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Map showing the location of Redvik on the Dark Continent.
Map showing the location of Redvik on the Dark Continent.

Redvik was one of the Five Fortresses of the Crimson Empire, walled in with a city referred to by the same name. When it was standing it was a bleak structure, with blocky brown walls and rigid towers, standing atop a shallow hill in the southernmost region of Terian, just north of the former location of Laus. Redvik was renown for its airship technology, and had sprawling underground corridors and multiple subterranean airship docks with massive mechanical doors in the ceiling that opened up to the sky above. Being the largest airship authority in the empire, the fortress also sported a legion of alchemists working to developing the flight technology further.


Redvik was first introