements.

Draven flared his aura to fight off the cold and hail, although he was clearly distracted by it.

"Jayce! What in blazes do you think you're doing?!"

It was too late. Jayce grabbed the base of each of Zeros' wings with each hand and jammed his right knee into Zeros' back for leverage. He began to pull... leaning forward and speaking calmly into the winged warrior's left ear:

"The sword."



He wrapped the cloak around the outside of his armor, pulling the hood over his head. The tree was proving to be lousy protection, and chunks of ice occasionally clanged off of his armor.

"So... what's your plan? This storm is good cover for us... but it seems like it would hurt both sides of the battle..."

He chanced a look up in the sky, but could not see the giant red orb that was once there.

Hmmm, something important is going to happen... but what...?

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday September 14th, 2004

The snow on the ground was already freezing into a white, hard, powdery mass, and then a sort of white rock.

"Yes, it will hurt our side, but it should not hurt them anywhere near as much as Draven. He will be expending energy keep his body temperature. Besides, your friends should know where the caves are, and they could find refuge there. I expect what remains of your population has already fled to such places anyway."

Haraldur stared up to where the orb once was. A tornado of ice and snow formed there in a matter of seconds, but did not reach to the ground. It went towards the only fire currently visible where the orb had once been, Draven.

"Now that, my friend, is technically impossible. But why should we let such things as that hold us down? Oh, what a great combination," he added, as lightning started to appear in the spinning clouds.

He handed a small bag over to Iduran. It looked like a waterskin of some type.

"Want some magically hot carrot and potato soup? It will probably make you feel a bit better."

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday September 14th, 2004

Zeros' didn't flinch. He had to endure more pain then this with his master training him.

"So another one of the emperor's lacky's." Zeros' said with a dijested look on his face. "Now now...2v1 isn't that far is it?"

He grabbed hold of both his wings where Jayce had them and tore them out of his back, blood gushed out of Zeros' back and right towards Jayce's face, but he did not wince.

He used his ki to keep himself propelled in the air and phased out then back in behind Jayce, his sword point right at his neck, a trickle of blood could be seen where Zeros' sword point is.

He chanted a spell quietly to himself and his wings started to grow back, very slowly at first, but then they burst out, spitting out more blood, Zeros' long coat kept him warm during all the hail and snow.

"Well now...I can tell your much more powerful then Draven. And you can also tell I am not putting out 100% of my power hmm?"

Another figure slowly appeared beside Draven and stuffed a cloak in his pouch. He turned his head towards Draven and shook his head.

"Poor Draven. You know how Jayce is...he is very impatient." Genma was also using his ki to keep himself afloat.

Genma turned his head towards Zeros' and Jayce. "Well well Zeros'...you have grown strong."

Zeros' looked at Genma and smirked. "Yes it has master. How long now? 700 years since I last saw you?"

Genma gave him a slight nod. "Ahh yes. Those were the good ol' days."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday September 14th, 2004

//Lol.. I thought Genma was Seths Master or something.. seeing as how they're both Monks. But Seth hated everyone back at the Monastry anyways so. XD//

Seth lay immobile from being shot in the chest and leg, and tried to crawl away under a tre in the bushes, a few feet from Nevina and the Elite Soldiers.
He then tried to think a strategy of how to help Nevina without actually fighting himself. as he couldn't walk.

Nevina charged, at the new foes with her Scimitar, aiming to slash the first ones arm off.
The soldier brought his arm up, grabbed Nevinas blade, as he had steel gauntlets, and slung it, forcing Nevina to release it.

Tsar had just finished healing himself when the Flame Barrier dissapated. He then acsended, once again, this time absorbing energy from the sun to form an attack.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday September 15th, 2004

(Tsar, of course, flew above the clouds of the blizzard in order to absorb energy from the sun, correct? Heh...)


A bit of blood splashed on Jayce's face. He only smirked and tasted it with his tounge before wiping his mouth with his gauntlet. Draven raised his eyebrows in disgust.

Jayce dropped the detached wings and watched as they grew back, folding his arms.

"Heh heh heh... The old 'withholding most of my power' claim, huh? I've heard that one a thousand times... I've yet to be impressed."

Lightning began to strike all around, and the freezing winds picked up. Draven doubled his aura, fighting to stay in one place in the air. He looked over to Genma:

"What? Are you telling me this punk is 700 years old?"

Another gust of freezing wind. His aura exploded once again.

"Blast it!! Where in blazes did this storm come from?!"

Jayce, who was totally unaffected by the winds, shouted over Zeros' shoulder.

"This is the center of the storm, which means the caster is nearby."

He nodded towards the ground. Draven looked down, but the visibility was so bad, that he could only see dark grayness below.

How convenient...

If he stopped what he was doing to try and stop the storm, Jayce would surely get the sword from Zeros' and Draven would be out of luck... On the other hand, Draven was hindered by the storm and probably couldn't compete with Jayce while he was wasting energy fighting off the cold... He struggled in decision for a moment before shaking his fist at Zeros'.

"I'll be back in a moment... play nice."

He began to fall downwards into the darkness.

Jayce smirked, not expecting to get rid of Draven that easily. He then shifted his gaze to Genma.

"Master, huh?"


Iduran smiled at Haruldur.

"You planned this all from the beginning, didn't you?"

He grabbed the bag and sipped the warm liquid from the nozzel.

But suddenly, there was an explosion of sorts behind them, and Iduran immediately handed the bag back and drew his sword. Something had crashed into the frozen bushes behind them. What ever it was, he couldn't see it anymore...

"Did you hear that?"

He peered out from behind the tree, but the blinding snow stung his face, and he had to look downwards. He remained in that position for a few minutes. Nothing.

"I wonder... if that was someone fighting above?"

His curiosity got the best of him, and he began to tip-toe in the direction of the crash.

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday September 15th, 2004

//I would like to remind everyone, whatever you are doing is going to be affected by the sudden winter. Flying is going to be impossible unless you are magically flying, and even so you might be blown about.//

"Planned? No, I did not plan it, just helped in it. And not everything is going according to plan anyway. For a start, I should not be here yet, but the situation has changed. We now have to make things up as we go along."

Haraldur noticed that due to the tree, they were now in a large hole in the middle of a large snowdrift, at least 5 metres (15 feet) high. Probably higher. The hole forest was totally covered, in all likelyhood.

Haraldur turned around. The branches and bushes behind him were packed solid with snow. It must be very cold in there. He noticed some had fallen out, as if the bushes were a cake and a book is dropped in and stuff falls out the sides. Also, he noticed some of the snow seemed to be melting...

He brought his arms out in front of him, with his palms facing forward. Out of them a blue and white swirling light came, and the nearest snow froze solid.

"Lets get out of here, the storm will hold for hours, if not days, yet. We should go to the caves. If you know where they are, please lead the way."

With that he brought one hand out in front of him, turned his back on the frozen snow, and created a hole in the unfrozen snow. He then crawled up it and waited for Iduran. There was no tree in sight. They were all covered.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday September 15th, 2004

(Uhmm.. yeah.. Tsar is above the hail clouds.. XD)
Tsar, still slightly effected by the cold and winds, was knocked around slightly, but not nearly enough to break his concentrating.

Unlike last time when he was channeling Moon energy, He was standing still, stabilized by holding his Staff out in front of him. Acting sort of like a wire-walker in a circus.

He began to glow with the intensity of a fire, solar energy warming the air around his 8 foot radius.

His robe appeared to be a flaming orange now, because of the Psi, and he now began to transfer solar energy into his staff.
It then came to Seth. He should mind attack his enemies.

He then flooded the soldiers minds with thoughts of hate and vengance against each other. Remembering every slight mis-treatment they had recieved from their fellow soldier, and Seth added a few that weren't real, just for taste.

The soldiers then stepped away from each other, and glared at each other with extreme coldness.
Nevina had lost her Scimitar to her enemy, and she then drew her Holy Bastard Sword.

Holding it with both hands, she began to slash in Arcs at the soldier who took her Scimitar.

The soldier managed to block most of them, but then his fellow Dark Empirian struck him with his blade.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Wednesday September 15th, 2004

After a long pause, Shin looked into the eyes of the little man who trapped him. He was clad in snakeskin and weilded a small hunting knife. His green hair was shoulder-length, and seemed to blend in with the leafy surroundings.

"My my my...seems I caught me a mighty one" said the strange man. "I wonder how he tastes."

Shin grunted; cannabalism was forbidden in his religion. He glared into the stranger's eyes. As the stranger approached slowly, knife at the ready, a twig cracked. Both men looked in the direction of the twig to see a baby red dragon emerge from the woods. The strange snake-skin clad man looked at Shin, then freed him from the trap.

"One of dem things is enough food ta last for days" said the stranger with a sly grin on his face. Since Shin hadn't eaten in a while, he agreed to help the stranger in killing the small creature.

"Tell me, is the mother going to appear?" Shin asked the stranger. He shook his head.

"Nah, them things dont care about their young...they tend to eat the first two that hatch, as well as the eggs that don't hatch after 4 days." Without another word, the stranger leapt toward the dragon, and plunged the knife into it's little heart.

The dragon roared, and kicked the stranger in the gut using his tiny feet. He fell. Shin took this opportunity to forge his ice sword and slash downward. The dragon saw this coming and struck Shin with his tail. The sword still cut down on the beast, killing it, but Shin had a pretty bad gash running down his right arm. The stranger looked at him.

"You better let me have a good look at that...gashes from a red dragon's tail can be fatal. Their tails are poisonous, ya know?"


After being kicked in the groin, Sigilus was a little reluctant on helping Gyulim, but her beautiful smile and her well-shaped body kept him going anyways. After walking through multiple forest trails, they heard the roar of a baby dragon in the middle of combat. Gyulim, who never heard such a sound, grew curious. Sigilus tried to take advantage of this...

"Ya know, I could tell you a bit more about the creature that made that sound...for a...small fee," he said, and snickered. Gyulim caught it.

"Don't expect anything just yet...unless Shin is dead, you're out in the cold...speaking of which, it's too damn hot around here! Sigilus, do you have a knife or anything?"

Sigilus nodded and handed over a well-made knife with a dragon design on the hilt, and a silver blade with a gold lining on the blunt end. Gyulim took the knife, and cut off a portion of her robes so that half of her thigh was showing. At once, she began to feel cool. She stowed away the scrap fabric in a pocket inside her robes; she might need it later.

"Don't you get any ideas, Sigilus" she stated immediately. Sigilus laughed, and winked at her. He then focused his mind, and she suddenly had the urge the cut off part of the torso of her robe, revealing her belly.

She sighed.

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday September 15th, 2004

Tsu wasn't expecting to see a dragon when he walked into the forest... "Good lord..." He unsheathed Kuon Yaiba and slid into a ready stance, glaring at the dragon. "There's no way I can take that thing," thought Tsu. "But I've got to try."

He leaped forward at the dragon, kicking off its head into the air, turning a flip, and pointing Kuon Yaiba down as he came down towards its head.
--- --- ---
Zion flew forward toward Jayce, unsheathing his Eternity Weapon, and slashing downwards at him as he came up to him.
--- --- ---
Xenai was still waiting for the right time to jump in.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Shin removed the top part of his black robe and let the stranger examine his wound. After glancing at the gash on his right shoulder for a few seconds, the stranger walked over to a strange plant on the side of the trail that Shin overlooked...it had several roots appearing above-ground that were 3 inches away from each other, and they came together to form a bush with blue and red flowers at the top.

The stranger cut one of the blue flowers off and drained a fluid out of it. He returned to Shin's side and applied the fluid to his shoulder. The sting was almost unbearable, but a green fluid coming out of the wound showed that the stranger's medicine was doing its job. After thirty seconds, the sting stopped, and the dragon's venom was out of Shin's system. The stranger then crumpled the petals of the blue flower and laid them on the wound; the bleeding stopped, and the skin began to pull back together.

"Laznebush...a native plant to this forest. It has tremendous healing power in its blue blossoms, but also, has the potential to kill with its red. There are only three of these plants in existance now, thanks to those armor-clad men who appeared here two days ago to attack the castle of Romme."

"The Dark Empire!?"

"Whoever they are, they killed many of my comrades, and left me to fend for myself. I knew many things about wilderness survival thanks to my training, and I began hunting to make a new wardrobe for myself; the Romme Armor would have stood out too much."

"I see...who are you?"

"I was always called 'Nameless' because I was orphaned at birth. Nobody wanted to name me because it would have dishonored my parents. I am fine with Nameless. Now, what do you say we eat already?"

Nameless took to his knife and cut off the dragon's tail and cast it aside.


Gyulim decided it was best to reveal the truth to Sigilus...any marriage to Shin if their rulers discovered the truth would have meant death to both of them.

"Alright, I guess I should tell you...I can't be with Shin. He, along with everyone except my father, thinks that I am 25; within the legal age to be wed with him. However, the truth is...I am only 18. If my rulers discovered this, Shin and I would be put to death."

Sigilus wasn't in the least surprised. "You didn't look 25 anyway. I had a feeling you were between 17 and 19."

There was a small hiss, and Sigilus had suddenly leapt in the air using his lightning reflexes. He then skewered the snake...a Romme Cobra...using a branch that he ripped off of a tall tree while in the air.

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Jayce turned from Zeros' and held his right arm in the air, its metal gauntlet blocking the impending sword slash with a spark. The winds of the blizzard swirled all around. In front of Jayce floated a teal-haired warrior.

"Go away. I'm busy."

He pointed his left finger at Zion. A dozen surges of dark energy appeared around his aura, taking an arrow-like shape. They immediately began to speed towards their target...


Iduran continued trudging through the snow.

"Hah, I meant plan on summoning this storm. Yes, we should be able to find the cave, if you didn't bury it of course... Just let me check on whatever crashed up here."

He realized as he climbed up the snow drift that what he was approaching was a tree top, rather than a bush. He looked through the branches, but there was nothing to be found. He turned around and started back towards Haraldur...

Suddenly there was a flash of red over to Iduran's right and he was thrown upon the ground.


He suddenly felt warm, very warm... He spun around on his back and held his sword to the air...

Draven floated an inch above the ground before him, arms crossed and burning like a fireball. His aura streaked in the same direction as the wind.

"Hmmm, yes... I remember you, old man. We never got to finish our talk the other day... where is your wizard friend, anyway?"

Draven's eyes darted back and forth, expecting to be attacked with a lightning spell. No, it couldn't be Scorch. He could conjure a wind storm, maybe. But not a blizzard like this. That left either the Aritan, or that bearded guy from yesterday...

Draven saw Iduran's normal broadsword as the old knight scrambled to his feet.

"What did you do with your sword?"

Iduran pointed the blade at Draven in full battle stance, but the wind was very distracting.

"I gave it away."

"Yes, real smart. Giving it to a winged demon with an attitude..."


Draven grinned.

"Hmmm, yes, you may still be useful..."

Without warning, Draven threw a quick fireball at the old knight. Iduran slashed it with his sword, sending it spiraling into the air, until the wind forced it into the snow with a muffled explosion. The recoil from knocking the fireball back almost caused Iduran to fall down backwards, but he regained his balance and resumed his stance.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Nameless began cooking the baby dragon. Shin was busy sensing a familiar aura close by...two of them, actually. He just couldn't remember where he felt them before...

"Yo, come here and help me cut this thing," commanded Nameless, sick of Shin's staring off.

Shin sighed, and began cutting the dragon in order to ration it for a few days.

A few minutes later, Gyulim appeared from the woods, followed by the mercenary that he hired to take out Draven. However, when he looked at Gyulim's attire, he became a tad suspicious.

"Gyulim! What are you doing here!?"

"I originally came here to look for you, but after I met Sigilus here, I felt that I'd be better off with him...I'm not really 25. I'm only 18, so it wouldn't have worked anyways."

"I see...so, you lied to me?"

"I'm sorry."

Shin grew angry, but a look of warning from Sigilus made him keep his cool.

"Now, Shin, about our deal, the silver didn't cut it...Draven sort of hired me to help him before and offered to pay me in gold. He never paid me...I don't supposed you could reimburse me for it."

Gyulim nudged him with her elbow.

"I mean, forget our deal."

Shin nodded.

"Oh, I wasn't going to pay you anyways, since you took my woman from me. But then again, since she's in your age group anyways...what the hell? Just don't mistreat her."

Sigilus laughed and put his arm around Gyulim.

"No worries, pal. No worries."

Shin looked at Nameless and asked, "Yo, can we spare them some dragon meat as well?"

Nameless nodded.

Shin went back to his sensing the area...this time searching for Nevina...he found her aura, but couldn't track it. He instead reached out to her with his mind...

Nevina...where are you..?

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday September 16th, 2004

//Just a little reminder, this is winter! there are snow drifts all over higher than trees! The sea is frozen! There are huge winds! It is hailing and snowing!//

Just below Draven, some of the snow had melted. The water and snow there lowered while Draven was making his speech. Then, it rose up from just underneath Draven, on course to soak him from below.

Behind Draven, shards of ice and of rock were rushing towards him from Haraldur's hands, but were not going directly at him. Rather, they were forming a cone shape in which everything would be hit.

Additionally, the snow below Iduran's feet started to gently but not too slowly move towards Haraldur.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Tsars solar barrier shined brighter, and he turned all hail and snow 20 feet around him to rain.

He took his staff, now pulsing with Psi, and threw it down at Zeros', like Zeus and his lightning bolts.

After the staff hit it's target (Each Zeros', or it'll stop in the space Zeros' was occupying) Tsar pointed at it and the Psi within it double, causing it to explode, sending wooden shrapnels all around at 503 mph. (Now, if this were to hit you.. it would certainly pierce your armor. This force is great enough to send straw through telephone poles.)
The enemy soldiers blow cut armor off the other soldiers shoulder.

The two soldier engaged in battle, their swords clanging against each other every step.

Nevina recieved Shins message and as she didn't know telepathy, she merely increased her aura so Shin could sense her.

Nevina, now glowing white, Charged at the soldier on the Left, Jumped, and came down with an Arc of her blade, hit the soldiers head with her palm, knocking herself back from the soldiers 5 feet, and knocking the soldier down.

Her slash landed, one soldier not had a large chip on his shoulder.

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Pieces of wood hit Zeros', but not enough to hurt him serverally, because he was sort of behind Jayce.

Genma teleported around the shards then stopped and looked at Jayce and started to laugh. "Yes yes. It was along time ago, right after his village was destroyed, but anyways, does that matter now?"

Zeros' sighed. "You still haven't changed master." He phased in then back out infront of Jayce.

"Shall we get started?" He fired hundreds of Yama-Sen-Ken blades as he slashed his sword.


Qeni and Zev finally reached the location where Zeros' was and looked at him. They stood beside Genma. He only slightly nodded to them.


Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Veronika and Duilin arive at the camp. Pophin was waiting there he looked at them and smiled. He was holding both his praticeing his moves with his sword but stoped when they came.

Duilin was in alot of pain still, his wome was deep and wide, it stung alot to. Veronika let Duilin go and sat him down on the tree stump near by. Duilin was in to much pain to escape, but Veronika still had his weapon pointed at him.

"Romove his weapon's Pophin." Veronika ordered him, still looking at Duilin. Pophin did as he was told and put the weapons beside the tent.

"So, Duilin is it? Why is that you betrayed the Dark Empire?" She asked

Duilin just sat there, his vision was better now, he just stared at Veronika, she was very beutifull, but he looked into his eyes, and could almost see a fires of hell just explodeing inside of her. But he still just sat there, stareing at her.

"SPEAK!" She yelled

Duilin hestaided for awile. He thought about it. "Darion, said I did....just to get Draven to want to kill me, so, I hid with the Romme Empire....to...be safe...because Draven wouldn't belive me over Darion...I never....really.....did....I just went with it, I later descovered that, Romme real didn't deserve this, and the Dark Empire were sick bastards....So I didn't want to be with the Dark Empire anymore, so...I guess that's it..."

Why did I tell her the truth!? He thought. He could think clear...he chouldn't think of any lies.

"Really....Is that so...so you never really chose untill you spened more time with them...so....What are you trying to do now?"

"I'm looking for.....Zeros'....one of friends..."


"He has...." He stoped, he chouldn't tell her, if she found out who knows what could happen, he might send an enitire army of soilders to kill him or something, who knows

"He has?" Veronika asked "It's okay...you can tell me." She smiled at him

"Uhhh.....I can't tell you...."

"Why not!"

"Could you just, give me some time to think about this?"

Veronika thought for a moment "Put him in the tent Pophin"

Pophin grabed Duilin and tossed him inside the tent and then took out his spear and guarded him.

Posted by: Trent on Thursday September 16th, 2004

Tsu ended up piercing the ground before he knew it when the dragon was killed, and was now watching Shin and his... comrades? ...eating his target. "I need lots of work." He turned and started to leave the forest.
--- --- ---
Zion freaked out as the arrow came toward him. It pierced his shoulder and sent him flying back toward Xenai.

"Woo, yeah! Time for some action!" Xenai was hyped up about finally getting to hit someone. His Zero Weapon appeared, and he used the huge sword to hit Zion over Jayce's head like a baseball. He would bat a few hail balls toward Zion too, and hit him right in the head.

Zion righted himself in the air, and turned to face his opposite. "Xenai..."

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday September 17th, 2004

"If you prefer."

Jayce extended his left hand, forming a dark barrier before him, throwing the blades in wild directions as they struck it. Most flew off to the sides, though some were sent straight back at Zeros'.

He continued this pose for a few seconds, allowing Zeros' to use up his energy in his wasted attack. When he was satisfied, he placed his right hand on the handle of the sword strapped on his back and drew it. The curved scimitar was nearly 5 feet long, though he wielded it with one hand as if it weighed nothing. In a fluid motion, he slashed downward, sending a huge arc of crescent shaped energy slicing right through his own barrier and through all the impending blades-- straight through to Zeros'...


Draven turned to Haraldur.

"So you did this, huh? Not bad..."

He redoubled his aura, the water and snow below him began to evaporate. He extended his right hand and threw a wave of fire that disintegrated the bits of ice thrown at him.

"... for a kid..."

"You see, weather effects are nice... If you face an enemy who can't take a low powered spell... That's all this is, just a low powered ice spell spread out over a large area. Real magic is concentrated at a single point... allow me to demonstrate."

Draven dashed straight at the young Haraldur, raising his right hand in the air, a blade of concentrated flame formed.

Iduran struggled to keep his footing in the unstable snow.


In heroic slow motion movie-esque fashion, sword raised high, Iduran did a giant leap of faith towards the point directly in front of Haraldur. He collided with the burning Draven. What happened next happened too quickly for the old knight to perceive, but he found himself lying face up in a mixture of slush and snow.

Iduran looked at his sword, which felt lighter... A good eight or ten inches were missing from the tip-- sliced clean off. The steel on very end of the severed sword was glowing red...

Iduran was suddenly thrown into the air. He was staring into the mad eyes of Draven, who picked him up by the collar with one hand. Iduran thrust his broken blade into Draven's chest... but it did nothing.

Draven spun Iduran around, so that he was facing away from him and put the old knight in a headlock with his left arm. Iduran could see the blurry figure of Haraldur in front of him. Draven pressed two fingers from his right hand against Iduran's skull. He spoke to Haruldur:

"Let's try it the easy way, first. Show me some sunshine. Really, it's a tad difficult to fly in this type of weather, and I'm sure your mother wouldn't want you to catch a cold..."

Draven grinned as the fingers against Iduran's head began to glow a bright red.

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 17th, 2004

Haraldur saw all this, and noted the blade was still inside Draven.

"Easy way? What would that be?"

Very quickly, without moving his arms, Haraldur caused Iduran to be teleported (somewhere) away.//Xorlak, you choose where to put him, and Zeros, I notice you are still teleporting quite a lot.// At the same time, the blade was made very cold, and then exploded inside Draven.//To be quite honest, I do not see how Draven can escape this... sorry...// Also, a small but powerful tornado was created by the explosion, and was inside Draven //and probably helping the explosion to rip him apart, unless he survives//. At the same time as all this //sorry, but the younger Haraldur is *very* mad// a *very* localised storm cloud appeared over Draven, by just a metre (three feet) and hailed and there was lighting going towards Draven. 7 different lightning rays. (This all happened in about 1/1000 of a second).


The elder Haraldur started to realise that quite soon he would be able to leave this small parallel dimension he had sought refuge in. It could be mere minutes, it could be hours, but either way, he would be out. He wondered how his namesake was doing. He hoped he would not get too hot tempered.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday September 17th, 2004

// Enter the Gelu <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /> Check the signu-up section... I decided to have some active, third, character in the end //

// Haraldur, Haraldur... not too many things in 1 post? you're FAR over-powered... //

"That's enough, lad." - a clear, growly voice slightly muffled by scarf wrapping around face of an albino in white robes echoes behind Haraldur, coming from direction of caves, hardly visible in the blizzard.

"Altough I appreciate your aid to the Romme, I don't really thinking you stand any chance against Dark Empire. Let the things happen they way they're intended to."

During the talk, Gelu already preppared his spell, then after ending it, snow falling before him suddenly gathered into one cone of ice, hard as iron, which then with a cough-like sound he directed toward Haraldur's head at extreme speed.

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 17th, 2004

//Draven had just insulted him, and younger Haraldur is hot-tempered. I am playing to the role. He is furious. Oh, and the stuff in my post has happened, I just do not want people to think what you have done would affect it, it would make things to complicated.//

Haraldur turned around. A cone of fire and burning oil rushed out of his fingers. The ice coming towards him was obliterated. The fire continued forward, going towards Gelu.

"Who are you? And why did you do that?"

Gelu's robes caught fire a little at the bottom. A fierce wind then came, looking to blow Gelu back a bit.

"Leave me alone. I will not allow the Dark Empire to gain a foothold in this region, nor will I allow it to subjugate another nation."


The elder Haraldur started to eat the salted meat he had stored in this place, along with water. He practised a few spells in this black space. He caused it to rain burning oil. He caused volcanoes to form and then disappear. Satisfied, he waited for the portal to open.

Posted by: Trent on Friday September 17th, 2004

Zion and Xenai glared at each other, in a standoff.

"You know that if we fight each other, it will only be a tie," said Zion.

"I know that," came Xenai's response.

A few more seconds of standoff-ing, and they both started to charge up Omni again, glaring hatefully at each other.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday September 17th, 2004


Gelu's robes caught fire a little at the bottom. A fierce wind then came, looking to blow Gelu back a bit.

We should check some midrash and determine whenever controlling of character's clothing is against the rules or not...

You're far overpowered anyway... You're like one character who marches in with thousands of rock trolls, telepathy, ability to kill whoever he likes etc... There's some sort of fun associated with combat, while you prefer kill-in-2-posts technique.


With mere look, Gelu instantly put off fire on his robes before snow could do it for him. He raised his head and looked at Haraldur with his red eyes shining among the snow storm. He seemed unaffected by the wind.

"The Dark Empire shall soon control most of the known world anyway. The Emperor has arrived and his will shall soon be done. Fighting is futile, the only way to survive is to unite with the strongest force of this world."

"I guess." - he added, after a short pause, as if he weren't sure about what he was saying. With the signs done with his hands, he began to gather freezing cold air before him.

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 17th, 2004

"I do not have time for this."

With that, the younger Haraldur rose up in the air. He cast a stasis spell on Gelu, in hope of causing him to stay still for long enough for him to find Iduran. He then started flying, against the wind, and then with the wind (because the wind spins) towards the northern point.

Where could Iduran be?


The status of the opening was becoming such that the elder Haraldur could now look on a general view of the map, and see large objects. Soon he would be able to see closer.

Hmmmm... a large ship near Romme, larger than normal in that region, a lot larger than normal. Probably a Dark Empire ship. He cursed his hastiness at getting to the Dark Empire's heart too early.

He hoped his namesake was OK.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday September 17th, 2004

// DAMMIT, Haraldur! you're truly going too far - spell/far escape/leaving Draven without answer to your attack... ehh teenagers these day with their viking temperament //

Gelu didn't even look at Haraldur, he raised his hand in the air and the spell was blocked.

"When I served Dark Empire, I was a master of counterspells..." - he said calmly then turned to see what happened to Draven.

Yes, he recognised Draven, and he couldn't say he liked him - but with Draven on his side, he might have been able to return to the ranks and be elevated in his position. Unless Draven screwed something up what Dark Empire wanted to achieve...

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 17th, 2004

Having got to the Northern point of the island, the younger Haraldur stopped. Iduran could be anywhere. He did not know where to start looking. Iduran could be in the forest, the port, or a thousand miles away.

He should probably help those resisting that Dark Empire, especially since it seems a large contingent of high up people from there have been gathering here, which is strange.

But, he did not know where to look for them either. He should just wait until the elder namesake returns.


The elder Haraldur looked at the portal. It was now completely open. With it, he appeared miles above the surface, and not very far south of Romme.

He descended slowly to a height of 100 metres. Then he started going north.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 17th, 2004

Duilin just sat in the tent, he saw a bunch of locked crates, he also a small unlocked box, it had a lock but it was open, so he limped over to it, and opened it up, it was full of papers, mostly lists of names. He also say some Journal papers, writen by Pophin, they were about suical thought, Veronika, things he found on scouts and past days. He fliped threw them, he noticed the name Nex and Darion come up in a few of them.

Pophin herd the fliping of papers so he jumped into the tent and swung his spear right infront of Duilin, he looks at him in rage!

"What in the hell do you think your doing!" Pophin yells

"I...was...just..." Duilin's mind went blank

"I outta KILL you, for reading my personal notes!"

"Well...what do you THINK would happen if you left somebody in here alone with an unlocked box?" Duilin blerted

"Hmph, I supose you have a point...I'm going to stay in here with you untill you have an answer for your question...I don't even know why Veronika is keeping you alive however."

"Umm....I remember now....I wanted to find Zeros' because he knew were....my magic scroll was." Duilin lied

"Magic Scroll? What kind of Magic Scroll??" Pophin asked

"Umm....It has the directions for useing the Explotion spell...."

"Well, that wouldn't be to good if you got it back, because if you learned how to use that then we would all be in trouble." Pophin then turned away to go get Veronika but turned back "Wait a minute! Nex taught you Flame Of Death, and that basically dose the same thing, so why the bloody hell would you want to know EXPLODTION! You are lieing my friend!!" Pophin pointed his spear at Duilins neck
"What dose Zeros' have!?"

"Ummm......I'm not telling....Kill me...go ahead. Death would only be a blessing for me! Come on do it...." He smiled at Pophin "DO IT!"

Pophin swung his spear back to stab Duilin in his neck but then Veronika grabed the edge of his spear.

"NO! Don't kill him...." Veronika ordered Pophin

Pophin noded and then sat down beside his box of notes

"Duilin my dear," Veronika said "it's okay to tell us, you see...If you do then everything will be better, you can come back with us, we will heal you up, and you can come back and join the Dark Empire, we'll even make you a Commander, what do you say?"

Duilin though for a moment. He used the Dark Empire so he could train up to defeat them, so why not try again, but he would have to tell her that Zeros' had the Iduran's Sword and that would be bad....

"Uhhh......give me some time to think about it...." Duilin said

"Very well, come out side, it's getting dark, we'll have a fire, Hmm?" Veronika smiled at him

Why was she being so nice to her all of the sudden? Did she like him or was she useing him so he would join the Dark Empire...

Posted by: Trent on Saturday September 18th, 2004

The two opposites continued to charge, all their hate for each other going into their magic. The spells were completely equal, and were completely synchronized.

"I guess we should see which of our allies are stronger..," said Xenai.

"Indeed," came Zion's response.

Xenai phased out, then back in behind Zeros', yanking him away from Jayce, and flinging him a few feet away.

Xenai aimed for Zeros', and Zion aimed for Jayce. The two opposites were synchronous in the launching of their spells.

"Consume all, flash of death!"

The black bubbles appeared around their targets, and the gravity increased again, this time, shooting higher than before.

Xenai was very confident now... He knew for a fact, that Zion would be severely fatigued, as neither of them could cast Omni more than twice.

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday September 18th, 2004

(Oops, I meant by "doing nothing", that the blade did not even pierce Draven's armor. Sorry.)

(Rules: Maximum of 2 posts per day, 2 actions per character per post. Thanks.)


Much to Draven's surprise, rather than stop the raging storm at the threat of his friend’s life, the boy opened up in a rage of attacks. But the first move Draven recognized-- a short range teleportation spell cast on Iduran. Iduran began to fade and disappear in Draven's hands, but so did Draven. The spell caused both of them to disappear and reappear right behind Haraldur, a few hundred feet back, for a teleportation spell will carry all people that touch the castee with it. From this view Draven could see the boy follow with an intense ice spell right where he was previously standing, which kicked up such a cloud of mist that it was impossible to tell that Draven no longer stood there.

The boy was a talented no doubt, but obviously inexperienced. Draven could hold his laughter back no longer.

"AH HA HA HA-- oooggh!!!"

Draven suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side, and he dropped Iduran, who fell on his knees in the snow. Haraldur had somehow managed to charge Iduran's broken sword with ice energy as well, and the old knight gave him a good stab in the right side. If the sword were not broken, it might have been fatal.

"You miserable old wretch!"

Draven stepped on Iduran's back, forcing his face into the snow.


The blue aura of the broken blade faded. Draven extended his right palm and angled it downward at the old knight's head.

"Well, he didn't listen. I guess you die..."

But he paused for a moment, looking up to the sky.

"Hmmm... I have another idea..."

He scooped Iduran off of the ground, placing him in the same head-lock position as before. Iduran struggled.

"Unhand me, you blasted--"


He applied some pressure to the old man's neck, and he became limp... The two began to float into the air.

During this, Haraldur was being attacked by a warrior Draven did not recognize. Haraldur left at once, apparently he was unsure where the teleportation spell was meant to go. Draven shouted down to the frost mage, assuming him to be an officer of one of the other generals' divisions.

"Many thanks for the distraction. I'll see to it that you are rewarded once our goal is complete..."

The force of the blizzard began to wane, turning more into a heavy snow. It was clear that the boy had his mind on other things, rather than focusing on keeping the storm at full strength...


"What the--?!"

Jayce suddenly found himself under the force of a gravity attack. Unlike Draven, Jayce had seen this type of spell before, and instead of fighting the force from all sides, he put his energy into a single thrust of the sword, effectively "popping" the bubble encasing him. It was that green haired guy again.

Jayce held his sword horizontally in front of him, the long curved blade resting on his left hand.

"You've made it clear that you want to fight. Hmmm... perhaps you can tell me where the sword is..."

His blade began to emanate darkness, rather it was the effect of rays of light not being capable of escaping from it...

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 18th, 2004

Zeros' was about to block the energy when Xenai pulled him away and incased him in a gravity ball. The gravity was increasing and he could feel it.

Zeros' managed to move and thrust his katana through the barrier and make a small hole in it, which he managed to slip out of.

"Nice try..."

Genma, Zev and Qeni looked at the battle in silence. Genma was the first to break the silence.

"Zeros' and Jayce are far more powerful then they both preceive...and Draven also."

Zev looked at Qeni and spoke to her mind. You think this old martial arts master is telling the truth?

Qeni only nodded to Zev's question, they also noticed Draven and Iduran float off behind them.

Lets go Zev... Qeni said to her compainion. Zev nodded and they started floating off slowly towards the direction of Draven and Iduran.

"Good luck. The wheel of time is turning, and now we might not be able to stop it." Genma said to the two figures.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday September 18th, 2004

A few mintues past. Pophin, Duilin, and Veronika were sitting around a camp fire.
Duilin has had no treating on his womd but a small bandage, that won't help much, so he is still in pain, and the spear went very deep in him anyways. So if he tried to run away, he would move to slow and he would be shot down to death by Veronika if he tried.

Pophin just stared into the fire. Veronika was lieing back, leaned against a rock, with her shot gun in her right hand, and her left hand inbetween her head and the rock. Duilin was sitting across from Veronika and a few feet away from Pophin, he was holding his cut, it had stoped bleeding, but if he had pressure on it, it wouldn't hurt as much. Duilin wasn't sure why, but she had her eyes on Veronika.
Then he started thinking
I wonder if I should re join the Dark Empire. Like, there evil and all but, what if there my only hope to a good life? But if so, wouldn't it make lives bad for others? Like, they go from place to place, wipeing them out, stealing there stuff, getting magical weapons for some reason only god knows, and kill people, and the lucky ones get forced to join, like me.....and...Pophin? Why is he so loyal to the Dark Empire? He could sneak away! There had to be a reason....

"Pophin?" Duilin says

"What!?" He say sounding annoyed, not even looking at him

"Why do you want to stay with the Dark Empire?"

Pophin turned to him "Because! They helped me, they made me feal good about my gift of sneaking, they gave me a purpose in life. You my friend, could easily have been made a purpose in life to, but you see, joining Romme was a poor idea, because we are going to kill every last one them! The Kingdom is nomore" He smiled "You see, if you choose to stay with Romme, you shall die my friend! You shall die on the battle feild, by getting killed by some soilder. But you see, if you join the Dark Empire, you may die, but you will have a far better chance of survival, you shall have the greatest victory. Veronika even said you will become a low rank Commander. That's better then me, and only one step lower then Veronika."

Duilin thought for awile, he was abit scared to hear that he accually had a point. He wanted to find out more however.

"Who are you people? Like you and Veronika? What divison are you?"

Veronika then decieded to answer that "We a small group of people hired by The Emporer himself, to make or enemies join us, and work seperately from the others. It was originally, me Darion and next, but those two decieded to join Draven, because they knew he needed help finding the sword. So Darion brought you. You see, Darion was accually under my command this entire time! You just failed to notice."

"But why did Darion tell Draven to turn agaisnt me?"

"Darion is a fool, I'm glad you killed him. Nex however was alot better then him, he wanted to kill you because he knew that you would turn against us someday, so he told Darion. That's why."

Duilin had made his choice, now, he didn't want to re join, not after what happened the first time, he may die, but at least he'll die proud, he'll die fighting for the good guys. It is better to die happy then to live sad...

"Do you know were we can find Nex?" Veronika asked

Duilin smiled "Yeah...And I've made my choice, I'll re join you guys, I only wanted to get back at Darion, now let's get back at Romme!"

"Excellent! Excellent! Now first I want you to go find Nex, Pophin you go with him!"

Veronika passed Duilin a potion. He drank it and his cut started to heal! He and Pophin headed over to the cave....

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday September 18th, 2004

Tsar was angered by the ineffectiveness of his attack.

"I wasted a perfectly good staff.." he said, with kind of a sad tone.

He then took some Psi from his body and focused it into his hands.

Slowly, a stick formed, about 2 feet long, but Tsar was not finished.

He added more Psi to the object, and slowly, he formed chain link, 15 feet long.

He continued, and added a sphere to it, around 2 feet in diamater.

He then focused closely on the sphere, and spikes popped out of it.

He had formed a Morning Star, entirely out of his own Psi.

It was bluish in color and it phased a bit, slowing it was not a true solid.

Tsar smiled a bit.

Seth was starting to bleed pretty bad from his gun shots, and had a hard time staying concious.

He got to the point where he couldn't distinguish reality from his hallucinations, and began babbling something along the lines of, "Where is he? Help him!"

Nevina continued her onslaught against the soldiers.

She cloed her eyes and prayed, removed her necklace and wrapped it around her blade. It then glowed with the intensity of a star and she screamed as she slashed at the soldiers.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday September 18th, 2004

The younger Haraldur suddenly noticed something: his namesake was somewhere to the south of him. He flew directly south.

The elder Haraldur saw him. He flew to him.

"How are things?" said the elder one. "I seem to have lost Iduran," said the younger one.

"Hopefully he is OK. However, it seems that the Emporer has his ship here. Hopefully we can destroy it. Do this with me."

Haraldur the younger caused burning oil to rain onto the ship, and the elder one brought forth a hurricane centred very powerfully on the ship, and only affecting the area immediately around the ship. This resulted in there being a swirling wind of hot burning oil, which destroyed all the trees it touched, making them disappear completely. The trees were on the outside however, the ship was suffering the full force of the nightmare. Surely it could not survive this?

//I think you should decide the ship's fate Xorlak.//

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Saturday September 18th, 2004

Shin left the camp, following Nevina's intensified aura. It was a fair distance from his current location, so he figured that he had better leave now. He nodded toward Sigilus as if to say 'You better take good care of her' as he was leaving, and he entered the maze of green leaves and newly arrived white snow. He intensified his ice aura so as to allow him to fly a short distance unaffected by the snow. As he rose, Shin saw Nevina locked in combat. He didn't stop to watch; he zoomed in and landed behind the soldiers. As he landed, he formed his ice sword and slashed through one of the soldiers, cutting his head clean off.

Sigilus and Gyulim were busy enjoying their dragon meat with Nameless...even if Dragon's meat isn't very tasty.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 18th, 2004

Zeros' saw that the effect of Jayce's opposer.

"Gravity magic...nice try girl. Out of my way." Zeros' flapped his wings and flew past Xenai and towards Jayce, his sword at his side, slashing downwards, hoping to hurt him or catch him off guard.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday September 19th, 2004

// hmm... I got a bit confused - when was Haraldur when Draven/Iduran got teleported? was he escaping already toward the northern point or what? and did Gelu got teleported as well? //

"Very well." - answered Gelu. - "The Romme knight has been taken care of. I guess I should look for this ... foreign warrior, an enthusiast of weather amnipulation..."

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday September 19th, 2004

(Since long range teleportation is illegal, Draven and Iduran simply teleported a few feet behind Haraldur and Gelu. Heh...)



Before Zion could answer, Jayce raised his sword to meet Zeros'. The swords met hard and Jayce flew downwards a few feet. He held his sword loosely to his side.

"What fun... HA!"

He waved the blackened blade over his head, emitting three large pulses of dark energy. Two headed straight for Zeros', the third for Zion.


Draven rose higher and higher with his hostage. Soon he was in full view above the four locked in battle-- Zeros', Jayce, Zion, and Xenai, and the three onlookers-- Genma, Qeni, and Zev (yet still below Tsar).

He voice boomed as he shouted his threat to Zeros':

"Listen up, flyboy! Hand over the sword or the geezer gets it!"

He pressed his fingers to Iduran's temple as he did before, his hand becoming red hot with flame. He then spoke softly into Iduran's ear:

"Let's hope this one's more cooperative. I really don't want to get blood all over my cape... heh..."

Iduran regained consciousness. The blurriness faded from his eyes to revealed a great battle in the sky... it was the winged man that appeared before him while he was sick in the cave. Apparently he had the sword...

Iduran struggled with all his might:

"Zeros'! Don't do it!"

Through the flight upwards he had still managed to clutch onto the broken broadsword. He began to frantically jam the blade into Draven's armor once again, but to no avail. After the third attempt, Draven raised his knee and caught it between his elbow (for he had no free hands), snapping the flimsy metal in half, where it fell harmlessly to the ground. He tightened his grip on the old knight.

"Any quick moves and he's through! You hear?"


A great wave covered the entire ship... the collossal vessel seemed to entirely dissappear... for a moment... But the sea of water fell off of it as if it were encased in a massive glass bubble... The mist surrounding the ship circled violently, in the opposite direction of the hurricane force winds, making the ship's surrounding air calm.

However, the conditions just a few yards from the ship were extremely violent. Although protected, the ship was immobile and landing troops would be impossible as long as the storm raged on.

Deep within, in a dark room...

"What is this?"

Neptra bowed low.

"It appears we are under attack."

"They attack us with water... how ironic."

"They seem to be using some type of flame attack as well..."

"Does that matter?"

Neptra smiled.

"Not at all."

"Deal with it."

"As you wish..."

She stood up, moving a strand of hair from her face, and strided out the door...

Posted by: Trent on Sunday September 19th, 2004

//Heh... Omni doesn't work that way, but oh well.

"The sword? I don't know what you're talking about." Zion unsheathed his Eternity Weapon, flowing with light, and whacked the incoming darkness attack away, barely able to from his great fatigue. He looked up at Draven, who had Iduran hostage. "Oh, crap..."

"Idiot... You're mine." Xenai glared at Zion, then flew away to the nearest landform, landing and shoving his Zero Weapon into the ground. He started to chant.

Zion looked over at him. "What the...?"

Soon, the sword's already flowing darkness started to flow more.

"Damn you, not today!" Zion started to fly toward Xenai, but he was doubting his ability to stop him. He had used far too much energy already.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 19th, 2004

Zeros' smirked at Draven's treat. Zeros' deflected the two pulses of dark energy coming towards his with a swift slash of his sword.

Before Zeros' could proceed to rescue Iduran, Genma then also phased in then back out (phasing is basically great speed, but Genma can't move as fast as Zeros', so he doesn't go as far) a few feet below Draven.

He floated up the last few feet and put both hands behind is back in fists (he is still holding his cane in his left hand).

"Now now Draven...Did the emperor tell you to kill Iduran?"

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 19th, 2004

Two of Nevinas wild slashes landed on the only livinbg soldier, cutting him into three sections.

Nevina then reclaimed her Scimitar from the soldier, then casually said, "Hi" to Shin.

Seth slipped into unconciousness.

Tsar took his newly created morning star and desended back to the battle field.

Tsar, now standing 10 feet from Zeros', swung his morning star, aiming to wrap Zeros' up in the chain of psi.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday September 19th, 2004

The elder Haraldur caused great boulders to appear far above the ship and fall down onto it. He also caused lighting to appear in the clouds of burning oil and strike the ship.

The younger Haraldur caused many rocks the size of a head to appear horisonally next to the ship, on all sides, and move to and smash into the ship. He also caused spikes of rock to crash into the ship from underneath, out from the water.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 19th, 2004

Zeros' held up his sword and let the chain wrap around his sword. The morning star wrapped around his sword, but it did not break.

He tugged at the morning star and pulled Zeros' forwards. While Tsar was flying towards him, he held back his left hand and formed a fist.

When Tsar reached him, he proceeded to punch at Tsar hundreds and hundreds of times at 100 punches every 0.3 seconds for 5 seconds.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday September 19th, 2004

Pophin and Duilin arived near the area were Nevina, Seth and Shin were, they hid behind a near by tree.

"Who was that asain?" Pophin wispers to Duilin

"That, was Shin, some Artain guy, or something." Duilin wispered back

"How do we get by them?"

"Like this!" Duilin says breaking his wisper and pounding Duilin in the face, knocking him out. He picked him up, Pophin was about a foot smaller then him, and very light, he had him over his sholder. And he walked over to the others.

"Hey everyone I'm back!" Duilin says, smileing for once

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 19th, 2004

//The psi chain is under Tsars command. He can make it translucent if he wants, anything. It's Psi. He can maniplate everything about it.//

Tsar merely laughed at Zeros' attempt. Before he got within reach of Zeros' fists, he had the Psi become a liquid for a moment, freeing Tsar from Zeros' pull. It then rehardened and Tsar had it turn to liquid once again.

It lapped around in the air as if gravity did not exist and the chain and ball became a mace. He then swung at Zeros' head.

/elapsed time: 5 seconds, 4.955 of the seconds being the time where the psi was changing/

Nevina smiled as Duilin arrived, glad to see he was alright.

Seth then came to and rasped, "ugh.. a little help.. here..?".

Nevina then rushed to Seths side.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on his wounds. She then moved her hands back and the bullet followed, coming out of Seths flesh.

Nevina then praid and the wounds began to close up.

"AhhhHhh.. Seth said, half in pain and half in relief. "Thank You.." He said, with a kinda grim smile on his face.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday September 19th, 2004

"Well, I captured this here guy who attacked me...I'm abit tired accually. Potion's make me drousy, I'm gonna go back to the cave and sleep, I'll tell you the story later, See ya." Duilin walks off, he nods at Shin as he walks by him and enters the cave.

A few minutes later he ties Pophin up, beside Nex's grave stone and he heads into his messy room and removes his armor and goes into bed and quickly falls to sleep....

//Well, se you guy's next week! <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' /> //

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Sunday September 19th, 2004

Shin smiled at Nevina.

"Tracking your aura wasn't exactly easy; you should learn telepathy," Shin said with a wink.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 19th, 2004

"Hmph...nice trick." Zeros' mearly sidestepped away from the mace then phased in then back out behind Tsar. He twisted his free arm behind his back and point the sword right at Tsar's neck.

//Since Tsar is physically weak, I dont see how he could break free without much struggle form Zeros', unless he has some other tricks up his sleeves.\\

Posted by: Cesque on Monday September 20th, 2004

"Hmm." - Gelu thought. - "The young one ran too far."

He looked around for some better task to do and noticed Zeros and Tsar fighting in the distance. Tsar was obviously on the side of Dark Empire, and Zeros was a demon - which could make him a bit tough ally - noticing how Tsar was in the range of Zeros' sword, the frost mage decided it might be good to aid him while during the same time, still being in general vicinity under where Draven was flying, in case he'll need back-up with the hostage.

He concentrated, closed his eyes, lower his scarf and took a deep breath, capturing remains of snow and cold air around within himself. Then, with a powerful force, he breathed out a spectral-looking ice elemental (sort of looking like flying genie or something, made from pure cold).

He opened his eyes and blowed his breath at the creature, which then fully awakened and began to head toward Tsar and Zeros.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday September 20th, 2004

Draven glanced downward at Genma.

"I can kill whoever I please. What kind of a question is that, anyway?"

Draven looked up. Zeros' and Tsar resumed fighting, and now that frost mage was entering the fray from below. His threat was being ignored...


Draven ignited in flame. The aura served as an energy source as well as a protective shield for Draven, but proves to be extremely uncomfortable for anyone else to get caught up in...

Iduran screamed at the intense increase in heat, now struggling violently.


A fireball appeared in Draven's right hand, and he held it right next to the old knight's head.

"Either produce the sword, Zeros', or just outright tell me you don't value his life. I'm not going to wait!"

Jayce lowered his sword. Both of his adversaries were stolen away from him and were now fighting someone else, and he flashed Draven an irritated look. Blizzards, street brawls in the sky, and now a hostage situation... what next?

Jayce lifted his blade and rested it on his right shoulder, watching Iduran struggle. Bah, all's fair in love and war, I suppose... He's going to kill the old man too...


Neptra stood on the deck of the mighty black vessel. The torment just outside the barrier of mist was unbelievable... Lightning, boulders, fire, stuck at the sides... the clamor was deafening. The deck was empty, for all the soldiers had hidden for fear of their lives...

"Weather mages... probably more than one..."

She ran to the edge and leapt off, cutting through the mist below the ship and diving into the water... This is where she is most comfortable, the water elemental has no trouble breathing under water...

As she descended into the depths, great jagged boulders arose off of the sea floor, aiming to pierce the bottom of the ship. She allowed them to pass, then raised her hand. The water below the vessel congealed and froze rock solid, stopping the assault from below.

The water itself was very rough, due to the storm above, but she molded a steady jet stream to push her outward, away from the ship. It was obvious that the attackers were some distance away-- it would be foolish to create a storm like this and throw it upon yourself. She rose closer to the surface, yet remained under water, scanning the air above for anything suspicious...

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday September 20th, 2004

The elder Haraldur clicked his fingers, and all the attacks on the ship stopped instantly: rocks disappeared etc..

"This does not appear to be working. This ship must be for those of high rank. We must try to find more subtle ways to destroy the ship, or find other ways to prevent their escape."

"What you say is true," said the younger Haraldur,"but maybe we are simply not hitting it hard enough?"

"That is a possibility, but, this being the Dark Empire, I expect that they have other means of escape anyway."

They noticed a small disturbance in the now still waters.

"Let us go," said the elder one.


The younger Haraldur quickly muttered something. The water below them and all around the island caught fire. It was actual water burning.

Then they both flew north, with schemes of entrapment being sent to eachother's minds.

The elder said, "What two cannot do, 20000 have a better chance of doing."


Posted by: Cesque on Monday September 20th, 2004

The weather was changing. First cold, then immense heat as some aura nearby was activated - Cheetah got enough of this! He woke up in his wyvern form, brushing off snow from his wings, then turned to human being and quickly leapt down from a tree, effectively falling on his back.

As he stood up and tried to resist the spine ache, he noticed some quite visible flame-like object in the sky.

"Draven!" - that seemed obvious to him, altough he was still yawning after being woken up by thermal shock.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday September 20th, 2004

Tsar, struggled against Zeros' hold, but to no avail.

He then dropped his mace and concentrated on it.. it then went to the liquidish state and latched onto Zeros' Chest. It then hardened and began to tighten.

"haha.. release me and I won't break you're ribs!" Tsar said, quite gleefully consitering he had a sword pointed at his neck.

Nevina said, "Sorry it was so much trouble, Shin." She then helped Seth up and he began to stagger about.

"ahhh.. feels good to move.. I'm lucky you were around.. Nevina." He said with a grin. He then picked up his Falchion.

"What should we do now..? Quite a rumble going on over there.. But we still need to seek the Dragon. I'm with you either way.."

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 20th, 2004

Zion came up fast upon Xenai, watching Draven's aura ignite. He was going to kill Iduran if someone didn't do something. It was obvious to him that Iduran was the good guy in this conflict.

Zion tightly gripped his Eternity Weapon, letting some of its light flow into his body, and giving him enough energy to attack Xenai. "Eat steel, Omega!" came the battle cry as Zion came up on him.

"Wha...?" Xenai turned around just in time to feel the force of an upward slash cut into the body armor on his torso, underneath his clothes, and sending him back for far distances, crashing through the ice as he flies over it, but not going into the ocean, like Sonic the Hedgehog running on water at high speed. When he runs out of momentum, he finds himself laying down on the ice.

"Gotta do something...!" Zion thought to himself as he absorbed all the light from his Eternity Weapon, dropped it beside him, and gripped the Zero Weapon shoved into the ground. He tried his best to absorb the energy, and sure enough, as light swallows darkness in real life, the darkness converts to light and starts to flow into Zion's body.

Xenai gets to his feet. "You're dead, bastard!" He flew toward Zion at high speed, with intense rage flowing through him.

Zion freaked out. "Crap, crap...!" His eyes then narrowed as he picked his Eternity Weapon back up, and forced all the light he absorbed into it. The Eternity Weapon was now gold, overflowing with that much light. He slashed downwards at Xenai as he came up to him, and sent him into the icy water.

"Your turn," said Zion quietly to himself as he turned around to face the distant Draven, tightly gripping his Eternity Weapon. He was ready for one more go at him.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 20th, 2004

"Now now Draven...you really should control that temper." Genma floated towards Draven a few more feet then phased out then back in behind Draven.

He grapped the hand that held his fireball and held it towards his own head. Genma also held his other hand right under the small of his back.

"Unless you want to be forever scolded by even the smallest heat source, release Iduran." He then looked over Draven's shoulder and yelled out something to Jayce.

"Oh come on now Jayce...you know I won't die that easily...heh." Genma started to do his trademarked laugh.

Zeros' looked at the water and sighed.

"Go ahead and try. Ive broken every bone in my body more then 3 times over my hundreds of years as a warrior."

Zeros' lowered his sword down about an inch and reached the base of his spine. He charged his sword with ki energy //Ki is the opposite of Psi, Ki is from the body, Psi is from the spirits\\ and thrust it as hard as he could into the man's body.

Qeni and Zev were watching Gelu summon the ice spirit and decided they should do something. They both hovered over and intercepted the spirit.

"Leave now." Spoke Qeni, she didn't like fighting one bit.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday September 20th, 2004

//Actually from what I understand Ki and Psi are the same. Psi comes from bodies too, as Tsar was summoned energy from himself before. Everything has psi in it. the Moon does not have a spirit, yet Tsar draws psi from it. ah well. A Stabs a stab//

Zeros' jab hit Tsar in the base of the neck, severing his spine.

Tsar had lost all control over everything from his neck down.

But this was no concern to Tsar. He could kill Zeros' without his body..

The Psi around Zeros' tightened, with enough force to burst Zeros' heart. Tsar then took the ki energy that was thrust into him, along with psi left from the flame barrier, and used it to create a new being.

It had no face, and lacked detail, looked like a blue puppet, and thus is exactly what it was.

Tsar had full control of the Psi figure, and had it form a rapier sword, 3 feet in length.

It then slashed wildly at Zeros'.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Monday September 20th, 2004

Shin dispatched his sword and his ice aura, then looked around. He sensed Jayce's aura on the island...

"Nevina, tell me, have you seen any generals of the Dark Empire around here?"

Jayce...Shin would never forgive him for killing his family, and for leaving a permanent scar on his back in the shape of a crescent moon. But more importantly...his family's treasured spear was taken. It was time for revenge...

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday September 21st, 2004

Cheetah turned into cheetah formed and hurried with all his speed toward the source of fire in the sky...


"Children should not teach master mages how to deal with magic." - Gelu looked in direction of Queni and Zev. They must have surely been of some aid to that demon. - "Do not try to come in my way!"

He moved few stepped toward the children, prepparing an orb of frost with his hands, then released it to fly like a fireball at extreme speed, leaving trail of cold fog.

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday September 21st, 2004

(Eh? Genma has the fireball pointed at his own head?)

"What do you think you're doing, you senile old fool?!"

Draven flashed the ancient warrior a cold look of irritated rage. If looks could kill... he was about to...

Jayce had seen it all now... Sword supported on his shoulder, he began to slowly float towards Draven, Genma, and Iduran. Now why would Genma try to save that worthless old man...?

Draven held Iduran up tightly with his remaining arm.

"Unhand me, you worthless scum!"

Draven let loose the crimson orb into Genma's face. It was enough force to blow a normal man's head clean off...


(Hmmm... set the water around the entire island on fire... lame...

Heh, I suppose Draven, who is an actual fire mage, can snap his fingers and incinerate the island itself in an instant? Let's tone done the catastrophic spells a bit. If you want to do an attack of that magnitude, at least have your character take a few posts to gather the energy. And be descriptive!)

Neptra stopped. There appeared to be a burning wall of flame directly above her. She raised both hands to the water's surface, causing a spout of water to shoot up, breaking through the flames. As the water rained back down, the rest of the flame disappeared. She rose to the surface. As her feet were even with the top of the water, a perfect circle of water froze underneath her, giving her a spot to stand on in the middle of the ocean.

Two black specs were flying away northward. The assault on the ship had apparently stopped. Had they simply given up or had her presence scared them off? Jayce or Draven would probably pursue them, but Neptra was different... She had accomplished what she had been ordered to do. Nothing more was necessary. She folded her arms and the disc of ice began to float back towards the great black ship...

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday September 21st, 2004

//The two Haraldurs have now passed away from the northern point of Romme.//

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday September 21st, 2004

Zev stepped infront of Qeni and grabbed the orb in his teeth. He burst the cold orb with his white fangs; the cold air disappatied...

"We warned you..." Qeni pointed a finger forwards and Zev charged at Gelu's head, teeth glaring. Qeni also charged a ball of something...it had no definate shape or color.

She also threw this at Gelu.


Zeros' was amused at Tsar assult. Some of his ribs were crushed, but not enough to disable him. The puppet slashed at his back, but Zeros' was able to grab the blade before it hit him.

Zeros' charged his sword with ki energy and broke Tsar's chain with his sword. He phased out then back in behind the puppet and thrust the sword through his chest.


Genma was an old martial arts master, a fireball, even aimed at his head, did almost nothing.

"Draven, Draven...You still understand nothing." Genma reached around Draven's chest and thrust a finger at a point about 2 inches blow his neck on the right side of his chest.

"This is the full body cat-tounge. It effectively weak VS heat. Even luke warm water will scold you."

Genma started to laugh. "If you want it to be released, give me Iduran. Or you will forever be scalded by heat, your forte."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday September 21st, 2004

The Puppets sword melted in Zeros' hand, then turned into a spear in a milisecond, with the point in the space that middle of Zeros' skull is/was occupying.

As for the thrust, the puppet was uneffected. Its body hardened around the sword, making it difficult, if not impossible to pull it out.

//The Psi puppet is invinsible in a way. You cannot kill it through normal means, as it is not a living thing. Shooting a puppet will not stop it, you must go for the puppet master. Tsar must be weakened to the point he has to draw the psi from the puppet into his body to survive for the puppet to die, or you must destroy the psi itself by some means//

Nevina said, "No.. not a high ranking general anyways. Some woman with a.. projectile weapon of some sort.. came by and took Duilin and wounded Seth, but their both fine now.. Why do you ask?"

Seth swung his Falchion a bit, then decided to test a new move..

He kneeled down on the ground, one hand pointed to his left, the other, the one with the sword in it, pointed forward. He muttered an incantation and the sword began to glow with a warming, yellow aura. "Moon Sabre..." Seth muttered in awe.

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday September 21st, 2004

"You under estimate my abilities, Outsider." Zeros' cracked his fingers on his left hand for a second then thrust his hand where he saw his sword stuck, in a literal 0.1 seconds, he had jabbed over 100 times, effectively releasing his sword.

"I will not lose this sword...It is my only rememberance of my mother and father.

Zeros' phased out then back in right behind Tsar.

"Puppet master...what does your future hold?" Zeros' sheathed his sword and slowly flew away.

"Try to find another purpose. Your soul is hurting, you don't even want to be here, or even under Draven's command. Find me agian when you find a purpose." He said as he looked at Tsar.

He flew down and floated to Qeni's height.

"Hey there girl..." He patted her on her head then hugged her. She looked up at him and smiled.

Several hundred years ago...a small village near the future Romme.

A village was burning. The thached rooms and wooden walls were turning to embers. Many villagers slay slain in cold blood as steel connected to flesh.

A father viciously faught with a sword longer then his own body, he was a very tall man, reaching heights of 6'3. The bandits surrounded the man, but one by one they were slain till only there leader was left.

The leader was a very tall man, but his eyes held a sad look. He deftly slain the fighting father. This child looked on as his father was slain in cold blood.

The leader walked to the child and patted him on the head.

"Sorry 'bout this kid..." He handed him his fathers katana. The bandit leader walked away and then collapsed on the ground; dead. Everyone involved in the raid was slain. His father, mother, sister and brother.

An old man (Genma) appeared to the child. "You have much untapped power..." Genma took the crying child and the sword away from the village, even more so, his sister and brothers bodies disappeared from his sight and seemed to be dragged to heaven.


"Brother..." She hugged his as well and started to cry on his shoulder.

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

Gelu closed his eyes, rised his hand, and stopped the spell flying toward him in mid-air few meters before it reached it's target, causing it to explode instantly, missing target.

"Magic... magic is no match for me."

He opened his eyes and looking at Zev running toward him, he pointed a thinger and began to shoot small icicles, solid as steel, at the kid, one after another, like a machine gun.


Cheetah finaly reached the area. Many folks were there - but in the air, he noticed Draven holding someone... Iduran. Around him, some woman was phasing around, looking a bit weird.

Cheetah didn't even bother trying to speak in this situation, he turned himself into a wyvern, flew to Draven's high (but kept distance, it was hard to resist the heat at close range), then spat a bolt of acid at him. Not really sure if it would work, but at least he might be distracted. Altough this was also not too possible. Oh well.

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

//The two Haraldur's are nearing Víkingagarð.//

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

(Haraldur, perhaps you should describe their travels rather than mention them as side comments. Heh...)


Draven stared Genma straight in the face.

"Heh heh heh..."

He smirked, and then bellowed out in uncontrollable laughter.


He tossed Iduran towards the ground like a rag doll, and the now unconscious old knight began to plumet hundreds of yards, spiraling towards the ground.

"Are you serious? I suppose being hundreds of years old does make one senile. Never have I heard of such a ridiculous claim!"

His smile instantly disappeared, and he assumed a cold posture of hate. His right hand moved like lightning, grabbing the old master by the throat. His fire aura blew his hair as he spoke.

"You must understand your place, old man. Your pathetic little spells, kung fu magic, or whatnot will not work on a High General of the Dark Empire, your superior. I don't care if you are a personal arm of the Emperor, you just attacked a superior officer. That, my friend, is treachery. And that, you will die for."

At that point he exploded, quite literally. The dim aura he had a second ago burst forth ten fold, emitting intense crimson light. The gray sky (just recovering from the blizzard) turned blood red. The snow below disappeared layer by layer...


Jayce watched the scene, half confused, half amused. Genma a traitor? Unlikely. He probably just has some beef with Draven. Who doesn't hate him? Jayce smirked at a thought that occurred to him an hour ago...

Bah, whatever. Genma would probably make a better general, anyway. Better than a miserable human...

He turned his gaze to the south, ignoring the multiple battles, the onlookers... Something was there... a cold presence... something vaguely familiar...

An evil grin overcame the dark man's face.

"... Aritan..."

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

//Describe? OK.//

The sea and air were still, and that is because that is how the two Haraldur's wanted it.

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

Wyvern-form Cheetah hurried toward Iduran, grabbed with him with claws, and with some effort managed to land several feet away on the ground, under the burning sky, further from the fight or it's spectators.


Gelu wondered what made Draven lose control over hostage, but he didn't really have much time - suddenly, a light burst out from Draven. A bit panicaly, Gelu tried to cover his whole face with the scar, then with a sign of hand, surrounded himself with a shield of ice, separating him from the rest of world like a window. The ice was dark and didn't let too much light in.

(as an albino, light was naturally dangerous to Gelu)

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

Jayce's voice was caught by the cold winds, and was carried far enough to be heard by the Aritan General, Shin Yong Tsing. Upon hearing Jayce's cold and cruel voice, Shin shuddered with fear...the very fear that he never showed before.

"He's...to the north...oh my god..."

Shin locked on to Jayce's aura and forged two daggers from his ice energy; power alone wasn't going to do anything...he needed speed, and the daggers could offer him just that. His showdown was to begin soon. He let them float in midair...he had something he needed to do first.

He looked at Nevina, his fear evident in his eyes. He waited only a few seconds before he threw himself upon her...

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday September 22nd, 2004

"Oh, crap!" A lot of energy shot out of Zion's feet, launching him toward Iduran at the speed he needed to go to save him. He caught the old knight, and gently laid him on the ground.

He looked up at Draven, phasing out, then in behind him, with his light-enhanced sword already coming down toward the general. The overflowing light left somewhat of a trail in the air as the blade came down toward Draven.

Meanwhile, Zion had another problem. A shivering arm shot out of the ice near the island where the Zero Weapon was, then another arm near the other, and Xenai pulled himself out, just barely alive. "D-d-d-d-d-damn y-y-y-you, y-you b-b-b-b-bastard!"

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

//Zev is a wolf, by the way and Qeni is an angel. Read back some posts to find out what happened\\

"Death would be welcomed by me, but I am not ready to die yet." Genma move his right hand (holding his staff) forwards and touched a spot near Draven's heart, giving him a one-second muscle spasm; that was all he needed to get away.

He phased out then back in a few feet away. He saw Cheetah fly away with Iduran, he'd have to get Iduran back another time. He recorded his ki signature and then refocused on Draven.

"Treason? No. Were you ever ordered to kill Iduran?" At the same time, he sent a message to the emperor.

Sorry about this...Draven was about to kill Iduran. We still need him right? Becasue if we do need him and he's dead, well then were screwed.

Genma simply erased all of his ki signature and disappeared from sight, not even the most skilled masters could find him now. This is the advanced version of the Umi-Sen-Ken, now he could only be seen when he wanted to be.


Zeros' looked up amused at his master.

"Haha..good one."

The light did nothing to Zeros', but he held his sister tight to make sure she didn't get damaged by it, or blinded.

Zev closed his eyes and then snarled...When the light disappeared, he saw everyone agian, including the ice shield Gelu put up.

He simply landed on the ground then jumped back up to Zeros' and Qeni's height, waiting to see what will happen.

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

The two landed on the ground and arrived at the royal drinking hall. They entered.

"Hi, dad. I would like ships for 20000 men and the men themselves. Things are getting interesting."

The king nodded. Some officials left.

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

(EoN: Cheetah the wyvern caught Iduran two posts before you. Heh...)

(Haraldur: I meant something more like:

"The two Haraldurs sped northward over the seas like the wind, a look of determination and resolve in their eyes. There was only one way to take the colossal ship down... Soon Víkingagarð would be on the horizon."

Not bad, eh?)


Draven released Genma, bending over and clutching his chest for a second, before pointing a glowing hand at the old master.

"Iduran? Is that his name? What does it matter if he dies or not?"

He fired off two crimson orbs, about a foot in diameter and a bit stronger than the last, but Genma vanished and the fireballs sped towards the ground, exploding upon impact and shaking the very ground itself.

"Coward! Where did you go?!"

He thrust both hands forward and downward-- another larger orb of crimson light appeared before them, swelling to two feet in diameter.

He turned his head, looking for his target, but instead saw Zion coming in fast.

"Insects! I will destroy you all!!"

Taking the larger fireball in his left hand, he heaved it straight towards the charging Zion.


Genma received a reply:

"Who is this... Iduran?"

(The Dark Empire doesn't really know the details. They just want the sword. That doesn't neccessarily mean you're not on to something...)


Jayce ignored the explosions, Draven's yelling, the chaos behind him... The sword is Draven's problem, not his.

This, however, could be more... interesting...

He re-sheathed the massive sword on his back and took off flying southward, leaving the aerial brawl behind. His black cape spread out behind him as he sped through the winds, like the dark wings of a dragon...

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

The leader of the Romme empire. Do you want him alive? Genma said to the emperor.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

Cheetah turned to human form and wandered a bit off from the battlefield. Which didn't mean Draven wasn't able to launch some epic fireball at them any minute.

"What is happening? Who are all these... newcomers?" - he asked Iduran.


Gelu didn't really care much about what was happening, as long as Draven was playing with his fire/light effects. But he knew something went wrong.

Posted by: Trent on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

//Heh... Whoops. Need to read these posts more thoroughly.//

Tsu was shivering in the cold. "Man... How'd it g-get like this?" He climbed onto his cabin, then jumped from its roof onto a tree, then jumped to another tree, then another, and another. He got up as high as he could, and looked around, seeing the conflict as little dot people with swords and fireballs. "What the...?" Tsu jumped off the tree. Dumb. He crashed into the ground and rolled forward several times, and would be seen now with swirly eyes if he were in an anime.

As Zion swung the sword down, he noticed the fireball coming in. It was too late. The fireball scorched his body, and he was sent flying.

"I got it!" Xenai jumped high up into the air, grabbing Zion. Zion turned his head to look at him. "...You."

"Yeah, me." Xenai spun around, and threw Zion straight down towards the ice. Zion sucked much of the overflowing energy from his Eternity Weapon, giving himself enough energy to land on his feet and do a backflip away from the now crumbling ice underneath him. He looked up at Xenai. "You're not my problem right now!" With that, he took back off toward Draven.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday September 23rd, 2004

Now that Zeros' had left him, Tsar decided he should use the time to repair his severec spine.

He focused on the back of his neck, and his eyes flipped back in his skull.

His body shined with a red aura, and a gold band circled his neck.

It then tightened around, then absorbed into his skin.

It acted as if it were a welders flame and his spine were steel bars.

The pain was unbareable, but Tsars neck was now repaired.

"Ha.. I only you understood my predicament, Deamon.." He said.

Then to himself he whispered, "But he's.. right...."


Nevina was knocked down by Shin, and he now lay on top of her.

"YaaH! wha.. huh..?..." She said, her voice getting lighter every syllabol.

She laughed and tried to played it off a bit.

She then looked looked intently into Shins eyes, and wanted to hug him in a way.

Seth looked over at Shin and Nevina and sighed.

God I hate human nature.. he said, as he slashed at a few bushes, incenerating the leaves with the aura.

"Whatcha say we go kick some Dark Empirian ass, eh Duilin?"

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday September 24th, 2004

Draven brought both arms to his side, glowing brightly, as he watched Zion begin another charge from below.

He pressed both hands together in front of his chest and began to pull them apart slowly, a stream of fire flowing in between. When he was satisfied with the length. he grabbed one end of the pillar of flame with his right hand and released it with the other, the flame molding into his familiar crimson blade.

Raising the blade of flame above his head, he dove diagonally downwards, spiraling straight for Zion, crimson flames streaking behind him...




Jayce had come to the foothills of the mountains in the center of the island. He landed on a large plateau with a drop-off on all sides. The terrain was relatively rocky, yet flat, only a few shrubs struggled through the stone ground. An idea battlefield...

He folded his arms and closed his eyes, his black cape and black hair flowing in the wind, 'watching' the aura not far from him... He'll come...


"Do whatever is necessary to obtain the sword..." was the reply to Genma.


Iduran opened his eyes, seeing the familiar face of Cheetah. What a relief...

"I have... no idea..."

He struggled to sit up.


He reached into the pouch he was carrying with him, and drank the M-Potion he had stored a while back. Now he can stand, and he did so, facing Cheetah. Blast, no weapon...

"Hmmm, you wouldn't have seen a young man around here, about 16 or so years of age, would you?"

Blast it. Now, where was Haraldur?

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday September 24th, 2004

While Iduran was wondering about the younger Haraldur's position, both of them were on ships. There were hundreds of ships around them. Most of them were going in the direction of Romme. Those going to Romme had over 20000 men on board. Streaks of energy could be seen passing from ship to ship, and the ships travelled in an almost synchronised way, but there was no obvious communication. The commanders used telepathy to talk with eachother. And the winds were totally favouring them.

The ship with the two Haraldurs on was not going to Romme however, but was going to go to the other kingdoms around Romme, and to places further afield on a diplomatic mission. Their first destination was to be Tjed, a nation which, although it was at was at war with Romme ten years ago, is now on very good terms with the island.

The elder Haraldur hoped the local kingdoms and the more powerful outside ones would take them seriously. After all, they had not had serious war with the Dark Empire before...

//Xorlak, I will make up places as I go along, unless you create them (which would probably be better, since things would probably get less muddled, or at least, less muddled than if I just create places to try to persuade.

Oh, and, what happened to Iduran's ability to use wind spells? (See the Bio of him in the first sign-up.)//

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday September 24th, 2004

Duilin awoke and then exited the cave. He then looked over at Shin and Nevina. He started to feal a little bit jeaouls, not because of he liked Nevina, but because it appeared they loved each other, or something, when, has had no true love, sure there was those hot Dark Empire maid's he's been with, but he never seemed to have love. He then smiled and cuckleded at the two, and then turned around over to Seth.

"Yeah sure, I guess so, let's go. I'll show you were Veronika's camp is!" Duilin says


"Huuhhh?" Pophin groans, opening his eyes. He has a spiting head ache, and he seems to have been tied up very tightly. He then notices what has happend. "Ack!! I knew we should have trusted that traitor...Now were's Nex...He then looks around, and spot's what appear's to be a broken, badly named Grave stone, however, the name Nex was still readable. He then say a small note

Okay, Pophin, here is Nex.
I told ya we would find him!
Have a great day!

                Your friend
                  ~Duilin Talonscar

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Pophin yelled in rage. The sound could be herd from in and abit out side the cave.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday September 24th, 2004

"I have no idea." - Cheetah answered Iduran. - "I guess he moves form place to place, messing up with weather, but when I arrived, he already left, I guess."

What was really going on? The surroundings changed into one big battle, with people Cheetah never saw before. Something bad must be going on.


From behind the ice barrier, Gelu could notice more streams of flames. Draven must have been fighting someone. He raised his hands and suddenly the barrier of ice melted into water which then dropped on the ground.

Some newcomer was fighting Draven... And the general lost control over Iduran. Basicaly, not good. But for a short while, Gelu decided just to watch how it all unfolds.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday September 24th, 2004

Genma nodded to himself in his invisible aura cloak. He focused his mind and found where Cheetah landed. He landed on the ground then speed towards there, reaching the location in a few seconds.

Genma released his invisible aura cloak and waved to the two, he kept his ki at a very low level, not trying to aurouse anyone.

"Iduran...you have to come with me." He touched down his staff on the ground and put his other hand behind his back.


Zeros' pushed Qeni away gently then unsheathed his sword and twirled it, looking at Gelu.

He looked to Zev and then closed his eyes.

"Zev...protect your sister." He just nodded. He also wanted to protect her.

Zeros' landed and reached right infront of Gelu.

"A former agent of the dark empire..."

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 25th, 2004

"And who are you?!" - Cheetah asked.


"A winged demon protecting some two kids and opposing Dark Empire..."

Gelu did not waste time for longer conversation - he raised both hands and in each, he began to form cones of ice.

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday September 25th, 2004

Draven continued the mad spiral towards Zion, raising the blade just before impact...


(Yes, Iduran can do a few spells, but he needs a sword to channel them... Feel free to make up your own countries, just don't overdo it.)

Iduran assumed a psudo-martial arts stance, for the poor old knight had no weapon and was totally defenseless. This man did save him from Draven, but for what reason? He didn't exactly look like he was on the good side...

("Blast it! Where did Zeros' hide my blade?")

"For what purpose?" he replied after Cheetah asked his question.

Posted by: Trent on Saturday September 25th, 2004

"Think fast, Zion!" Zion thought to himself as Draven approached. There it was. That was the time to strike, as Draven raised his sword up. He was so open right there.

Draven seemed to use fire a lot. So ice would be most appropriate for this. Within the short window of time, he mixed some ice magic with the remaining light in his Eternity Weapon. The blade now overflowed with a swirl of gold and ice blue.

"Haaaa!!!" came the battle cry as Zion thrusted the sword forward toward Draven's chest with all of his might, and the light energy inside his body put behind it.

Xenai only watched from where he was.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 25th, 2004

"The emperor wishes to speak to you about your blade, Iduran."

Genma didn't move from his position. He was more then enough for these two. He seemed to disappear as he sped towards Cheetah.

He stood behind Cheetah with a smirk on his face. He tapped a spot on the back of Cheetah's neck and made him drop to the ground, paralyzed.

"Now if you don't want that to happen to you Iduran, come with me. I promise no harm will come to you."

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 25th, 2004

He stood behind Cheetah with a smirk on his face. He tapped a spot on the back of Cheetah's neck and made him drop to the ground, paralyzed.

Against rules, but let say you succesfuly done it <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' />

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday September 25th, 2004

Tsar felt like stabbing himself with his own psi to end his life on this plane, but the hold the Dark Empire had on him prevented him from such an action.

"I have to be set free..."

Tsar flew to where Draven was.

"Draven! I demand you release me at once!.. I can't continue this.. I hate you. I hate the Empire, I hate the Master! I refuse to continue the assault on Romme." Tsar demanded.


Seth smiled. "Lead the way!" He said, as he swished his Moon Sabre-ed Falchion.


Nevina waited for Shin to react, as she reached her arms around his body.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday September 25th, 2004

As Seth, Nevina, Duilin and Shin were gathered and Seth agreed to follow Duilin to go to Veronika's camp, a tired, wounded, wet wizard headed toward them, mumbling some words under nose.

"Damn it... Dark Empire fleet... Someone messing up with the tides... All the pleasure of being waken up washed away into the middle of ocean - which then begins to burn suddenly... Wandering in shadows trying not to be detected by the new-arrived bastards searching for someone known..."

He headed closer to the group.

"...but I am NOT DEAD YET!"

Obviously, in the mentally and physicaly exhausted mage still something from Scorchy could be seen. He gathered all his strength, made a solemn looking posture, as if nothing happen to him and looked around, noticing that - to his strange dissappointment - Duilin was still alive.

"Going somewhere, you guys? A hunt for some Dark Empire freaks? Need some help?"

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday September 25th, 2004

"Oh hey Scorch, were have you been? Ah nevermind, were goign over to a camp ground were I was taken. Want to come along?" Duilin says. He's a bit pleased he is here, but he is pleased that he has Scorchs magic on his side, not him.

"HEAY, DERE dood! Howz it goin?" Slurs a Drunk soilder at Pophin how was tied up.

Pophin then looks at him, noticeing the man is indeed drunk. "I don't supose you could help me out friend?" He says

"Shure! Eye CAN! I'll jist, tak owt me nife and cut dem ropes off ove ya!" The drunk then started to cut the rope at the position of his arm, he cut the rope off and he cut Pophin's arm.

"OOOOWWW!" He yelled in pain, grabing his arm, it was bleeding. "You idiot!" He swung his Scitmar right at the drunk's face, killing him. He then looked around, nobody was there. He then went into a near by room (Duilin's) he then removed the drunk's armor and put it on himself. He then, smacked some dirt on his face, and dabed some blood, from his hand onto his face, he tore abit off of his cape and wraped it around the cut on his arm, he removed his cape, and stuffed it in his shirt, makeing him look abit fat. It would take a smart eye, and somebody who has know him for awile to tell that he was Pophin. He draged the dead body and put it over by a different one.

"Well, Pophin, I say you ARE a smart one." He then cracked his knuckles, and then wander over to near out side of the cave. He spoted Nevina and Shin.

"Hmmm....I best not go to far or they might find me out...I'll just make small talk with the other soilders..." He walks around over to wear a few of the other soilders are.

"Hey what was all that yellin' about?" One soilder asked him.

"Ooo, that was me, I got a bad cut on my arm cause I feal on a broken sword. I'm okay now..." Pophin then walked away from them, he was abit worried about being caught. He went back into the room he was in before and started thinking for awile.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday September 25th, 2004

//I can always change it, but oh well\\

Zeros' looked up at Tsar and saw him, he smiled. He phased in and then back out.

"Looks like you've made your choice."

Zeros' grasped his katana in his hand then then stabbed it to where Tsar's heart would be.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday September 26th, 2004

The ship was going at a moderate speed: they did not want to appear threatening to anyone. The wind was in their favour.

Then suddenly a long large blue scaly lizard thing burst out from the water. (Posidon, anyone? <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /> ).

Immediately some one hundred Berserkers who had been sailing/rowing the ship cast spells almost simultaneously.

A very localised storm cloud appeared directly over the beast, and it was hit by several lightning strikes. A tornado appeared above it, creating a waterspout which it was trapped in. Large lumps of rock appeared to the sides of the waterspout, and rushed inwards from all sides. The initial impact would be bad, and then there would be secondary damage because of the rocks spinning around in the water spout. The same was done again but with sharp bits of metal, which were then often hit by lightning, causing the whole waterspout to glow, increase it temperature, and electrocute a few passing birds. Then the water inside then started to burn, causing the beast to writhe in agony once again, while still being cut and bruised by electrified metal and rock.

Blood could be seen mixing with some of the burning water, and quite a lot of it.

The two Haraldurs created a large rocky spike which stuck out of the water from the sea bed, and then the elder one shouted an order to his men. The beast was propelled very fast and at angle upwards by the waterspout, and then was impaled on the spike. It was dead.

Another order was made, and waves of blue surrounded the spike. More colour went into it: it was now permanent.

The elder Haraldur said, "May that serve as a warning for Tjed not to try to attack us again while we are in its territory." He then cast a spell of a green colour on the bloody corpse of the beast, making it so it would last forever until the spell was uncast, so the gruesome sight could be seen forever.

The ship then started to come in to land, and there were troops on the beach.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday September 26th, 2004

"Sure, I'll go along." - answered Scorch. - "Pleased to see you're still alive, Duilin, hehe... Someone tried to take you hostage or what? Anyway, let's teach these imperial fools some respect... Show us the way."


Noticing how Zeros suddenly phased to attack Tsar, Gelu launched both cones of cold at the winged demon.

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday September 26th, 2004

Draven saw the blade swing at his vulnerable side, but it was too late to move his crimson blade to block it, and he took the full force of the stab. His aura of flame was built up enough so as to absorb much of the ice energy, but the attack also served to weaken the aura as he flew to Zion's right, out of control.

He stopped some twenty feet from Zion, clutching his chest with his left hand and losely holding his blade with his right. Although his skin was not pierced, his aura was, and he still fealt the shock of it.

He looked at Tsar, then to Zeros' who had just returned to attack, then back at Zion.

"Another traitor... Insects... All of you... I will destroy you all!"


He threw his arms back, his aura of flame regenerating and increasing as he yelled. His crimson blade increased in length as well... the end he was holding onto as the handle began to grow outward from his hand until it was the same length as and shape as the blade on the opposite side. He had forged a new weapon, like two swords with their handles stuck together, except his was made of condensed flame.

He spun his new weapon around wildly.

"Die... DIE! You will ALL DIE!!!"

He had lost it completely...


(Rule: The result of one character's attack is determined by the recipient of the attack. But if that's okay with you, Cesque...)

Iduran turned around, gasping as Cheetah fell unconsious, his only line of defense...


His heart sunk...

"My blade... what are you talking about?"

Okay, bad lie, but it was worth a shot.

"And... how do you know my name?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 26th, 2004

"Don't worry about how I know it. I need you so we can figure out how it works and the emperor wishes to see you. No harm will come to you if you come with me....unforcably."

Genma looked up at the sky and sighed, waiting for Iduran's response.


Zeros' looked at Gelu. He glared at him and held out one of his hands and formed a gun with his pointer finger and thumb and shot out ki energy, just enough to ver it off course.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday September 26th, 2004

"This general seems to have problems with controlling his emotions." - Gelu said to himself, noticing Draven's spontanous reaction.

Noticing Zeros' move, he instantly focused and tried to counter the energy... but he suddenly got knocked on the ground with it's force.

"Of course..." - he said, standing up, almost unharmed. - "Ki is energy of body. It cannot be countered so easily with counterspell magic... I will not make such mistakes again."

Instead of wasting his efforts on some other spell, frost mage decided to wait for his opoonent's move this time.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday September 26th, 2004

Tsar Grabbed Zeros' sword as it was thrust at him, putting deep cuts in his palm.

He winced a bit, (as there are lots of nerves in your palm) and said, "No Zeros'.. I can't die yet.. Justice must be served. The only way I'll allow myself to die is at the hands of the Empire, after slaughtering many.. Just have to break this hold.."

As he finished his sentence, a wild swing from Draven pierced his skin.

".... The blood of the summoned drawn from the summoner...." He whispered.

He ascended up, a flash of black, white and gray appeared, ingulfing Tsars body. The Black started as dominant, It was then eaten by the white, which was then engulfed by the gray.

The blob of gray light decended, and disapated, leaving only Tsar there.

He smiled, "Thank you, you pitiful little mortal..".

Tsar then rebuilt his aura, and his eyes shined like oil.

"Uhmm.. Hi Scorch.." Seth said kind of awkwardly, trying to hold back his snickering as he looked at him.

"Well Duilin... Scorch pffttt... urmm.. let's go!"

Nevina waits on Shins response

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday September 26th, 2004

Ragnar thought: hopefully there will be some fun here. He was slowly flying towards Romme.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 26th, 2004

Zeros' landed on the ground a few feet from Gelu.

"A former servent of the empire..." Zeros' tried to read his thoughts. He had a very blackened soul; he has no emotions at all.

"An emotionless being..." Zeros' took up a stance no one had seen before. He spread his feet and raised his blade to his head, the pointed edge pointed outwards to the right and the flat edge could be seen reflecting his eyes; he has ice blue eyes that held no emotion in them, the Soul of Ice technique.

Zeros' speed increased even more, this time he actually appeared to disappear, no after image, any dust or smoke.

He appeared a few inches from Gelu and charged his blade and used the Yama-Sen-Ken, charged with ki and air. His force of the air made his jacket blow away, a brief indentation of something was on his back was shown, but quickly his attack stopped and his jacket returned to its original postion at his feet.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday September 26th, 2004

Gelu knew what was coming. As Zeros began his trademark attack, Gelu's red eyes suddenly appeared to have been put out. Moments after this, as Zeros launched his devastating strike, Gelu liquised himself in fractions of a second: he turned into pure, cold water.

As the attack landed, it's force blasted the water few meters from Zeros, then it suddenly began to rise in the air and almost instantly turned back into Gelu, who stood up looking at his demon opponent. He fixed position of his skull cap who was fell slightly more to the left side of his head after the teleportation.

Not thinking much (as usually) Gelu lowered his scarf and put a fist before his open mouth. He blew air from his lungs, which - striking his fist - began to surrounding it, creating a cloud of freezing cold air. With a rapid move, frost mage made a throwing-like move with the fist and all the air surrounding it instantly turned into another ball of ice - this time, a tracking/homing one directed at Zeros.

Gelu was master of finesse when it came to spellcasting...

Posted by: Trent on Sunday September 26th, 2004

//Yay, I hit him! Thank you, 3 years of chatroom RP experience!//

Tsu watched the scene as best as he could, but he was really far away.

Zion watched Draven swing his blade around madly. "Good god!" He tightly gripped the hilt of his Eternity Weapon. He's gone crazy... His mind is blinded with anger. He won't be able to think rationally. If I had enough magic force, I'd cast Omni on him... But I used it all...

Zion watched Draven very closely. What can I do? I have to use something that would require him to think rationally to block it. Aha! Having to think fast, Zion used the best idea he came up with, and created a ki ball packed with as much energy that would fit in it, floating in front of him. It was relatively small, and it would explode upon hitting anything. It was flung at Draven using a gesture to him.

Xenai watched the ongoing conflict. A blind man cannot shoot an arrow..., he thought to himself as he watched Draven.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 26th, 2004

Zeros' agian made a gun out of his finger, but this time it was more concentrated into a single beam of ki energy, almost not being able to be seen by the human eye.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday September 26th, 2004


Everyone does know where the sword is though right?

Posted by: Trent on Sunday September 26th, 2004

//No. But I don't think my charries are supposed to.//

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Monday September 27th, 2004

Shin got back up and left...following Jayce's energy signal through the forest labyrinth.

Posted by: Cesque on Monday September 27th, 2004

// The sword? I have no idea. //

Gelu noticed his opponents wants to attack with the ki force again, and commited no mistake this time: he enlenghtened his hand in direction of the energy ray and formed a shield of ice, against which the energy smashed.

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday September 27th, 2004

//Sword? I think Zeros' has it, but I am not sure.//

The army of 20000 was halfway on its speeded up journey to Romme.


The two Haraldurs and their men landed on the beach. They walked up to within metres of the terrified army.

The elder one shouted: "Go away!"

The army fled, so much was their terror at seeing their holy guardian killed.

The two Haraldurs started walking towards the nearby capital city.


Ragnar decided to create chaos to attract attention to his arrival. The ice turned black and toxic. And all the trees started burning, causing some ice to melt and then evaporate, releasing a toxic hase around the island.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 27th, 2004


Its jammed of Zeros' back, through his skin and near his spine, thats what "his jacket blow away, a brief indentation of something was on his back was shown" is. The indentation is the sword jammed in the back of his skin.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday September 27th, 2004

Draven held the crimson-dual-blade in front of him horizontally as he took off raging towards Zion. He met the ball of energy with the right blade, swinging diagonally downwards and directing the resulting bigger-than-expected explosion leftward, away from him. In the same motion he began to spin in the air, spiraling nearly 360 degrees and thrusting the left side of the blade downwards into Zion...


The birds were singing, the wind was calm...

What a perfect setting... to slay...

Jayce remained unmoving, eyes still closed, forming a mental image of the cold aura approaching...


"Figure out how it works... So you can kill more people? Haven't you done enough to us?!"

He paused. Obviously his answer gave way that he knew about the blade. Ooops...

"If I knew anything about how to use it, we wouldn't be in the predicament would we?"

He chopped the air in a hero-esque fashion.

"I'll have no part in helping you figure it out!"

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday September 27th, 2004

Nevina thought Shins sudden withdrawl rather rude, but decided to follow him anyways.


Tsar, now reformed to an "Ally of anyone against the Empire" charged up Psi, drawing from the ice around him.

He then formed a large lance, and had it bond with his arm.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday September 27th, 2004

"Iduran...you still understand nothing." Genma disappeared from view and disappeared behind Iduran.

"Sorry about this...old friend." Genma raised his staff and aimed at the back of his neck; right where he hit Cheetah.


Zeros' didn't give Gelu any moments to do anything. He used his emense speed and disappeared from sight and behind Gelu.

"The ki of the body...the magic of the soul...psi of the earth..." He muttered to himself, speaking to no one in particular.

He sheathed his sword and backed up about 16 inches and focused some of his ki into his fist.

"Hooo...." He punched towards Gelu, ki releasing from his hand and hoping to hit Gelu.

Posted by: Trent on Monday September 27th, 2004

Shoot! For a crazy guy, he's still very intelligent! Zion saw what was coming, and dropped a few feet from the air, sheathing his Eternity Weapon, and used both of his hands to fire a large ki wave at Draven.

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday September 28th, 2004

Suddenly struck from behind, Gelu was knocked on the ground. His skull cap with turban-like cover of back of the head fell on the ground, revealing his spiky white hair. He could feel the pain in his back. He coughed and noticed drops of blood falling from his mouth on the ground below.


He instantly stood up, raised both heads and with a loud scream spiraling energy began to gather, circulating around him, fusing him with power. His eyes began to glow as never before... ("enchant" spell)

"Don't get me aggravated, damn demon spawn..."

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday September 28th, 2004

Ragnar noticed there was fire in the distance to the north. He flew towards there./


The two Haraldur's came up to the castle gate, unimpeded. Except by the gate itself. It was magically shut, and done very powerfully too.

They sttod side by side, raised their hands towards the gate, and the gate smashed into many small pieces, about the side of knives.

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday September 28th, 2004

Draven's blade hit thin air as Zion fell below Draven. Seeing his opponent free his hands to ready a ki attack, Draven released his right hand from the weapon, charging crimson energy in the fist and aiming downward. He released a wave of fire that met his enemy's blast halfway. The two opposing energy beams slammed together, emitting bright flashes of crimson and white light as the winds tried to separate the two warriors. Zion had the advantage at first, as his attack was released a split second before Draven's, but Draven corrected the momentum imbalance with an increase in power...


Further tensing his arm, he sent a bulge of increased energy down the column of the fire wave, slowly forcing Zion's blast back on him...


Iduran didn't have time to contemplate that remark; he instantly fell limp as the heavy staff connected with the back of his neck. He fell face first, unconscious...

(You can grab him and take him wherever you want.)

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday September 28th, 2004

He's too powerful! Think! Employing a split-second desicion before getting fried by the ki beam, he flew to the side, aborting his own ki wave, Draven's wave barely scorching his arm. He cringed as he flew up to Draven and slashed downward at him directly from the sheath, in Battou Jutsu fashion.

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

Ragnar came up so that he was quite near to the fight, only 100 metres (300 feet) above it.

A, sort of, hollow globe of small rocks (the size of a head) appeared around Zion and Draven, and then all the rocks went inwards, at varying, but fast, speeds.


The two Haraldurs walked through to the throne room, unimpeded, smashed the door into the throne room, and entered. Then the elder Haraldur said, to the king who was there, "What the hell do you think you have been doing?!"

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

//Today is an early dissmisal day, so I get to go on comp for a little bit//

"Allright then let's get going....Umm..." Duilin started to try and think back were it was, Pophin lead most of the way back to the cave when he left, and he realizes that he can't fully remember were it was. He dosen't want to look like a fool so he deciedes to "pretend" he knows were it is "...let's get going" he starts leading the way to a decertion he "thinks" the camp is.

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

Genma sighed and looked at Iduran.

"Sorry about that..." Genma picked up the limp Iduran and hiked him over his shoulder and started to levatate towards the Dark Empire's ship.


Zeros' looked at Gelu with a smile.

"Demon spawn? No. You have it wrong." Zeros' sheathed his sword; now it was time to get serious.

Zeros' spread his feet and made his left hand out infront of him into a karate chop postion and his right hand a fist; he also grew his other wing. (When Jayce pulled them out, he only regenrated one wing)


Qeni and Zev weren't any help here, so they decided to float off towards the direction of Duilin's group.

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

Duilin turned his head as spoted something

"What the? Those are those, things, that were scareing Pophin? What are they?" Duilin says pointing to Qeni and Zev.

//Duilin did not witness the trasformation and dose not know that they are them//

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

"I have no idea." - Scorch said. - "What do you propose? Kill them just in case they can be dangerous? Altough I doubt a wolf has any chances against us, so we can as well live them alone - this 'Pophin' doesn't sound like some courageous brave warrior to me."

Scorch looked at Queni and Zev strangely...

"They don't look too natural to me either..."


"What an idiot..."

Gelu conjured a snowstorm all around himself, filling the surroundings - but not really an especially large area - with snow. His flesh seemed to solidify, and his skin became reflective. He looked now like a creature formed from ice itself...

"...to mess with Dark Empire was a mistake, but to mess with me is suicide."

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

"I have no fears. No one can scare me. No matter who faces me...I will prevail. I haven't lived over almost a millennium to be killed by an ice sorcerer."

He looked down to the ground and a tear formed in his eye. It trickled down his face and splashed to the ground.

"I still have great respect for you and for everyone I face" He hesitated for a moment. "...and kill."

He slowly flared up his aura melting all the snow that came near him.

"Now. You shall not stop me for reaching my goal." He released his stance and walked forwards slowly and disappeared; now he was behind Gelu.

He cracked his fingers and quickly jabbed, concentrating his ki energy into heat, punching 500 times at second. Punching his hurt his hands, but he mearly shifted his pain somewhere else; another technique taught to him by Genma.


Qeni and Zev saw the cave. They were all still there; thats good. They had much to inform them on.


Genma flew higher as he noticed to cave off to the side; he didn't want to get caught pulled Iduran away.

I hope this goes like I want it too...Maybe they can come to a compromise. He thought to himself.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

(What is with you and interupting my one-on-one duels? Heh...)

Draven swung the blade in his left hand upward, meeting Zion's in a flash of red. The force from the impact sent the two warriors in opposite directions for a brief moment.

Before he had the chance to counterattack, Draven saw the earth attack coming in from all sides. Thinking the attack was from Zion, he outstreatched his arms, blasting his aura outward to his left and right, disintegrating the boulders barreling towards him on impact (and inevitibly destroying many heading towards Zion as well).

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

Zion watched Draven destroy the part of the Earth attack coming toward him. Zion created an energy shield around him, strong enough to vaporize the stones that got near it. "Thanks for taking care of some of those for me." With that, he flared his aura of light and charged at Draven.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

Tsar analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that, there was really nothing he could do about Draven. All these others were attacking him.

Tsar then remembered; "The Armada!". The thought struck Tsar dumb.

Neptra would be coming.. That could pose a problem.

Tsar warped about 20 feet, still carrying his Psi-Lance, then flew towards Neptra's ship.

Seth followed Duilin.

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday September 29th, 2004

Qeni and Zev landed near the cave; they hoped they weren't too late and no one did anything foolish.

Qeni looked around and saw everyone that was there the previous day. She simply sighed and then smiled.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Thursday September 30th, 2004

Shin continued following Jayce's energy signal, totally oblivious to the fact that Nevina was following him.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday September 30th, 2004

"Respect?" - Gelu made an impression as if he was laughing, but he wasn't actually.

Respect, ethics, morality, emotions, beliefs - all were things which tried to prevent people from achieving real power. The ice mage paid no respect to them - the experiments with cold and water magic and magical jewels permamently influenced his mind and soul. Some part of humanity was replaced with cold energy itself.

He could feel it - same as he could feel Zeros' moves.

"Be the water."

He said to himself, after liquisiding his form again, but this time the water almost instantly evaporised before it could fall on the ground and not too long after that, in place left to where Zeros was trying to use his super-fast attack, a giant blizzard broke and from the falling snowflakes, Gelu was formed.

"Finesse is the key."

He could barely be seen in the whole blizzard area that formed, in the white mist of constantly falling snowflakes only his red eyes glittered.

"Stop you from reaching your goal? What is your goal, demon?"

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday September 30th, 2004

//Well, in this case, Draven is fighting in the air, and, with Draven being quite a pyromaniac, when he fights in the air he is very easily visible, even obvious. Anyway, Ragnar is not going to be taking sides here in all likelihood.//

Ragnar rushed towards the two fighters, went supersonic, causing a large sonic boom. Zion, who was nearest, was the one most likely to be hit first, and if Draven did not move and Zion was hit, then Zion would be bashed into Draven.


The stunned king of Tjed failed to asnwer, just sitting there with a shocked expression.

Frustrated, the two Haraldurs dragged a table from the side of the hall to a position in front of the king, placed a map there, and stared at the king.

The elder one said: "We have some information of which you should pay attention."

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 30th, 2004

"My goal...is to become to strongest. I wish to unite the world under one power."

He steps forwards, his true aura was unleashed; the aura of the phoenix. The jewel on Zeros' sword was now eminating a bright red glow.

"You and the Dark Empire wish to stop me...and I shall not die till my goal is realized. I made a promise to someone long ago."


Genma continued flying with Iduran slugged over his shoulder.

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday September 30th, 2004

Draven dashed up and to his right, just slightly out of Zion's tradjectory, raising the dual bladed weapon and aiming to thrust it downwards into his opponent's head as he passed, but as he looked up he was distracted... Another warrior was barreling in like a madman... someone unfamiliar.

"Another one?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 30th, 2004

Zeros' looked up to where Ragnar, Draven and Zion were fighting.

Wait...Ive seen him before. Zeros' kept thinking something while looking up at him.

A voice popped into his mind.

Zeros' his name is Ragnar. He is a dangerous man. Said Genma through telepathy.

"Ragnar...now I remember. I've heard about you..." He said to the viking warrior.

Posted by: Trent on Thursday September 30th, 2004

Zion had missed Draven, and luckily, before Draven could stab him in the head, was sent flying by Ragnar's sonic boom. While Draven was distracted, he could strike! He righted himself and fired a large ki wave at Draven.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday September 30th, 2004

Tsar, having flown nearly half a mile, could see the Armada in the distance.

He sped towards it, as it seemed to enlarge.

He arrived, 10 feet from the ship.

He then decended, his robes nearly touching the waves.

He raised his arms to the heavens, and blue sparkles rose from the sea.

They swirled, endlessly around his being.

As he summoned fromthe waves, he intensified his aura to an extreme.

It was detectable from a 22 mile radius. (basically every known character can sense this)

He then phased out, dissappearing for about 20 seconds.

He faded back to visiblilty on the ships deck.

He then phased all over deck in madness, waiting for Neptera to appear.

He phased from bow to sturn, left to right, appearing as though there were 4 of him.

He then suddenly stopped, and his image remained in all 4 places.

Tsar swung his lance down, touching the deck, and all the 'copies' did the same.

Four Tsars smiled upon the ship.

Nevina continued silently following Shin.

"Something big must be going on for him to act in such a way.."

"...I can't let him hurt himself.." She thought.

Seth continues following Duilin to the 'camp'.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Thursday September 30th, 2004

A freezing sensation passed through Shin's chest...he was getting close to Jayce. He emerged from the labyrinth of a forest to arrive on a cliff overlooking a huge chunk of Romme...and there was Jayce. It was only a leap away...why bother flying? He powered up his energy, forged his sword, and called out to Jayce.

"Foul beast, you and I have unfinished business! I shall send you to the abyss!"

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday September 30th, 2004

Genma finally arrived at the ship to see Tsar had already arrived. He floated down, still carrying the uncoucious Iduran over his shoulder (left shoulder) and his staff in his right hand.

He landed on the very tip of the bow and looked at Tsar.

"Well, well Tsar...what brings you here?" He asked.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 1st, 2004

"Another Vikinggard madman." - Gelu told himself, noticing the newly arrived Ragnar.

He wasn't paying much attention to him, propably later he will mean so trouble, but right now, it would be better to get rid fot ehd disracted demon using phoenix aura.

From the middle of Gelu-created blizzard zone, suddenly 4 shadowy version of Gelu got out, looking a bit icy, but they were really spectral. As Gelu closed his eyes, concentrating on their control, they began to head toward Zeros.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 1st, 2004

Zeros' turned his head back towards Gelu and noticed the figures.

"Heh. Using mear illusions?"

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 1st, 2004

Gelu concentrated a bit more...

Suddenly, lances began to form in each of spectre's hands and they began to run toward Zeros.

When they got close enough, they suddenly stopped, simultanously throwing their lances at the demon.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 1st, 2004

Zeros' speed allowed him to grab each lance and throw it in the direction of the spectar, combined with his ki energy.


Cheetah's paralysis has worn off now.

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday October 1st, 2004

The king of Tjed, recovered slightly, and said "What do I think I have been doing?"

The younger one said: "Attacking us, while not being provoked, with us on a diplomatic mission."

"Diplomatic mission?"

"Do you know about the Dark Empire's invasion of Romme?" siad the elder one.

"What invasion?"

The two Haraldurs told them all they knew of found out about the events in Romme.


Ragnar noticed there were a couple of people below him, some demon type thing (oh, how many demons had he seen) and what seemed to be a very pale man, using much magic, mostly of the ice persuasion. Good. More fun.

Ragnar lowered a bit so as to be right in between Draven, Zion, Zeros' and Gelu, and then spread his arms out, arched his back backwards, and spread his legs out. Pure energy blasted out from him, causing a few nearby trees to disintegrate, and was going to envelop all of other people around him.


The 20000 strong fleet is nearing Romme.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 1st, 2004

Cheetah's paralysis has worn off now.

Dammit, against rules again <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /> If you put this crap on me against rules, let ME decide when it wears out at least, all right? Altough again, I am going to listen.


Also... can anyone tell me how ENERGY looks outside in the battlefield, dammit? "Waves of energy" - is this some mechanical wave spreading through the air or electricity or pure magic or what?


Cheetah stood up. Where the hell was Iduran? Who the hell is this new viking freak? Whatever it meant, Cheetah prefered to change to cheetah form and flee in direction of the forest, maybe he will find some safer place and other more friendly people...


The specters instantly vanished into thin air, before the spear could fly through them, then they materialised at same place.

"You can not kill what you did not create."

Through their eyes, Gelu could feel Ragnar began to spread destruction and the waves of energy who could soon.

The specters instantly began to phase through the air toward the part of waves heading toward Gelu. As the drawn close, they imploded - they exploded into themselves, with a gravitic field sucking also nearby air and energy into themselves, then exploded releasing harmless remains of captured substances into the air. Sacrificing themselves in the process.

Gelu opened his eyes.

"The demon is not a problem anymore. The viking madman is."

"So... why not get rid of the demon as long as he is not a problem?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 1st, 2004

Geez...I just thought youd like to have Cheetah active agian...*cries* Not really...but yeah you get it.


Zeros' dodged the waves with his speed and created a barrier of ki incase any of them were to hit him.

"..." He looked up at Ragnar then down to Gelu; looks like he had the same idea.

Zeros' spread his wings and started flying off towards the direction of Genma, maybe there was something there he could find.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 1st, 2004

"Scorch what is it with you and your, Kill this! Kill that! Destroy him! Destroy her! Destroy that! Nye, it's to late now, let's just get going..." Duilin says. He continues to lead the way to were he thinks the camp is.

He now complety forgot, he has no clue, he stops and starts to look embarest.

"Uhhh...hey guys umm....you'll never belive this but...." He stops, and chages his mind about telling them but relaizes it's to late "I...don't were it is...I forgot....I'm sorry....."

Pophin then looked around outside. Duilin and Seth had left, and Shin and Nevina were no gone. He removed his armor, and then started wandering around, in his catiously normal way


Veronika decieded to pack a few things and leave, and head her way back to the ship.

"Those two are most likey dead now, but I'll leave a note. She went into the tent and opened a bag, she srumaged around it untill she found a peice of paper, a feather pen, and a sealed bottle of ink. She wrote down a note and then pined it on the stump, with a sharpened stick.

Dear Pophin and Duilin

I have gone back to the ship,
Go there if you want to find me.


Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 1st, 2004

// Actually, Duilin, the moment you post it, Queni and Zev are already far from the team //

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 1st, 2004

//Ohh....I edit then!//

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday October 1st, 2004

"So, as you can see, we now think that the remainder of the world that is still free should all ally against the Dark Empire, otherwise it will be crushed,"said the elder one.

The king agreed to prepare to aid Romme, militarily, eventually, after some preparation, and agreed to have Tjed ready to war with the Dark Empire directly once enough allies had been brought together.

The younger one said, "Okay, we will now go to Aritan, as they are a major power."

The two Haraldurs left towards the beach and their ship.


After the more than orgasmic sensation of the energy travelling through him, Ragnar was elated.

Something similar happened when he created two spectre like creatures, which then started going towards Draven and Zion.


The 200 ships holding 20000 men reached Romme, and promptly surrounded it, and blockaded the whole island. 20000 streams of light went upwards from all the soldier sailors on the ships. The streams of light curved over the island, reaching over the the opposite sides of the circle, from all directions, creating a wireframe of a dome over the whole area of the island and the sea around it.

This dome protected against objects coming in or going out. Anything touching the dome would be instantly detected by each and every ship commander. It would also block the escape of an object, and would attack it for good measure. It was not fool proof however, it was possible to escape, but very hard, and you would be detected.

Inside the dome, Romme's sky was criss-crossed with lines of light, of each and every colour. Each line seemed to be a rainbow. There 20000 of them.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday October 1st, 2004

The four Tsars turned to face Genma and in unisun said, "I am here to bring destruction to the pitiful alliance that is the Empire. Shall you stop me.... (one Tsar read Genmas mind and discovered the Martial Arts masters name) ...Genma?"


Seth turned to Duilin and sighed.

"Well that's just wonderful.. lost in the wilderness.. Dunno the way to our destination.. BUT I've been in worse situations.."

"Scorch, would you please fly upwards and see where the hell we are.. you know.. seeing as how you're the only one here who can stay in the air for more than 4 seconds.."

Nevina heard Shin shout and hid in the bushes.

"Damnit.. why can't I fly..?" Nevina asked herself.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 1st, 2004

"I can't let you destroy the Emprire yet Tsar. I still have much to do." He got Iduran off his shoulder and holstered him under his left arm and supported himself with his staff in his right hand.

"Outsider...if you wish to leave the realm, just tell me. I can grant you wish. I have seen too much suffering and I wish to stop this, Zeros' has the key to the next world of piece, but he wishes not to give it up."

He put down his defenses and waited for Tsar to attack.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

"Ah, but.. 'we' cannot let the Empire last any longer. I refuse to leave this plane until Revenge has been recieved.. Much Dark Empirian blood must stain my lance before I will allow myself to exit your world."

The Tsars Fired up their auras to the point that liquid could not penatrate it. They then flew under the ship and each jabbed the Ships hull 5 times, piercing the ship.

They then flew back upon the Deck, loosened their auras and floated about 9 in. above the floor boards.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

Scorch, not too happy about the idea, lifted himself in the air and looked around.

- "You're right. We're in the wilderness. Camp... Camp... How does this camp look like? I can only see caves and sea somewhere in the distance."


Gelu noticed some lights in the sky.

"And now, what is this? Guessing from the amount of ships, these must be more Vikingard madmen."

"Why didn't I bring along the mighty armies of Zemestan, my homeland, controlled by Dark Empire?"

As usually, before acting, he decided to look a bit how the situation unfolds.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

The two Haraldurs reached the beach, entered their ship, and have now cast off and are heading to Aritan.


Ragnar noticed the rainbow lines in the air. He realised it would be very difficult to escape. He would have to kill everyone else before he could try to leave.

The first spectre slashed at Draven with its poisoned sword, and the other did the same to Zion.


A few unlucky birds crashed into the barrier, and were incinerated.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

"Well, you see, it's a camp, with, a browinsh green tent, and a stump, and, uh...stuff....." Duilin says scratching his head "Oh yeah, and there's a stump! Wait...I said that allready..."

Duilin starts passing around for awile, he then remembers that it was to not to far from the ocean.

"Look near the ocean! There should be a large boat, and then less then a mile away, there should be the camp."

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

(Phew! Miss a day and I'm a page behind!)

Draven got slammed by Zion's energy wave, for his attention was diverted to the new adversary. He spiraled downwards for a while, before regaining control-- just in time to create a barrier to repel another energy blast, this time from Ragnar...

He was pushed downwards again, and he set foot on the ground below, bending his legs to keep from losing his balance from the recoil. The terrain was ravaged from the hours of battling overhead. He stood amongst a sea of split trees, fallen trunks, burned and frozen foliage alike...

"Madness... What in blazes is going on...?"

Some streaks of light far overhead.

What IS going on? It is understandable that the Dark Empire would meet resistance... but now there are some who are attacking both sides... and then there's all the traitors that have turned up in the past few days...

Draven dissolved his weapon, the blades now becoming part of his aura, thus restoring it. Now something else was coming at him from above...

He leapt backwards, dodging the swing from the specter. At the same time he thrust his right palm forward, meeting the apparition with a intense blast of flame...


(Jayce is standing on a large flat plateau, not in the air.)

The dark man didn't move. He posture remained unchanged-- eyes closed, arms folded. The wind gently blew his long black hair and cape in unison...

After seconds of intense silence, he finally made a sound...

"Heh, heh, heh..."

... which grew to a billowing laugh...

When he was finished, he opened his eyes, grinning at the battle ready Aritan.

"I missed one on that day, long ago... yet it wasn't worth coming back for... I should thank you... for coming to me..."


The ship Genma and Tsar occupied began to creak and tilt, sinking from the damage...

(They're on one of Draven's ships right, not the big black one?)


What is this?

"*Sigh* Another attack..."

"What profit do they seek in using that spell?"

"They're trying to trap us. Thousands of weak ones join to create a stronger effect..."

"Then there are more on the way."


"They must know, then... Others have joined on the island."

"Your command?"

"Eliminate those that surround the island. Use the troops aboard this ship as you see fit. Then set up a defense to prevent any other... disturbances."

Neptra bowed and left the dark room.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

There on Neptra's ship, according to one of Cyber Wolf's earlier posts.


Genma stared straight ahead and the four Tsars.

"War is not the anwser." Said Genma with venom in his voice; no one had ever heard him like this.

"Now I must stop you. The Dark empire must not fail; your technique is imperfect. You have not learned how to use it to its full extent and make exact copies of flesh and bone."

Genma made four exact copies of himself, all had his sameness. Same face, clothes, expression and staff. Only one had a copy of Iduran under his arm, and this was the real Genma.

Each headed for an opponent and used a flurry of punches, kicks and ki blasts.


Zeros' reached where the armada was in the distance and saw Tsar and Genma fighting.

What do I do now...

He hovered in the air for a few minutes, trying to think about what to do.


Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

Running through the woods, suddenly, above him, Cheetah noticed Scorch hovering above. Quickly running in this direction, he soon met the others and turned into his human form.

"Oh well. Oh well." - he said in haste. - "Not good. Quite a big battle is taking place. Draven, that demon Zeros and some newcomers are involved."


"Brownish tent? Hmmm..." - Scorched moved around, looked around. - "Yeah, there is something near the sea, I guess. Let's go kick some imperial ass!"

He began to fly above the forest in direction of the tent, hoping for others to follow.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

The two Haraldurs are halfway to Aritan.


The spectre attacking Draven lost its left arm, but its blade was in its right hand. It slashed at Draven again.


The barrier scanned the island to find out who was in there. Alarms were sent to the commanders.

Ragnar was there.

The chief commander of the fleet telepathically told the elder Haraldur of this. The elder Haraldur then told him that just for Ragnar's death, they should sacrifice the whole island if they had to.

The air pressure inside the dome increased to many times atmospheric pressure, enough that, if the dome were breached, everyone inside would explode if they did nothing about it.

Also, the middle of the island started to rise up into a hill...

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

The Four Tsars (These guys always move exactly the same, In Unison, they're really just copies of Tsar that mimic him perfectly, like a reflect, except that they are actually solid beings.)Flew and met each other in the middle of the deck, Turned so that One faced East, One West, One North, One South, all with their backs to each other.

They then Hovered above Genmas current Reach, pointed their lanced arms to the ground, and a golden energy surrounded the bottom of them.

It then Expanded and surrounded the foursome entirely.

"Tsk.. Genma.. If war is not the answer, then why do you fight us? Why do you join the Empire?... humph.... Hypocrite."

"Now leave us. This fight is not meant for you.. unless you wish to make it yours.." The Tsars scowled.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

Duilin turns to Cheetah. "Is that so?" He replys "Hey Scorch..." He saw him fly in a derection

"Oh he must have found the Veronika's tent, Cheetah, want to help us bag a babe first or should we ignore him?" He asks Cheetah "Oh and what do you think Seth?"

Posted by: Trent on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

Zion phased out then back in, many feet above Draven. He pointed his sword down, and dropped. He was going to try to shove the sword into Draven's head.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

"The depth's of my words are something you cannot understand."

Genma's spectars disappeared and now there was only the one Genma standing outside the light.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Saturday October 2nd, 2004

(Xorlak, I was fully aware that Jayce was not in the air; all I said was that Shin saw him.)

Shin powered his ice aura to its maximum and leapt to the plateau where Jayce was waiting. Using the ice energy as his backing, he hurled his fist in the direction of Jayce's heart, unleashing a wave of pure ice (as in, a wave of Absolute Zero temperature, or -273 degrees celsius, or 0 degrees kelvin) If this hits, it would take a miracle for Jayce to survive. If not, Shin would be drained severely...and would need the aid of a healer.

"TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

//MotD... the wave of pure ice at absolute zero can NOT move, because the particles cease moving at -273 temperature. If they would move, their interior energy would rise and they would increase their temperature. Just letting you know some physics <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' /> //

Cheetah thought for a while.

"Babe? Hmm... I guess someone on our side or even that black bearded viking maniac can deal with Draven... Let's head to the camp."

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

//Eternal Eon: do you realise that Zion is being attacked by a spectre?//

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

"Alright then let's move!" Duilin leads the way to Scorches derection

"SCORCH, WAIT UP!" He calls as he starts running


Pophin has found himself at the village away from cave, he see's dead people and it is totaly abandon. He walks around in silince, makeing no sound, almost scareing himself. He takes a deap breath and continues walking

"Hello?" He says in a normal tone. He only found the need to speak normaly beause one could hear a pin drop half a mile away in this volume. He thought he could hear some faint noise however.


Veronika is now at the Giant Ship.

//It's still there right?//

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

Draven made another leap backwards, enticing the spectre to move into the spot where he stood, the spot where Zion was about to hit with his blade...


(Sorry MotD, I meant Cyber Wolf, who mentioned that his character couldn't fly)


Jayce thrust both hands forward. Although he appeared calm and unmoving for the last several minutes, he was actually storing vast amounts of dark energy within-- which he tapped into...

Instantly the area around him became black as night. The darkness met the impending blast of intense cold halfway. The bright blue light of the spell was absorbed into the blackness past this halfway point, the end effect being a large wall of solid ice several feet thick in between the two warriors.

Jayce lowered his arms, surprised at the amount of energy he had to put in blocking the attack. This was no ordinary human...

From behind the wall of ice, the Aritan could hear the scraping sound of a large sword being drawn...


(Gah, sorry. Then obviously the holes in the ship would not sink it, since it floats in the air above the water, heh...)

"What insolence! Is someone fighting atop our Emperor's vessel?"

"Yes... it seems Master Genma is taking care of him, madam..."

The front of the great black vessel opened, slowly, leaving a mouth gaping several hundreds of feet wide and over a thousand tall... The 'door' swung down, becoming a colossal ramp which lead downwards to the beach below.

*Cue slow-paced imperial theme music*

Neptra was first, followed by a meek lieutenant.


"He resembles one of Draven's commanders, one called from the other side, madam..."

"Draven has much trouble with traitors... it's not our concern, our orders are different."

Hundreds upon hundreds of warriors began to march out of the gargantuan vessel...

Neptra and the lieutenant continued in front, the meek subordinate looking up to the sky.

"What is that, madam?"

"Those surrounding us... they're trying to cast a spell on the entire island."

"... Can they?"

"The island spans 50 or 60 miles north to south. They'll need several thousand mages, which I belive they have. However, unless they are all high wizards, which is impossible, the spell will take many hours."

"What are your orders, madam?"

"Wait here and ready the troops while I create a hole."


"Of course. You forget they surround us by sea-- my terrain. Also, they are preoccupied with their spells. If they wish to repel an attack, they have to stop casting. The more who stop casting, the weaker the spell... Finally, look at the origins of the beams of light. Many are coming from one point, some space, then another, and so on. There are several on a boat, and the boats are spaced far apart to surround the island. I simply need to take out a few boats."

She continued,

"That's where you come in. When you see a hole in the barrier formed. Assemble a force and break though to the outside with our small ships. They should be extremely easy to destroy since they are spread so far apart. Not many will be able to come to each other’s aid, especially the ones situated clear on the other side of the island. Once they are annihilated, we will decide whether we need to send for reinforcements to prevent further annoyances..."

"Genius, madam..."

"It's my job."

She smiled and dove into the waves, heading westward under the water...

The forces endlessly poured out of the ship, marching row by row. Eventually the southern tip of the island was covered by the mass of warriors...

The troops of the great black vessel are as follows:


The soldiers are the basic infantry unit, equipped with a light sword and light armor. Their training is not that great, so they are not much of a threat to experienced warriors. However, they can be a problem in large numbers...


The dark knights are much more heavily equipped than the common soldier. Most carry a large axe or halberd. All are wrapped in thick black armor. They are more skilled than a common soldier, yet their speed lacks.

2,000 WYVERN RIDERS (and their wyverns)

The basic aerial unit. The rider is lightly equipped. The wyverns vary in elemental properties. In addition to their razor sharp claws, most can unleash an acid attack, while others breathe flame or even ice. Unfortunately, the wyverns are weak against lighting and wind while flying.


The elites of the sky. The riders are the same, but the wyverns are of a stronger variation. They can repel most elemental attacks, their only real effective weakness being piercing their underbelly with a sharp weapon.

1,000 MAGES

The mages attack with low power elemental attacks. Individually more dangerous than the soldier, they can be very deadly in large numbers. Their armor is usally very light however, so a physical weapon can be very damaging, if the enemy can get close, that is.


Mages that specialize in creating barriers and repelling attacks. This is the Dark Empire replacement for the white mage, since the impurity of most of their souls prevent them from performing effective healing spells. Regardless, a few hundred defenders can protect an entire army from the elements rather effectively. The only drawback, obviously is that the other soldiers cannot attack while the barriers are up.

TOTAL: 10,000 warriors

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

Shin was completely drained...and having heard the scratch of the sword being drawn, Shin knew that he was screwed. He thought to himself..."dammit, why didn't I bring Nevina along?"

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

The two Haraldurs are appraoching Aritan...


The one armed spectre went around the side of Draven, and attempts to run him through with the poisoned sword.

The other spectre attempts something similar on Zion.

Ragnar causes the earth below him to slowly crack open, revealing very hot magma.


//Just to clarify, the vikings are outside the dome, which is actually a sphere.//

There was a loud bang from the middle of the island, as rock snapped and the ground cracked. Magma started to seep out of the openings. At the same time, white magic rose up out of the ground to envelop the island, strengthening good people, and trying to weaken bad people.


Ragnar felt a slight stabbing pain, all over his body. He coughed a bit.

Posted by: Trent on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

//Dang... I'm sorry, Haraldur... I'm just skimming through these posts, because my main concern is with Xorlak.//

Zion ended up thrusting his blade into the ground, having missed Draven, and got hit in the back by the spectre, being sent down with his face to the ground.

Zion jumped to his feet. "What the crap is this?!" He looked at all the chaos. "Is this some sort of Free-For-All now?"

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

Nevina ananlyzed the situation. She wasn't sure if she could make the jump with all of her weapons holding her down.

"But I have to try.." She thought.

Leaving all her weapons on her, she ran, then lept, one foot extended down, one with the knee bent to prevent shock, and her hands down to catch herself.

She reached the edge, and had cleared the gap, but she only grabbed the edge of the plateau.

She dangled off the edge for a few moments, then gathered the courage to reach one hand under her skirt, and she drew her Holy Dirk. She used it as piton and crawled onto the flat of the plateau.

She pulled the dagger out of the hearth, returned it to her strap under her skirt, and ran to Shins side.

She drew energy from herself and attempted to channel it into Shin, as she mumbled incanation after incanation, motion after gesture.

Shin slowly regained strength, but not much, and this method was beginning to weaken Nevina.

"Should I attempt the 'other' method?" she thought.

Seth sprinted, following Scorch, effectively passing Duilin, with his superior dexterity.

"You do not understand our level of comprehention." The Tsars said with a tone of boredom.

"Our fight is not with you Genma! We've explained this already. But, if you get in our way of justifying our mistreatment, you too will bare the burden of the Empire, which is Tsaaaaarrr" The foursome said, hissing near the end.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

Genma smirked.

"So..." Genma stepped forward, slowly. "If I don't stop...I face your wraith..."

Genma stepped forward again. "It is not my place to control anybody." Genma looked down to the ground. A shadow now glazed over his face.

"I cannot let your impudence go along any further. My job is to guard the emperor and carry out his whim whenever he says."

Genma took a karate pose, which was hard with Iduran under his left arm, but he had to keep him safe. He had his left side facing outwards, away from the Tsars; he had his right hand outwards, looking like he was ready for a karate chop.


Qeni and Zev didn't have anything to do, so they went off in a random direction (which happened to be the way Pophin went).


Zeros' saw the army, he didn't want to get involved with them yet. This infernal light around the island was disgustable. It wished to destroy his home...and...QENI AND ZEV!

He flapped his wings and quickly sped towards the leader of the group, Neptra.

Damnit Haraldur. He thought to himself. Does he want to get rid of Draven and that other man (Jayce of course, but he didn't know) that he would destroy a whole island. He didn't like it, but he kept thinking about what would happen

I've got to stop them...even if it means siding with the Dark empire, even for a moment.

//Note that Zeros' isn't that far away, so it won't take long to reach there\\

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

//Just for clarity, it is Ragnar that the vikings are mostly trying to destroy.//

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

//Yeah, true, but there still trying to kill everyone else, and thats whats pissing him off.\\

Zeros' reached where Neptra and her army were, he hovered a few inches off the ground and infront of her.

He bowed to her, he may be a demon, but his father always told him to treat women and girls with respect.

"Hello madam. If you wish, I can help you with those sorcerers. They are also causing me problems." He pointed towards where he could sense the power coming from.

"As you may have already figured out, I am indeed sided with Iduran. But we seem to work towards a common goal."

He held out his hand and smirked. "So what do you say?"

He had also know Genma was fighting Tsar, but he knew that Genma could handle himself.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

The two Haraldurs could see Aritan...


Ragnar noticed that Zion was hit, but he would surely have been strengthened by the white magic that rose up from the ground, and which damaged him. Haraldur the elder's men must know he is here...

So he went up to Draven,despite his pain, on the opposite side to where the spectre was, and attacked him by making water rush from his hands.

The other spectre attacked Zion by stabbing his sword towards him.


The crack rose up to form a volcano. Tremors brought down already damaged buildings, and felled trees. The top of the volcano seemed to be swelling...

Posted by: Trent on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

//Did Zion just get healed?//

Zion felt himself being strengthened by some white magic coming from somewhere...

Before he could think about this, a spectre was thrusting toward him. Zion took his Eternity Weapon into his right hand, using it to push the thrust aside, and used his free hand to fire a ki wave at the spectre.

//If I know my Metaphysics, that's going to work. And I'm sure I know my Metaphysics. Ki is astral energy, and spectres are astral entities. They will take the damage, I'm sure.//

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 3rd, 2004

Duilin then continued running, he ran threw a floor of stones. He triped and fell in them, his head hit the ground, he passed out...


You can't escape me...

You can't run...

I see you...

*Deamonish roars are herd, a large burning figure grab's Duilin and throw's him 100 feet away*

He can't kill me...

I see-Can't escape-Can't run-see you...


Duilin turns himself over and thinks for awile, he has totally forgoten about what he was doing....


Veronika watches the enormouis army march away. She smiles, she walks over to the ship

//Could she enter the ship?//
//If so....//

She walks abord the ship and walks over to the cabin she was in before. She rubs her face, and looks around

//If not...//

She looks at ship soundlessly...

//Yeah sorry, I don't know much right now, I'm abit behind//


Pophin continues walking around the town, he walks over to a near by shop and enters it, nobody is in there.

He looks around, he spots a large selection of weapon's and armor, he smiles.

Posted by: Cesque on Monday October 4th, 2004

Scorch looked down at noticed Duilin passed out.

"Ah, great, so predictable. Hopefully he will kill himself by accident before Dark Empire will be able to get to him."


Gelu began to follow Zeros through the ground, and the blizzard he was engulfed within was moving along with him.

Apparently, the demon headed toward the fleet of Dark Empire ships - but for what reason? He surely wouldn't have chance to stand a chance against mighty imperial armies...

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday October 4th, 2004

//If you like, Zion did just get healed.//

The two Haraldurs got their ship to anchor, and flew to the beach. They landed, and started walking to the capital city. They got there, and there was a guard there.

"Hallo," said the elder one.

//MOTD: OK, this is your cue.//


The spectre attacking Zion was completley destroyed by the white magic strengthened ki wave.


The swelled up volcano exploded, Mount St. Helens style, throwing huge rocks in the air, and releasing more white magic.

Several large rocks hit the dome, puncturing it. Immediately the 20000 stopped powering the dome. The air pressure dropped hugely fast to normal atmospheric pressure. Around the remaining forests wild animals exploded.


Ragnar experienced intense pain. It seemed his head was swelling. Before he exploded, he managed to create a force field around himself to slowly decrease the pressure around him.

He was bleeding at the ears, and temporarily deafened. When he regained his hearing, he decided to head to Romme Castle, what was left of it, for a place to lie low for a while... The intense white magic around him seemed to be tearing him apart...

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 4th, 2004

Qeni and Zev were unaffected by the pressure, they were heavenly beings anyways. They just kept walking in the direction Pophin went. (But they didn't know that...)

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday October 4th, 2004

(NPC! Die!)

Draven's aura expanded suddenly, not by his doing this time... It seemed the surrounding air had slowly become pressurized, and when it suddenly returned to normal, the weight upon his aura was lifted.

Feeling lighter, Draven dodged the blade with a leap to the right.

"Away with you!!"

His right fist burning, he plunged it into the chest of the apparition. The dark tattered cloths of the demon burst into flames as it squealed.

Draven opened his fist inside of the spectre, releasing a fireball and causing the thing to explode into nothing... Bits of flame fell from the sky.

He lowered his fist, studying it. He also relaxed his aura a bit; nothing but constant fighting since this morning... he was becoming tired...

And what in blazes is the ground emanating?

"Distractions... nothing but distractions..."

He looked around; Zion, who had just finished off his spectre, stood a few dozen feet away.

"My fight isn't with you. You do have a bit of potential, however... Your homeland is ruined, there's nothing left for you here... You don't have to disappear as well, though... Come with me. I can make it worth your while..."


The wall of ice split through the middle cleanly, the two sides falling in opposite directions...

An icy mist rose and the dark figure of Jayce moved though the cold debris, sword scraping against the ground as he advanced upon Shin and Nevina.

His gaze was maniacal, almost as if possessed...

"... Aritan..."


Neptra was on her way towards the enemy line in the middle of the ocean, skimming across the waves, when she noticed the winged demon approach.

"Hmmm, interesting. So you wish to help slay the Vikingard? A truce then. Very well. Go and kill them as you please, neither I or my army will attack you. If I like your style, I might offer you an officer position."

"Be warned though, that this truce exists only between us. The other generals may still attack you, especially if they think you know something about that sword or whatever they're looking for..."

She turned, floating on a shard of ice, and continued to jet out towards the line of boats.


The troops ordered into phalanxes. The sphere around the island seemed to have disappeared-- which meant time to attack, although it was much sooner than expected.

Focus drawn away from atmospheric pressure, the defender mages now had their hands full repelling some sort of white magic emanating from the ground-- best to wait until Neptra took care of that to advance...

One of Draven's three warships was commandeered, and readied for attack. Smaller landing cruisers began to be readied.

Finally, some sort of small boat-like devices were being unloaded from the black vessel, yet there was something different about these...


(DM: The black ship is unloading on land, so you can get back in.)

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Zeros' winced at Neptra offering an officer position. He KNEW he wouldn't do that, even if is life depened on it.

"Agreed." He flied over to Neptra's side then sped faster and called outwards back towards her.

"But I think I can handle myself." The only one that had ever gave him even the slightest chill was that man; the one with the dark eyes and no soul. (Guess who? And no its not Draven)

He flapped even faster, he didn't know when this attack would start agian and easily flew past Neptra's small army, heading towards the viking army. He wouldn't underestimate the mages; he had sensed what they did to the land and didn't doubt there powers. They may be mages, but vikings are also know for there exceptional close range skills; they could also be proficent in this.

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Gelu, without trying to make his existence known too much, slowly followed Zeros. So he made a pact with that dark empire female general - truly, he must not be loyal to anyone. It could be either a sign of madness, weakness - or strength and self-confidence.

Losing track of Zeros, Gelu turned moved the closest beach area, for a while observing the viking ships.

"They do not belong here."

Not even coming too close to the closest ship to him, the wizard forced a huge mass of water to rise, then fly up to the air, gather into a sphere and freeze into a garguantuan block of ice.

Then, concentrating, he casted the block directly at one of enemy ships, breaking it in two halfs, forcing to sink slowly. The ball of ice then exploded into tiny, solid nail-like shards finishing most of the survivals, who may attempt to escape the ship and attack Gelu.

He didn't even care about the viking soldiers suddenly discovering his existence. From now on, destroying every single Vikingard ship was an inevitable procedure, a process, perofmred by Dark Empire, him, and propably that demon who also didn't seem to like Viking existence too much.

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Ragnar reached the ruins of Romme castle, and entered.


Noticeing this attack, all the remaining vikings, including those not attacked, rose up, levitating, and flew to a point a little south of the island. They hovered there as a horde of 19947 warrior mages. They then started flying northward, hoping to catch Ragnar in a weakened state.

Some of them flung a few fireballs at Gelu.

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Noticing some gathering of weird levitating Vikings, going toward one point and trying to smite him with fireballs, Gelu raised his right hand and detonated the fireballs while still in the air.

He did not really care to stop the warriors - if they were after something in such number, this something propably was powerful, which would mean it propably would decrease the number of Vikings itself, without his aid.

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

The vikings were now above the land, and were passing accross the island northwards. They sensed Ragnar's presence more and more strongly.


Ragnar went down to the castle dungeons. There, he was surprised to find civilians, who had been there, trapped, for days.

There were several hundred of them. He vaporised a few. This would be fun...

//Thanks to Xorlak's first post in the Chapter Two sign-ups for this.//

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Zeros' reached the vikings and saw them hovering, he didn't want to do this to Haraldur, but the peoples safety was greater then killing one criminal.

SHING. (The sound of a sword being unsheathed) SHING. (The sound of a sword being resheathed) The whole process took about 1 second, but he was able to fire off about 200 Yama-Sen-Ken blades at the group.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Shin saw the ice wall get cut down like butter. Realizing that he had very little hope for survival, the least he could do would be to have Nevina leave...



The guard looked at the two newcomers. After studying them for a moment, he asked the same question he asks of all suspicious newcomers.

"What business brings you to Aritan?"

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Duilin was awake, he saw Scorch look at him and continue, flying not careing about him

"Bastard..." He got back up and started running, he look at Scorch and glared at him and then turned away.

//It's funny haveing good guy's hate each other isn't Cesque? <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /> //

Veronika got settled down in her cabin on the ship, she lied down on her bed and went to sleep.

(Veronika is now at un active status)

I will get my revenge...

I will kill the disloyal...

You can't kill me...

I will get my revenge...


Pophin now had a large suit of metal armor on and a huge buster sword, he ran out of the shop in his new gear.

He fell down because he was not strong enough to use this equipment...

"Okay....let's see what else we have...." Pophin says as he crawls back into the shop...

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Qeni and Zev reached the town and looked in the window of the shop where Pophin is. They sweat-dropped when he feel down becuase the equipment was too heavy.

They decided to remain hidden, not wanting any trouble.

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

The elder one said, "For very important diplomacy. We wish to meet with your priestly council, they are your rulers, right?"


Ragnar stabbed another villager through the chest with a sword he conjured up.

He noticed the white magic receding: the vikings must be distracted.

He lost all his pain, his wounds healed by themselves.

He screamed something not understandable, and the room, and the people, around him exploded. Blocks of stone from the remains of the castle. Burst out and flew away in the air, to land hundreds of metres away.

He levitated up, and hurled a few fireballs at the assembled vikings.


"Why, exactly, are you attacking us?"

It was a commander, whos hair was greying. He glared at Zeros'.

Then he was hit by a fireball and exploded. Ragnar laughed in the distance. Many other vikings were also killed by fireballs, since they were not prepared.

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

"Everything okay?" - Cheetah asked Duilin, following him. - "Your head allright?"


Then, Scorch turned back at Duilin.

"You know what, seems to me the camp might be deserted. You're sure they're there? Or should we spread around and look for your 'kidnappers', or maybe do you propose burning whole area near camp just in case?"


Gelu noticed the castle situation from some distance, as he tried to - stealthy, as usually - follow Zeros and the vikings. He was moving quite fast, though, actually.

"This must be this dark, powerful madman who appeared during that fight this Dark Empire general was involved." - he told himself. - "Idiot. I can't understand people seeing joy in spreading mayhem."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

"Damn You, Genma. Our goal was to engage Neptra in combat. Now she has escaped the ship, along with a good number of men. I suppose you will not be letting us go to chase her down? Then we must face you. We've given fair warning."

The Tsars had been gathering energy, blocked from all site because of the Tsars bodies standing in the way.

Behind their backs was a small, but extremely dense ball of psi they had been conjouring from the Vikingards creating the dome around the island.

The Tsars then each absorbed some of the ball, until it was all within them, then they Released about 8 shots, each going about the speed of light.

After that one 'round' had been fired, they continued, and they fired all around them, blasting holes all over the ship, some shots going straight into space, others bouncing off glass, but most were being hurled at Genma.

The Tsars laughed in madness.

Nevina refused to run (in part because she really had no where to run..)

So she charged up a white aura, shouted very quickly a charm and fired a white beam of light at Jayce's face. The beam should freeze him for a minute or so if it makes contact.

She then continued glowing, stabbed Shin in the Stomach with her holy dagger (Which was glowing at the moment)

It then went dim, though Nevina continued to glow. She kissed Shin and his body began to glow as hers did, though now her aura ceased to burn.

Now that Shin was glowing, she stabbed him once again, drawing blood.

She then removed the dagger and the blood that spilt covered Shins body.

The corpse rose from the ground, hovering, and the blood hardened into a caccoon. Moments later it bursted open and now stood a rejuvinated Shin.

"You've just gone to hell and back Shin, how do you feel?" Nevina said slyly.

Nevina drew her Bastard Sword and fired her aura up (though now a bit dimmer from the energy she lost from the ritual). She stared Jayce down and gave him a dirty look.

Seth continued following Scorch, increasing his speed a bit.

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Zion glared at Draven.

"You reek of evil. I will not join you. I am not from Romme, I went there to fight the likes of you. I've just happened to take the express lane through this process, directly to you, and I am pretty sure you're the head of this... If what I know is correct."

Xenai watched from afar... He was tired of waiting. He wanted to obliterate Zion once and for all. He started to charge up Omni. After all... He had one more left. And Zion had none.

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Genma ki charged himself and proceeded to block or catch all the energy directed at him. He smirked; he was looking for a fight.

Genma phased out then back in behind the Tsars and delivered thousands of punches at Kenshin Tenshin Amaguri-ken (Really really really really fast speed) at the Tsars, charged with ki.


Zeros' remained emotionless.

"You are trying to kill ONE man by sacrificing tens of thousands. You little..." He slashed his arm with his sword and chanted in an incohearnt language. Soon, 4 blood copies appeared of Zeros' and started launching hundreds of ki charged Yama-Sen-Ken blades.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

The guard nodded towards the two Haraldurs and led them into the marble city. He pointed certain things out and explained them.

"Do you see those purple tiles? Those are link points; they will take you to certain locations in Aritan. There are 3 that lead to the isle of the council. Unlike the others, they are green tiles. These don't teleport you, though. They rely on a special underground tunnel system that we developed that harnesses the energy from the core of the earth."

The guard led them into a building surrounded by many guards, and they entered. They stepped onto one of the green tiles, and they began their journey towards the council.


Shin felt ready to take on Jayce without his weapons or powers, but his instincts told him it wouldn't be a good idea. A little bit of backup would've been necessary. Thankfully, Sigilus and Gyulim appeared during Nevina's ritual, and they were both looking for a bit of action. All of their aura's charged up, and Gyulim made the first move, aiming a perfect 360 back kick toward Jayce's kneecap, with the intention of performing a dragon claw attack (it's a hand technique) on his neck.

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Draven shrugged nonchalantly.


Draven pointed two fingers at Zion, which began to glow with intense heat...

But at that moment, a vast number of shadows passed overhead. He looked straight up. Thousands of men were flying above...

"What the--?!"


Jayce took the energy beam in the face and his head flew back, but he slowly turned it forward again, unaffected, now smirking at Nevina.

Sensing the sudden attack of a new adversary, he brought the huge blade above his head and leapt some 10 feet into the air, dodging the kick, aiming to bring the sword down right in the middle of the warriors, which would in all likelyhood blast them all in opposite directions in the resulting shockwave...



Floating on the chunk of ice, Neptra stroked her chin as the men in the boats jumped out and flew into the air, away from her...

"That was... unexpected..."

She shrugged.

"Oh well..."

She lifted both arms. Two columns of water immediately shot up on both sides of her, rising several hundred feet into the air. With a motion of the left hand, the columns shot forward, merging in front of her and becoming a massive tidal wave. The tsunami raged forward, parallel with the island, destroying nearly a hundred of the empty Vikingard boats in a few seconds...


The time had come. After observing the enemy's hasty movement to the north, the officers quickly put together a battle plan.

All of the enemy was assembled at the north of the island. The wyvern units were split into two units of 1,000 riders each. Unit 1 would approach and attack from the southwest, unit 2 from the southeast. Although they were outnumbered nearly 10 to 1, each wyvern should be a match for several of the mages...

At that point, the fearsome dark wyvern group of 500, Unit 3, would break though the middle, blitzing from the south. This would most likely cause the enemy to retreat northward, over the ocean. That's when the ship they readied would come in. Draven's ship was loaded with 500 mages, 200 defender mages, and 1000 soldiers equipped with flaming arrows. Hopefully it could make the trip from the souther tip all the way to the north, where it could block a northerly retreat.

The remaining soldiers would stay in camp, since there was no way they could make it to the other side of the island in time by foot.

The plan was set in motion, wyverns clouded the sky, and the warship set to sea...

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

The elder one said, "So, do you think there is anything we should know before meeting the priests?"

They were wizzing through some strange tunnels.


About 19000 fireballs went straight towards Ragnar from the assembled vikings.

Ragnar laughed with scorn. He brushed away all the fireballs. They scattered everywhere, several going directly towards Draven, Zion and Zeros'

A huge tornado, with blackened substances inside, appeared amongst the still shaken and disorganised vikings, killing several thousand before dissipating.

The vikings then did the equivalent of a charge in mid-air, they rushed at Ragnar, with swords, spears and axes drawn.

There are 14572 vikings remaining.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

The guard grinned and chuckled.

"Just be polite towards them, and do not mention our AWOL general, Shin. They aren't too thrilled with him, especially since he has been more focused on that empire than his own duties toward Aritan as a whole. I know he's a head general and all, but the council is still above him."


Shin, Gyulim, and Sigilus all formed a barrier at the same time, but the varying elements didn't match too well, and Shin and Gyulim's barriers went down, leaving only Sigilus's active. As the sword plunged downward, Sigilus's barrier shattered in a violent storm of silver and red light.

Sigilus flew back and landed a good 20 feet away. Along his right side there was a fresh gash that was bleeding a strange black color instead of the crimson of blood he's used to seeing. Apparently there was something very powerful behind this demon's attack.

Shin took no time in regaining his own footing, and lunged toward Jayce while forging his sword at the last second, and aiming to slash at Jayce's left side.

Gyulim was out of breath, and had lost her balance and landed right next to where Nevina stood.

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

Zion spun his Eternity weapon around in front of him fast enough to deflect all of the fireballs. After that, he took one hand off the Eternity Weapon, using it to fling a ki ball up at Ragnar.

Xenai was charging extra this time. He silently powered up, so he could cast the spell more powerfully.

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

The elder one said: "Who is Shin?"

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

//Zeros'.. The balls were moving at the speed of light and are about the size of a musket ball. Genma can't catch them with his hands, they'd just shoot through them, and they'd be wicked hard to dodge. He of course, can escape, but merely dodging and catching as they come his way isn't enough.//

//Bah.. everyone can make copies of themselves now.. I was hoping it wouldn't be such a common ability. Ah well.. I still have one move planned for Tsar.. And I'm sure no other character could do it.. >D (and no, it's not one I'm doing this round..)//

Genma's punches merely were absorbed by the Tsars yellow barrier, though it had to redistrubute psi from other parts of the psi to keep the barrier up, over all weakening it.

"Fool Genma. Do you not think I, someone with little physical ability, would not find away to help give me an advantage over those with great physical power..? Use your talents to make up for your imperfections.. HAAAH!"

With that cry, the Tsar facing Genma (No matter how you approach them one Tsar is gonna be facing you basically) channeled energy from his Clones and fired a beam at Genma, 15x15 feet. As it hit or passed Genma, the sails behind him shattered into oblivion from the beam, rendering their ship sail-less.
Nevina dug her Bastard Sword into the Dirt of the plateau and put her hands on the hilt, supporting her body straight upwards.

After the wind blast from the sword swing died down, Nevina Did a front flip, pulling the Sword out of the hearth and hurling herself towards Jayce, flipping, turning herself into a human throwing blade.

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

//Actually, Zeros' is a necromancer sort of character, so he can make copies, but only by using his own blood. So its not really a tactic he liked to use; I didn't say Genma caught them all. He only caught a few, while the others bounced of his ki shield he put up.\\

Genma saw the beam coming, he could deflect it, but it would take too much of his ki. Genma phased out then back in right as the beam passed and hit the sail.

"Heh. So you think that was the last of my tricks?" Genma faced the unconcious Iduran away from himself and snapped his fingers, causing the energy everyone of the Tsars absorbed to explode and then implode.


"Impudence..." The Zeros' blood copies remerged with Zeros' and he flew right into the middle of them all. The heat of there magic was still lingering around the vikings. Zeros' managed to use his "Soul of Ice" technique and calm his soul.

Zeros' sheathed his sword and pulled back his fist and threw a corkscrew punch right into the middle of the viking hord.

"REVERSE HIRYU SHOTEN HA! HORIZONTAL STRIKE!" An icy tornado now appeared on a horizontal plane, instead of a vertical (basically shooting outwards instead of upwards).

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

"Yeah I'm okay Cheetah, thanks for asking." Duilin says rubbing his forehead. He looked up at Cheetah "Yeah, that burning idea sounds fun accually." Duilin smiles "For once you have a good destructive idea." Duilin laughs

"Hey Seth. You can stop running now!" He calls over to him. He looks back at Cheetah. "Accually to be honest I just had a strange vision..." He looks at Seth "Hey Seth your some 'magical monk guy' could you find out the meaning to this vision?"


Pophin has been trying to find some suiable equipment for the past hour and still hasn't found a thing!


Meanwile at Nex's grave...

The ground rumble's at wear Nex was buried, then a large blast of fire explodes the area around it, a few soilder circle around trying to find out what's going on.
Then the ground has made a rectangle. and there lies Nex's rotting body.
*Rock Organ music is played*

"Whhoooooo...." Nex says riseing from his grave "Sheesh, it's DAMN hot down there, hey you." Point's to a soilder with a water cantine "Gimme that for a sec" The soilder's trembles and gives him the cantine "Thank's man." He pores the water on his forehead and drinks abit and then tosses it away

"Oooo that's better...Well hello everyone, I'm Nex! And well, I guess I'm going to have to kill you all now..." Nex makes an explodtion around himself, buring all mortals to a crisp. He laugh's evily and then crack's his knukles and then spins his neck, cracking it. He then does a bit of exersizes and then goes and snoops around in Duilin's room...

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

Zeros' senses a surge of power.

"Damn. I know he'd be back sooner or later; hes probably going to come looking for me anyways..." Zeros' sheathed his sword and then phased out then back in and headed towards Duilin's cave.

"Take care of these guys...I have 'unfinished' business to take care of." He yelled out towards Neptra and her army. He held a invisible smirk under his face.

Well Nex...looks like we are gonna have another rumble. This time I won't make the mistake of leaving your body in tact.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

Seth said, "Well I just sense auras and energy signals.. not dechipher dreams. Tell me what was in it though. Maybe I can figure it out.."

::Assuming Duilin tells Seth now::

"ah.. well I would think you were either 'in' hell, or around someone who has risen from the fiery pit. Demon perhaps. Know any dead demons?" Seth said with a smirk.
"Genma ki charged himself and proceeded to block or catch all the energy directed at him. He smirked; he was looking for a fight."

It's cool. As long as he wasn't touching them bare handed..
What do you mean? He can't channel psi forces from around him or it'll explode on him?... okay.. =/

The Tsars realized Genmas spell and then seperated.. eah taking a bit of the barrier with them, now it was fitted upon each of them like a second skin, and caused the Tsars be look like they were incased in a yellow latex glove.

The barrier was obviously weaker than when they were together, so they'd get hurt more from a hit, but it had the same effect of low-grade bronze armor.

The Tsars, now seperated, and charged their Lanced arms with their OWN psi (No channeling required to draw from themselves... <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' />)

The Tsars warped to be around Genma, close enough to jab Genma through, but far enough appart that if they were to run Genma through, the lance couldn't stab the Tsar on the Other Side.

They all Stabbed at Genma with incredible speed, and they stabbed slightly upwards, expecting Genma to try to jump out of their block.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday October 6th, 2004

Draven used the energy gathered at the tip of his fingers to create a shield. Seconds later, several hundred fireballs began to rained down upon him, tearing the already mangled remains of the forest to shreds.

"... Vexing..."

When the firestorm passed, Draven looked at the floating army in the distance curiously.

"I wonder..."

He set off jogging northward. What could they possibly be after...?

Seconds later, several hundred dark wyverns flew overhead...


Jayce immediately flipped the sword up, striking against Shin's blade. He held it there, pushing his sword back.

He shifted his weight into Shin. Nevina's blade slashed Jayce's back dead on, but it failed to pierce his armor, only slicing through his cape...


His deep voice echoed through the mountains. The air surrounding the maniacal warrior blackened like night as he released a tremendous amount of energy. A shockwave burst forth from around him. The rock ground he was standing on shattered and disintegrated outward in a circle, leaving Shin and himself, weapons locked, standing on top of a small raised portion of ground.


Neptra rode the tidal wave northward, taking out more boats on the way. Time to see what all the ruckus is over there...


The chaos was destined to multiply by another factor...

The wyvern rider units of the dark empire arrived on the scene, assaulting the flying army from the south. The beasts had the advantage of speed and strength, but the Vikingard still far outnumbered them. They began by breathing acid, fire and ice upon the group from the sides and above, before coming in close to strike with the razor sharp claws...

(I've got too much going on... These dark empire units are now free to be controlled by anyone!)

Unit 1 (Wyvern riders): 1,000
Unit 2 (Wyvern riders): 1,000
Unit 3 (Dark Wyverns): 500


(Zeros': Don't you think Genma should set poor ol' Iduran down while fighting? Heh...)

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Scorch called a lightning from above, which incinerated the grass area near the camp from some distance.

"Well, the fire should spread, and if they survived, they will-..."

He suddenly turned, hearing strange sounds, noticing a large fleet of wyverns flying through the sky toward one point.

"Dark Empire! The newly arrived forces...! I'm out of here."

He suddenly sinked down in the air, landing on the ground, trying not to be detected.

"Not good. Not good."

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday October 7th, 2004

The charging vikings reached Ragnar. They rushed around him, he was surrounded. Hundreds of them tried to slash at Ragnar from all sides, and all mysteriously missed.

Ragnar laughed to himself: perfect... let me show them what I have gained in power, at least a sample...

Ragnar ascended a couple of thousand metres, to ensure his own safety.

He swung his arms around himself. A blue haze seemed to surround the vikings for a split second. Their bodies became completely ionised: every electron in the atoms making them up was lost. The electrons all appeared in a sphere around the group. Due to the intense charges involved, these electrons, forming an electic blue haze around the vikings, rushed in to the vikings. Upon hitting the vikings, huge energies were released. They were literally incinerated within less than a second.

There was a hugely bright light. All around, trees, houses, the earth itself which was not rock, simply disappeared, burned up totally by the intense temperatures.

A bubble of air appeared around where the vikings had been. It expanded, blasting at everything (not a lot) that was in its path, and cracking the crust of the planet. Then a huge bang could be heard.

Nearly 1000 wyvyrns were severely burned or burned to death, or were smashed into pieces by the blast.

Ragnar received bad burns. He cursed himself for not having flown high enough.

This all happened in less than a second.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 7th, 2004

// Rule reminder: No godlike characters. 1000 wyverns per attack? //

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday October 7th, 2004

//Damn Zeros' that some crazy god sences your charactor has. I supose I'll have to fight fire, with fire!//

"Hmmm....I think I better find that Zeros' charactor now, and kill him. And this time I won't be doing the mistake by leaveing him to win!"

Nex exit's the cave, he looks around for awile and then spots a bunch of rocks with a scarecrow lieing on it. "Raven! You died! I remember that, Hmmm...let's see....Ah yes, your weapon, that may be usefull...Hmmm...You might be to..." Nex then grab's Raven's Flamerthrower and straps it on his back for the time being. Then he carges a large serge of electricity and then and blast's it at Raven, suddenly he comes back to life, but is a mindless NPC zombie. He then charges another blast of electricity at a few corpes of Romme and Dark Soilder's and turns them into mindless NPC zombies.

"Ahhh yes! 10 Mindless NPC zombies, and a Raven!" Nex says for some reason "Now come and get me my half deamon child friend!"

Mindless NPC Zombies = 10
Mindless NPC Ravens = 1


"Oh my god. That Nex guy! He looked just like him, now I've had visions before and I know once I've had one, We should head back to the cave, now!"

He runs off to the cave, hopeing the others follow him.

//Oh and could you guy's not kill of the NPC Raven in 1 post, and not kill all the NPC Zombies in one post, like, 1 per char, per post how about? Were gonna have a little rumble here!//

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 7th, 2004

//No no...Zeros' went through martial arts training when he was a kid and he is able to sense sudden surges of power, which, when Nex was revived, caused his senses to jump.\\

//Xorlak: No or else the Tsars will try to kill him. And yes Cyber, he was using ki energy to catch or block them.\\

Genma looked at the spears. There speed was incrediable, the motion was perfect and the distance was also perfect; there was one fatal flaw though...they forgot to cover the ground.

Genma dropped to the ground and nearly avoided getting torn to shreads; pieces of his robe flew off and he could feel the wind of the spears pass by his head.

"Geez...getting alittle violent arent we?" Genma raised up some as the spears passed upwards. He put alittle ki into his fist and managed to knock the spears away so he could escape.

Genma sighed. This wasn't going to be as easy as he thought.


Zeros' continued flying towards the cave...


Qeni and Zev kept watching through the shop window. They wondered how long it would take Pophin to find something.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Scorch suddenly raised back at the sky, as thought came to his mind.


Black wyverns.

An air wizard on a black wyvern - what can stop such a power?

With great skill, he might be able to kill a raider of such a beast and gain control over one. Taming wyvern would also be a hard part, but what's challenging is interesting.

He noticed Duilin heading toward the caves, suddenly, but he didn't really care. He said his moves toward where the Dark Empire army was fighting, and where Ragnar was (and castle used to be).


Cheetah suddenly noticed Duilin changing direction, heading to find Nex.

"Nex?" - he thought. - "Isn't he... dead, sort of? Ah well, that's what you get if you burry demons with respect."

He didn't yet decide where to go - he was confused by all the possibilities. And Iduran could propably need his help... on the other hand, he won't have chances alone...


Gelu looked at the slaughter from safe distance... he didn't really decide to join it.

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Duilin continued running towards the cave...

If Nex isn't there then...uhhh...I supose I'll just un burry the guy and toss him into the ocean or something...And if he is..I hope Zeros' is there.


Pophin then finaly deciedes to keep his old armor
"This stuff has really been helpful, I'll keep it on. But I do think I'll take that Katana, those Buster Swords are too clumbsy, and to heavy, and uhh.....I guess that's all that is wrong with them." He took the Katana, and swiped it around, the craftmen ship was very good, it swiped threw the air very quickly, and was quit light. He then also decieded that he should replace his old spear, his current one was messy and old. He wnet outside with his new weapons. He then tunred around and spoted Qeni and Zev, the angeal and the wolf.

"Wha!!! Those things, that were there....What do you want with me!?" He cries.

Posted by: Trent on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Zion started off toward Draven, but before he could even take one step, Xenai pointed his hands at him. "It's over, Ultima!"

Zion turned around to face Xenai. He'd forgotten all about him. "Oh, no!"

"Consume all, flash of death!"

This one was extra powerful. The darkness came to surround Zion. But the pressure, this time, was crippling to anyone, coming down at a massive 2100x the planet's gravity. Xenai was straining his very hardest to cast this. He was sweating like a dog outside at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zion screamed in inconcievable pain, coming down on all fours. "Xenai... Curse you!" He continued to scream, unable to even move. What was he going to do?

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Qeni looked at Pophin and sweat-dropped.

"Uhh...nothing really. Swear." She waved her hands back and forth. Zev also had a big sweatdrop behind his head.


Zeros' could see the cave now; he could also see Nex and his zombie army.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday October 7th, 2004

The Tsars brought down their spears and sighed.

"We warned you. One final chance. You are not our enemy, and we do not wish to kill you. But if you continue to fight us we'll just have to kill you or force you to retreat. We will not allows ourselves to die yet..

Think how we feel.. fighting for years for people we despise.. Killing innocents in the name of our capter.. We deserve justice before we leave.. Would you not want the same, ... Genma?"

The Tsars almost looked like they were going to cry, but quickly gathered themselves.

Seth quickly followed Duilin, who had a big head start on him

Nevina landed behind Jayce and jumped a bit as the ground tumbled. She Then re-plenished her Aura and Jabbed her sword at Jayces back, near the spine.

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 7th, 2004

"I do understand..." Genma started to cry himself.

"Trust me...I know." He wipped the tears from his eyes with the sleeve of his robe.

"But I am bound by a contract I signed long before the event of this war happened. And only one person knows of it." Genma was now physically shaking.

"I cannot betray him now. My hands are stained with the blood of too many innocents..." He looked down at Iduran and then quickly turned his eyes upwards.

"Tsar...I will now end your pain. One of the empires is doomed to fail...and when they do, I will be there to destory it." He phased out then back in at the beginning of the bow and turned to face the Tsars.


Zeros' stopped above the cave and looked down at Nex.

"So...you are back then." Zeros' slowly floated down and landed near Nex.

"Hello Nex." He said to his now zombie opponent.

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Draven covered his face with his arm. A bright flash of light burst from up ahead, followed by the intense heat of an explosion. When the effect faded, it seemed the flying army was gone.

"Just who is that guy? I like his style..."

The whole ordeal was too suspicious... time to sort things out.

Draven ignited in flame and shot up through the few remaining flying warriors, as several wyverns swooped around in confusion after the blast. He rocketed straight up to Ragnar, stopping some ten feet in front of the man. Burning in air, he folded his arms and smirked.

"You seem a little... charred. Inexperienced with the flame, are we?"

Draven didn't recognize perhaps the most notorious of traitors... yet.


Jayce sidestepped to his right, breaking away from Shin and dodging Nevina's stab. He spun around on his heal, now bringing the massive blade down upon her...


Neptra stopped, watching the explosion. It seemed the army had been destroyed before she could even enter the fray... Probably someone ticked off Draven or Jayce.

She shrugged.

"Oh well..."

The army was eliminated. That was all that was required. She turned around, and began to speed back towards the ship, skimming across the ocean's surface. (Heh...)

Posted by: Trent on Thursday October 7th, 2004

Zion had to get out of the Omni cloud before it completely disabled him. But how was he going to go about it? He had little time to think. A thought came into his head... Could he weaken the Omni cloud by absorbing some of its magic? He held his hand out, and willed as much of the cloud as possible to flow through his body. The gravity inside the cloud lowered to 1400x gravity... It still hurt a lot, but he could break out of it. He got to his feet wearily, and with a burst of will, jumped out of the cloud.

Xenai was shocked. "No!"

Zion cast a healing spell upon himself using some of the magic he absorbed, and charged toward Xenai, successfully putting his elbow into his face. Xenai was sent back for long distances.

Zion turned to face Draven. "I'm not done with you."

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 8th, 2004

Scorch hurried to see only the devastated remains of aerial fleet.

"Ah, to storm with it. To dangerous to come close." - he thought. - "At least there's some force here more powerful than Dark Empire..."


Cheetah hurried after Duilin and Seth, too - in human form.

"I know Duilin, that this Nex is angering you, but don't you all think we should do something about Iduran? If not him, we would all be propably dead right now, and honestly I think we owe the old knight something."

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 8th, 2004

"Hmm....You do have point there...We should help the old guy your right, I did save him before, and I should do it again. He acepted me and knew I wasn't just some Dark Empire grunt. Seth, what are you gonna do?" Duilin says


"I was hopeing you would show up." Nex says, he smiles "I have gained new powers now, here are my mindless NPC zombies, they work for me now! But I want to deal with you myself!" He looks at Raven, "You stay here, the rest of you go find Duilin and bring him to me, alive!"

The zombies lerch off in the forest, and Nex turns and looks at Zeros' smileing again, he takes out his sickle, and holds it with boths hands and points it at Zeros'

"ATTACK!" He swings it back and slashes it at Zeros'

Raven swung a punch at Zeros'


"Okay...then....uhh...Who the hell are you?!" Pophin studders

Posted by: Haraldur on Friday October 8th, 2004

The few vikings who had somehow survived died from their mortal injuries.


In his mind, the elder Haraldur screamed with rage. Oh, well. Hopefully, by the time Ragnar could get anywhere near his home, an alliance could be forged against the Dark Empire, and then against him, if necessary.



"Inexperienced with the flame? No. And that was not flame. I am merely inexperienced with myself.

"Why exactly are you talking to me?"

He idly shot at some falling bodies with beams of light from his fingers, causing them to explode over the little that was below.

He thought to himself: I think I have seen this guy before, when I worked for the Dark Empire, those moralising sissies that they are. Hopefully I can bring about more opportunities for death, ... of others...

His serious wounds visibly healed, and were then completely gone: no hint of a scar, no trace.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday October 8th, 2004

Nevina quickly dodged Jayces swing, but nearly fell off the cliff, but she dug her sword into the ground as she leaned back, stabilizing herself.

She then jumped clear over Jayce's head and charged at him, sword first.

Tsar looked at Genma and said, ".. Why should I fight someone who feels as I do..? You are the closest to me on this plane, Genma.. We share the same burden. Join me, Genma. Redeem yourself in the eyes of those innocents slayen. Repent for your short comings. Free yourself from the Empires grip. Rebel. Join me. I could use a companion like you. If you join me, I will be loyal to you until my departure from this plane...
Join me."

Seth said, "Well following you has got me this far, Duilin. I suppose I'll continue following you."

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 8th, 2004

Genma wanted to destroy both empires; but he had made that promise to the Dark Empires emperor all those hundreds of years ago.

"Tsar. I cannot betray the Dark Empire...just leave and you will not be harmed and I will sever your connection to this world as soon as possible..." He had sadness in his eyes...


Zeros' unsheathed his sword and blocked Nex's scythe; Zeros' blocked Raven's punch with his own. Zeros' landed a round house kick to Raven's left temple and proceeded to parry and start slashing at Nex with ki charged Yama-Sen-Ken blades.


Qeni pondered for a moment.

"Well I'm a holy angel and Zev there is a guardian spirit." She pointed to Zev.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 8th, 2004

The slash hit's Nex in the chest, and he falls back abit but recovers himself with his famous backflip recoveing technique. He then raises his left hand and electricity starts to charge in his hand, he then flings his hand in Zeros' derection.

Raven flops to the ground and gets back up he picks up a rock that is about 1.5 square feet and pluges it at Zeros'


"Okay. Lead the way Cheetah. We may not have much time!" Duilin says.

Suddenly and bunch of Mindless NPC Zombie's emerge from the mist...

"Uh oh, RUN!"


"Okay...Well I am, Pophin, I work for the Dark Empire a messenger. So what do you want!?" Pophin asks

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 8th, 2004

// Now instant healing, cool, I absolutely insist on elimination of Ragnar character in a bloody and painful way for breaking the godlike characters rule by the Grand Game Master Xorlak //

"Run, well said!" - Cheetah commented in his speed. - "Now what the hell are those? I am ensured Iduran must have been taken somewhere near where Dark Empire fleet was, perhaps he's near the ships."

He transformed into cheetah form and began to run south.

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday October 8th, 2004

Draven tilted forward, meeting Ragnar's gaze with a squinted eye.

"Well, you did take a shot at me awhile back, and quite frankly, I don't appreciate that..."

He straightened up, assuming more of a mocking tone.

"But seeing as I have more pressing matters to attend to, if you apologise politely, I'll consider letting you go..."


Nevina was quick... Jayce lost sight of the elf as she leapt, just finding her behind him at the last instant. He spun around, meeting his blade with her's as he performed a backwards leap himself, gaining some distance between the two.

The huge man shook the earth as he landed, the rock ground cracking beneath.


With both hands, he slashed his scimitar diagonally upwards from right to left, sending a shockwave of shadow energy racing towards the girl. He immediately followed with the opposite motion, downwards from left to right, sending a second wave...


"What is the meaning of this?!"

Neptra appeared at the very end of the deck of the great black vessel. The upper level was in shambles... posts splintered, sails smashed... In the middle of the wide deck stood Genma with an unconscious knight under his arm, facing off against four enemies...

"If our lord sees what you did to his ship..."


(Ragnar healed from his own attack, and he didn't do any other real actions in that post. We'll see if he's godlike soon anyway, heh...)

(Location update:

Imagine the island as elongated, i.e. much longer north-south than east-west. Near the shore in the southwest corner is the Dark Empire's black vessel, where Genma, Induran, Tsar, and Neptra are. East of that, on the island, the rest of the Dark Empire troops are amassed. South of that and off of the shore are Draven's two remaining ships.

Up north, in the mountainous center of the island, Jayce is fighting Nevina and MotD's characters. Some distance northeast of there is "the cave", where Nex and Zeros are doing battle. At the very northern tip of the island are the Romme Castle ruins, where Draven and Ragnar are. Zion and Xenai are a bit south of there.)

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 8th, 2004

Zeros' caught the now speeding rock that was directed at him and deftly flung it back with double the force.

I remember this scarecrow. He was the one with those ancient machines that make fire. //It is around the early to mid AD era anyways\\

Zeros' speed forwards and disappeared from sight, the lightning jumping out from Nex's hand mearly passed by from where he was standing to where he was; holding Nex's wrist.

"You shouldn't of come back Nex." Zeros' increased the presure ten fold (Zeros' is strong. I'd say he could lift about 200 pounds without any strain, and by focusing his ki, he could lift about 4000-5000 pounds.) and putting about 1000 pounds of preasure on the zombie daemon's wrist. //He wasn't focusing his ki\\


Qeni shrugged. "No idea really...and we aren't allied with anyone but my brother." (if you listen earlier, they were reincarnated after they were slaughted by bandits, and they were released from the child prisons.)

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 8th, 2004

//Zeros': Yeah, but the flamethrower is a weapon in Dark Age, and this is the Dark Age RP, so it makes complete sence!
Cesque: What fleet? The Dark Empire fleet?//

The rock hits Raven with a satisfing 'thud' sound, the rock pinns the scarcrow, down knocking the life from the zombie

The presure hitS Nex's hand and it blasts off, the blood explods out.
"Ha ha! I'm not left handed!" Was his only reaction (Remeber how he has no reaction to pain?)

"He then ement's electricty with his right hand, wile holding his sickle casuseing it to have more effect and swung the electriy at extreme speed!

// <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /> You better get hit because I could have used that hand!//


Duilin procedes in the running phase. "I have no clue, but they look fimular, I remember killing that guy, that guy looks like Skippy and that guy, is.....random." He notices Cheetah is far away from me. "Uhh...I was talking you, not Cheetah, RIGHT!?" He says to Seth.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 8th, 2004

Zeros' manages to dodge the strike, but the lightning jumping from his hand and weapon hit him near his right arm, making him knock back about a foot.

"Eh...good joke..." Zeros' sweat-dropped. Zeros' flipped his left hand as the blood dripped from his palm. He increased the preasure more; the cracking of bones and the sound of flesh being smashed sounded. He released the grip and the parts of Nex's hand feel from his hand and rested at his feet.

Zeros' raised his left hand and formed a gun. Focusing his ki energy, he fired a small beam of energy at the zombified Nex.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday October 8th, 2004

"I'm sorry to hear that, Genma.. But I refuse to leave now. I will not attempt to harm you.. but I will slay 2,000 Dark Empirian soldiers. No more, no less. That's not even close to worth the torment I've endured.. but I will be somewhat reasonable..
Once the blood of 2,000 soldiers has been drunk in by the earth, I will return to you.. and you may kill me. What say you to that?"

Nevina blowed bright white, spun around, snapped her fingers and put her arms in front of herself, making an X.

A holy white light burst from her arms in the shape of an X and ran through Jayce's shadowy bursts, destroying them easily, and continued flying towards Jayce..
"Uhmm.. Sure I guess. Should we run or fight, Duilin? A nice kill in the morning is always fun.."

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 9th, 2004

// Duilin: Yeah, Dark Empire fleet //

// Xorlak: As you wish... I just think killing 1000 wyverns in one attack is enough to call one godlike... //

Cheetah did not pay attention.

"Heartless men of war." - he thought, while running through the grasslands and remains of forests. - "Nice kill in the morning, huh... The wars in the world will never end as long as people will see pleasure in killing."

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 9th, 2004

Ragnar was still panting slightly from the vast expenses fo energy.

"Apologise? To you? Why should I do that?

If you are not a person in the Dark Empire, this will go very hard for you. You are hindering my Emporer's mission."

He reached into his clothing, untl he got to his bottom layer of clothing, his undershirt, and tore it off. It was all tattered. It was also very dirty. He held it out in front of Draven, and just visible, there was the emblem of the Dark Empire.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 9th, 2004

"Seth, we don't have time for that. Ignore them okay, if you want to fight them go ahead but Iduran needs our help!" Duilin says running faster trying to keep up with Cheetah


Nex then rose his brutalized left arm, a serge of electricy emeited around it and then he pointed it at the Ki blast and fired a ball of dark redish matter, the two hit each other and made a small expoltion

"Hah!" Nex laughs "I've learned many new tricks now, Half Breed. Let's see if you learned anything!" He makes another evil laugh. And then blasts a serge of electricity, into the cave. And then a few zombie soilders walked out heading toward Zeros. Nex laughed again.

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday October 9th, 2004

Draven looked at the insignia. Sure enough, it was the red winged dragon symbol of the Dark Empire. The same as on the back of his cape.

"Huh? Who are you and where did you get that? I am Lord Draven, one of the three elite high generals of the Dark Empire, and supreme commander of the Imperial Western Division Army. My command is second only to the emperor himself. If you're one of us, why is it that you don't know me and I don't know you...?"

Could he be another one of the emperor's personal elites like Genma? Why must he always employ these dogs outside of his generals' command?


Jayce crossed his arms in a similar fashion, taking the full force of the blast. He was knocked backwards three feet, heels digging into the ground, leaving a trail in front of him. The surrounding blackness began to absorb inward to him...

"Die! The lot of you!"

Holding his blade with his right hand, he thrust his left forward. Immediately, a dozen bolts of lightning began to strike the strike the area around the four opposing warriors randomly from an unseen source. While normal lightning gives off light, these deadly bolts absorbed it, giving each a distorted black appearance...

(Dark Thunder!)


"I think not!"

Neptra stood directly behind the Tsar images.

"A renegade outsider? I thought that was impossible. It must have been a mistake by the necromancers that summoned you... worthless reject... I'll be removing you from this plane now. Next time we call you, we'll insure the incantations are more precise..."

She pointed to her left. A wave arose from the sea, speeding towards the ship. At about half distance Neptra waved her hand to the right as the water broke up in mid air, congealing into hundreds of thousands of fine shards of ice, mostly the size and shape of large needles. The blast of ice needles engulfed the Tsars from the south, raging in at over a hundred miles per hour. She was trying to blast him off of the ship...

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 9th, 2004

Genma looked back and saw Neptra attacking Tsar; he couldn't do anything for him now.

Genma looked around and found the emperors' ship, he projected his ki and quickly hovered off towards the emperors' ship; he might as well get this business with Iduran over with.


Zeros' looked at the soldiers, then looked at Nex.

"The ability to command souls of the dead is nothing special. Neither is your ability to come back. I didn't destroy your physical body so you only need to absorb enough life energy to recreate yourself; such is one of the many abilities of daemons, even I can do this."

Zeros' started chanting incohearnt words as his left hand started to glow with an eerie red light. Zeros' threw the ball at one of the soldiers, it connected and made an explosion of blood and bones; decimating one of them.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 9th, 2004

//Yeah, you can kill more then one now//

Nex frowned and then spoke "You are nothing to special either, Half Breed, there are many things I can do that you can't, I'm PURE deamon! That's all! Nothing more! I'm more powerfull face it, your humen part is just weaking you down." He then smiles "Let's make you total deamon now! I'll just cut you half!" He jumps up 100 feet into the air (basically flys up) at extreme speed and dives down, haveing his sickle ready to slice him in half!

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 9th, 2004

Ragnar looked sceptical.

"Western division? I am sure when I left to go on my mission that the Emporer's son, Jayce, was the High General of the western division. Some water mage, or something, was in charge of the south, and some human guy, who liked all things pyrotechnic, had just recently got the command of the Eastern Divisions. I never met him, though. I left before his full initiation.

"As a member of the Dark Empire, you should know that the Emporer himself does command the North himself. But do you think he does that on his own? Just like you, he has leutenants.

"I am not one of them, I am something... else. I answer only to the Emporer. It is probably best you do not enquire further, whomever you may be."

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 9th, 2004

"Sure you are Nex..." Zeros' said the first part with alot of sarcasm. Zeros' looked up at Nex and waited for him...and waited...and waited...

And...now! Zeros' raised his sword to meet Nex's right before he drove the sicle him in half.

"You were never a full daemon before! Face it! Your not stronger then me! My human half gives me more strenght then a full daemon could realize!"

Zeros' knew which buttons to push to get Nex fighting in an angry rage.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 9th, 2004

//Zeros' he was flying up and diveing down at extreme speed//

"Oh, you peice of shit!" Nex is angry "If you think rage can weaking my moves, your sadly mistakeing half breed! Your just some stupid ass weakling! Your gonna die!"

Nex blasts a huge blast of shock waves, (abit like The Emporer's electricity in Star Wars, but much more extreme) it was the largest blast of electiriciy he had ever done!

Posted by: Trent on Saturday October 9th, 2004

Zion locked onto Draven's aura. He was contemplating whether or not to take back off after him. After a few seconds of thinking, he decided not to continue. He turned to Xenai's direction. "Draven can wait. You're my first order of business." Zion had read about Draven before... That's how he knew his name.

Xenai took his hands off of his bleeding face, and looked up at Zion. "I'm tired of you as well."
--- --- ---
Tsu sat down in front of his little log cabin in the forest near the remains of Romme. (Is that near where Jayce is fighting MotD's charries?) He tightly gripped the hilt of his katana, and listened to everything around him that he could hear.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 10th, 2004

Cheetah arrived near the Emperor's ship, passing castle from safe distance. He noticed Genma rushing toward the ship.

"Iduran!" - he tried to scream out loud, but only a loud roar came from his cheetah form's mouth as he was running prepparing for his hostage-liberation action.


Scorch was a bit overcame by the situation.

"Simply excellent. If Draven and this strange black weirdo will ally, the island, Romme and everything else will be doomed. And I'll be doomed as well."


"He's negotiating..." - Gelu thought. - "What is this Vikingard madman fool up to?"

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 10th, 2004

Duilin finally caught up with Cheetah. "That's one hell of a ship." He says. He then notices them entering the ship "Iduran!!!" He cries


Pophin grew impatient for the angeal and wolf's reponce. "Well I'm going back to my camp now, if you kids want to follow me be my guest, just don't start annoying me!" Pophin started to head off toward the area were the camp was

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 10th, 2004

//Oh, Xorlak, just in case, I found this out from the Chapter three sign-ups, just to prevent any confusion:

Here are mine:

Name: Draven
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Job: High General, Eastern Division
Weapon: none
Alliance: Dark Empire

Standing just under six feet tall, Draven has long black hair tied back at the shoulder and a piercing glance. His armor, black with red trim, is light and flexible. His gloves and boots are dark brown. His cape, dark red on the inside and black on the outside, sports a four-winged dragon insignia shaped out of red lines on the back-- the insignia of the Dark Empire.


The overly pompous Draven lead the menacing army that destroyed Romme. He knows basic spells in other elements and some black magic, but his true passion, his obsession rather, is fire magic. He commands the fire element with devastating ease. He does not use a physical weapon, but sometimes likes to form a blade of fire to use as a sword.

In chapter 1:

Draven displays his absolute will to command at several points. He had several battles with the traitor Scorch, who quickly became his rival. In addition to his crimson blade attack, we see a massively destructive gargantuan fireball he conjures when angry, he trademark aura of flame that surrounds him as he gathers more energy, and the ability to levitate himself.

In chapter 2:

Draven receives a message from his emperor and time is running out to find the sword he seeks, but he manages to keep his cool (well, not really…). He has an encounter with a general from the rival nation of Aritan and later meets a new obstacle in his quest for the sword, namely the demi-human Zeros’. After a battle, Draven obtains a fake sword from Zeros’ and returns to his ships to await the arrival of the Dark Emperor, totally oblivious to the fact that the real one is still out of his reach.

Name: Iduran
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 58
Job: Knight Captain
Weapon: A normal broadsword.
(Zeros’ is now in possession of the mysterious sword Iduran held for the past two chapters.)
Alliance: Romme

Iduran is a tall man, standing at 6'4". His short, once brown hair is graying with age, although he still has his cold, steely glance. His metalic gray armor is heavy, but he moves in it with ease. His cape is a light blue.


The aging Iduran is King Romme's most trusted knight. But he is no longer the invincible warrior he once was. Still, his swordsmanship is unmatched throughout the kingdom. He also has great experience on his side, having credit for successfully ending the war with the nearby Kingdom of Tjed 10 years earlier. He has been put in charge of defending the castle against the impending attack of the Dark Empire. In battle, he relies mostly on his sword, although he does know a few basic spells.

In chapter 1:

We find out that the sword Iduran holds is why Draven attacked. Iduran feels it contains some sort of power, but he does not know how to utilize it. Near the beginning Iduran suffers a wound that plagues him for the rest of the chapter.

In chapter 2:

Poor old Iduran is bedridden for a while and gives his mystic blade to Duilin along with a quest to find out how to unlock its power. By the time he recovers from his wound, he gets transported to Haraldur’s homeland due to a misguided spell. Here, he is poisoned in a venomous carnivorous plant attack and, alas, must rest in bed again…

Note: Due to his poisoning, Iduran will be an inactive character for a while (meaning he can’t do much more than respond to questions). Which gives me room for two more characters…

Name: Jayce
Gender: Male
Race: Human (?)
Age: 28
Job: High General, Western Division
Weapon: An oversized scimitar, worn across the back. The blade is extremely heavy and barely liftable by most, yet he flips it around single handedly as if it were plastic.
Alliance: Dark Empire

The tall man exudes just one color: black. At 6’ 6”, he is completely coved from his neck down in heavy black onix-like armor. His gauntlets are black, his boots are black, his cape is black… His hair (also black) is comparable in length to Draven’s, yet rather than tying it back, it falls wildly across his face and back in spikes. His face is the only contrast to his silhouette of a figure, his skin being somewhat paler than most.


Son of the Dark Emperor and heir to the throne, Jayce commands the western division of the empire’s army. Taking after his father, he is master of the black arts, or the shadow element. The violent man loves destruction and hates just about everything else. His voice is somehow refined and brutish at the same time, resembling a British accent.

Name: Neptra
Gender: Female
Race: Human (?)
Age: 27
Job: High General, Southern Division
Weapons: Long thin daggers, usually two at a time, though she keeps several more affixed to her belt and behind her back.
Alliance: Dark Empire

About five feet tall, her armor is a deep blue, and is lighter than most, leaving her arms and knees bare. Her short cape is a deceptively pleasant cyan and her long flowing hair a dark blue.


Leader of the Dark Empire’s southern division, Neptra commands the water element. The flow of any nearby water source can be controlled by her, with devastating results. Probably the most level-headed and least reckless of the three Dark Generals, her diabolical tactical mind is unmatched. She is the only one in the world who can calm the brutish Jayce.

In case you are wondering, the northern forces are commanded by the emperor himself, so there is no northern general.

Note: Any new Dark Empire officers/soldiers should state which of the three generals they follow. Yes it does matter, because they don’t always get along very well (heh…)

Chapter 3 begins in a week or so!

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday October 10th, 2004

(Blast it Haraldur! You know I meant eastern. Been really... preoccupied lately... heh...)

(EoN: Actually that would place Tsu near Draven and co. and probably Zion and Xenai. Jayce and co. are further south.)

(Zeros': Actually Genma was already on the emperor's ship, the 'great black vessel'. Neptra and Jayce came on the same ship has him, which was what I was assuming by "Neptra's ship" referred to earlier. Heh...)


Draven stroked his chin. He knew his stuff... Blast those cocky emperor assistants who thought they were above the law!

"Very well. I am the commander of the east. The fact that you know who is supposed to be in charge of what saves your skin... Do as you are assigned. Do take care to remember my face and name, though, for if you take another pass at me, I will not hesitate to impale you on a pillar of flame, before reporting your insurrection..."

He sped off towards the south, towards the remaining group of wyvern riders.

Forgot to ask his name... Bah, details, details... probably not important...

He approached the captain of the large unit, flying high above the others.

"You! Who is your officer and what is your mission?"

"L... Lord Draven...?


"We... we are under the orders of General Neptra to purge the flying army..."

"What flying army? The one that man took out?"

He motioned behind him.

"Y... yes..."

"So your objective is no complete?"

"Well... I guess so..."

"Then I'm taking command."

"But... we're General Neptra's--"

"Silence! You are finished with her orders and now you will be given mine! Is that clear?"

"Y, yes sir..."

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday October 10th, 2004

The ice blasts failed to injure Tsar, but effectivly caused him to go over board (and did a nice number on the ship I'd imagine).

Tsar plunged into the ocean depts, then realized he couldn't swim.

Tsar began to panic, then frantically pulled all his copies together, forming the one, powerful Tsar.

He then warped frantically, but each attempt stuck him back in the ocean, until finally one faithful warp brought him about 10 feet above sea level, near the coast.

He then flew over to the shoreside, as he stood there, gathering psi from the calming, yet dangerous ocean that had nearly costed him his chance at

Nevina dodged most of the Dark Lightning Strikes, but one finally landed upon her back, her Scimatar acting as a lightning rod.

She screamed as megavolts coursed through her body, and calapsed.
Seth keeps going with Duilin.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 10th, 2004

Ragnar bowed in an almost sarcastic may, and smiled to himself as he watched the High General go.

Hmmm... I wonder what they are here for...

Indeed... there must something here, wouldn't you agree?

Yes, yes... but it would have to be powerful to warrant such use of force...

We shall probably find out more soon...


Lets go kill some trolls...

In an almost Haraldur-like manner, he rushed towards the ground, aflame, and disapeared without a trace.

Hahaha... in the underworld... the great caverns...

The trolls do not know it was I who caused the Dark Empire to betray them... hahaha...

Posted by: Trent on Sunday October 10th, 2004

Tsu looked up at Zion and Xenai, who had already started fighting. Their swords clashed fiercely, with the rapid strikes of the Eternity Weapon, and the powerful slashes of the Zero Weapon. His attention then went to Draven and those he conflicted with. He looked over to a small isle a mile or so away from the mainland. Darkness seemed to be radiating from the little island.


Tsu strapped his katana to his waist, and ran through the woods toward the coast. He looked at the darkness in awe. (Is it still all wintery here?)

//Still wintery://
He dropkicked onto the slippery ice, and slid toward the island.

//Not wintery://
He jumped into the water and swam over to the island.

Upon reaching the coast, he examined what the darkness was radiating from. There seemed to be a hole in the ground it was coming from. It looked like it was made by a sword... A sword like Xenai's...

Zion looked over at the island where Tsu was, and gasped, noticing the darkness. Xenai bursted out laughing. "You, my friend, and all of you Romme aligned scum are dead!"

Tsu thought he could hear a roar come from the hole... What was this?

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 10th, 2004

Genma mentally cursed himself as he just realized he was too busy thinking about Iduran before noticing he was on the ship; he wasn't very far from the ship, so it was good for him. He noticed Tsar get washed overboard and then he landed back on the ship and looked around, only Neptra was around.

He opened a door and sat Iduran down in a chair, he then poked the same shiatsu point he used to make him unconcious, to make him concious agian.

"Iduran. Just stay calm and don't move for a few minutes." Genma concentrated and formed a mental link with the Emperor.

I have brought Iduran. Do you wish me to question him? Or shall you? He could be holding some very valuable information and might be useful for ransoming off for that sword you want. He waited for the usually effect to signify and anwser.


Zeros' braced himself as the shockwave hit him, knocking him back about 20 feet and sending him into a tree and on the ground; he was
also brimming with electricty. Zeros' staggered to get up.

"So...you learned some new tricks...that good. I didn't want a repeat of last time." Zeros' sped towards him and jumpped straight up, way above Nex.

"KATCHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN REVISED! YAMA-SEN-KEN!" Zeros' sword charged up with immense ki energy as he released thousands of ki blades all around Nex.


Qeni and Zev just sighed and decided to do some more exploring...//There gonna be out for awhile..\\

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 10th, 2004

Nex's eyes grew wide open as the Ki blades dove down at him. He formed a bat made of electiricty and fire, and started wacking as many as possible. The ocasionaly few hit him, causeing 'dents' on him, or so it seemed, but he didn't react to much to them.

"That's some fancy pig latin you learned there. Here's mine! Oompa Loompa, Ruba Dub, Dub, KA-BLUIE!" He rose his good hand at him and blasted a 15 fire balls at him that were moveing at great speed!

(Oh, that, Stuff he was saying was him makeing fun of Zeros' Ki chant. Nex is of course, the evil guy with the sence of humor, heh.)

Posted by: Cesque on Monday October 11th, 2004

Cheetah made a high leap into the sky in his cheetah form, rushing into the Black Vessel, then he stood still in combat position for a while, looking around... Where is Iduran?

He made a loud roar, to be ensured he is heard by anyone who is nearby.


The strongest bad guy was gone. Excellent moment.

Scorch, levitating in the air, rised his eyes up as they began glowing with white light. He teared opened the sky and brang a lightning strike directly upon his body - there needs to be some spectacularity, for storm's sake.

"Nice private army, you have there, Draven." - he said, drawing closer and closer to the general, his voice sounding sounding like a thunderclap. - "Haven't seen you in a long time, oh well. I always thought of how it is possible that your soldiers never rebelled against your tyrannic reign."

All right, he should have caught Draven's attention. Now what? Yet another long and destructive battle, which would propably at least serve as some good distraction allowing others to do something. Of course, the question was, what others - as most of the island was now overrun with Dark Empire or it's allies.

"And by the way, what did you do to that old knight, Iduran?"

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday October 11th, 2004

"Come on Seth, let's get into that ship!" Duilin then did a jumping and running technique simular to Cheetah's but less, high in the sky, landing into the Vessel.

"Hoo-Hah!" He says as he arives inside "Okay, Cheetah...uhh....." He realized he was in his Cheetah form "Nevermind, let's just find Iduran. Were do you think he is." He looked back down at the Cheetah "Nevermind..."

Sheesh, I'm accually talking to a Cheetah. Duilin thinks

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday October 11th, 2004

Ragnar arrived at the gate to the troll's realm, just like Haraldur did. The troll that Haraldur had coverd in acid was still here.

"Hello," said Ragnar.

"Who are you?" said the whole troll.

"Quite possibly your worst nightmare..."

With that, he covered both the trolls with very concentrated acid, and they reacted to it, ending up as mere heaps of fizz.

I love it when people fear me, thought Ragnar, as he went through the gate and started spewing acid at every troll he met.

Posted by: Cesque on Monday October 11th, 2004

"Sheesh, I guess this weird dude thinks I can't hear him." - Cheetah thought waiting for some sign or response to his roar which might give off location of Iduran's holding place, sparing him effort of breaking into every single room in the giant ship.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 11th, 2004

"Hmph...Looks like there finally here..." Genma said as he heard Cheetah and Duilin on the top of the ship. He glared back at Iduran; he would be fine here.

Genma walked over and opened the door. He jumped above Cheetah and Duilin for a minute before landing infront of them.

"Keep it down will you? Your loud enough." Genma sealed the door shut with the ki energy to keep Iduran in the room.


Zeros' looked at the fireballs. He let them hit him and absorbed the energy from the attacks, recharging the ki he used in his last attack.

"You should know fireballs don't work on daemons." Zeros' used some of the energy he couldn't absorb and formed it to pure ki. He reached behind him and pulled out four yellow bandana's and started spinning them.

"Try this." Zeros' threw the four bandana's at Nex and Raven. Three headed towards Nex and one towards the defenseless Raven.

//These bandana's are charged with ki, which makes the ends as strong as titanium\\

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday October 11th, 2004

(I think it's safe to say that most of the snow and ice has melted by now.)


Draven glanced to his left...


Gah, forgot about him...

"Scorch, you indignant fool... You could have run away and I never would have known..."

He turned to face the air mage, beginning to burn more intensely. The wyverns swarmed around the two anxiously. Draven spoke to the captain behind him.

"Take your men and search the island from the skies. Find the winged demi-human who's hiding the sword. His name is Zeros'. When you find him return to me. I'll deal with him once I'm done here..."

They wyvern riders scattered, flying in all directions with their new orders.

Draven began to descend from the sky, approaching the battle ravaged wasteland that was once a forest, eyes fixed on Scorch.

"You and I have unfinished business..."


Jayce rested the gargantuan blade on his right shoulder and began to slowly walk towards the fallen foursome.

(Sorry MotD, but it's been over 3 days!)

"A bit stronger than normal, but mediocre none-the-less..."

He stood in the center, surrounded by the unconscious warriors. His voice was sinisterly calm...

"Now, who dies first...?"


Suddenly, a pillar of water raged upward mere yards away from Tsar. Neptra emerged from the center.

"Outsider... I hereby release you..."

Quick as lightning, she whipped a long, thin dagger from behind her back and launched it spiraling towards Tsar's heart. As it flew through the air, the surrounding water vapor crystallized around it, charging it intensely with ice energy.


Genma received his reply:

“Excellent. I will send my men up to collect him.”

Two men in dark robes, looking rather evil and monkish, strided down the long main hallway of the ship, heading toward the room Iduran was located in…

Iduran slowly opened his eyes after Genma left.

“… Huh…? Where… am I?”

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 11th, 2004

Genma nodded and turned his attention back towards the two.

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Monday October 11th, 2004

As Jayce said his bit, a Phoenix Rider from Aritan flew in and attacked, giving a secondary rider time to collect the fallen warriors.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday October 11th, 2004

Tsar dodged the dagger with grace, then sped behind Neptra and put her into a head lock with his Spear arm close around her throat, making breathing a tad difficult.

Tsar whispered into her ear, "You no longer own me.. Fool Draven already released me. But I shall linger until I receive my compensation.."

With those words he released her.

"Leave me, and maybe you won't be destroyed along with my mortal vessel."

:::(Tsar is gonna die soon enough, but I need him to be left alone for a few posts for him to finish creating his final blow at the empire):::
Nevina is lifted by the Artian without her notice, as she continues her state of unconciousness.
Seth runs and leaps, leaving his current standing point, about 20 feet from the ship, and lands gracefully onto the Ships deck, his hand going down, touching the wood when he lands, barely making a sound.

"Who's Iduran again? The old knight fellow with a wounded arm I saw back iin the cave?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

Genma lookes around at the three warriors.

"A shapeshifter, An old Dark Empire soldier and a Monk. If your all looking for Iduran, your too late."

//He could tell Cheetah was a shapeshifter, because he saw him with Iduran before; he also knew Duilin was a Dark Empire soldier because he heard he had betrayed the empire. And he could tell Seth was a monk by the claws and the way he carried himself.\\

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

//I hope I'm allowed to summon really big demonic monsters.//

The roar came again, and it was a lot louder.

Zion was shaking. "No... Please don't come out!"

Xenai cackled, phasing out then back in directly above the hole he made. He dropped down with his huge sword pointed downwards, fitting it perfectly into the hole. The shockwave that came sent Tsu into the water. Xenai jumped back, away from the island, and floated there.

"Rise, Zero Weapon!!!"

The ground shook violently around the little island. The expression on Zion's face turned to indescribable horror.

//Stop me if I'm not allowed to do this. If I'm allowed to do this, things will go from bad to worse for the Romme guys, because I'ma let all the Dark Empire aligned charries use this thing.//

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

// You can tell Cheetah is shapeshifter merely because he's still in his cheetah animal form //

// As long as Haraldur is allowed to use 10000 Viking army, I bet you're allowed big demonic monsters, Eon //

"Too late?" - Cheetah thought. "It can't be. IT CAN'T BE! Why does evil always has to win in the end? It is not true, dammit! Iduran would not let himself be killed just like that!"

With a loud roar, Cheetah jumped past Genma toward the door, wanting to shread it apart, but he was blasted away with ki energy.

He stood up, growling, then slowly reverted to human form.

"Dispel the barrer. NOW!" - he said angry like he was never before, really.


"Unfinished business?" - Scorch asked. - "I don't really care, but our fight will make a good party talk when people will light victory pyres around the world when it will be freed from Dark Empire."

He didn't really care much about the consquences this time - Draven had to be stopped. For too long has Scorch fought to give up now. His enemy was Draven and the Dark Empire, and there was nothing now - not even his own power, security or life - which could be more important for him than his goal.

The ruins of the castle in the background reminded him about the previous grand fight that took place among them here - now, he guessed, is time for another one.

His clenched fists began to pulse with electricity and his eyes began to glow with white light.


Gelu seemed to have turned off his consiousness for a bit long time. His thoughts were cleared, he entered a state of deep meditation and the world ceased to exist for him - as if the planet liquided all around him and went down the drain, leaving him in the center of an empty universe.

Fate will tell what will happen. Once it will happen - and will happen the inevitable, victory of Dark Empire - it will be time for Gelu to return to his days of glory.

But now, all was in chaos on the island - and chaos was the enemy of reason which guided Gelu.

At least it seemed like this for him, though he hardly understood self.

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

//Er... MotD: whayt about the two Haraldurs, who are being led by you?//

Ragnar entered the main troll hall, where all the troll were taking refuge: the ones outside were turned to nothing much by acid.

Ragnar smiled a strange smile, and the hall became covered in acid, with the screams of trolls mixing with the fizzing of the neutralisation reactions.

He exited the hall, the result of the devastation before him.

Above and below him, the rock began to crack.

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

// Neutralisation reaction? This suggest trolls were built from some alkaline substances... or did you mean coagulation? //

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

Nex swung out his sith at one bandana, jumped up into the air the dodge the second landed and then the third hit him as soon as he landed. The fourth one sliced Raven in half and his zombieness ended (He's dead, again)

"ACK!" He bandana was stuck right into him "Oh, you....I shouldn't of used that fire, you sertainly are a true deamon, half breed. I'm proud of you. You have won THIS battle, but we shall meet again..." Nex starts buring in fire and then starts sinking into the ground...He has gone back into the underworld, but in still alive.
I hope this isn't against the rules. It's kinda like Silgus' "death" in Chapter One.

The only thing left is a burn mark and his sith. A token to Zeros' for a good fight.


Duilin grew an inraged face at Genma aswell, He armed out his mace and took a few steps toward him, he was circleing it in the air. "Do what he said or your gonna be wearing your teath as a necklace!" He threatend

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

//Yep, the trolls are all made of marble.//

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

Seth armed himself with his Claws.

He then got into his loose, free movement stance, braced for an attack.

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

"I'd like to see you try. Iduran has not been harmed yet." Genma landed near the door and stood infront of it.

"I am not the weak old man you might think I am. Attack me from any direction you like." Genma took his loose stance, legs spread part a little and arms at his sides.

//Genma's martial arts style is based on counter attacks mostly.\\


Zeros' looked at the burn and sith and sighed. He went around and picked up his bandana's, which were now limp pieces of cloth. He looked back at the sith. He picked it up and pocketed it. He then started to looked around for someone...he found everyones auras, but no one he really wanted to fight.

Zeros' took to the sky and went to face the most dangerous one first; Jayce.

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

(Folks, as long as something isn't a huge breach of the rules, it's okay. If it's not listed, go ahead and try it. If I don't like it, I'll just add a new rule (heh...). Huge demonic monsters: okay! (NPCs). Sending your character to the underworld: okay! (making a character inactive).)


Draven landed on a fallen tree and folded his arms. There was no sign of the green leaves that once covered the now dismal area.

Blast it... fighting all day... tiring...

No! I'm trained for this... One more makes no difference!

"I'll see to it that you remain dead this time..."

Aura flaring, he cupped both hands in front of his chest. A small ball of crimson energy appeared within, which he began to pour vast amounts of energy into...


"Ladies first..."

Jayce held the blade to Nevina's neck, raising it in preparation for the chop...

Suddenly, he was smashed in the back with the long lance of the phoenix rider, sending him flying forward some 25 feet and tumbling on the rocky ground. He immediately leapt back to his feet as the jouster swooped past.

"You son of a..."

The rider turned for a second swoop, but his jousting lance had been destroyed by striking the barbaric man. Tossing it aside, he drew his sword as the pheonix dove at full force.

Jayce turned and began to fly backwards, in the opposite direction of the giant bird (and the unconscious warriors), parrying the humongous talons with his blade. When the time was right, he aimed horizontal slash across the bird's neck...


(Awww... no fun. Okay, I'll work with ya.)

Neptra thrust both hands outward, aiming to meet the outsider with an intense blast of presurised water to separate him from her.

"Draven released you? That's not like him... Whatever. If you touch my boat or my troops, I'm gonna kill you..."

She turned around and began to skid across the water back to the ship, keeping an eye out to ensure the rebel outsider didn't head for the army she had just a few hundred yards off of the shoreline...

"Draven's problem... not mine."


Iduran rubbed his neck.

"Ohhh, my head..."

He stood up, removing his last potion he had from his pouch and drinking it. It only made him feel a little better.

There were two doors in the room. The one on the left wall was glowing dimly, as if there were some sort of aura protecting it. The other, the one on the right wall (that lead to the main hallway of the ship), was firmly locked. He sat down, contemplating weather he should try to kick it down. But then, the handle turned...

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday October 12th, 2004


Duilin started to speed walk towards Genma, swinging his mace around in circles.
The sound of two pairs of iron shoes hitting wooden floors could be herd and then the voice of a russain women was herd "Well, Genma I see you have my new friends. Let's see, Duilin, you never should have been trusted, But I was rather hopeing this would happen."

Duilin saw Veronika, beside her was an elite dark empire soilder and then looked around abit. "Okay, looks like we got ourselfs a three on three battle here, I'll take Veronika, Seth, I guess you can take Eliteo guy or something, and Cheetah can take old man ki!"

Duilin runs and jumps at Veronika "Hoo-Hah!"

//Note: I may not be able to post for awile, so it's good thing I'm fight my own chara//

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

(Thanks Xorlak. ^.^):::

Tsar turned, facing the forest. He then manipulated his psi lance, turning it into a razor sharp dirk.

With the Dirk, He cut his left arm, causing him to bleed.

He chanted, and Psi released from his body, forming what appeared to be a puppet like he created earlier, but it was different this time..

The figure was much more defined. It had a face, what appeared to be eyes, It was even clothed, with the psi showing what element it had taken.

He was a soldier, all blue, complete with a helmet and cloak. He carried a sword and a dagger.

But he had no ability to think.. to move on his own.. Until Tsars blood flowed into him. It formed a red core, visible from the outside, though it was located in the center of his chest.

He suddenly jumped to life, and saluted Tsar.

Tsar began the same ritual, repeating it 3 more times, creating an archer with long blonde hair and a bow of yew. A nearly nude one, having no weapons, a monk. And finally, a mage, with a flowing robe, a beard, and a silly steepled hat.

These new Psi Forms began copying the same ritual Tsar had done to create them..

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday October 12th, 2004


The huge demonic hand came down onto whatever land it could touch, under the water. Another hand shot out, doing the same. The arms pulled a huge demonic being from the ground, pulling itself out from under the island. This thing was at least 20 yards tall... Maybe even a half-mile... The earth around Xenai's sword shattered, revealing it to have been thrusted into the top of the demon's head.

"Haaaa ha ha ha!!!" Xenai flew over to his creation. "Zero Weapon, engage!" He pushed his sword down, and twisted it clockwise, using it as a key. The Zero Weapon's eyes glowed a bright red. It pulled its arms to its chest, and flung them out to the side. A huge shockwave emitted from the demon's body, while Xenai stood on top of its head, safe from the shockwave. It threw Zion back quite a bit, and sent Tsu back to the shore of the mainland.

The Zero Weapon seemed much like a machine. The internal parts under its black armor, somewhat visible on parts of its body, glowed a bright red. It was engaged now.

"This great demon is not for you Romme scum... It is for the great Dark Empire to use! It's not gonna listen to you anyways! It'll only crush you! Hahahaha!!!" Xenai laughed a very maniacal laugh before pulling his sword out of the Zero Weapon's head, and flying high into the air to watch the carnage.

//The Zero Weapon is free for all Dark Empire aligned charries to control, if you haven't already figured it out. If you're the "Romme scum" and you don't like it there, there's 2 ways to get rid of it. 1: Destroy it, or 2: Turn it off.//

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 12th, 2004

Zeros' felt a huge surge of power and then looked towards the direction of the power and he saw the weapon.

"Shit..." He muttered under his breath. He didn't know what it was, but he had a good feeling it wasn't friendly; at least to him.

He started flying towards it...maybe this was the battle he's been looking for.

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

// Where actually is Xenai and his Zero Weapon? //

"Great. More enemies..." - Cheetah thought, noticing Veronika and the elite soldier. But he was more calm now, hearing Iduran is unharmed. Yet, still... The presence of Genma filled his blood with anger.

Obviously, the old one's lure into attacking him must have been a trap. But the anger was too strong. Gepardi turned into his cheetah form and made a rapid jump-like move, but his back legs were still on the ground - and with the claws of the front legs, wanted to shred the face of his enemy.


Scorch gathered enemy as well, prepparing for some sort of counter-attack in case Draven preppares something spectacular.

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

Genma looked at Cheetah; he could see the anger towards him.

Genma side stepped out of the attack and quickly ran forwards and delivered several punches to Cheetah's right side, they didn't have much power behind them, but he kept hitting the same spot the same time over and over, which made it hurt.

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

//I'm pretty sure they're near the remains of Romme.//

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

// Romme castle, you mean? //

Cheetah landed on the floor after missing, and with his cat reflexes ran a circle around Genma, avoiding Genma's fast attack, and as he was striking the air, Cheetah turned once against and jumped with open jaws in attempt to bite off man's arm.

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

Ragnar spread his arms out to his sides, and looked upwards. He hovered up a little. The crack beneath his feet and the crack above him widened, until he could see the sky above and could hear magma running in rivers from below him. He looked down, and saw the vast lakes of magma. And the islands.

The holes created above and below him were only about the size of a manhole, which suited perfectly. He levitated upwards.

He left the hole, after a quite long journey upwards, and found himself in a small inaccessable place in the mountains. There were sheer cliffs on all sides, and trees blocking view from above. He hovered higher, and the cliffs themselves were just forming a small hole in a mountain with sheer drops on all sides. Perfect.

He smiled, faintly, and started to slowly descend...

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

//Cyber Wolf, if you want to control the Elite Soilder, go ahead, he's an NPC, but I guess I'll make the first attack!//

The Elite soilder armed out two katanas, he ran towards Seth, and slided at him with his Katanas pointing at him, ready to cut him!

Veronika fired her a single shot with her Auto Shotgun. Duilin quickly reacted before she fired and jumped out of the way, the shell hit the wall of the vessel. Duilin ran then did a jump with him mace ready the slam down at her. Veronika quickly slid out of the way, Duilin made a huge smash into the floor! Veronika then fired, half blindly at Duilin, the shell skining his waist. Duilin cried out in pain as it hit him, but he wasn't going to let it stop him.

"Don't think I'm going to go easy on you because your a women!" Duilin yelled as he ran at her ready to smash her with his mace.

"I don't think your the one who needs to take it easy my dear!" She said back, she fired her weapon again at Duilin, this time hiting his leg. Duilin then fell foward on Veronika causesing them to both fall down. The ball of Duilin's mace slamed down right beside Veronika's head.

Veronika looked at Duilin and glared, Duilin looked back. There was the odd silience, but Veronika broke it by pushing him off. She got up, and aimed her weapon at Duilin, who was lieing on the floor, and prepared to fire...

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

Genma held out his staff, went downwards, right below his jaw and sent Cheetah flying off above him. Genma took chase and delivered a series of very powerful strikes while in mid-air, hoping Cheetah wouldn't dodge them.

"Shed this transformation Gepardi!" Genma yelled as he continued to attack Cheetah in mid-air, his form of combat specialty.


Zeros' looked at the Zero weapon; it was indeed huge. Zeros' unsheathed his sword and held it at eyelevel. He charged his sword with powerful ki and readied his favorite attack.

"YAMA-SEN-KEN!" He combined this with the Katchu Tenshin Amaguiken technique, allowing him to fire off a thousand ki charged Yama-Sen-Ken air blades.

//Note that the Yama-Sen-Ken technique is basically air, but Zeros' is charging them with ki, which makes them hard as steel.\\

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

//I guess the Romme Castle. Time for the Zero Weapon to display its power.//

The Zero Weapon was not ready for the Yama-Kan-Sen attack. The attack felt like getting multiple shots (as in like you get at the doctor's office) in the back rapidly. He roared very loudly and turned around, facing Zeros'.

It roared, and got into a position that looked like it was about to sprint or something. It aligned its mouth with Zeros', and opened it. The inside started to glow the same red that was in its body and its eyes. After a moment of charging, a tremendous, yet highly concentrated energy wave was unleashed upon Zeros'.

Xenai laughed, watching the spectacle in joy. Zion then kicked him back in the head, and the endless clash was back on again.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

Seth, twirled and jumped upwards, narrowly missing the Elite Soldiers attack.

He landed behind the Soldier faster than he could recover from the attack he made.

Seth swung the BACK of his hand at the soldiers head, knocking him down easily, and leaving welts of the side of the soldiers face where the blunt of Seths claws hit home.

He looked down viciously at the Elite Soldier, who then slung a katana at Seth as though it were a javelin. Though Katanas are not very accurate, at such close range, it managed to catch one of Seths arms in his attempt to dodge, impailing his forearm.

Seth screamed, mostly in anger, and Jumped upwards, coming down on the Soldiers Chest with his right foot with great force ~elapsed time: 0.5 seconds.

The blow broke a few Ribs, but the soldier brought himself back onto his feet regardless.

There were now 10 of every psi soldier Tsar had created, and the new ones began making copies as well, speeding production.

"An army created completely with psi.. The Empire will have quite a struggle fighting such." Tsar said, almost happily.

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

Zeros' winced at the power; it was indeed tremendous. He managed to fly up and then phase out then back in right as the beem passed below him.

Close one...

Zeros' now glowed with a blue aura (Battle aura, blue is confidence) and cupped his hands behind him. A blue ball started forming in his hands, it started growing rapidly.

When it reached a certain size, he thrust his hands forwards and yelled at him.

"MOKO TAKABISHA!" A blue ball sped fastily towards the Zero Weapon.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

Draven took a quick glance behind him. Something huge rose from the waters near the fallen castle...

"Heh... Xenai's Zero Weapon... finally someone else shows some competence..."

Draven looked up at the still flying Scorch.

"Guess I'll start us off..."

He thrust his right arm forward, firing the energy he had gathered towards the air mage like a cannon ball. The crimson orb raged upward, but exploded some three quarters of the way to its target, sending twelve equal sized spheres of light traveling in all directions. At the same time, Draven took off towards Scorch like a rocket, a blade of crimson flame forming in his right hand...


Iduran stood up as the door opened. Two men draped entirely in black robes, faces covered, entered the room.

"Who... who are you?"


The left one reached for him, revealing a hand of bone...

"Back off!"

Iduran gave the man a good punch to the face with his heavy metal gauntlet. Much to his surprise, the head came clean off, bouncing off of the wall and landing on the floor to reveal it was nothing more than a skull...

The decapitated skeleton collapsed before frantically feeling the ground in search of its head.

The second robed skeleton calmly watched the scene for a few seconds, before deciding it might be a good idea to do something about it. It reached into it's cloak, pulling out a jagged rapier and began to stab at the old knight. Iduran dodged the attack, picking up a nearby wooden chair and slamming it into the fiend's chest, the impact sending the lightweight skeleton smashing into the opposite wall.

The skeleton quickly recovered, it's "face" now visible since the hood of its cloak was knocked off. It retorted with another lunging stab, which Iduran attempted to counter with the wooden table in the center of the room. The table split in half with the fiend's slash, and the old knight was found with his back to the wall.

The skeleton stabbed towards Iduran's chest, but missed, the blade sticking deep into the wall. As it tried to break its weapon free, Iduran saw his chance. He bolted to the other side of the room and through the open door, closing and locking it behind him.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 14th, 2004

// Hmm... Iduran escaped through some back enterance or through the sealed exit? //

Scorch ducked down, as spheres of light passed above him, thought about 3 of them managed to hit the air mage. But burning pain was not significant to Scorch him. As was the newly arrived Zero Weapon.

Seeing Draven prepparing his magical blade, air wizard made weapon on his own - a scepter built from electrical energy. He also hurried toward Draven prepparing for some closer range combat in the air.


Suddenly, a loud roar of beam of energy woke Gelu up. Something powerful was nearby...

He looked around, and noticed a powerful - was it a creature, or the machine? - which got out of waters. Whatever it was, it planned to expugne Zeros, so it's goal was a good one - Gelu liquidised himself and travelling through the sand like a stream of water, materialised himself closer to the Weapon and laughing Xenai.

It was obviously a generaly good idea to help Zero Weapon and it's master to get rid of that annoying demon.

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Before he got low enough for the cliffs to obscure his vision, Ragnar noticed a huge metal machine attacking Zeros'. He stopped descending.

He looked at the machine with interest. It had an hint of familiarity.

Haraldur made a boulder materialise above the small hole, covering it up.

This might be fun...

He started slowly flying towards the machine.

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Zeros' noticed Ragnar and Gelu coming to join the battle. He was now smirking; this would be fun.


Qeni and Zev now noticed the monster and started flying towards it; they knew Zeros' would be there.

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Ragnar stopped, and turned invisible. Then he started approaching the machine.

If his memory served him well, and they had not changed the design, then there should be a hatch to the inside...

He landed on the machine, and found a ladder, which led to a locked hatch. He managed to hang onto the handles as the machine suddenly jerked, as it made another stride forwards.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Cheetah recieved few good hits from attacking Genma before he managed to land on the ground. He turned, his eyes burned with rage.

His form began to change, as soon he returned into full-scale wyvern, having a bit trouble moving in the small area.

He roared and spat a ball of acid toward Genma. It was time to destroy this pathetic, old fool!


Something seemed not right for Gelu, who awaited Zeros' next move.

He placed both hands in front of himself, and closed his eyes. He could see the world now, blurry, as if in aquarium, through some glass. In this alternate reality which could present him things otherwise invisible, he noticed a powerful force messing up with Zero Weapon device.

That Vikingard madman.

He opened his eyes as the world returned to normal shape for him, and focused. Tidal waves rised high from the see, and collapsed against the Zero Weapon, but as they engulfed it, they instantly froze, forming a glacier immobilizing the monstrous device.

"Sooner or later it will break free..."

Gelu looked up at Xenai now. - "There's a powerful, frantic Vikingard warrior trying to control your creation!" - his voice was loud, but still lacked any sign of emotions. - "It has to be destroyed, along with the one inside it!"

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Ragnar smashed the lock on the hatch, and entered. The controls were moving by themselves.

Yay... fun...

Then the controls stuck. He looked out of one of the windows, and saw it covered in ice. He saw a button on the control panel labelled: Flame Surround Thrower. He pressed it. The ice around the monstrosity quckly melted away as hole somehow (magically) opened all around the machine, and spurted out fire. The machine started walking around again. It attacked the strange demon in front of it, all by itself.

Hmmm... it would be in our best interests to pretend we never left the Dark Empire...

Yes... indeed... that is true...

Haraldur controlled one of the arms of the machine, trying to get it to catch Zeros' in its hand...

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Zeros' ducked under the arm of the machine as it passed over his head. He looked at all the people now...fun fun.

Zeros' went directly under the machine and looked at it. He looked up towards the gears and started slashing away at the botom of the machine, hoping to destroy it.


Genma looked at the Gepardi and smirked. He sidestepped the ball of acid and rushed forwards at Cheetah, breaking the sound barrier. The occuring shock rushed past all the warriors at Mach 1.

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday October 14th, 2004

//I will leave it to Eternal Eon to control damage etc. which happens to the machine. It is, after all, his, sort of. I am just borrowing it.//

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday October 14th, 2004

Draven raised his blade as if he were going to strike Scorch on the head, but instead spiraled right past him. Turning around in the air, he pushed his left hand toward the ground.


The 9 remaining crimson orbs immediately reversed directions, now raging towards Scorch from all sides...


(The sealed door leads outside to the deck. The other door leads to an interior hallway of the ship.)

Iduran found himself in the middle of a long dark hallway. His surroundings resembled that of a ship, yet there was no rocking. Dead silence in all directions...

Iduran cautiously began to walk down the long corridor, trying to be as quiet as possible in his clanging armor.

"How do I get into these messes..."

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 15th, 2004

Scorch turned away and noticed orbs returning.

"Ha, ha. Very funny."

With one hand position in front of the oncoming orbs, he created a powerful air barrier on which the orbs smashed, with second he formed a stream of electricity directed at Draven.

He then waved his left hand in the air, to put it out from fire the orbs exploding in the air set it on.


Cheetah, seeing his opponent accelerate, rised higher into the air and from his open mouth, rained a stream of acid at rushing Genma.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 15th, 2004

Genma saw Cheetah rise and stopped on a dime (he used his ki and focused it into his feet so he could stop instantly) and dodged back to the left. He then concentrated his ki and focused it throughout his body.

"Splitting Cat Hairs!" Genma abbruptly split into 5 different forms (This technique makes mirror images of himself, not full flesh and bones. Like illusions) and jumped into the air after Cheetah...

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 15th, 2004

Duilin quickly reacted by swinging his mace at Veronika's weapon. it swung 100 degres to left, causesing the shotgun shell to fly threw the doorway were Veronika entered and she droped her weapon. She knows that she is almost harmeless without her Auto Shotgun so she dives for it. Duilin grabs her by her leg causesing Veronika to fall down, he keeps her pined down as he crawls over to swipe the shotgun. He got it! He then aimed the weapon point blank at Veronika's cheak as he had her in a lock. He looked at her for awile.

Just pull the trigger, and then it's all over, I can die happy, it's all her fault I was put in this mess. Darion and Nex are dead, with her gone, my revenge can be complete. He prepared to fire the weapon, Veronika just looked at him sadly, a tear could even be seen. She dosen't want to die, she's scared. She's women and I'm treating her like this His mind went blank and he let go of her. Veronika then looked at him a wiped her face with her hand. She just got up and looked down at him

"What the hell just happend!?" Duilin said with a confused, dumb look on his face

"I, uh, don't know...." Veronika replied

Posted by: Trent on Friday October 15th, 2004

//Blarg... Got behind quite a bit. Heh... You CAN get inside the Zero Weapon to control it, but that's the hard way, and doing it that way only causes it to get ticked off at you. <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /> Rather, it detects the will of its controller, and carries it out. In other words, control it like it's your own NPC. I don't want to hog this awesome demon... It's nice to share. So if you guys would, assign damage to it if you're currently controlling it.//

The Zero Weapon had a slight brain freeze there... Before it knew it, Zeros' had scorched part of its body armor with the energy wave, and it had been frozen then unfrozen. The Zero Weapon detected Ragnar's presence inside it, and threw a fit, kinda. It employed its own eject function, applying energy through the floor where Ragnar stood to attempt to shoot him out the hatch he came in from. It sent a telepathic message to Ragnar: "Don't do it that way... I will automatically follow your will... That is, unless you're not on our side."

//And please... PLEASE... don't cheat and use him if you're not in the Dark Empire or aligned with it.//

Zion was too busy with Xenai to make an atttempt to turn off the Zero Weapon. He could only hope that Zeros' could...

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday October 15th, 2004


Draven slashed downwards hard, splitting the oncoming electrical stream in two directions, away from himself. Holding the burning blade with both hands, he then brought the sword up as if he were going to attempt a second slash. This time, however, he let go of the blade, sending it spiraling toward Scorch like a giant burning, bladed boomerang...


Iduran continued down the dark corridor... but after a few moments of random wandering, he could hear footsteps before him.

In a desperate but, alas, lame attempt to hide, Iduran dashed to the wall to his left and pressed his back to it. The solider began to jog towards him.

"Hey! Who are you?"

Iduran eyed the man's sword in the scabbard left of his waist.

"The weapons inspector."


The old knight lunged at the soldier, jamming his left shoulder into him and grasping the man's sword with both hands. A short wrestling match ensued for the blade, but Iduran eventually pulled it out and, in the same motion, spun around and slashed the soldier's bare neck, killing him instantly.

The thin katana wasn't what the old knight was used to, but any weapon was better than no weapon... He placed the blade in his empty broadsword scabbard strapped across his back. A poor fit, but it will do.

Noticing an open doorway, Iduran dragged the body into what looked like an empty soldier's cabin to avoid drawing attention. Wherever he was, it looked like most of the soldiers were out... for now...

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 16th, 2004

"Why did you let me go?" Veronika asks

"I, uh, guess it was just the look on your face..." Duilin replys

"I was scared...."

"Why aren't we fighting?"

"I don't know..." Veronika just stared at Duilin they looked at each other for awile. Veronika took a step foward to Duilin, but imedeantly turned around and left.

"Uh, you forgot your, shotgun....thing" Duilin says, but was to late "That, was werid..." You looks around "Okay who else wants some!!?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Genma noticed Duilin. He formed his left hand into a gun and pointed at Duilin's foot. He charged up alittle bit of ki energy (nothing to hurt him seriously, just enough to knock him down) and shot it at Duilin's foot.


Zeros' stopped when he noticed his sword didn't have any effect on the machine. He flew out infront of the machine and glared at it.

"KATCHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN REVISED! HIRYU SHOTEN HA!" He sheathed his sword and started firing litterly hundreds of little ki blasts that created mini-tornadoes as they struck.

//Basically its like his Heave Blast of the Dragon earlier in the chapter, but since the machine gives of heat, he didn't need to lure it into a spiral.\\

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Cheetah noticed the illusions jumping after him, not really able to tell which of them is real, he broadened his strong wings to both sides to smash the attackers on them.


Scorch ducked down as the blazing boomerang flew inches above him. He obviously realised the obvious: knowing Draven, the blade can return, so he chanted haste spell in haste and accelerated a bit, lowered himself even more in the air, then passed under Draven and flew higher - the returning boomerang would propably have to head through Draven now before it strikes him...

...if Draven won't use yet another cheat magic trick, which he obviously will.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Ragnar thought: Damn.

He managed to stop himself being pushed out of the machine.

Ragnar attempted to control the machine telepathically, hoping that it would not detect that he had the left the Dark Empire.

//Again, your call Eternal Eon.//

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday October 16th, 2004

"Ha ha ha!! Run! Run!"

The spinning blade changed directions, now heading straight for Draven, spinning so fast now it looked like a red disk. He threw his right hand up, and the blade angled upwards, passing mere feet over his head at nearly 100 miles per hour...

He spun around to see where Scorch was. Using his hand to direct the angle of the crimson blade, he angled it upwards more, so that it raged towards Scorch from below.

Seeing the opportunity to play a fun game with this new attack, at the same time he extended his left hand and a second blade of flame began to take shape...


Iduran continued deeper and deeper into the bowels of the great black vessel, not exactly sure where he was or where he was going...

He came across another guard at an intersection to the hallway, but wisely hid in the many shadows as he walked passed. After the old knight was sure it was safe, he took the right path, the one the guard came from. The torches lining the hallway set a ominous mood...

After several minutes of walking, he came to a pair of large doors, a large dragon incrested on each. The right one was slightly open. Perhaps a peek wouldn't hurt...

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Duilin was totally distracted by what happened, and didn't notice the blast, it hit his foot and then he fell to the ground, droping his weapons. Veronika came back and grabed the shotgun, and pointed at him.

"Haha! I can't belive you fell for that! You are so pithetic!" Veronika laughed. She looks up at Genma "Hey Genma, thanks!"

"You wench!" Duilin says angrly "Seth, Cheetah help!"

"Shut up! Don't make me kill you!"


Pophin arived nearby the ship (he left quite a few posts ago) "Hmmm...I hear fighting going on in there, probally that double crossing bastard Duilin is in there, along with that drow friend of his!" He swung his Katana around in the air "Well, I bet there no match for me and my new friend! I'm a new man!" He unintentionally let's go of his katana wile swinging it in the air and goes flying off "Ooops!"

He goes over to find it, it hit a tree and was stuck into it, he plucked it out and then turned around. "Damnit. I can't go in there, they'll kill me! What ever shall I do...No, I can do this...I CAN do this...."

Pophin then starts paceing around trying to find out what to do.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 16th, 2004

The illusions of Genma quickly disapated as he quickly dodged behind the wing smash. He just waved on hand and turned his attention back to Cheetah.

He quickly ran under Cheetah and jumped up, reaching his underside in mere seconds. He let himself fall alittle bit before cupping his hands behind him and letting a ball form...he thrust his hands forwards, but not saying anything.

The ball was a mixed color of green and red, depression and anger.


Zeros' looked at the spinning tornadoes and started breathing alittle heavily; that attack always took alot out of him.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Scorch flew a bit above and began to circulate around Draven, running from the boomerang, leaving trail of fast spinning air, then rised high and from the spinning air around Draven, a tornado has formed which began to slowly compress, in attempt to crush Draven inside with the masses of air.

"This should at least distract him while he forms the second weapon..."

Scorch was now directly above the general, forming some sort of staff from air in his hand.

"If he would like more chase-Scorchy-with-boomerang play... I will attack him directly."


Cheetah noticed the strange orb and rised higher to avoid it.

"What sort of magic is this? Is the orb edible?"

Posted by: Trent on Saturday October 16th, 2004

//If you quit the Dark Empire, but are still evil, or on its side, you may control the Zero Weapon.//

The Zero Weapon was pushed back a bit by the tornado things. They scratched up its skin a bunch, but it was gonna take a lot more than many little hits to crack the armor.

The Zero Weapon walked up to Zeros, while brushing the tornadoes off of its armor. It brought its arms up above its head, and came down toward Zeros' with a doublefist.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Ragnar managed to disable the traps inside so that noone could be cast out of the machine.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Zeros' unsheathed his sword and quickly blocked the attack, but he wasn't strong enough from the constant ki attacks. He flew down straight towards the ground and landed with a crash, his sword landing in the ground right next to him.

Zeros' trudgly got up and stood to his feet and then looked at his sword and then back to his jacket, it was shreaded in many places, including a long rip going across his back.

"Shit..." The red indention of a sword clearly showed on his back, the exact same shape and size of Iduran's sword (which is where the sword is). He cursed to himself and then looked back at the Zero Weapon.

He tore part of his undershirt off and burned the lenght of the shirt into his back (he basically used fire magic to burn it to his skin so it wouldn't come off); under his shirt showed his not rippling muscles, but a well-built chest. (Well I had do explain it...)

He picked up his sword and looked at a long hair-line crack going across the blade. He still knew the swords real power was hidden from him (coughinuyashacoughnotreally,butithoughtitwasjusttohintanticipation)

He waited for the machine to make his attack.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday October 16th, 2004

Hoping that Zeros' would still be a little dazed, Haraldur caused the machine to try to pick Zeros' up and hold him, securely.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 17th, 2004

Zeros', still dazed, but not totally out of it, managed to dodge to one side and barely avoided being picked up. He supported himself loosely with his sword and looked up at the machine. He couldn't be defeated; not yet.

Zeros' then noticed Qeni and Zev running to him.

"Get out of here you two! This thing is far too powerful...if I died, I want you two to live at least!" He motioned with one hand to try and get them away.

Qeni and Zev shook there heads and tried to help Zeros'.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 17th, 2004

Ragnar noticed that there were several people now, Zeros' and two others.

Hmmmm... a way to weaken the Dark Empire, slightly, without it seeming to have been anything but necessary to them. After all, that is what the Self Destruct button is for...

The machine walked up to near where Zeros', Qeni and Zev were. Ragnar caused the traps to become active again, and pushed the self destruct button just before he was thrown out of the machine.

He flew for a while, then stopped, and then stood on the air. He saw the machine explode. As an afterthought, he made himself invisible again.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 17th, 2004

Gelu suddenly was blinded by the light of explosion of Zero Weapon in the distance.

"I told you to destroy the damn machine!" - he screamed at Xenai. - "This idiot is a threat to us all!"

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 17th, 2004

Ragnar ascended, and started flying towards the mountains again.

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday October 17th, 2004

Around and around, Draven controlled the spinning blade as it followed Scorch. The second was ready, and he tossed it up at the air mage. But now Draven found himself caught in the center of a cyclone.


He shot straight down and landed on solid ground, where he could weather the winds a bit better, and flared his aura of flame outward, attempting to ward off the intense wind. Down here in the mayhem he was unable to see his enemy, and therefore unable to follow Scorch with the spinning blades, which now spun wildly out of control far above...


"What a pest..."

Rather than dispatch the Artian phoenix rider quickly. The menacing Jayce had spent the past several minutes making sure he had suffered for interrupting his battle... But, upon returning to the spot he left the four warriors he was about to slay, he found them gone...

He smiled to himself, replacing the huge scimitar in its scabbard across his back. Really, he should have saw that coming...

"Oh well. They weren't worth my time, anyway..."

He folded his arms. What to do next...


The room was completely dark and silent... should be safe... better than the hallway, I guess...

Iduran snuck into the darkened room, and began to tip-toe forward. After his eyes adjusted he could faintly see something before him. It looked like a table...

Upon closer inspection, it was a table. Circular in shape, it reminded him of the one in the stories he had heard as child about a king named Arthur. Mere myths about a different world...

This one was a bit different. Instead of thirteen places, this one was split into six. Each section was a different color and had a different engraving of what looked like animals, although it was too dark to make out what each was.

There also seemed to be something glowing dimly in the center of each partition... gems perhaps? The gems were affixed in the handles of six different weapons lying on the table... no wait-- five weapons. One's missing...

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 17th, 2004

The nearby explosion of the Zero Weapon caused Zeros', Qeni and Zev all to be blown about a hundred feet through the forest; the explosion made them go through trees, rocks and such.

Zeros' trudgly got up till he noticed Qeni and Zev started to recover.

"Im sorry..." Zeros' punched both Qeni and Zev, but just enough to knock them out. He then chanted some words and soon Qeni and Zev were gone. He sheathed his sword and flew up high.

He sensed a strong force and flew in that direction.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 17th, 2004

QUOTE(Zeros' @ Sunday, October 17, 2004 20:20)
Zeros' punched both Qeni and Zev, but just enough to knock them out. He then chanted some words and soon Qeni and Zev were gone. He sheathed his sword and flew up high.

He sensed a strong force and flew in that direction.

Er... Zeros'... what happened to the nearby explosion of the machine?//

Posted by: Mark of the Dragon on Sunday October 17th, 2004

A strange wave of energy hit, and Shin, Sigilus, Gyulim, and the whole Aritan army just DIED!

//Yes, that means that I'm pulling out of the Role-Play; I don't have a lot of time anymore...sorry guys//

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 17th, 2004

Uhh...I'll edit it...

Posted by: Haraldur on Monday October 18th, 2004

QUOTE(Mark of the Dragon @ Sunday, October 17, 2004 22:39)
A strange wave of energy hit, and Shin, Sigilus, Gyulim, and the whole Aritan army just DIED!

//Yes, that means that I'm pulling out of the Role-Play; I don't have a lot of time anymore...sorry guys//

//Ah well... approprite measures need to be taken.//

In the emergency of the green tunnel collpasing around them, the two Haraldurs went to the dimension the elder one had been in before. They wondered what causedall this.


Ragnar has stopped, and is looking around at the island.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 18th, 2004

Zeros' looked around in the air; He saw no one. He sensed Draven, Jayce and a few others. He raced towards Jayce hoping he didn't have a chance to do anything else.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday October 18th, 2004

Jayce folded his arms and closed his eyes once more. Now someone else was approaching... Wasn't Draven supposed to be taking care of him? Miserable failure... looks like I'll be handling it after all...



The room glowed red as the torches instantly ignited, revealing a throne room fit for... an emperor...

Startled, Iduran's eyes darted up. On the opposite side of the room, standing atop a short flight of stairs, in front of a golden throne, stood a man draped in black... His face was invisible behind the horned helmet... His deep voice cut through the soul...

"You must be Iduran. My sources tell me you lead this island nation. How quaint..."

Trying not to be intimidated, Iduran defiantly approached the emperor...

"Lead? I am a mere knight captain... a loyal servant of the king... you killed."

"Servant only? It seems you are capable of making intelligent choices, a valued quality of a leader... We shall see..."

Iduran tensely fingered the sword strapped to his back, as the robed man took a step forward, revealing a smile in the shadows and spikes upon his dark mantle...

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 18th, 2004

Zeros' didn't want to face Jayce, especially not as battered up as he was, but he felt the three Artian warriors aura's vanish all of the sudden, while everyone else was locked in combat.

"That Jayce...he has been the first one to scare me; Ever." The shrugged off the thought as he continued to fly forwards, very slowly, he wanted to heal himself as much as possible.

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday October 19th, 2004


Who said there was a self-destruct button!?//

When the smoke cleared, the Zero Weapon stood there, laughing. But half of its energy reserves had been depleted. Now it was REALLY ticked off. It turned around toward Ragnar, spawning an enormous ki ball in its left hand. The ki ball was flung toward Ragnar.

//...Guess I gave people too much control.//

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

// Guess you lack predictability, it was obvious Haraldur would do something like that when allowed //

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

QUOTE(The Eternal EoN @ Tuesday, October 19, 2004 11:46)

Who said there was a self-destruct button!?//

//What would a giant menacing strange fantastical machine be if it did not have a self destruct button?!//

By now, Ragnar was so far away from where the ki ball was aimed, that it went away and hit some trees.

//After all, I said Ragnar flew away!//

Hmmm... thought Ragnar, They must have changed the designs. Damn progress!

Hmmm... I sense something... it seems that something I have not been near to in 2 years is to the south, in that great black ship... Could it possibly be the one who I once served? This might be interesting.

He turned south and flew in that direction, remaining invisible to ordinary sight.

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

//The only think thing that dosen't stink about MotD's chara's dieing is that Duilin might get to hook up with Nevina, but I reallyy don't care if he dose or not. It stinks...//

Duilin then glared at Veronika. She laughed evily. Duilin then slowly moved toward his slip were his knife was and then quickly swung it out flinging it right by Veronika, she turns her head as it flings by and Duilin dives at Veronika, knocking her down. He punches her right in the forehead, knocking her out. He swipe's her Auto Shotgun and then recovers. He then aims the shotgun, and fires it at Genma.
He only fires a few bullets because he has never used one of these before and only knows how because he's watched Veronika fire it at him and his friends.


"That's it! I'm going into the ship! FOR THE EMPORER!" Pophin yells running into the ship holding his Katana in the air. "YAAAA!!!" He arives at the enterance and spots what is going on, he sees Duilin, the drow and the Gepardi.

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

// Oh great. Now Ragnar arrived at black vessel to spoil the last remains of fun we had <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' /> what will he do? blast apart vessel in 1 post? find a self-destruction button and blow emperor up? stay tuned for "Ragnar Madness 2004" //

Scorch manouvered himself in the air, evading the rotating blades - which wasn't too easy since their flight path was pretty much unpredictable - and lowered his position, looking for Draven.

"Is the old fool running out of strength... or what?"


Gepardi ducked as the corloful ball (which he finaly determined as unedible) flew past him. He noticed Pophin rushing in with his katana.

"Another servant of Dark Empire... Not good. Altought this one looks more funny than dangerous." - he thought, then turned back to Genma, and performed a diving strike breathing acidic breath into the air as he came closer to his enemy.


Gelu noticed Ragnar leaving.

"This madman offers threat to everything. He should be taken care of..." - Gelu told Xenai. - "Is this device incapable of flying?"

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

Ragnar suddenly stopped. He then sped towards the hole. He passed right through the mountain and the rock covering the hole. While in, he slowed down to a slow descent.

This was going to take ages... Damn absent-mindedness.

//OK, all my characters are now inactive. I am going on holiday to France on Thursday, so I thought I should do this before any of my characters get involved with any complicated things, like battles or conversations etc..//

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

Genma quickly jumped back from the diving opponent and looked towards Cheetah. He looked at the wyvern form and frowned; he relized this was going to take longer then he though.


Zeros' flew higher, the wind pushing his silver hair through the air while his sweat covered shirt stuck to his chest and he looked down: Jayce.

Zeros' slowly lowered himself down towards Jayce.

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

(Just wait until MotD's inevitable dramatic comeback in chapter 4, heh...)


With a powerful blast, Draven finally jumped out of the tornado, landing and falling to his knees, out of breath... There was only so much fighting that can be done in a day... (low MP!)

"No! I shall destroy you!"

He stood up straight. Scorch was descending down upon him. The two spinning blades had passed far behind. Better to try to conserve energy by keeping them in the game... Draven clenched his fist, causing them to reverse directions once again. Trying not to give away that he resummoned them, they sped toward their target from above and behind...


Jayce didn't look up, open his eyes, or even move...

"Did you kill Draven yet? Took you long enough... I'm not going to toy with you. Last chance. The sword..."


"You... why... WHY?! Why did you attack us?!"

Iduran unsheathed the sword he had found and pointed it at the Dark Emperor.

"Simple... You have something I desire..."

"What? That sword? You slaughtered all those people for a blasted sword!?"

"Ha ha haahhh... It's much, much more than a sword, my friend..."

"You!! I'll end this here! ARRRRRGHHH!!!"

Iduran made a mad dash for the robed man. A well timed leap, and a slice at the neck... but an inch away from the target the sword hit a solid barrier. A flash of deep violet and black overtook the old knight and his weapon. The flimsy blade disintegrated into a dozen small shards of jagged metal as Iduran flew backwards some 10 feet, landing on his back, bouncing and flipping in the air, before plummeting face first into the floor.

Iduran lied still for a few seconds, before beginning to struggle to his feet. He instantly felt a cold hand grasp the back of his neck. Emperor Retan was directly behind him... Iduran was surrounded by a black mist and lifted into the air, the cold grip clutching his neck...

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday October 20th, 2004

(Zeros' you are aware of the fact that Duilin just fired a combat shotgun at Zeros'. That I'll teach ya not to read my posts. Just kidding, just make your responce about it)

In slow motion the shotgun shells spin at Genma...

Pophin then notices that he is not noticed. So he yells "YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 20th, 2004


Genma winced at the sound of the shotgun being fired he dodged to avoid, he put his arms to his sides and sidestepped to one direction, but two of the bullets connected with his shoulders, grazing him lightly.

Genma turned to Duilin, his eyes held deep compassion for the man and also a sadness. Genma said nothing to him. He turned back towards Cheetah and prepared for another attack.\


Zeros' floated downwards and across from Jayce, his azure blue eyes cold and emotionless. Zeros' brushed a few wisps of his hair from his face and looked towards Jayce.

"No." Zeros' held no emotion in his voice, he gripped the hilt of his sword tightly, turning his knucles white.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday October 20th, 2004

//Sorry for the long time no post. Kinda busy lately//

Seth attacks the Elite Soldier feriously, with a barrage of Steel Claw slashes, but only a few hit, and they shredd the adversary's armor.

Elite Soldier slashes at Seth, and Seth does a 180 degree spin to dodge, but the soldier follows up with an upward slash to Seths back, catching his Left shoulder blade.

Seth was infuriated, and Drew His Falchon, Jumped in the Air, and fell upon the Soldier, blade first, the Sword piercing the poor being from skull top, going straight between his legs.

"Bastard.." Seth mumbled, feeling no remorce for the soldier.

Nevina was still unconcious, lying in a forest she had been dropped into by the Phoniex.

//It's been 5 days.. the Clones should be done by now.//

There were now 500 of each type of Psi Warrior.

They assempled themselves into a 2,000 strong legion, Warriors in front, Monks close behind, Archers behind them, and Mages in the back, Tsar in the middle of all.

They Flew rapidly to a group of Dark Empire Wyverns, and the Archers fired their first round, the mages casting fire magics to the arrow tips.

2 Dozen wyverns and riders fall in the strike, and 30 were injured.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday October 20th, 2004


Jayce shot from the ground in a forceful leap, causing deep cracks to split the ground as he bounded upward. In a fluid motion lasting less than a second, he had the giant blade drawn and raging towards Zeros' head from above...


The wyvern riders were taken completely by surprise by the psi army. Attempting to scramble into battle positions, they began to swoop down upon the enemy head on from above, spewing acid, fire, and ice.


"The sword... where is the final piece to the puzzle?"

Iduran struggled in the air, but could not fight the dark mist and the Emperor's grip.

"I'll... never tell!"

"You don't have to..."

Retan brought the old knight closer to him, placing his gloved left hand on Iduran's skull...

"Unhand me!"

"Hmmm.... yes... the sword... your family heirloom... you always trusted it in battle... but you knew we wanted it... you knew it had some sort of power... so you... gave it away? His name is... Duilin..."

Iduran gasped as the Dark Emperor read his mind... He continued...

"Duilin, traitor of the Dark Empire... my, how trusting... Hmmm... You were separated... You made it back... but someone else now has the sword... who... who is it...?"

Iduran panicked... Don't think of anyone!

Iduran remembered a time long ago... When he was young, he once lost the sword after a long battle. His father was furious at him... he remembered the confusion, the anxiety, the uncertainty he fealt while the blade was missing...

"Confusion... fear...? Who? WHO? ............ Hmmm... you don't have a clue do you?"

Retan dropped the old knight, who fell to the floor gasping. He turned away.

"How... unfortunate of you to lose your most prized possession..."

Iduran struggled to his knees. To his right was the table bearing the five collected weapons...

"Faces... I saw faces when I looked into you mind. Perhaps these people know where your sword is..."

Out of breath, Iduran stumbled for the table. He collapsed just before it, outstreatching his right hand which fell upon the top. Grab something--- anything! His hand found the handle of one of the shinning weapons...


With all his might, he threw himself in the opposite direction, towards the Dark Emperor. The weapon his hand found was a long spear, beautifully ornate just like his sword, only this one's gem was a deep blue, which was glowing brightly...



The old knight jammed the blade into the emperor's side, cutting straight through his armor and magical defenses... Retan stooped in pain...

"Gyah--!! You... insolent...!!!"

The Dark Emperor grabbed the shaft of the spear with both hands and angled it up, striking Iduran in the chin and knocking him down. He removed the blade. Crimson blood dripped on the ground...

"You shall suffer dearly for that!!"

Iduran leapt up, ready for a second charge. But a cold black wind blew around Retan... Thusting both hands forward, the Dark Emperor threw bolt after bolt of dark thunder at the old knight, who was totally defenseless...

Screaming in pain, Iduran was thrown against the opposite wall, some 50 feet away... Pinned by the dark power, he mutter under his breath as the Dark Emperor slowly advanced.

"Zeros'... Scorch... Duilin... Haraldur... it's... up... to you..."

An orb of darkness formed in the emperor's right hand as he advanced... Halfway to Iduran, he tossed it at the old knight. The wall was engulfed in black flame, the explosion, punching a humongous hole in the wall, killed the last hero of Romme instantly...

Alas, it is too late for the nation of Romme... but what fate awaits those who fight for the rest of the world...?

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Genma felt a shot of pain go up his spine and froze instantly, his cloak slowly settling at his feet. Genma silently glanced over towards the door that he had sealed and threw it open, shattering the wooden door instantly, splinters erupting from the smash.

He walked through the next door into the long hallway, his cloak flowing behind him. He glanced at the hole in the wall and started walking again, he put on an emotionless face and stood 20 feet from the emperor.

"Retan." His gold eyes stared in the eyes of the emperor, waiting for something.


Qeni and Zev looked on from Heaven; wide-eyed. They couldn't let him do it. Qeni turned abruptly and stared coldly at the Seraph.

"Im going Seraph." The Seraph shot a cold glare at Qeni, but then saw into her soul and simply nodded. Qeni went to Zev's side and patted him down, her eyes paralyzing him while he wept.

"I won't be gone long. We'll be reunited soon enough."


Zeros' felt a cold shiver run up his spine, as if a part of him had been sliced away. He looked at Jayce and gripped the hilt of his sword tighter, but he couldn't move his hand; Qeni had her hand on his.

She smiled reassuringly at Zeros' as tears rolled down his cheeks, she wiped them away with the back of her hand and released her hand, but Zeros' did not move. Qeni was struck down by Jayce's sword, quick and swift and layed at a bloodied heap at his feet.

Something deep within the depths of his mind snapped and door unlocked his emotion he held away since that day over 900 years ago; anger.

He drew his sword suddenly, faster then Jayce did and the sword was at his throat, glowing red with anger.

"Lower your sword."

Posted by: Trent on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Zion had felt it. A life force had passed away. He knew, this one was important too, to his cause... He had to take care of Xenai now, so that he could help out his allies' cause...

"I know you felt that too, Xenai."

"Another win for my side... Ha ha ha..."

Tsu woke up on the shore, looking up at Zion and Xenai, then looking over at the idle Zero Weapon.

"I'm done fighting you." Xenai looked over to the Zero Weapon. The Zero Weapon semed to respond just to looking at it. Xenai flew off, and the Zero Weapon's eyes glowed a bright red, like when it activated. Tsu jumped to his feet, and tightly gripped Kuon Yaiba. Zion was also ready to fight. But was it possible for them to win this battle?

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Scorch looked up and strafed in the air as suddenly a burning blade struck him directly in his back, putting his robe on fire yet again.

The wizard began to move around rapidly, trying to do something to stop the flames, then finaly decided it would be best to use simplest method - he quickly took off his cape (or the rags which looked like it), then tossed it at the Draven below.

He had no shirt beneath (only trousers and a stash), so his scarred back and chest were now suspectible to any further damage.

"You will pay for this all, Draven. You will."

Scorch preppared yet another spell as the energy began to course through his body, making it almost glow.


// Xorlak should be disqualiffied for breaking the 2 actions per post rule <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif' /> //

Cheetah, who noticed Genma switching directions, changed to cheetah form and qucikly followed him. He looked around, noticed some dark, terrifying human-looking being he never saw before and hole in the wall... He heards some strange sounds... He froze in fear as he slowly began to realise what have happened.

He began to slowly fall back, away from the emperor.


Gelu could feel it. The dark emperor has won yet another victory...

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Genma knew Cheetah was there, he didn't even look back.

"Gepardi. Go. This is one battle you should not see."

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Duilin then decieded to follow Genma and Cheetah.

"Seth stay here." He told him as he ran by. He ran to the area they were Cheetah was. "Cheetah, what's going on? Were is Iduran?"


"Veronika, has been defeated!" Iduran says as he looks at the out cold women lieing down. "So, you are that friend of Duilin. Seth is it? Well Seth, I hope you know, that I am with the Dark Empire! I am a master spy and I know everything! I've been watching everyones very move for along time. So, why do you choose to aid the fallen Romme Empire?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Genma shot a quick, cold glare at Duilin.

"Get out. This is between me and him."

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday October 21st, 2004

"No! I'm staying here! I'm Duilin Talonscar, remember me? And who the hell, is that!?" Duilin yells pointing at the black figure.

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 21st, 2004

"Duilin I do not wish you to die here." Genma leaned on his staff and silently turned his head forwards. "This is Emperor Retan. The leader of the Dark Empire. His son is Jayce, while Draven and Neptra are his most trusted officers..."

He hesistated for a moment. "I am Retan's personal guard. He shall die by my hands and no one elses."

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday October 21st, 2004

"Emperor Retan?" He says looking at the him "I'm sorry, I didn't reconize you. But yes, I am Duilin Talonscar, the traitor! Darion's ex slave! You know Darion on of you old guards? Along with Nex? There BOTH dead!" He takes a few steps, He looks around and realzizes Iduran's dead corps. "Oh my god..." He looks at Cheetah and wispers to him "We've gota get outa here..."


Veronika remains uncontious, but has a mental dream like thing.

"Hello" Says a fimiluar voice "This is the voice of.....god!"
"Who the hell is this!?" Veronika snaps
"I told you, it's GOD! Duh!"
"Yes?" The voice was Nex
"What do you want?"
"Uhh...I'm just giveing you a mental episode!"
"Do you remember my name"
"How could I forget..." Nex wispers
"What is it?"
"Pophin!" He yells happily
"No, Veronika! Now what do you want!?"
"I want to tell you, that I'm okay, and daddy is comeing home soon okay?" He says as if Veronika was her daughter
"I thought you were alive, you can not be killed!"
"Retan and Genma wish kill the ones who have been attacking you. But we won't let him kill Duilin, right?"
"I supose so, why not?"
"Because, we need him."

"Let me tell you our core plan. The reason I wanted him to be kidnaped and join is because, he is part deamon, he dosen't know it, but he is. I want him to join us, and defeat the Romme!"

"But Romme is dead! Nobody from Romme is left at all! There all dead! Just kill him and get it over with!"

"Okay, fine, not Romme, umm....Retan!"

"Why? He our leader!"

"No! I shall be leader, but first, I must get the perfect group. Darion is dead, but we can replace him, we must get Duilin back, and find a replacement for Darion and together we can destroy Retan and rule the world!!"

The voice in Veronika's head stops...

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Thursday October 21st, 2004

From the attack from the wyverns, several acid shots landed, and removed psi soldiers limbs, but did not kill them, as only striking the red sphere ithin them could kill them. However, several acids hit and killed around 8 Warriors, 10 Monks.

The Warriors Charged at the Wyverns, while Monks Praid, restoring a few limbs here and there to mutalated soldiers.

The Archers fired several rounds, while the mages conjured Poisons and flames and death curses to the arrows.

40 Wyverns die by the warriors, 60 by the archers/mages.

"Beacuse.. Romme is there home. Their Haven. You're invading them, forcing, pushing them out of their own home. Persecuting.. I know how Percecution feels.. I've lived with it for decades. And perhaps the Gods will favor me for my deeds done." Seth said, with a proud, but saddened tone.

"Why do you work for the Empire? Knowing they do this to people. They may provide for you, but having them do so shows your weakness.. So why? Why not just live in peace? There is nothing better than to live in a forest, training your physical prowess and caring for yourself. No greater feeling of Pride and Peace."

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday October 21st, 2004

Draven floated up slowly, assuming a battle stance in mid air. Too weak... that blade should have cut through his flesh like butter...

None-the-less, he managed his familiar smirk.

"Scorch, what's the matter? Is it too... hot?"

He clenched his right fist and opened it, conjuring a small fireball.


Jayce leapt backwards before the blade neared his throat. Perfect execution. Not who he was aiming for, but a kill is a kill... where did she come from anyway?

Jayce ran the pointer finger of his left hand over the blood on his sword.

"Was she... important? How delightful..."

He licked the blood off of his finger as if he were tasting icing on a cake...

"That's right... show me your hatred... Make things... interesting for me..."


The Dark Emperor turned his back to Genma, slowly striding to his throne. The bleeding stopped and his wound began to heal.

"Genma. That one was worthless. He knew nothing. Do not waste my time by bringing me worthless peasants. I am growing tired of waiting..."

The four weapons on the table and the shinning spear on the ground began to levitate, slowly floating to and rotating around Retan.

"One hour... One hour is as long as I will wait. Then it is the end..."

Voices behind him. He turned, the five weapons circling him like spectres. Duilin and Cheetah were behind Genma.

"Ah, you've brought guests... perhaps one of you can lead us to the sword..."


(Edit: Can't forget about the wyverns!)

The wyvern riders were totally outclassed by the psi army, mostly because the riders were too spread out from their search mission.

"Flank them! FLANK THEM!!"

The captain yelled hysterically as the well organized legion smashed his ranks. Seconds later an arrow of flame pierced his torso, killing him instantly. Chaos unfolded as the flying warriors were left to fight independently. In a few moments, over 300 wyvern riders were slain...

But then on the horizon, a shadow developed... The 500 dark wyverns, the elites of the sky, organized and fresh, were rapidly approaching the fray...

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday October 21st, 2004

"Ha ha ha! It's because they gave me a reason to exist!" He then starts paceing back and fourth wile looking at him and talking "Before I was some homless, friendless, mindless, nobody with nowere to go. Untill the Dark Empire found my gift, my gift is to be unnoticed untill I appear myself! Now let me tell you something. This Dark Empire, we are trying to find these weapons for our Emperor Retan, and he has two personal guards, Genma and Nex. Nex also has a divison of warriors that he has gathered from around, nobodys like how I was, but you see, Nex is not a person Retan should have trusted. You see, Nex wishes to defeat him as soon as the time is right, he wishes to take over the position of him, by killing him, he must have several soilders, with him to know about this and help him. He has collected people with special gifts, one was 12 fingers and extreme strenght and size, one with the abbility to understand alot of weaponary and view things in a birds eye view, one with the walking voloume of a ghost, that's me, and finaly, one who has deamon powers. However, we need a replacement for the loss of poor, poor Darion. We need somebody with great flexiblilty and pysic powers of some sort." Pophin stops and turns his head slightly at him and gives him the 'you know I'm saying?' look

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 22nd, 2004

Scorch, not saying anything, put both arms before him and conjured two separate lightning streams, aimed at Draven, obviously.


Cheetah turned to human form.

"I don't think Iduran is alive anymore." - said Cheetah to Duilin, pointing at the hole, through which Iduran broke through as he was killed. The situation was desperate: only Genma separated them from the mastermind of all Dark Empire, which played with levitating weapons and when he would propably realise they don't know where the sword is, he might kill them.

"Not good." - Cheetah only told himself, then added aloud: "I don't know where the sword is, but I know who can know."

That was a stupid plan, but he could not think any better at time, and if they begind searching for him, the demon might have the power to battle Dark Emperor, which might propably assure safety of him and Duilin... or something like that.


Gelu turned directions. It might be a good idea to pay Emperor a visit. He should at least be informed about that Vikingard madman, in case he returns.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 22nd, 2004

Genma looked silently at the many weapons.

"I do indeed know who has the weapon you are searching for." Genma turned to Duilin and Cheetah and shot them a mental note.

Find Zeros' tell him to get away from this place as fast as possible. Zeros' doesn't know what the sword can do, but you MUST get to him. He might be the only one able to stop Retan. Tell him his old master is sorry.

Genma held up a finger in front of himself.

"You can find out yourself Retan. You should be able to tell easily."


Zeros' looked at the limp body of Qeni at his feet, he didn't know what to do now...

Zeros' sword started shifting from the red color of anger to a blue, then to a white. The sword started repairing itself, the cracks visibly disappearing.

The sword also started to transform. It turned to the rotted color of black flesh, spikes pertruding out every 5 cm. The swords length also increased from 7 feet, to a visible 12 feet. The swords width also increased, from being a thin 3 inches, to a bigger 2 feet in width.

The sword was now twice as wide as Zeros' (instead of being thin like a katana, it was now very thick like say, Cloud's sword) and almost three times as tall as Zeros'.

"The true power of the demon sword Masamune..." Zeros' put his other hand on the hilt and the sword split into two swords that looked exactly the same, but only 7 feet long and a foot wide.

Zeros' held both swords at his sides and waited for Jayce to attack.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 22nd, 2004

Cheetah was now absolutely confused - the man because of which Iduran has died now giving his orders as if he wanted to stop Dark Emperor? What new hypocrisy was that?!

That was enough for him! The only truly good and kind knight in the land has been delivered to his death by this old bastard - and now he wants them to find Zeros and tell him about the fact that he must get away from his and that he's SORRY?

Cheetah exploded in anger, not really caring about Retan nearby having deadly weapons at his disposal, he ran toward Genma and made an attempt of delivering a strong blow of his right fist straight in the unpreppared old guy's face.

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 22nd, 2004

Genma ducked under the attack and then glared at Cheetah.

"I told you to run; I was offering you a plan of escape. Zeros' has the sword and he must...!" Genma quickly put a hand over his mouth and then siged.


Posted by: Xorlak on Friday October 22nd, 2004


Draven thrust the half formed fireball forward, attempting to blast through the electric streams, but he hadn't the time to gather enough energy. He threw both of his hands forward, meeting the lightning with a shield of fire. The force drove him backward and downward, closer and closer to the ocean...


Draven was truly exhausted and becoming drowsier by the minute, barely able to keep his eyes open...


"Sword tricks, huh? Are you sure you can handle them?"

Jayce brought his own sword above his head, slashing it straight into the ground. The strike emitted an intense wave of shadow energy the split the rock the two stood upon in half as it traveled to it's target. A fraction of a second later he took off after the energy wave, bringing the sword to his right side, intending to follow up the attack with a horizontal slash...


"Heh heh heh..."

Retan threw his head back in laughter.

"Ah hah hah hah haaa!! Alas, Genma, even as a traitor you serve me well... It is a shame, but it seems my son's prejudices are correct. Even our most trusted allies will turn on us when given the slightest incentive above their current position."

He turned to walk to his left, his hands behind his back under his cloak.

"Yes, it seems you humans, demons, elves, outsiders, and whatever else... are most ungrateful. You forget that your very existence is meaningless to me. If you choose to walk beside me, then out of my own generosity I will allow you to continue to exist. It is not out of necessity that I employ my armies, but out of compassion. But if you choose to walk against me, then I will erase you from existence. Simple really..."

He turned back to Genma.

"But you Genma, you seem to be wiser than most of the hundreds of traitors I've sent to death. I hope that you are not ignorant enough to believe that you can defeat or replace me. So why is it that you turn?"

Posted by: Trent on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

Zion could feel dark energies, very strong ones at that. The Zero Weapon had to be destroyed. But it could wait. Zion took off in the direction of where the strongest dark energy was sensed (toward Retan).

The Zero Weapon glared down at Tsu. The human man backed up slowly with indescribable fear in his eyes. "H... Help!!!" He had to turn off the Zero Weapon somehow... That hole in the top of his head? Crud... It wasn't his problem anymore. He turned around and took off in the opposite direction. The Zero Weapon stood straight up and relaxed. It cracked its knuckles out of boredom. (It's not completely a machine. But it's very much like one.)

//Anyone who can use light, if you want to turn off the Zero Weapon, come up with something to do to the sword-shaped hole in the top of its head.//

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

"I was blinded by arrogance once before. Before you or the Dark Empire were formed. That arrogance cost me my family, friends and others dear to me...it cost me my own soul."

"I will not make the same mistake. I would welcome death at this point in my life. Alittle over a 1000 years of memories is jogged within my head. (Genma is 1089 years old, while Zeros' is bringing up the rear at 998)"

"Retan you know the extent of my power, or else you should not have hired me as your personal guard." Genma leaned on his staff and turned away from the emperor. "If you ever have the courage to fight me, I would like to know."


Zeros' stood still.

Not moving.

The energy connected with Zeros', effectivly blowing his jacket behind him, but Zeros' not faltering.

Zeros' did not move, but Jayce's attack was deflected by his speed, making him look as if he didn't move. Zeros' dodged to the left and spun, delivering an uppercut like attack from his right sword, followed through by his left sword that sent two beams of energy towards Jayce.

One Black. One white.

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

"He's getting weak." - Scorch told himself. - "But it will still cost me lots of effort to destroy him... This time I will have to accomplish my task, thought, no matter the cost..."

Scorch drew back the lightning bolts into his hands from which he casted them, and became infused with electric energy. His body was glowing extremely with light and he looked more like a white spirit through which electric energy was circulating than a living being. He entered a super-man like stance with both his arms forward and began flying toward Draven to achieve as close range as possible.

"This is the time for the tyrant to pay..."


"What a solemn speech, pleased to hear you like to die but some folks here don't... So... perhaps we should go looking for the one who has the sword, eh?" - said Cheetah, who calmed down a bit, trying to find any way to get out of this ship.


Gelu continued his foot journey searching for the Black Vessel near the north point of island. The ship and it's cargo were a great source of magic energy he could feel, so it wasn't too hard to find directions. As a water mage, he never learned how to fly, and he was conserving energy by not travelling in his liquidised form.

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

"Scorch!!! BLAST YOU!!!"

Draven brought both hands to his side before thrusting them forward, sending his last ounce of burning strength at the incoming air mage. But the fully charged Scorch blasted through his wave of fire, splitting it in two. The impact was colossal, sending a circular shockwave of fire and electricity outward for a quarter mile.


Draven flew straight backwards at over 100 miles per hour, his body surrounded by hundreds of bolts of electricity. He slammed into the water below, extinguishing whatever aura of flame he had left, and skipped off of the water surface for several hundred yards before disappearing under the waves...



The attack was too quick for the slower moving Jayce and there was no way he could see it coming... he found himself thrown into the air, spinning, receiving the full force of both energy waves. He smashed down some 50 feet from Zeros'-- hard.

He stood up after a second, but instantly felt a searing pain across his right shoulder and chest, that caused him to fall to his knee.


His thick black armor had been sliced through. Crimson blood dripped though the crack...

He looked up at his opponent through the strands of black hair that had fallen in his face... and smiled...

"Heh heh heh... it's about time... no... this body won't do... it won't do at all..."

He struggled to stand up, jamming his sword into the ground in front of him and leaving it.

"It's very rare that we get a chance to show who we really are..."

He brought both arms to his side. An eerie wind began to blow... The man emanated darkness... stronger and stronger his aura became, forcing surrounding rocks and boulders to become airborne and blast away from him. He widened his stance and opened his fists like claws... his eyes began to glow a bright red as the earth itself shook...


"Alas. But are you sure you were blinded then, or are you now? A most unfortunate decision..."

He turned. A shadow appeared in the doorway behind the throne. The weapons circled Retan silently...

"Very well. If it is death that you seek, then that is what you shall be granted. Yes, I know the extent of your power... truly worthless, just like all the others... you are not even worth my time..."

He slowly walked up the stairs. Neptra emerged from the doorway, arms folded and smirking. She was clearly enjoying the show. The Dark Emperor spoke to her as he ascended:

"Kill them all. And be quick about it."

Neptra strode forward, an inhuman glint in her eyes...

"I'm afraid I'm going to make a mess. This ship won't be able to handle it..."

"The ship is expendable. In a few short hours, we won't even require such petty transportation... I shall save you the trouble and remove it..."

Retan extended his right palm. The walls, the floors of the ship-- everything began to burn in an intense black and deep violet flame. The material ship became translucent, water visible below. Streaks of darkness ran from the surroundings into Retan's hand. In a few seconds, the entire ship simply disappeared, and the Emperor, Neptra and their opposition were suspended several hundred feet above the open ocean, farther from land then when they entered the ship...

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

Genma hovered from where the planks of the ship were, as if he didn't even move. He turned and faced Emperor Retan and Neptra.

"Its a shame I have to kill both of you." Genma took one step and crossed the distance between Neptra and Retan instantly, standing only 10 feet from them both, his robe blowing behind him, his beard hairs blowing back behind his chin.

"It's a shame I have to kill you though Neptra. You are one of the few people I respected. Draven was an over-pompous pyro maniac, while his son Jayce had an ego the size of Romme." Genma made his staff disappear, a sign he was getting ready for a serious fight.


Zeros' glared at Jayce intently.

"Nice trick." The ground around Zeros' seemed to flare up, dirt, grass and rocks flew from his position on the ground and soon a crater was where Zeros' now stood.

"Whenever your ready."

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

"The Dark Empire will fall!" - Scorch screamed, still following Draven at extreme speed before he (not really thinking much) plunged into the sea after him.

The sound of thunderclap could be heard from miles as the air wizard - engulfed totally in his powerful storm aura with lightning energy flowing through his whole body - was blasted into tiny pieces when all the electricity touched the salty water. The masses of energy discharged instantly, sending a powerful lightning shock through all the nearby waters.

A lightning flashed in the distance as the wizard's soul departed to where the roaring of thunders never stops.


Confused by the whole unexpected situation, Cheetah stood and watched as Zeros preppared himself for battle.


Gelu arrived at the place, as suddenly the Black Vessel vanished into thin air.

"Dark Emperor's powerful magic..." - he said to himself. - "Something is happening on the ship."

Posted by: Trent on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

//Hehehehe... I know what Jayce is...//

Zion watched the distant ship vanish before his eyes. He took off even faster toward the people that were now hovering in the air. He could feel Draven's life force vanish... Everything seems to be happening at once...

Tsu ran for his life, but did not know that he was endangering himself even more... He was running towards Jayce...

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 23rd, 2004

Iduran....dead......this his the worst thing ever!
Duilin thought, it was like a nightmare, to bad to be true...

Duilin runs at Patrick and swings his mace at him. Patrick blocks the hit with his sword. Patrick then swings back a stike and hit Duilin in the torso. Duilin then falls to the ground in pain. Patrick readies to finish him off but Duilin swings his mace at his gut knocking him down. Duilin then gets up and starts smashing his mace at Patrick. Patrick lies there is a pool of blood almost dead. Duilin stares at him. About to kill him off but then stops....

"I can't do it...I can't kill someone. I don't know why...I just can't...." Duilin sits down and starts crying. Wile Patrick screams for help! Duilin then looks at Patrick and then takes out a blanket and places it on him. He takes out a potion.
"Drink it!" He orders
Patrick drinks the potion. Expecting it to be posion but he'd rather die then stay in this pain. But he's not posioned it's a healing potion. He is almost better but he needs rest. Duilin then walks over to Iduran. He's standing over him. He then neals down and starts pokeing at him with a stick to see if he's alive...

Realizing he was being poked, Iduran conjured a bust of energy. He flipped over on his back, bringing his sword above him with two hands to point at Dulin's face.


But that last bust of energy took its toll. He struggled to keep his sword upright, trembling out of fatigue and pain...

Duilin looks at Iduran holding his sword at him.
"It's okay...I want to make you a deal. Now listen here." Duilin begins "Help me kill Darion and I'll join the Romme Empire and I'll give you some potions I have to help you heal yourself" Duilin looks at Iduran with an honest face. Meanwile Patrick falls asleep. And mumbles something in his sleep about Duilin being a nice person and all. And also mubles something else about fealing guilty for telling Darion were he can find a village to attack.

Iduran looked back at the dark soldier, surprized that someone in the enemy army would actually help him.


My potions aren't enough to save him now... He takes out the empty potion bottle, the very one that help the chemicals he used to help Iduran, and he looks at it for a few seconds. A tear drops from his eye.

Damnit, I'm crying again, I'm a 30 year old man, and I'm crying! I'm older the Draven for god sake! Draven wouldn't cry! He then looks at Cheetah

"We've gotta get out of here some how..." He says quietly to him.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 24th, 2004

//Uhh...Cesque and DM, the ship disappeared by the way...\\

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 24th, 2004

// I know it - that's what I meant by "unexpected situation" Cheetah was confused by, Dude Man propably doesn't //

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 24th, 2004

// <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='blink.gif' /> <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wacko.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wacko.gif' /> Oh, so then were the hell are we?//

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday October 24th, 2004

(You're floating 100 feet in the air over the ocean!)


It happened very quickly, one Jayce had gathered the desired energy... He began to float a few inches above the ground, crossing his arms in front of him. His muscles bulged, his arms, legs, and neck grew longer. Two horns grew out of his black hair, which began to take on a goldish color. His black armor changed with the shape of his body, becoming the scales of his skin. Two wings and a tail appeared, growing longer than his body. He touched the ground, his two feet now massive claws, the same for his hands. His form was now a black and gold dragon, towering over Zeros' at 25 feet tall... a shadow elemental draken...

The true Jayce spread his wings outward, spanning some 40 feet.



Retan folded his arms, the weapons circling him slowly.

"Farewell, Genma..."

A translucent sphere of dark energy appeared around the Dark Emperor and he bolted off throught the sky in the opposite direction, heading back towards the island.

"What in god's name is my son doing...?"

Neptra floated in front of Genma's line of sight of the emperor.

"True Genma, you always seemed to be one of the nobler of us. It's a shame our lord has such a narrow attitude. However, I owe my life to Emperor Retan. Though I know nothing of your treachery, an order is an order, and I will gladly follow it... Prepare yourself!"

She extended both arms outwards, bringing them up to the sky. The water below churned violently, before jetting up skyward. In a few seconds, Neptra and her three targets were surrounded by a circular wall of water that pierced several hundred feet into the sky...

Posted by: Colin on Sunday October 24th, 2004

You should write a book after this all unfolds, Xorlak <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' />

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 24th, 2004

Veronika woke up and spoted that she was floating, she looked at Pophin and Seth.
She got back up and rubed her forehead

"What is going on?!" She yelled, she held her forehead again, her yell just gave herslef a headache "Somebody tell me...please?"

"Well, well, The ship has become....invisable...this is rather frightning. I belive we should remain were we are untill, things clear up, shall we?" Pophin says to Seth and Veronika

"Very well, I'm not going to attack, you, Drow, I might just fall down, to my death."
She says to Seth, she turns to Pophin "I had a vision of Nex, he's back."

Pophin smiles, he then looks at Seth. "Shall we talk?" He asks

(Veronika is back to NPC)


"But how can we get out of here, were floating over 100 feet in the air, and I don't think Retan wants us to leave so soon." Duilin adds to what he said earlier

Hey, what's Zeros' doing here? Wait, didn't I give him the sword? Duilin thinks

Damnit, I wonder were the hell he was. Wait, I had a vison of Nex, I wonder if he returned and Zeros fought him.


Meanwile, the area were Nex was defeated, opened up and Nex rose up from it again, the flame surronding him was gone, he had it temperalt disabled

"Well, Zeros is obiously, not one to waste my time with, I'll kill him later." Nex says to himself. "Now, were to go..."

(Um, I'm abit lost, did Scorch just kill himself to defeat Draven?)

Posted by: Trent on Sunday October 24th, 2004

//Hahahaha... I knew Jayce was a draken.//

As Zion came closer to the floating people, he watched the water walls shoot up into the sky. He stopped for a moment. He was really exhausted. He gulped down a spare Elixir, then took off toward the watery fortress again, at full speed. He closed his eyes, and burst into the wall of water. Apparently, another Dark Empire general was here. More fun for Zion.

Meanwhile, Tsu would discover something that could possibly be more frightening than the Zero Weapon... A draken. Tsu emerged into the area where Jayce was fighting, and promptly fell to his butt upon seeing the dragon. Come on, Tsu! You're not going to get any better if you just run away from everything! Well, at least this dude's shorter than the Zero Weapon... I'm sure that doesn't matter. He sucked it up and unsheathed Kuon Yaiba. He may die, but he was ready to go.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 24th, 2004

//I actaully started working on that before, but I couldn't get the structure right, so I stopped on it.\\

Genma agian looked at Neptra and hopped back, putting more distance between them.

"I'm sorry it does have to end this way." Genma got into his loose stance, both arms hanging at his sides and then promptly disappeared from sight.

Genma reappeared right behind Neptra and thrust forwards with his hand, spreading ki energy outwards from his palm, forming a huge blue ball, that headed right towards Neptra's back.


Zeros' held both swords to his sides and floated upwards to Jayce's height.

"Haha. I've been itching for a good fight for awhile now." Zeros' held both swords out infront of him, touched them together (with the flats of the blades) and slashed downwards, making an ark of white and black energy coming downwards, which was 100 feet in height and 25 feet across, heading straight for Jayce.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 24th, 2004

// Dude Man: Yeah... sort of... //

Cheetah tried to move different body parts and stepping at different places to see how this new in-the-air spectral ship works.

"I don't think Retan would like us to leave at all." - he said. - "If not LIVE at all. So I hope you enjoyed your vacations on this island."

"Unless this old weirdo has something planned..." - he added, seeing Genma attack.

// As far as I get, we're in the ship, but it's just floating and invisible, it has walls and floors and all? //


Gelu noticed how suddenly a blast of water rised the space where the ship previously was high above. With his sight bad at larger distances, he couldn't actually tell who was on the ship.

"Dark Empire has some powerful water mage on it's side..." - he said, telling himself what was obvious.

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 25th, 2004

//It stll has floors and walls, I guess, but there invisible.\\

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday October 25th, 2004

(Heh, I actually meant for the ship to completely disappear. But I guess we can say the floor is disappearing gradually. Neptra wants to lure your characters into the water, where she fights best. I realize the impending aerial/sea battle might be unfair for non-flying characters, so I won't say it's impossible to escape through the surrounding walls of water.)


The black dragon opened his mouth, sending a searing blast of shadow energy straight through the impending arc, disintegrating it. As a counter attack, he lunged at Zeros' rearing his mighty right claw back and slashing downwards at the little man...


Neptra spun around, delivering a well timed spin kick to the blue orb, sending it flying out of control into the wall of rushing water to her left, where it exploded, spraying them both with a deluge of water.

She expended two fingers of her right hand, pointing them upwards in front of her face as two orbs of water emerged from the water wall on both sides of Genma. A light blue aura formed about them as they took the shapes of large sharp icicles, blasting at the old master at breakneck speed...

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday October 25th, 2004

Genma cursed himself and put up a barrier just before they hit, getting rid of the blunt of the damage. Genma let his ki flow out from beneith him, dropping him into the impending water; a smirk on his face.

He activated his ki right before he hit the water and sped forwards at Neptra, appearing under her. He extended both of his palms upwards and delivered punches towards her lower area's.


Zeros' quickly clashed his swords together, forming the 12 foot, 2 foot thick sword and fended off Jayce with his strength, him gradually losing leverage agianst the much stronger Jayce.

"A darken eh.." Zeros' broke of his attack and jumped backwards. He stood about 10 feet away from Jayce and pointed forwards, the sharp edge of the blade pointing upwards (basically the edge thats sharp is facing towards the sky.), his elbows bent slightly holding the hilt of the sword, his hands gripping the sword tightly.

"Come on..."

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday October 26th, 2004

It was time for Zion to help out. The Eternity Weapon was unsheathed, and he flew towards Neptra, thrusting his sword towards her head, trying to be careful not to hit Genma.
--- --- ---
Suck it down, Tsunan! Fight the freaking thing!!! With that thought, he shouted a great yell, that echoed from the inside of his soul, and jumped toward Jayce. That yell that came from his soul... Seemed to empower him... His entire body glowed a white light. His attack then became about 10 times stronger. He slashed downwards at Jayce. There was energy flowing around the blade, and the energy gave the sword an edge... Kuon Yaiba could now cut. //Remember, Tsu's just a puny human...//

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday October 26th, 2004

//Whoo.. Just haven't had the interest to post.. Sorry guys.//

Seth, kinda funny sounding, as he was kinda scared of his inablity to see what he's standing on, said to Pophin, "But that just proves you were weak. You could not take care of yourself. Do you have any idea how long I have lived alone, fendiong entirely for myself? But you, you give into the Empire, and thousands die by your hand, your hand who only fights because it alone could not feed you.."

Seth the cautiously stepped around, making sure there was something under his feet, as he headed towards the Bow of the boat, hoping to swim to land after jumping over-board.

Tsars Army lost a few soldiers, but nothing major. Tsar spotted the other legion trying to flank them, and he commanded half of his warriors and Half of his Monks to the back of the group, so the enemy couldn't destroy the mages in hand to hand combat. The Warriors in the front, along with the monks, attacked the remainder of the first DA legion.

Nevina finally awoke, feeling quite groggy, and once she sobered up and brushed herself off, She came to the realization that she couldn't sense Shin or the others energy signals.

Nevina sobbed quietly, as she wandered into the forest, paying no attention to where she was going.

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday October 26th, 2004

Sensing another attacker from behind, Jayce flicked his massive tail to his right, striking the ground in front of Tsu, which shook the ground, splitting it open. At the same time he flapped both wings downwards and shot up into the air twice his body length. Darkness engulfed the beast as he reared his head back and opened his mouth... He fired two spheres of shadow energy downward, the first hit in between the two men, disintegrating the ground in a massive explosion and creating a deep crater, the second flew straight for Zeros'...


Neptra simultaneously blocked a punch from Genma with her right knee and threw her head back, so the newcomer’s sword flew right over her face. Knowing she was in a bad spot, she continued the spin until she was completely upside-down, and dove straight into the water below. No use continuing to fight in the air...

As she dove, the walls of water began to follow her, hundreds of pounds of water coursing upon the warriors from above...

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday October 26th, 2004

Pophin looks down as he falls "Crazy bastards gonna get himself killed someday..." Veronika then walks over beside Pophin. He turned his face to her and they looked at each other.

"Wanna play 20 quuestions?" Pophin asks her smileing

"No..." Veronika says glareing back at him


(Um, I'm abit lost at what's happening on the boat could somebody tell me?)


Nex wanders off into the forset because he has nothing to do. He spots somebody, some women of some species.

He walks over toward her

"Well hello, who do we have here now. Whats your name women?" Nex says to her

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday October 27th, 2004

Genma floated back a few feet, dodging the water. He looked down towards where Neptra submurged and sighed. He flew up into the air and held his right arm forwards, palm open. A green aura started flowing on his arm, slowly gaining energy till it crackled with power.

A ball of green energy-30x30 feet-quickly flew downwards towards Neptra's general area.


Zeros' was abit shaken by the the attack as those attack shook the ground abruptly. Zeros' split his sword into two and quickly charged his right one with holy energy and quickly did a downward arc slash, slicing through the shadow energy and heading in a downward arc towards Jayce.

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday October 27th, 2004

Zion had become really, really wet. A quick flare of his aura would efficiently dry him. Not like it really mattered, because he was going down into the water. He dropped down, face first, toward the ocean, sucking in a good amount of air... And with a good splash, he was underwater.
--- --- ---
Tsu didn't seem to get hit, but there was still a problem with falling into a split in the ground. It was just small enough for him to hold his katana horizontally, and it would catch on the ground. He pulled himself out of the split in the ground, jumped to his feet, and glared at Jayce.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday October 27th, 2004

(DM: The boat's gone, man! Disappeared into thin air, like an illusion. Heh, I shouldn't have done that, it's confusing too many people... sorry!)


The huge green orb slammed into the water, passing inches from the submerged Neptra. She watched it disappear into the depths below.

Ugh. She didn't like to, but she might have to transform to take the two of them down... Zion suddenly appeared in the depths some 20 feet away... Hmmm, maybe not...

She sped through the water toward the unsuspecting fool with fish-like agility, taking care to stay behind him to avoid detection. With her right hand she removed a dagger from her belt, with her left she reached out to grab the man, aiming to put him in a headlock...


The dragon reared his neck back, so that the slash missed his head. Flapping his wings once more to maintain his elevation, he spun around, bringing his massive tail upwards and then raging downwards, aiming to knock Zeros' out of the sky straight into the ground...

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 28th, 2004

Genma saw his ball had no effect. He used his ability to sense where Neptra was and made a gun with his index finger and thumb. He slowly concentrated his energy into the tip of his finger. He readgusted his aim and quickly fired a condensed beam straight at Neptra.


Zeros' quickly brought up his swords and managed to block the inital 'umph' of the the attack, but not before flying down to the ground some 10 feet back. He slowly brought himself up as he worked some kinks out of his neck, smirking.

Zeros' qucikly looked around and noticed something. There were many different colored energies swirling wildly in the area around where him and Jayce had been fighting.

Heat? From the battle? He then got an idea. He quickly combined his sword and sheathed it, going back into its untransformed state, and used the Soul of Ice technique, then using his speed quickly made a spiral around Jayce, trying not ot get too close to Tsu.

The spiral was quickly formed and Zeros' prepared for the punch, and let loose with his cold aura.

"Dragon Ascension Blast!" The impeneding tornado seemed to be alot stronger then the one used agianst Draven, but he couldn't be sure. He slowly rode the current of the cold aura upwards and into the air, before slowly coming back down.

I hope this works! Zeros' quickly reared back for another punch, aiming straight for Jayce agian, but this time sending a punch downwards instead.

"Dragon Ascenson Blast Revised! Dragon's Desending Crashing Wave!" A huge ball quickly formed from where his fist was and speed towards Jayce.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday October 28th, 2004

(so... Xorlak... are we standing or something or should we all fall into the water?)

Posted by: Trent on Thursday October 28th, 2004

Zion could detect people's ki signals, and apparently, Neptra didn't know that. Good for him. Zion spun around, quickly spawning a Ki ball and flinging it at Neptra.
--- --- ---
Meanwhile, Tsu was running away from the twister, trying to keep it from pulling him in. The force of which Tsu ran and the force of the tornado's pull canceled each other out, which resulted in Tsu not getting anywhere, which was good enough.

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday October 28th, 2004

(Heh, I would imagine that you would fall into the water... but whichever you want!)



Neptra took Zion's unexpected ki ball right in the stomach. At the same time, a laser like blast of energy pierced the waves and grazed her shoulder, causing a small amount of blood to stain the water...

That's it!

She thrust her left hand forward. The water above and around Zion began to condense and freeze, closing inward around him...


The dragon dove straight for Zeros', the fearsome tornado not affecting him. But inches from his target, the ball of energy caught him off guard, hitting him head on. He spiraled up and up, out of control, before extending his wings completely outward and stabilizing some 200 feet above the ground. He folded his arms and floated there for a moment, studying the tiny spec below. How could such a small man wield so much power...?


A dark aura began to form around the dragon Jayce. The very light of the sky began to dim as it was absorbed by the mighty draken... The blue haze of day seemed to fade into night...

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday October 28th, 2004

Zeros' could sense the great power coming from Jayce.

"So the Heaven Dragon Blast did have an effect on you." Zeros' unsheathed his sword, causing it to transform once agian. He grabbed the hilt and split it into the swords. He quickly used his speed and flew up towards Jayce, quickly reaching his level. He turned around and faced Jayce, standing in a neutral pose, his arms at the side.


Genma cursed himself. He couldn't let Zion die yet. Genma quickly disengaged his ki, landing and stood on the ice directly above Neptra. He summoned his staff quickly and focused his senses. He raised his staff above his head and quickly thrust the staff onto the ice.

"Bakusai Tenketsu." The ice exploded outwards form where Genma was standing. He quickly engaged his ki and hovered mere inches from the waters surface. His staff disappeared agian and thrust his right palm forwards, causing a pure white ki ball appear from his hands and heading straight towards his opponent.

He silently breathed in and out, trying to catch his breath. These attacks were taking alot out of him.

Posted by: Cesque on Friday October 29th, 2004

(now... where did the Emperor go?)

Cheetah transformed himself into a wyvern form and levitated in the air above the fighting Neptra, Genma and Zeros.


Gelu directed his head at the waters whose calmity was broken by the fight, and parts of water began to freeze, creating an ice-floe, on which he jumped with extreme agility (at least as for him) and surged toward the battling group.

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday October 29th, 2004

Neptra folded her arms and moved out of the energy ball's path with ease. Even ki met with water resistance, and thus moved noticeably slower underwater.

"That's right, stay nice and close..." she thought to herself.

She weaved through the large chunks of ice scattered through the water, going a bit deeper. Obscured by the icy boulders floating about, she began to gather the energy... The sea became violent, the waves circling around her above, and a vortex began to form...


Up close, fierce winds circled the dragon as the darkness throbbed around him. The sky was now completely black-- an effect that could be seen for miles around..


He threw his arms, legs and wings outward. An intense blast of wind met Zeros' head on. His eyes burned red. A small orb, blacker than the darkness of space, began to form above his head, growing at the rate of an inch in diameter per second...



The Dark Emperor Retan arrived above the center of the island, not more than a mile south of the battle between Jayce and Zeros'. He gazed upon the rugged mountains below. The sun was just beginning to set to the west, but its light was being marred by his son's attack... His five prizes, the weapons, still circled him like specters...

"They said they will handle it... but my patience grows thin..."

He slowly began to rise through the air, higher and higher...

"Ten more minutes..."

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 29th, 2004

Duilin looked up at Cheetah. He noticed that there was nobody here who would stop him from leaveing.

"Cheetah, let me get on your back so we can fly out of here, Seth has left, we have to get out of here!" Duilin asked

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 29th, 2004

Zeros' took the blast head on and stumbled a bit in the air, the wind blowing him back some feet. He held stead fast as he watch the orb grow.

"Fear? I have no fear. I don't fear you or anyone else for that matter." Zeros' combined his swords agian and sheathed them. He thrust his right hand out foward, thumb and pinky bent inwards towards his palm. His left hand was loosely at his side. His right hand begun to glow with an intense bright white aura, blinding to anyone and everyone.

The aura grew wider and wider with every passing moment.


"Gah!" Genma made his staff disappeared agian and promptly jumped back from the vortex forming near Neptra.

"Don't do it Neptra..." Genma then extended his left palm forwards, thumb and pinky bent towards the middle and started gathering up ki. This wasn't the same attack Zeros' was using, but this allowed his to gather the maximum amount of ki.

Posted by: Trent on Friday October 29th, 2004

//Eh... Did Genma just save Zion from the ice attack?

Zion was tired of fighting these tied battles. With a great scream, his aura flared intensely. His internal energy flowed faster within him, and it was stronger, and in more quantity. The aura around him seemed to solidify, and it pushed the water and anything else around him out and away from him, making a sphere of air around him. His body seemed to have a bright white outline now. He took off toward Neptra, unsheathing his Eternity Weapon, and pulling it back. The water seemed to make way for him as he flew toward her.
--- --- ---
Tsu held his own as best as he could, talking to himself in his head to make sure he doesn't take off like a coward. He looked up, and noticed Retan floating in the air. Tsu located two tall trees located close to each other, and ran over to them. He jumped up, and kicked back and forth off of them, getting higher and higher. He stopped and stood on the highest branch of the highest tree, and looked up at Retan.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Friday October 29th, 2004

Seth Swam violently towards shore, hoping Neptra wouldn't send an attack towards him.

About 1 post from shore now..

Nevina smelled Nex' offensive zombish odor annd stepped back.

"*cough* who are you, ugh?" Nevina said, as she flipped her head back, revealing her holy symbol on her necklace accidentally.

//That should hurt Nex a little//

The army continued the assualt, and about half of the mages sent lightning bolts at the second legion of Dark Empirians.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday October 29th, 2004

YIKES Nex thought, he got splitting head ach for a few seconds. He was better awile, the shock is only temperary.

"Sorry about the smell.." Nex casts an electric blast on himself, killing the bad smell, maeking him smell more like, electricity

"My name is, Nex...amus, Nexamus." Said Nex "I am a goblin mage, ever herd of one of those? Well I'm abit lost here, could you tell me were I am?"

Posted by: Zeros' on Friday October 29th, 2004


Yeah. Genma cracked the ice with a special technique that senses a certain point in a solid object, all similar to rock, and procedes to shatter it with the lightest tap of his pointer finger or staff to the hardest of impacts.


Posted by: Cesque on Saturday October 30th, 2004

Cheetah nodded, but instead of letting Duilin jump on his back he grabbed him in his claws and began to fly toward the shore.


On his way toward the battle, Gelu noticed Seth swimming toward the shore. Wasn't he the one who fought with that female water mage?

He speeded toward him, still surfing on an ice floe, and as he headed toward the drowish monk, he conjured a ball of freezing ice which he casted at him from near vicinity.

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday October 30th, 2004

The water spun, faster and faster... a pillar of water shot up from the center of the vortex, from which emerged Neptra's true form...

A blue scaled dragon shot up from the water, this one more serpentine than Jayce, she was some 20 feet long from head to tail. Her wings were much smaller, more suited for swimming, and her tail and neck proportionally longer.

With a scream, she dove upwards in an arc, right over Zion, and plunged downward upon Genma...


The intense light from Zeros' fist seemed to bend... the dark orb absorbing it like a black hole... When the orb reached 15 feet in diameter, the black dragon shot up some 50 feet above his adversary.


The clouds in the darkened sky surrounding the dragon disintegrated as he emitted a circular wave of energy. He spiked the surging sphere of darkness straight downward upon the winged demi-human, pushing it down and down at raging speeds with a surging pillar of shadow energy...


Retan calmly floated higher and higher, catching a glimpse of the action in the distance. He sighed under his helmet.

"5 more minutes..."


The clash of the elite wyvern group and the remaining psi forces was intense. Lighting was only partially effective against the stronger wyverns, so only a fraction fell to the attack. They engaged the fighters and monks head on in the air, both side initially suffering heavy casualties. But the psi's had the advantage in numbers... and even the elites began to wane...

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday October 30th, 2004

Zeros' saw the ball coming and quickly pushed the light energy out of his arm and upwards, clashing with the ball of dark energy. The two balls clashed, emense energy crackling and rippling through the sky before an explosion then implosion of light and dark disentagrated the balls into nothingness, but Zeros' was already gone from the spot he was in.

"Death welcomes you." He was right behind Jayce, with his single sword drawn, eminating with light energy before he slashed in a downward arc, sending light energy towards Jayce's undefended backside.


Genma dodged the the dive. He looked towards Neptra and gathered the energy into his palm. A green ball of ki energy formed in his palm-1 inch by 1 inch, which still had the power of a large ball-and threw it upwards, before kicking it at immense speeds towards the dragon Neptra.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday October 30th, 2004

"Uh yeah, this works to.." Duilin says as Cheetah's claws grab on to him. "I guess I less of a cance of loseing my balance..."

"Think we should see if the others at the cave are allright?" Duilin asks him after a few minutes

Posted by: Trent on Sunday October 31st, 2004

Zion was astounded at Neptra's transformation. Oh my god... A draken?! I didn't know they were real... He sucked it up and tightly gripped his Eternity Weapon. All the fighting he had done, and all the hits he had taken had built up within him for a long time. //Breaker attack... Heh.// Zion shot out of the water, going into the air about 100 feet above the water and locking onto Neptra's intense energy.

"By light, you shall fall!"

He held the Eternity Weapon high above him, pointing it straight upwards, and it seemed to gather energy from the stars out in space, especially the sun. The energy went right through any obstacle that might block its path, without even weakening it. Also, Zion was powered up, so this would pack a major punch.


Zion first unleashed a million of small energy balls toward Neptra that homed in on her, and were created in such a way that they could only hurt her. Then, Zion slashed down in her general direction about 5 times, sending some larger energy balls down at her, created in the same way as the last. Then, with the last bit of energy that had come from his whomping, along with a large volume of his own, he dropped down toward Neptra like a comet, shooting into the ocean, and unleashing a monumental slash upon her as he passed her by.

//Crap, that may have been too much.//
--- --- ---
Tsu continued looking at Retan. He knew he would regret this.

"Hey! Who are you?!"

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 31st, 2004

Cheetah landed at the beach, dropping Duilin and transforming into human form. He looked behind to see Neptra in her true form, attacked by Zion - those damn drakens... They might be able to transform into dragons, but they lack great arsenal of different forms that gepardis have.

Anyway, it was good for him that he got out of her range.

"The cave? Is there anyone still there?"

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 31st, 2004

Ragnar reached the bottom. He lay down on a large flat rock, among many other rocks in this place.

Strange pale grey energy seemed to move into him in chunks: he was receiving all the (cumulative) powers of dead souls.

He lay there, screaming as if being tortured.

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday October 31st, 2004

Zeros' slash hit the dragon's back dead on, severing his backside...

Or did he? The form he hit was nothing more than smoke...

The sky was still blacker than night. The dragon's voice eminated from everywhere...

"Mweh heh heh heh hehhh..."


Genma's energy ball hit the dragon Neptra in the side, exploding with no apparent effect... She changed her trajectory in mid air, descending downward and downward upon the old master...

But at once, she was immediately slammed by hundreds of thousands of tiny energy balls from her left. Zion's final slash knocked the beast out of the sky, slamming rather unmajesticly into the ocean and disappeared underneath, sending a great wave towards Zion and Genma...


Retan continued to rise. He hadn't seen the man in Iduran's thoughts, so he couldn't be the one he was looking for. He replied calmly:

"Your end."

Time was up. If you want something done right, do it yourself...

He opened his arms. Three wraiths appeared around the Dark Emperor, circling in the opposite direction as his weapons...

"Make sure I am left in peace..."

They nodded, and moved away from him to begin their guard.

"It is pointless to fight opponents one-by-one looking for the sword. I will simply eradicate the entire island and all life within... The sword is indestructible, it is the only thing that will survive the blast..."

He raised both hands to the black sky.

(Dark Emperor Retan's Mega-Death Annihilation Attack!! -- Don't let him finish casting the spell!

If completely unopposed, Retan will use his two actions per post to charge his attack, at 10% per charge (meaning 20% per post). Don't let him reach 100%! Mess up his charging by attacking him!

But Retan cannot be attacked if there are any guards on watch, meaning if someone is going to attack him, someone else has to be keeping the guards busy...)

Posted by: Trent on Sunday October 31st, 2004

Zion let the water splash upon him, it was some cool relief for his hot, sweating body. He rested there in the air. He looked over to notice Retan, starting to charge up a spell. "Holy hell..."
--- --- ---
"My end? I think not!"

Tsu ripped off one of the branches near the one he stood on, and flung it at one of the wraiths. "Come get me, you smelly beasts!"

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday October 31st, 2004

The two Haraldurs were lying down in the parallel dimension. The hole opened up.

The elder one said: "You go out, if I leave, you will be trapped here and die... Get out above Romme. I can feel great power there through the hole. And that is where Ragnar was last seen."

The younger one nodded, and passed through the hole, which closed after him.

The elder one lay back and waited.


The younger Haraldur fell fast towards Romme.

Directly below him, some old man covered in darkness was casting some large time consuming spell.

It seemed to be a time for an "act now, ask questions later" approach.

He accelerated downwards, and threw a bit of ball lightning at the old man.


Ragnar screamed. He then rose hugely fast.

He accelerated up the tunnel, and left it with exploding rock around him.

He stopped, and hovered above the now colossal hole. He had an immense feeling of having new power.

Only a kilometre away he could see his old master, and recognised the Mega-Death Annihilation Attack - he had seen it used before... and used it before... once. It is such a cumbersome spell, and when you come down to it, boring.

Maybe now would be the time... Yes, now must be the time...

He threw a large fireball at the emporer, to attract his attention.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday October 31st, 2004

Zeros' smirked to himself. Now this will be fun. Zeros' sheathed his sword and raised his index and middle fingers on his left hand up, with all his other fingers bent inwards. Zero's did the same with his right hand, but laid them across horizontally and near the middle of his other fingers. He had made a cross with his fingers in the air.

"Art of the Doppleganger!" Hundreds of puffs of smoke appeared, then reappeared showing hundreds of Zeros', each looked exactly alike. They all proceded to unsheath there swords and split them into two.

Half of the Zeros' (thats about 300) charged at Retan, while the other Half charged at Jayce. The real Zeros' was in the ground going after Retan.

The half that went at Jayce surrounded him and started slashing voilently with ki charged air blades.

The half that went with the real Zeros', started distracting Retan's guards by slashing at them, while Zeros' examined the situation.


Genma blocked the water from hitting him with a swipe of his hand. He knew Neptra wouldn't go down that easy. He couldn't be distracted by water. Genma thrust his open palm forwards and started to charge.

A huge ball of energy, 100 feet x 100 feet, was there in an instant before Genma realeased it towards the directed Neptra had landed.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday October 31st, 2004

"Maybe not, those Zombies that chased us eariler, they looked like the soilders from the cave...That means that somebody killed them, and turned them into Zombies.It must have been Nex! The vision I had, and he being a powerfull deamon." Duilin says

"I'm not sure what to do anymore....We should either find Zeros', or Nex, or Seth, or help that guy out." He points to Zion

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday October 31st, 2004

"Nex... crap." - Cheetah wondered as suddenly he noticed Dark Emperor's spell being preppared.

"Oh, great. Guess the problem of Nex' existence will be no more once this weirdo finishes his magic. I suggest... with all my honesty... get the hell out of here!"


Gelu was unfortunately bound by rule saying he has to wait for Seth to do some action before doing anything else, but he could notice Retan prepparing a spell to destroy the island.

"Smart." - he told himself. - "Sacrifice everything for the sword." - he then noticed Ragnar trying to interrupt Dark Emperor. - "This pathetic fool again... Once I deal with this elf, I will have to stop him. The will of Dark Emperor has to be done, however destructive it is."

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday November 1st, 2004

(Zeros': I meant by his voice coming from everywhere that he had disappeared. Heh...)

The black dragon appeared directly above the clone army, spreading his wings and hurling dozens of dark thunder bolts into the mass. About 200 disintegrated instantly. About 50 reeled back stunned, but the rest broke through an began to stab at the dragon's scales.

Jayce flew upward to dodge the strikes.



The blue dragon regained her senses after descending into the deep for a few seconds... Genma's giant energy ball broke the surface and was nearly upon her-- obviously intended as a finishing blow. She flipped upright, in the process parting the ocean around her, sending two waves flying in opposite directions. Above water, she opened her mouth and let forth a bright blue beam of ice to meet the attack head on, freezing the surrounding water and aforementioned waves to solid ice instantly...


Wraith #1 stopped his rotation, vexed by Tsu's taunt. It sped downwards, a razor sharp scythe appearing in it's skeleton hands. About 10 feet from Tsu it seemed to disappear, moving lighting fast to his right side, where it hooked the blade upwards, aiming for his victim's stomach...

Wraith #2 appeared directly in front of Haraldur's ball of lightning, batting it away with its scythe. Letting it's arms hang, it slowly began to float towards the intruder...

Wraith #3 deflected Ragnar's fireball in the same way, but this one followed up with a wild dive at his opponent, aiming to slice his head clean off...

Before beginning his spell, Retan noticed an army of identical looking winged men flying towards him. He lowered his right hand, outstretching his right palm towards them. A black wind blew-- then blasted... The front 150 clones disintegrated instantly, the rest flew backwards out of control...

Above his still raised left hand, a tiny spec of darkness appeared... Though it was no bigger than a grain of sand, it emanated an evil aura far greater than any attack used before...

(Mega-Death Annihilation Attack (MDAA): 10%

Retan's guardians:

Wraith #1: Occupied
Wraith #2: Occupied
Wraith #3: Occupied
Jayce: Occupied
Neptra: Occupied (and far away)
Gelu: Free!

The NPC wraiths will fall with 2 well formed attacks.)

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

(Gelu free? He's occupied with Seth... unless 3 days passed and he lost counsiousness <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' />)

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

Ragnar dodged the wraith's blade. He then passed into the wraith and tried to assimilate its soul into himself, with lots of bright green light and loud bangs. He started screaming.


Haraldur conjured up two balls of blue energy. He threw one of them at the slowly moving wraith, which would home in on it, and follow it.

The other he threw at the Emporer, with the same intent.

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

"Sounds like a good idea Cheetah, so, were the hell do we go then?" Duilin asked


Veronika and Pophin noticed the army of idental things flying towards Retan.

"We must protect!" Veronika yelled, she noticed her weapon lieing on the ground, she hops over to her Auto Shotgun and grabs it, loads it up, and runs over near Retan. She aims her Auto Shotgun at one of them and fires a few blasts at it, killing the thing!

Pophin looks over to were Veronika is. He has no weapon other then a katana and he knows no magic so he deciedes to jump into the water.
"Farewell Veronika!"

He glides down, his cape gave him some floating ness, by the way he was holding it. He splashes down into the water. He then starts swimming over towards the shore...

Posted by: Cesque on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

"Well, there ought to be some remote islands around, beside this one. I pity I ever laid my foot HERE..."


// Last CyberWolf's post on october 29... 3 days passed <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='tongue.gif' /> //

After unleashing an attack against Seth, Gelu turned to see how situation of the emperor looks.

Ragnar was the greatest threat to Emperor's plan, perhaps - but he was also too strong to be messed up with... at least the frost mage thought so at time. raised the wave beneath his ice floe, rising higher to reach closer to the Emperor, then enhancing his both hands to sides, slowed down both energy balls fired by Haraldur to about 1/20 speed, giving both wraith and emperor lots of more time to react.

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

(I grow bored of Cyber Wolfs wait)

Nex, glares at Nevina and then speaks "I grow bored of your hesitation! Farewell!" He creates a pit in the ground and then sinks into it and then the pit goes away...


"We need to take out Retan. That's all, we need to do..." Duilin says "Or maybe...I thought I saw Pophin jump down into the water..."

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

The clones of Zeros' started charging agian at Retan, trying to occupy him, while the real Zeros' kills him.

(I'll be switching control to the real Zeros' now)

Zeros' used his speed and got behind the emperor. Zeros' unsheathed his sword and let it hang at his sides, gripping the hilt loosely with his right hand.

"I suspect you already know I am the real one." His sword starts glowing with a white, holy aura. Zeros' raised his 12 foot sword directly above his head, the aura growing stronger.


Genma ignored the ice and increased the energy. He closed his right palm (which had the energy ball in it) and quickly formed into a beam as wide as the ice attack. Genma took his left arm and gripped near his elbow, infusing the beam with more power.

Shockwaves radiated from the two beams colliding, shattering some of the ice into pieces.

I have to stop Neptra and Retan...

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

Jayce swiped a group of clones with his tail, finishing off the remaining ones with low powered shadow spells. The black dragon looked around, suddenly realizing the real enemy had ditched him to go for his father.


He shot through the sky, wings outstreatched like a jet, speeding towards the Dark Emperor.

"What is Father doing, anyway...? This is MY battle!"


The energy surged back, now inching towards the blue dragon...

She redoubled her ice beam, pushing Genma's attack back to the even center of the two. The stalemate reaked havoc on the surrounding ocean, sending shards of ice and waves outwards in all directions... Surely the old man could not keep this up...


Wraith #2 flew up and over the incoming blue orb. But before it could return an attack, the ball changed direction and exploded upon slamming into its back. Blue flame engulfed the specter, slowly fizzling out as its eyes burned bright red in silent rage from under its cowl. It quickly phased out into mist and reappeared between his Master and the second orb, slashing it with its scythe, which sent it flying directly back at Haraldur.

Wraith #3 covered its head with its hands, quickly materializing some 10 feet away from Ragnar. Its soul was not real, artificially created with shadow magic, so it could not be assimilated. However, the attempt still took it's toll on the specter, and it reeled in pain.

In an angry retort, it spun around in the air and slashed its scythe downward, casting the Shade spell on Ragnar. Dark orbs appeared around the traitor, spiraling inward toward him...

Retan waved his right hand once more, sending a dozen surges of Dark Thunder through the remaining 149 clones, dispatching them all. He turned to Zeros'. This one was in Iduran's memory all right...

"Warrior, what is your... name?"

A flash of lightning. The speck of darkness above his still raised left hand grew to a black orb 1 foot in diameter in an instant...

(MDAA: 20%

Retan's guardians:

Wraith #1: Occupied (100% HP)
Wraith #2: Occupied (50% HP)
Wraith #3: Occupied (50% HP)
Jayce: Free (In transit)
Neptra: Occupied (and far away)

I'll let other Dark Empire members keep track of themselves (heh...) )

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday November 2nd, 2004

"You do not need my name." Zeros' mentally recorded the direction Jayce was flying at him, he still had some time. He turned his attention back to the orb, glowing with a dark black light, slowly growing by the second.

His own holy aura got even stronger, reached upwards into the sky and towards the heavens, now reaching over 50 feet. Zeros' slashed directly downwards, coming straight down towards Retan.

He quickly split it swords right before the attack hit Retan, splitting the aura into thousands of holy energy balls. Some going towards Retan and some towards the wraiths. Even a few directed themselves towards Jayce, who till wasn't in view.

The sky was now abright with the holy energy, the balls covered the entire area of the battle, flying towards opponents at remarkable speeds.


Genma released one last surge of energy, pushing back the beam. His beam now took on a red fire color. He threw his arms outwards and quickly came back down, his palms forwards. He burst agian with energy, sending even more ki into this attack and combining with his other attack, widening and increasing the energy even more.

Genma was now physically sweating. All this exsertion of ki was readily exhausting him and his reserves.


(I still have Zev though!)

Zev looked into the orbs and snarled. Qeni stood over him, steadily petting him. Zev shrugged off Qeni's hand and threw his head back, letting out a howl. He disappeared and Qeni looked into the orb. Zeros' was still the same, but Zev was behind Genma.


Genma noticed the sudden surge of power behind him, but he noticed it did not have evil intentions.

Zev let out another howl and merged with Genma. A bright light enveloped Genma, swirling energy's colliding, sending a loud boom, rippling the water.

Genma felt a sudden power increase in his ki reserves and pushed harder, infusing more ki energy into his attack, pushing back Neptra's beam even more, coming feet from hitting her.

Genma also didn't notice he had grown fangs in the top corner in his mouth. Genma's hair glowed a white light and extending, reaching down his back and to his waist. It was a bright white color, spiked, like Zev's own fur. He also now had two glowing wolf ear on the top of his head.

Posted by: Trent on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

Zion phased in directly next to Genma, pointing his hands at Neptra and unleashing his strongest energy wave upon her, merging his with Genma's.
--- --- ---
Tsu had to act fast. That white outline came again. He stopped the scythe with his sword, grabbing the wraith's head and flinging it to the ground. He jumped down toward the Wraith with his sword pointed down. Kuon Yaiba could cut again, and if he succeeded, there would be a sword through the wraith's chest.

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

Nex arived at The Romme Castle. He looked around and saw a bunch of dead bodies.

"Hmmm...all ripe for the picking, but I only need one....one strong one...." Nex spoted a huge body of a dead giant. He walked over to it

"Darion, Darion, Darion....You always were a loser..." Nex then blasted a huge beam of electricity at the body, Darion then started to come to life.

"Good, now come with me!" Nex order and walked away

//Oh, and if you want to know what Nex's voice should sound like, if you have no idea, I might aswell share this, he should sound something like the Joker from the Batman cartoon, or The Hob Goblin from the Spider Man cartoon, [same voice]//

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

"Duilin..." - Cheetah said slowly. - "I do not want to chill your burning desire to fight for what is right, but... come on, it's Dark Emperor. Prepparing a powerful thing which would propably leave nothing here after he finishes. I can understand you have some unfinished business here, but I'd personaly prefer to live a bit longer rather than die a hero."


Gelu covered himself as suddenly the sky began to shine with holy light.

Standing on the rised wave, he turned toward Zeros - the one which causes this whole unfamiliar situation. He pointed his both hands at him, closed eyes, and fired a glacial ray from each, directed at the demon.

"A demon... using holy aura?"

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

Haraldur regained control of the energy ball which went hurtling towards the emporer again.

He then lifted his arm towards the sky, and clouds formed very fast. They swirled around, and their friction caused lightning. 20 lightning bolts hit his arm, went through him and he aimed his other hand towards the wraith, which was the closest object towards him, and it would hit the Emporer afterwards if it succeeded in hitting the wraith, and then hit the ground.


Ragnar caused a blast of green energy, which pushed the balls of shade straight towards the spectre, and the Emporer, with the energy causing the air go faster than the speed of sound, and so have great impact on things it hit.

He then conjured up a magical detonator, which he threw at the the orb of the Emporer, and which would home in on it. The detonator would cause the unfinished spell to detonate immediately, and carry out its diminished affect.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

//Sorry about screwing you guys over like that.. Just.. fell behind.. lost interest.. etc.//

Seth was knocked unconcious, and caught into a rip tide, which drifted him out to sea.

He did not die, but instead started drifting to a remote island.. Miles from Romme.

Nevina chased after Nex, unsheathing her Holy Dirk, and Praying over it..

//How many DA's has Tsar killed? Wanna just be quick about it say 500? He has to kill 2,000...//

The assault continued, as the Mage's kicked it up a notch, and casted Death spells onto the Archers arrows.

The Monks healed a few Warriors, while both Monks and Warriors assualted the enemies with new fiericity, as Tsar Charged Psi from the Dying bodies of the the Dark Empirians.

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

"Listen Cheetah, with Iduran and Seth gone, your my best friend, and with Iduran and Scorch gone, I supose I'd have to be your best friend. But, to be honest, we can't just leave them now! If Retan gets the sword, we're all deep up shit creek! So, we have to do something!" Duilin says


Nex and Darion march toward back to the sea shore.

"Hold it..." Nex raises his hand signaling Darion to stop "I sence something, stay here and protect yourself if need, better yet, hide in that big hole in the moutain over there...I'll be back, I promise...No matter...What!"

Nex runs out to were Nevina is he charges up a fireball.

"Okay, toots, I'm Nex! Your doom! Eat FLAME!" Nex tosses the fire ball at Nevina

Darion dose as he his told...


Veronika continues to shoot away at the Dark Shouls.


Pophin continues to swim toward shore, still being his sneaky self.

//Please don't notice him <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='sad.gif' /> //

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday November 3rd, 2004

Impossible!! Where did that power come from?!

The combined force of Zion and the fused Genma/Zev was overwhelming, pushing the mighty blue Dragon's ice beam back and back. She put all her might into a final thrust, but this only served to slow the energy which was she now struggled to hold inches in front of her face with all her might...


Suddenly there was a massive black explosion in front of Retan, destroying the surge of light elemental balls in front of him. The black dragon Jayce, who had fired the beam, arrived next to his father, several other holy spheres striking his aura as he protected himself with his wings.

"Father! What are you doing?! I have the situation under control! This is MY BATTLE!!"

Retan didn't look at his son.

"Silence. Keep this gnat away from me."

"But that much power will--"

"You disobey?"

The dragon caught his tongue, then snarled at Zeros'...


Wraith #1 was quickly impaled by Tsu's blade. After squealing in pain, it became translucent for a second and floated straight through Tsu and emerged directly behind him, before becoming solid again and slashing its scythe at his back in a huge arc....

Wraith #2 was slammed from the front by the tremendous surge of electricity. At the same time a stray holy sphere from Zeros' attack stuck it from the other side. A huge explosion rocked the skies and the wraith was no more...

Wraith #3 blocked the its repelled spell with its weapon, zipping in closer to Ragnar to attempt a strike to his left side...

Haraldur's blue ball sped closer and closer to Retan, but at the last second it angled up to the black orb, where it disappeared into the void, the black orb absorbing the spell... (+ 2%!) The same happened to the half of the shade spell sent Retan's way (+ 1%), and Ragnar's detonator spell... (+ 2%, told you folks you couldn't attack him while you were fighting one of his guards... heh.)

Retan returned his right hand to the sky, fully concentrating on the spell. A flash of lightning, the sphere quickly swelled to 10 feet in diameter...

(MDAA: 45%

Retan's guardians:

Wraith #1: Occupied (50% HP)
Wraith #3: Occupied (50% HP)
Jayce: Occupied
Neptra: Occupied (and far away))


The aerial battle swung completely for the tsi army in the past half hour... The dozen or so remaining Dark Wyverns scattered, fleeing for their lives...

(I'll give you your 2,000 deaths. Or you can say 1,988 and hunt down the remaining ones like animals, heh...)


(Dude Man: Ha! Classic shows. That's one of the top ten coolest voices of all time. (Heh...))

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday November 4th, 2004

Zeros' noticed the power surge. He wasn't sure what those mages were doing, but they sure weren't helping any. Zeros' could transform and gain power beyond anything imaginable, but he lost control of himself and would attack anything on site, he wanted to save that unless he needed it. //Actually, its more like go into a berserk state.\\

Zeros' could match the power of Retan's dark orb within seconds, but that would leave him totally open to attacks, he'd rather not do that.

Zeros' got in a qucik stance, right sword on his right shoulder and left sword pointed towards Jayce, holding it right below his shoulders. His right sword slowly charged with holy aura as he waited to use it at the right time...


Genma held steady and slowly pumped more and more ki into his attack while Zion's power fused with his. He hoped they could at least take her out. She would either die, be knocked unconcious, or couldn't use her powers for the next couple months.

He would also be exhausted after this attack, but something kept him going, barely sweating. //Still hasn't noticed Zev murged with him.\\

Posted by: Trent on Thursday November 4th, 2004

"HAAAA!!!!" One last surge of will would pump up the ki wave, hopefully enough to make it hit Neptra.
--- --- ---
Tsu quickly dropped Kuon Yaiba beside him. He ducked, dodging the attack, and brought his legs up, then over and down, pinning the wyvern down to the ground hard, so that he would be sitting on him. He grabbed Kuon Yaiba and thrusted it down through the wyvern's head.

Posted by: Cesque on Thursday November 4th, 2004

"Duilin. I don't want to share fate of Iduran or Seth." - as he finished talking, he turned into a wyvern form and began to slowly get up higher...

Remaining on the island was sure doom. Duilin should understand it. He is simply too blindly heroic to understand that life is the only true value and with it's loss, everything else ceases to matter for you.


Noticing that Tsu temporarily left the combat with wraith, without much thinking Gelu launched a powerful cone of ice straight at Emperor's dark orb, hoping for it to absorb spell's energy.

"Fighting with enemies is futile. The only way it will end is by finishing Emperor's spell... and this moment should come sooner."

Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday November 4th, 2004

Haraldur shot shards of light magic at the wraith attacking Tsu, hoping it would annihilate it.

He also caused many rocks to appear in a sphere around Jayce and Retan, which then rushed in towards the centre, in which was Retan.


Ragnar noticed what effect his attacks were having, and smiled a strange smile to himself.

He dodged the wraith, conjured up his dark blade and slashed at it, with red energy enveloping the blade.

He then pointed his left arm downwards, and his right arm towards the black orb. Huge amounts of energy left the earth below him, making the magma itself below the island cool and harden, causing great cracks on the surface. This energy he aimed as a very wide stream of hugely hot and burning light, turning the air itself to plasma, towards the orb of the Emporer, and the Emporer himself.

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday November 4th, 2004

The blue dragon slid backwards faster and faster until it was too much…


The combined energy wave finally made contact. A blinding flash of red and white engulfed the seas, followed seconds later by a deafening explosion. The blast sent a 100 foot tall tidal wave in all directions-- to Genma and Zion, and raging towards the shore, as a mushroom cloud rose to the sky…



The black dragon exploded with energy as he defended several large stones from an earth attack.


Jayce took off towards Zeros’ like a jet, thrusting a mighty right claw outward to catch his chest as he rocketed past…


(EoN: You meant 'wraith', right?)

Tsu’s blade bore deep into the darkness of the open cowl of the wraith. Bright light burst from its body disintegrating it within a few seconds.

Ragnar’s blade pierced his wraith, enveloping it in a crimson aura. It exploded with a loud bang, pieces of its tattered robe floating down afterwards…

Gelu’s ice spell slammed into the black orb with a flash of blue light (+ 4%). Ragnar’s beam the same, it bending in the air and narrowing a bit before disappearing into the darkness (+ 4%).

Seeing the impending rocks from the earth spell, Retan lowered his right hand to his front, clenching his fist then opening it. A translucent black spherical shockwave emitted from his palm, expanding and colliding with the stones, destroying them.

A flash of lighting. The orb above his left hand swelled further, now a gargantuan 25 feet in diameter… Black bolts of electricity danced around the surface while a fait crimson aura surrounded the dark sphere…

(MDAA: 63%

Retan's guardians:

Jayce: Occupied)

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday November 4th, 2004

Zeros' lashed out with his left sword, deflecting the large claw. He kept his right sword holstered on his shoulder, slowly gathering aura. Zeros' combined his swords agian, keeping his right hand on the huge sword as it holstered across his shoulder.

Zeros' charged his ki energy and fired multiple blasts of blue, yellow, green, all representing a different emotion. To one trained, Zeros' sword would look like a huge threat. Jayce was blinded by rage to even pay attention to this.


Genma cut through the wave with a swipe of his hand, using ki to project a blade of energy and cut through the waves, passing over both Genma and Zion.

Genma concentrated and extended his ki senses. He sensed a barely alive Neptra, on the vurge of dying. He may have fought as hard as he could, but he held honor over his 1000 or more years of living; he would never let a woman die, no matter how wicked.

Genma located the barely surviving Neptra and sped forwards, straight into the area where she was fighting them. He dived in, his wolf hair bobbing in the water when he saw Neptra bobbing to and fro under the water.

He projected his ki and reached Neptra in seconds. He quickly created a barrier with his ki and covered both him and Neptra, who was serverally hurt. He put his hand over her right breast (near where her heart was) and transfered his ki into her, hoping to keep her alive.

Genma slowly surfaced, cradling Neptra in his arms. He knew Zion would be pissed at him, but he silently floated next to Zion and looked down at the water, not showing his face to him.

Posted by: Trent on Friday November 5th, 2004

//Yeah, wraith. Heh.

The tidal wave was refreshing to his tired body. He could feel Retan's power growing in the distance. "Now, what should we do about him?" He looked in Retan's direction. "Not like we can do much." He checked all over himself for any spare elixirs... He didn't seem to have any at all. But he could see something coming... Oh no.

Tsu sprung to his feet and looked at Retan. "Now it's your...- AAAH!!!" Tsu had seen the same thing Zion had. Xenai was floating toward Retan, with the Zero Weapon walking along behind him.

"Emperor, I have a gift for you." Xenai pointed to Retan, and looked to the Zero Weapon. "You now belong to him." The Zero Weapon obediantly walked over to Retan. "Emperor, I'm sure this will be a much better guardian than those wraiths."

//This will be fun. Xorlak, the Zero Weapon is now your NPC.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday November 5th, 2004

Duilin waves goodbye to Cheetah as he flys off, yes, he dose understand.

I've have nothing to loose, life, death, is all the same. I must fight for cause, I must fight for the people, to make sure there life, isn't mine...

Suddenly a rageing fimiluar yell is herd, Duilin gets tackled to ground, he turns his head to see his attacker, Pophin. He punches Duilin in the face, Duilin lifts himself up, with Pophin on his back, and swings him off, Pophin tumbles off on the ground. Duilin takes out his Claymore and readys to swing at it, but Pophin swings his katana hiting the claymore, but the katana falls out off his hand, only knocking the claymore off course hitting the ground. Pophin then kicks him in the chest, knocking him back a few feet. It apears this is going to be a fist fight. This is most likely going to be no contest, because, Duilin is stronger and a better fighter, yet Pophin is abit faster and leaner then he is.

Duilin then runs at Pophin and swings his fist at Pophins face, but Pophin quickly moves out of the way, Pophin then aims another kick at Duilin's chest, this one hurting more...


As the expoltion went in front of Retan, this scared the liveing day lights out of Veronika, causesing her to fall off the ship, down into the sea, splashing into deap water falling on sharp rocks, a got ripped apart by sharks

(I love killing off charactors!)

//So that makes....Patrick, Darion, Nex, Gedi and now Veronika!

But I supose minus Nex and Darion since there back. *Oh goody!*//

* = In Nex's voice

Posted by: Cesque on Friday November 5th, 2004

Cheetah suddenly heard a raging yell and turned around.

"Not again... this guy always has to get himself into trouble. On the other hand... I don't have much time."

In wyvern form, Cheetah divded toward Pophin and as he flew, air began to accelerate before him sending a wave of pressure at Pophin (physical harmless, but it can obviously knock someone down with it's force), then he spit another bolt of acid at Duilin's enemy before he suddenly turned his direction and began to rise above Pophin.


"Yes..." - Gelu told himself.

He closed his eyes and directed both hands at the Emperor. In between the hands, he formed an orb of cold energy, from which a ray was directed at Retan's dark orb. Each "turn" (Retan's action) it should add a bit to the power of his MDAA.

Posted by: Dude Man on Friday November 5th, 2004

Pophin fell down and tumbled to the ground. As the acid blasted at him and swung out of the way.

"Please...I'm sorry...You win...I surender!" Pophin cries lookin up at Cheetah and then back at Duilin

"You surender eh?" Duilin says with a smerk "Heh...he surenders. Cheetah, what do you say? Shall he live?"

Posted by: Cesque on Friday November 5th, 2004

Cheetah turned into human form once more and turned to face Duilin.

He had a thought about not saying anything, turning into cheetah form and putting his jaws on Darion's aorte before he leaves this soon-to-be-destroted-island, but he again thought it might not be THAT good idea.

"Do what you will. It's your battle." - he said, looked at Emperor's growing orb pulsing with some dark, lightning energy, and mentally preppared to change to wyvern form again and get the hell out of here (these all transformations were giving him headache already).

(by "mentally preppared" I meant he took a deep breath before turning to wyvern, so he's still in human form now)

Posted by: Xorlak on Friday November 5th, 2004

Alas, Genma's healing efforts were in vain. The now reverted draken expired in his arms...


Jayce felt the pang of the sword on his claw as he sped past Zeros'. The black dragon spun around, now charging his left claw with shadow energy. But he stopped, as if something suddenly caught his attention...

Ignoring his adversary, he floated there for several seconds, only flapping his wings occasionally to maintain altitude. His gaze fixed on the southwestern horizon, the direction where Neptra was fighting... His eyes grew narrower and he let out a snarl... something had happened...


(Gah ha ha ha!!)

Retan nodded to Xenai.

"Competence and loyalty are always rewarded. In fact, I may require a new general when all this is over..."

He turned his head, acknowledging Gelu as well.

The 60+ foot tall Mecha-Demon's eyes glowed a crimson red. Its right hand opened, a massive jagged 40 foot long, 15+ ton sword materializing in it, which burned with black fire. The Zero Weapon threw its head back, letting out a half mechanical, half beastly roar which shook the ground violently, sending out deep cracks in the earth around it...

Gelu's "ice orb" began to transfer energy to Retan's spell (+ 4%)

Retan returned his right hand to the sky, giving his full attention to the spell. A flash of lightning. The orb was becoming ridiculously huge, now over 50 feet in diameter...

(MDAA: 87%
Warning! Attack completion immanent!!

Retan's guardians:

Jayce: Occupied
Zero Weapon: Free)

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday November 6th, 2004

Genma looked at Neptra's dead, limp body in his hands.

"I'll be back." Genma glided downwards and submerged into the water. Genma's wolf hair bobbing to and fro in the gentle underwater waves while cratling Neptra's dead body in his arms.

He silently reached the bottom of the sea. He freed one of his hands as his arm pulsed with green energy (Green is depression if anyone was wondering). He fired off a ball of ki and blew apart the sea floor. He set Neptra's body into the hole and anchored her body to the ground with a very small amount of ki.

He waved his hand and the dirt reappeared and he silently rised up to the surface.

This happens I guess... Genma breached the surface and looked towards Zion.

"Cmon we have to get out of here." Genma said with sadness in his voice and started flying in the opposite direct of the island, he didn't want to get caught in the MDAA. He knew he wouldn't be able to reach Retan in time to help them.

//Genma was sad if anyone was wondering. He had never tried to kill a woman before, as his honor code would not allow him. Before he usually knocked them out before they had gotten killed, but now he had failed his code. Zeros' also follows the same code.\\


Zeros' took the momentary distraction and inreased his the ki he was gaining into his sword. He flew higher and floated directly above Retan. He grabbed his gaint sword with both hands and lifted it too the heavens.

The sword's holy aura increased ten fold and he looked down at Retan's ball, not paying attention to the Zero Weapon. He gripped his swords hilt tighter and put the last of the energy into it, the aura now reaching out 200 feet high and wide. He kept increasing his aura slowly, increasing the power every second.

Everyone keep them off of me. This attack may be able to buy us some time! He sent this mental link out to everyone that was fighting on his side. The aura now reached out 250 feet, still increasing slowly...

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Saturday November 6th, 2004

With the 2,000 destroyed, Tsar tossed his head upwards and screamed.

All the Psi Warriors turned in a circle to him, and in one blast, they all shattered Tsars being. Then, starting from the middle, the Psi soldiers dissapeared.

Then Tsar returned to his home plane, a land of purple mists and black skies, flaming rainbows and stars made of gold.

Nevina pulled out her dagger and held it pointing down. She prayed over it, her eyes closed, her ears turning red.

The Dagger emitted a quick, bright light that died fast. Nevina then licked her blade, and it glowed with the intensity of a star.

She Charged at Nex, moving literally at the speed of sound, and jabbed the blade where Nex' heart should be.

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday November 6th, 2004

"ACK!" Nex gasp as the dagger went in his 'hart'.

*the effect of whatever is supost to happen to him, happens to him*

"You'll live to regreat this...." Nex then burns up in a shiny red flamey thing and then sinks back into the ground.....

About 5-10 minutes after the death of Nex...

"So, Cheetah...You leaveing again?" Duilin asks

"No...dead....dead.....all dead...." Pophin mudders

"What? What the hell is his problom?" Duilin turns to Pophin

"He's dead....but....he's.....stronger.....he's comeing back.....No! Don't! I don't want to die!" Pophin curls up into a ball and starts trembling.


Darion is gone from were he was hideing....Were could he be?
*Random Kid's Show Theme song plays*

Posted by: Xorlak on Saturday November 6th, 2004

The black dragon roared inhumanly, unfurling his wings and blasting towards the southwest at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Someone's going to pay...

Retan noticed his son's sudden departure.

"Jayce! Return here!"

The black dragon sped on, ignoring him.

"Miserable child. You should know she doesn't matter in the end..."

Retan glanced at the massive Zero Weapon below. It nodded obediently, receiving its mental order. Two compartments opened on its back, from which two jets of intense blue flame shot out. The gargantuan mecha-demon began to fly...

Its jets propelled it upward; it flew higher and higher, reaching Retan's level, then above. The Zero Weapon stopped directly inbetween Zeros' and its master, where it began to charge energy into its sword...

(I'm posting earlier than normal, so it wouldn't be fair for Retan to charge his attack at this time.)

Posted by: Cesque on Saturday November 6th, 2004

// crap, I mistaked Pophin and Darion <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' /> //

"Well, yeah." - said Cheetah. - "I wish you happy afterlife after remains of this whole place sinks beneath the ocean surface." - after finished the sentence, he quickly turned into a wyvern and flew away to the north, keeping as far distance from Retan and the battle around him as possible.

Somewhere in the distance, there ought to be lands that he has not yet seen... preferably, safe and calm after all the hell Cheetah met in Romme.


Gelu continued to focus on the orb and sending energy to Retan's spell.

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday November 6th, 2004

The aura in Zeros' sword now extended outwards some 400 feet, enveloping the battle grounds and everywhere around it in a blinding white light. Zeros' hopped back and looked at the Zero weapon. He let down his sword and pointed it right at the Zero weapon where Retan stood behind him, light energy surging around his sword.

He held the sword so the bladed end pointed towards the sky, gripping the hilt with both hands. He spun it around, light aura crackling and jumping off the blade. He slashed directly downwards, causing an aura slash 400 feet wide and long headed straight for Retan and the Zero Weapon...


Genma knew Jayce was coming here. He knew Jayce was mad. Genma stopped flying and looked back and noticed the small black dot heading straight for him.

"If only you knew Jayce."

Posted by: Dude Man on Saturday November 6th, 2004

"Farewell my friend..." Duilin says simpathectically, he then turns back to Pophin and walks over to him...

"What the HELL is your problom!?" Duilin yells

"Why did I join....why..." Pophin cried

"What!?" Duilin yells again

Because you were weak and pointless, we made you strong...

"Nex!? Your alive! Now tell me! Do you really plan to become leader of the Dark Empire?"

"Nex is dead! Get over it!"

Yes, but I need more power...my boddy....is weak....but my power is strong....even the weakest boddy would make me even more powerfull...

"What are you implying?"

"I'm IMPLYING he's dead!"

Traitor! You shall be the boddy! You shall be sacrificed! I shall rule!

Pophin's body suddenly turns all dark, pitch black, dark red, dark purple, alternating between colours untill, he grows deamon wings, his eyes turn to be like Nex's and his face turns more evil looking, his skin pales....

"Oh! Finally!" Says...Pophin(?), it sounds like Pophin, but it seems to have Nexs voice takeing over...

"Who are you?" Duilin asks

"Oh you should know, Duilin!" His voice sounds more and more like Nex's every time he speaks

"Nex? Is that you?" Duilin asks

"I've been waiting for this moment for along time...But you can call me Phoenix! I am Nex I am Pophin you are meat! Hehahahahaha!"

Duilin slowly backs up, but the bumps into something as he walks back.


"That's right" Pheonix began "I broght back your big buddy for play time!"

Duilin swung his claymore right at Darion's chest, and kicked him back. Darion tumbled to the ground but recovered back up. Phoenix then raises on hand and then electricity circles around in his hand. He then tosses it at Duilin but, he ducks and it his Darion instead...

Ah man... Duilin thought I'm dead...that's all there is too it...

Duilin could just feal the energy of Phoenix crawl all over him as if they were tics...

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday November 6th, 2004

Genma happened to be a few hundred yards from where Duilin was fighting when he noticed Pophin's signature disappeared and a new one appeared in its place, stronger, but not by much.

Genma formed his finger into a gun and aimed at the new signature. A green beam of pure ki fired off and headed towards Phoenix at the speed of sound, making a loud sonic boom as it passed through the sound barrier.

Posted by: Haraldur on Saturday November 6th, 2004

Haraldur realised he would not be able to survive the MDAA, he simply was not strong enough yet. He sped Northwards, hoping to escape the destruction.


Ragnar grinned at Haraldur's departure.

He conjured up two MDAAs of his own, each at 10%, and threw them both at the Emporer's MDAA, which they homed in on. He was deliberately trying to set off the destruction of Romme.

He grinned. Now for the fireworks, he thought. He then created a powerful dark aura to protect himself from the now inevitable blast...

Posted by: Zeros' on Saturday November 6th, 2004

The light aura from Zeros' sword destroyed Ragnar's MDAA, causing them to fall short of Retan's MDAA. The sword's aura continued on towards the Zero weapon and Retan...

Posted by: Trent on Saturday November 6th, 2004

Xenai snickered, watching Retan masterfully manipulate the Zero Weapon.

Zion looked to Xenai, then to Genma. "I can't go yet."

Then back over to Xenai. "You'll regret giving away that Zero Weapon!"

Xenai turned around, and laughed evilly. "If it's not my old friend Zion!"

Zion took off toward Xenai. He noticed Gelu helping Retan charge his attack. He flung a ki ball at him, which should hopefully stop him for a bit. Xenai took off toward Zion.

Tsu looked up at Retan and the Zero Weapon. This is bad... Oh so bad... He tightly gripped his katana, and waited for some kinda inspiration to come to him.

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Ragnar's MDAAs completely negated Zeros' light aura. It would not pose further problems.


Ragnar now sent two other MDAAs, now that the light aura was not there. They sped towards the large MDAA.

Ragnar's protective aura grew.


Haraldur was now out of Romme, and rushing north to his homeland.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Yeah, sure. And Gelu suddenly conjured 55 and half MDAAs and tossed them all at Ragnar and they went BANG and everything was destroyed except Gelu who was protected by uber-super-protective aura.

The end.


Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday November 7th, 2004

QUOTE(Cesque @ Sunday, November 7, 2004 11:20)
Yeah, sure. And Gelu suddenly conjured 55 and half MDAAs and tossed them all at Ragnar and they went BANG and everything was destroyed except Gelu who was protected by uber-super-protective aura.

The end.


If the Emporer can put 1 MDAA at 20% in one turn, why cannot Ragnar do two 10% ones?

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday November 7th, 2004

And why can't Gelu put 55 and 1/2 (at 115.5%) in one turn?

Now, seriously, man - MDAA is a catastrophic, epic spell which Xorlak* uses to finish the chapter... I don't think it's normal to rip his idea - soon everyone will fly around firing MDAAs.

No godlike characters, as Xorlak said. Retan could be exception, but still MDAA is not instant, also... ah, I'll leave this for Xorlak to decide. We already know we will side with you again <img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif' />

* In case you wonder why I said Xorlak, not Retan, it's because it's Xorlak who finishes the chapter, not Retan, technicaly.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday November 7th, 2004

"Oh, Duilin my young friend, I'll make you a deal. Join me, and we can defeat everyone, and YOU can live." Nex says

"No! Why should I join you? Your an evil deamon! Your even trying to defeat your own team!" Duilin yells

"Oh, but, us deamons should stick together!" Nex smiles

"US deamons? What are you talking about?!"

"I mean, your daddy, was a deamon, so therefore you are part deamon!"

"Don't bullshit me!"

"I'm not! I knew your father, we were old pals! He even wanted you to join!"


I barely remember my father, I remember talking to him when I was young...He was never around...He just left...It was 12 years ago since I've seen him...I remember he just left, when the Dark Empire attacked.....

"Never! I'll still never join! I'd rather die!" Duilin yells, and then runs at Nex swinging his claymore. Phoenix grabs the blade and imports heat into the sword, burning Duilin's hand makeing him toss the sword away...

Darion then recovers back up. And then picks up Duilin. Phoenix then starts punching Duilin wile Darion had him pined.

"And punch, punch, here..." Phoenix sings in the toon of Old McDonald "And punch, punch there..."

His punches hurt alot, 15 times more then Pophin's punches

"Here a punch, there a punch, every were a punch, punch!" Phonix then stops and then forms a fire blade, much like Draven's but much stronger

(Hope that's okay Xorlak, heh)

"Time to finish what I've been wanting to do for along time!" Pheonix says

He then readies to stab Duilin with fire blade...

Posted by: Xorlak on Sunday November 7th, 2004

(I'm loving Dude Man's characters!)

(There is no 10% MDAA attack. It's a woven spell that needs to be completed to get its effect. Just say he threw shadow orbs or something.)


The black dragon continued to speed along.

"I told you to return. You dare disobey me? I'm warning you..."

"Neptra was not a warrior. They must be punished..."

"Punished they shall be... You are not the one to decide the method."

The black dragon slowed.

"But they are escaping..."

"No one can escape. Though you have great power, you directly in line of my attack. I will not hesitate to use it on a dissident, even if he is my own son... Return immediately..."

The dragon stopped, flapping his wings in thought. He turned and began to head back to his father, back towards the colossal black orb...


The Zero Weapon raised its sword. But its colossal size made it slow to react and the intense blast of light slammed into it, knocking it out of the sky, it smashed into the ground with the intensity of an explosion, jarring the ground with such tremendous force, small jagged mountains rose out of the ground.

It lied still for several seconds under the rubble, before it sat up, the boulders falling off of its massive body. The energy in its sword, gathered, it yelled a monstrous roar and slashed the air with its blade. The crimson and black energy flew upwards, forming a crescent shape, which flew directly at Zeros'


A flash of lighting. The globe above Retan's head was over 100 feet in diameter. He began laughing a deep, insane cackle...


(MDAA: 100%!!
Warning: All characters that don't want to be vaporized get as far away from Romme as possible within the next 2-3 posts! Remember: Since this attack took 7+ posts to form, the only reasonable way to block/return it would be to gather energy for a comparable amount of time, which obviously no one has be doing (heh...). I can think of one other way, though...)

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Zeros' dodged the crescent wave and looked at Retan.

"Damnit." Zeros' opened his senses and looked for anyone in trouble.

First he sent out a link to Tsu and Zion.

Get out of here! This place if about to blow! He sensed Duilin was in more trouble then he needed. He found where Duilin was and quickly sped towards the location. He fired off quick beams of energy towards the two attackers of Duilin.

Zeros' stopped midflight and looked back at the MDAA.

Wait a second. Zeros' sheathed his swords and cupped his palms in front of him and charged up energy. He released the ball of energy and it headed straight for Retan's MDAA.


Genma stopped flying and quickly headed towards Duilin. He could use all the help he could get.

//Actually, that light aura would of brought the MDAA down abit, but the Zero Weapon took the damage.\\

Posted by: Haraldur on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Haraldur reached his homeland.


Ragnar rushed towards the mountain, and went down the colossal hole very fast. The mountain exploded around him, blocking up the hole. He reached his slab.

He lay down, and again souls rushed into him, and again he screamed.

Posted by: Cesque on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Cheetah was already far away as he heard sounds of Retan's spell preppared to be unleashed.

"Good night, Duilin." - he thought and began to accelerate toward a small solitary archipelago of islands he noticed at the line of horizon.


Gelu stood where he was. He wasn't too fast so it was pointless for him to run. He did not fear anything that could come - as the air around him was shaking from the orb's energy, he looked at the expanding orb like hyponotized, with his red, shining eyes.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Genma reached where Duilin was and looked at the two attackers. He dropped down and waved to Phoenix.

"Hello there Nex." He turned and waved to Darion. "Hello there Darion." Genma kicks the sword so it missed Duilin, then grabs Duilin by his shirt (or armor, whichever he has) and fires a ki blast at Darion and jumps into the air holding Duilin in his right hand.

He extended his left hand and absorbed wild, untamed energy, creating a ball well over 25 feet and fired it at Phoenix and Darion.

"Lets get going!" Genma flys with Duilin his hand, hoping to make it away to some islands about 2 miles away from Romme.

Posted by: Trent on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Both Zion and Tsu recieved Zeros' message. "As loyal as you are to the emperor," said Zion to Xenai, "his attack will still annihilate you if you stay here." Xenai thought for a moment, then looked in Retan's direction. "I will return when you are done with this attack!"

Zion flew over to Tsu, snatched him off of the ground, put him on his back, and flew off. Xenai was far ahead, but Zion would be able to make it out alive. Zion used all of his magic and all of his energy to dramatically increase his speed and shoot past Xenai, with Tsu barely hanging on. Xenai made the same dramatic increase in speed.

Posted by: Zeros' on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Zeros' saw everyone fleeing. Good. Zeros' pulled both his hands back after releasing his energy and powered up for his next attack.

"HIRYU SHOTEN HA REVISED! KATCHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN HIRYU SHOTEN HA!" (Translation: Heaven's Dragon Ascension Blast Revised! Cheastnuts Roasting on an Open fire Heaven's Dragon Ascention Blast) Hundreds of ki blasts erupted from Zeros' blurring fists and headed towards the MDAA, creating hundreds of mini Dragon Ascension Blasts on impact.

//If anyone wanted to know, Zeros' plan was to overpower the MDAA in hopes for it to be too much for Retan to handle and end up destorying himself.\\

Zeros' turned around towards the direction Genma was heading and used ki to enhance his demon wings and flew as fast as he could.


Genma saw everyone else following him and increases his grip on Duilin's armor and sped forwards faster.

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday November 7th, 2004

The energy blast that Genma fired didn't hit Phoenix, but it did hit Darion, he slumped to the ground, and went back his regular dead self...

"No! Genma! Let me go! He has to be stoped! I need to do this! Just let me..." Duilin cries, but then relizes his revenge is starting to become pointless, but then he remembers somebody "NEVINA! She's still on the island."

Pheonix then looks at everyone fleeing

"Hmm...looks like this party's over!" Phoenix says "But I'm not going to let Duilin get away!!"

Phoenix then starts to hover over into the air and then points his hands at Genma and Duilin then flame forms into a 25 feet radius ball and then it flue at them

Duilin then looks at Genma holding onto his armor and then back at Phoenix's big blast

"Genma let me handle this....I know what to do...." He remeberd what Phoenix said about him being a deamon, he had to trust it...

Duilin then focused his strenght and energy and then raises his hands out and then he stuggled away from Genma, he floated away....

Wings spread out from him, they looked like Zeros' his eyes glowed green and then he flue at the fire ball. He then trusted his hands at the flame, he had it held in his hands, then uses the heat from the fire and his power to create fire to make it even bigger.

"One thing you forgot Pheonix! That your in Phophin's body! And he's NO deamon!"

He blasts the fire ball straight at Pheonix and then it rockets at him...

Phoenix's eyes brows raise "Oh, dear...."

It hits him and a big engulfment of flame burns down a 60 feet radius....

"Die, you son of a bitch!" Duilin yelled, He then flue over to were Nevina was, his flying was kinda bad and he almost hit a few trees and such...

(So will the entire island dies after everyone has posted 3 times?)

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Sunday November 7th, 2004

Nevina spat as Nex went into the ground, and sheathed her sword, as she felt the Earth shutter.

"Wha..?!" She cried out.

She then sees Duilin come at her and screams, "What's going on?!"

Posted by: Dude Man on Sunday November 7th, 2004

"I'll explain latter, the island is going to explode. Come with me if you want to live!"

Duilin grabs hold of Nevina and starts carring her, he then jumps up in the air and then starts flying. He swoops over the pool of fire he made...skeletons of Phoenix and Darion could be seen...

"I had to come back and get you...I couldn't leave you here to die...." Duilin says simpathecitly. He then spots Genma and nods at him, he gains more speed trying to keep up with the crowd....

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday November 8th, 2004

Genma simply smiles at the two and increases speed while yelling back to them.

"Try and find your other party of people after this is over. Zeros' fired multiple blasts at the MDAA attack Retan made in hopes of it taking Retan with it and anyone else still stupid enough to be there."


Zeros' continues speed an flies past Genma's postion. He wanted to make sure everyone who could get themselves off the island had.

He and Genma would take care of Jayce if they needed to, but it appears that he wants to stay with his over pompous father.

Posted by: Trent on Monday November 8th, 2004

Zion, Tsu, and Xenai had flew to a safe distance.

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday November 8th, 2004

Duilin double checked to see if anyone was left behind Let's see, Scorch, most likely dead, don't care if he is or not, Seth...most likely dead. Shin, dead, Gedi dead, Iduran...dead...And the others are here.

Duilin gained more speed. He looked at Nevina for a few seconds and then looked back at were he was going...


(Here is what happend the dirt on my other charactor's deaths)

Nex's spirt wasn't able to find a new host, and it died within 20 minutes. The long lasting terror of the deamon Nex, was finished, and was never to be able to hurt anyone again...

Darion's zombified body was burnt to a crisp, by Duilin Flame of Death officalizeing his redeath, after Genma caused it to him...

Wile Veronika was falling off the boat, she relized she was causeing pain and suffering to others, enspecialy Duilin, she felt bad for doing this, and she aimed herself to hit the rock and die...

Pophin sadly never relized what Seth told him was true untill it was to late, his spirt and body, gone, and his exisetance was remaining in limbo...

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Monday November 8th, 2004

Nevina managed a shook up, "T-Thank You, Duilin." And then somehow smiled at him, in the pit of all this destruction. She then awkwardly hugged him, and then verted her eyes downwards for sometime, not looking at him.

Seth started to flinch, as he groggily got up and wandered around drunkishly, not quite sure where he was, and not that clear on who he was either.

He examined his surroundings, and saw an island, about 50 feet long, 60 feet wide, with the whole island being a Palm Tree forest, surrounded by a coastline.

"Jamiaca Mon'...?" He mumbled.

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday November 8th, 2004

Duilin looked down at Nevina as she looked away, she looked at her for awile. Then he looked back at were he was going...Thinking...deeply...

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday November 8th, 2004

Zeros' looked down at the ground as it passed under him. The water broke into ripples everytime he flapped his wings. He still had the sword Iduran had given Duilin and that Duilin has given to him. The indentation still fresh on his back, barely covered by the pieces of his shirt burnt into his flesh.

Genma was also silent, but slowed down and flew at the speed Duilin was. He and Zeros' were the greatest boon to this ground of theres. He would have to push Zeros' more and more to be able to face Retan.

Posted by: Xorlak on Monday November 8th, 2004

Just before the barrage of energy slammed into the catastrophically huge globe of dark matter, the resilient Zero Weapon rose again... It blocked the attack with its mighty chest, which became ruptured, bits of jagged metal jutting out and electric sparks jumping from the holes. It paid no mind to the damage, now an eerie aura surrounding the mecha-demon. It waved its left hand, sending a dozen orbs of shadow towards its adversary...


"The end is nigh..."

With great focus, The Dark Emperor Retan began to lower the 100 foot orb, positioning it in front of him. Total concentration was required to manipulate the energy correctly... The surrounding wind was chaotic, and the dark clouds and lightning swirled above...

The black dragon Jayce flew returned to his father, shrinking and becoming human-like. His black scales became his armor once again. And in a few seconds he was his former self, his black hair blowing wildly in the wind.

"Father! Why!? It's not like her to pick a fight she cannot win..."

"Silence! She's dead; get over it!"

"You didn't..."

"Order her to fight? So what? Don't you see she doesn't matter?"

The orb suddenly became very unstable... Retan returned his attention to his work and corrected the imbalance.

"Idiot! Don't distract me!"

"How... how could you?!"

Jayce clenched his fists in confusion and frustration...

Ignoring his son, Retan raised his arms to the sky then dropped them in front of him. The colossal orb began to fall, downwards and downwards to the center of the island, the Dark Emperor's hand guiding it...

(Leave these two alone, please, if you want to see my ending, heh...)

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday November 8th, 2004

Zeros' turned around and saw the dark orbs.

"Shit..." Zeros' sped that way, past Genma and Duilin, breaking the sound barrier. Zeros' unsheathed his sword with his right hand and held out his arms to his side.

His blade charged with energy as the balls came faster towards him. He sent a slash forwards, detonating the balls instantly on impact. He sheathed his sword back and looked to the island.

Zeros' turned his tail and started flying with the others, not even going 30 miles an hour.

Posted by: Trent on Monday November 8th, 2004

//The end is nigh... Heh.

Zion could feel the power being launched, even from as far away as he was. He trembled in intense fear.

Xenai chuckled insanely upon feeling this power.

Tsu almost fell off of Zion due to the trembling.

Posted by: Dude Man on Monday November 8th, 2004

"Good work, Zeros'..." Duilin says to him as he flys beside him. He looks at Zeros' then Iduran's sword.

"You know...when I first saw Iduran I could have just took the sword from him...I never regreated not takeing it..." He says half to himself. "I miss the old guy..."

Posted by: Zeros' on Monday November 8th, 2004

"Never regret the actions of one to save the lives of many Duilin. My reincarnated older sister sacrificed herself to save me, I never regret her actions. Iduran sacrificed himself so we could live. I have been alive for more then 900 years and I have seen more war and death then I ever want to..."

Zeros' slowed down more and stayed behind everyone else flying forwards. The sword pulsed within his blood, as sensing the impending battle.

Posted by: Haraldur on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

Ragnar continued to scream and assimilate souls.


The younger Haraldur rose, so high that he could see Romme, hundreds of kilometres away.


The elder Haraldur twitched. Even here, he could sense the use of an MDAA.

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

Duilin turned his head back and looked at Zeros' as he slowed down...He then looked down at Nevina and smiled and then looked back infront of him and went back to his old, sad, deprest face...

He started thinking back, to when he first met all his new friends here...and how he lost many of them. He even missed Scorch and Pophin and Veronika. He could have been friends with all of them, but they were either on the other side, or just they didn't see things the same ways. He never liked Scorch much, even when they both served the Dark Empire, he didn't like him much, He allways bullied Pophin, he never knew why. The not to long ago time when he stared in to Veronika's eyes and senced that she wan't all evil, seemed to get into Duilin thoughts from time to time...

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

"Not all people who join an evil side have evil intentions, take Genma for example." He pointed to his old master. "He had to join the Dark Empire to save the lives of countless villages...and even myself."

Zeros' fell behind more, making sure no more attacks came.

Posted by: Cyber Wolf on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

Nevina thought a moment.

"Who is Iduran..?" She asked.

"Why did he die?"

"Is his corpse still intact? I might could revive him.."

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

"Iduran, he was the one who owned the sword the Dark Empire wanted..." Duilin explains, he takes a deep breath and then exhales "His body wasn't intact enough for revival, besides...even if it was...it's to late..."

Posted by: Zeros' on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

"I know own the sword the emperor is looking for."

Zero's pointed to a point into his back, ripped the burnt shirt off his back and showed her the large indentation, the perfect form of a sword, along with flesh, or what looked like flesh. His body was basically covered in scars, the biggest piece of NON scared flesh was around 1/8 of an inch. No part of his body wasn't scarred.

//Basically, everywhere you looked that was exposed had scars, except for his face, which only had the one long scar.\\

"That is my price for living over 900 years. And no before you ask, I don't want anyone to heal me. They are my memories." Zeros' pulled his trench coat and shirt up, revealing his torso, which only had scars, no part of his flesh wasn't scarred. Many of the scars went down to his bone and have not healed. All the flesh looked like it was fleshly scarred.

He pulled his trench coat and shirt down and looked forwards.

Posted by: Dude Man on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

Duilin squinted when he saw Zeros' scares...

"I guess, I'm not the only one liveing a life of pain...I feal sorry for you...900 years..." Duilin sighed again "After the island explodes, I'm going to go back to my old village..see if it's been rebuild yet...maybe I might find something..."

Posted by: Xorlak on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

The Zero Weapon's mission was complete. It took off towards the shore, landing and slowly walking into the ocean. It would submerge itself below the seas, slowly repairing itself, waiting for its next calling...


A dark aura formed around Jayce, the rage building within him...

"She was to be my bride... my Queen! We were going to rule this world together-- after you died, you miserable old man!!"

Retan stopped.

He looked up, without warning, delivering a quick backhand to his son's chin. Jayce flew downwards 10 feet before catching himself.

"How dare you! You insolent cur!"

Jayce shot back up to his father's height, cupping his hands to his side, a dark sphere forming in between.

Retan's descending mass of shadow energy became unstable, now shifting to various oval shapes...

"You lived long enough, you senile old fool. The Dark Empire belongs to me now. I'm claiming it!!"

Jayce thrust his hands forward, firing a mighty shadow beam, which hit his father, trying to drive the Emperor into his own destructive sphere of energy...

The mass was becoming even more unstable...

"Unngh!! I give you everything... and THIS is the thanks I receive!"

He shot his right hand out from under his cloak, returning a blast of his own. The two beams met halfway, intense winds blasting at father and son from both sides...

Retan's unchecked mass of energy began to spin...

Jayce began to laugh,

"And to think you fell for it all... I even managed to get you to doubt Draven and your closest guard..."

He doubled the energy of the beam, pushing Retan's back...

"Very well! You shall be purged as well! An heir to the throne is meaningless if the Emperor is immortal!"

Retan's beam tripled in size, now sending the shocked Jayce's back...

A flash of lightning. The Dark Emperor's mass of energy finally touched down on the mountaintops below... but it was not the 100 foot orb that it should have been... It had become more of a disk shape and was spinning rapidly, streaks of crimson moving towards the center... in addition to huge gusts of wind...

Both stopped their attacks, looking at the spectacle below.

"Idiot! Look what you have done!!"

"Me? It's your spell, you old fool!"

Rather than explode as the spell normally went, it began to implode... A tremendous vacuum commenced. The dark energy had effectively become a black hole... First the trees... then massive boulders... then colossal chunks of earth broke from the ground, flying through the air and disappearing into the dark vortex... The black hole was sucking up the entire island...


Being the closest, Jayce and Retan fought with all their might to escape from the vortex, but the black hole pulled them backwards, and the two mighty drakens disappeared into the void...

Chunk by chunk, the island fell into the darkness...

(Chapter 3 ends in two days!)

Posted by: Trent on Tuesday November 9th, 2004

Zion could feel the energy of both Retan and Jayce vanish. "Is it... over?"

Tsu was puzzled. He gave Zion one of his spare elixirs, because he could see that he was real tired. "What happened?"

Zion gulped down the elixir, then sighed. "Retan and Jayce... Their energies are gone..."

Xenai had felt it too. "No... no, no, no... This can't be happening...! This is your fault!" He pointed his finger at Zion, who floated down to a nearby, tiny island, and put Tsu down there. Zion looked back up at his nemesis. "My fault? All I did was destroy Neptra."

"I'm going to tear you to shreds!!!"

"I'm feeling quite a bit of animosity towards you as well right now."

Both warriors brought out their weapons, going into their ready stances, and glaring at each other, powering up to their fullest potential. Their auras pushed and pulled against each other.

Tsu watched from the little island. Looking up at Xenai, he noticed something on the back of his neck, that Zion did not have. Upon noticing this, Tsu fell to one knee, with his hand on the ground. Something had invaded his head...

Remove it.

What? Remove it?

The three of you have a very important role to play.

What does that thing on his neck have to do with it?

It makes him evil.

Are you saying he's not normally evil?

He was supposed to develop ideas that were different from Zion's, but not so much to the extreme that he has now.

What role do the three of us have together?

In time, you'll know.

Whatever was in Tsu's head, it had finally left. Tsu got to his feet, stumbled a bit, then looked to Xenai. He unsheathed Kuon Yaiba, and as he looked at the symbol on the back of Xenai's neck, the white light came again. "HAAAAA!!!" He jumped up at Xenai, which was quite a ways up, shooting past him with Kuon Yaiba out at his side. The symbol on Xenai's neck split in two, and fell off.

Xenai's eyes went blank. He powered down, and dropped, going unconscious. The white light around Tsu's body faded.

"What the...?" Zion flew over, grabbing Tsu from the air, and just letting Xenai hit the tiny island with a thud. Zion took Tsu back to the island, set him down, and looked at Xenai. "What did you do to him?"

(And that's the end of the chapter for these guys.)

Posted by: Cesque on Wednesday November 10th, 2004

Cheetah landed. The breeze was soft and the waters were calm. The islands he met were an oasis of peace. He did not plan to remain here - he planned to travel a lot more in his expecting-to-last-a-bit-long life, but right know...

He could use few weeks of peace.


Gelu slowly began to follow toward the center of island, knowing what was happening there.

He has served his purpose. He aided Retan in his attempts. Understanding that he can recieve no reward for this due to nature of the Dark Emperor, it had to be enough for him.

"There is no death, there is the Force." - he only said as he approached the giant black hole, devouring everything on it's way. He casted one last spell to liquidise himself and, turned into water, he was sucked into deepest form of oblivion with tremendous force.

(end of chapter for me)

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday November 10th, 2004

"Its over guys." Zeros' pointed back towards Romme, which was now being enveloped in a black hole. Zeros' kept following Duilin, along with Genma.

"Maybe I can finally have some peace..." Both of the said at the same time. Zeros' looked at Genma and gave him a thumbs up. Genma did the same.

"Where this village Duilin? I could help you rebuilt it. Im sure Genma would help too." Zeros' pointed over to Genma, who just nodded.

Posted by: Haraldur on Wednesday November 10th, 2004

Amid his screaming, laughter could be heard coming from Ragnar. He jumped off the slab.

And rushed through solid rock northwards to a point to the north. for no immediately apparent reason.

He appeared at a point in front of the younger Haraldur. And laughed an insane laugh.

Haraldur drew his sword, and shot from it bolts of lightning, enough to destroy whole cities, which had no effect on Ragnar.

Ragnar laughed, and threw a fireball at him, a very large one.

Haraldur dodged it. He threw metal shards at Ragnar. But Ragnar anticipated this, seeing how Haraldur became covered in silver light beforehand, just for a split second. He caused lightning to flow from him through all the metal shards towards Haraldur, who got hit very forcefully. Ragnar dodged the now liquid shards.

With Haraldur stunned, Ragnar walked on the air towards him. And sucked out his soul, and screamed. Haraldur screamed in pain. And then exploded. Birds for miles around fell out of the air as they were hit by the blast.

Ragnar laughed a cold, chilling laugh.


The elder Haraldur screamed in grief and fury.

It now seemed it must be the time...


The younger Haraldur: deceased.

Posted by: Dude Man on Wednesday November 10th, 2004

Duilin smiled "I'll show you guys. It's not to far away..

Duilin turned turned his head back and looked at Romme implode "Yeah, it is over..." He smiled again, and looked at everyone and then back at Nevina "I guess were going to my old place.."

Duilin gained speed and started to lead the way...

//Duilin's old village will be near by were ever the next chapter is takeing place. It's gonna be slightly run down, not much people botherd to fix it after 10 years and most people just moved out after the attack//

Posted by: Zeros' on Wednesday November 10th, 2004

Zeros' gained speed and followed Duilin, along with Genma.

Posted by: Xorlak on Wednesday November 10th, 2004

The island continued to break apart, until it was no more... the mountains, the castle ruins, the villages, the forests, all was lost... the black hole swirled, shrinking to a small orb above the open sea, where the island once stood...

For a brief second, it was calm.

Then with a blinding flash, the ball of energy exploded, sending a burning mass of shadow to the sky.

At that time, five points of light shot outward, speeding ahead of the explosion at hundreds of miles per hour-- the five mystic weapons Retan had collected. They flew in five directions, to be scattered across the world...

Posted by: Zeros' on Thursday November 11th, 2004

Zeros' looked and saw the five weapons Retan had collected shoot out from where Romme island once stood.

"Now it seems I have another mission." Zeros' stopped and looked down. There was a moderate size island below him, about 5 miles by 7 miles. "I'll stop here, you guys continue on." Zeros' dropped himself on the island and decided he would look around later. Now it was time to rest.

"I'll depart also." Genma stopped and landed near where Zeros' was. "Going after those weapons?" Zeros' nodded. "I'll come with to. If you become corrupted by the power, you need to be executed." Genma said. Zeros' smiled at the old master.


Posted by: Haraldur on Thursday November 11th, 2004

The elder Haraldur noticed a hole had now appeared in his dimension, and went through it to his homeland.

He arrived, just in front of Ragnar. They stared at each other for several seconds. Except for Ragnars torn dark clothes, and his blackened formerly blond hair, they looked absolutely identical.

The two of them walked slowly towards eachother. And then embraced.

There was a bright, white flash. The two of them had disappeared.

A few metres above them, a man looking the same as both of them had looked before the leaving of Ragnar was floating on the air. He had no name. He chose to call himself Haraldur. He blinked in the sunlight.

He was twice as bitter about everything as Haraldur and Ragnar combined.

He wanted vengeance.

//End of chapter 3 for my person. He will be gathering all his power until the chapter ends.//

Elder Haraldur and Ragnar: merged.

Posted by: Dude Man on Thursday November 11th, 2004

Duilin turned around and spoted the island explode...the weapons fly away...

He hovered in the air for awile. "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.." He sort of breathed out the words, not loud or clear enough for somebody to hear.

Duilin then noded at Zeros' and Genma "I wish you to the best of luck, on finding the weapons. I've had enough adventure for my life....for a humen...I'm getting old."

//30 was old in those days//

"Okay Nevina, let's go..." Duilin smiled one last time at her...

Duilin flew off into the distance...

//Spider Man 2 Music plays, heh//

(I guess that's the end for me to)

Posted by: Xorlak on Thursday November 11th, 2004

The explosion eventually subsided, the smoke rising into the atmosphere above the empty ocean...

Thus ended the third and final day of the fabled Dark Empire's assault on Romme. It was the end of the Kingdom of Romme, the end of the Dark Empire... as it was then known at least...

To be continued...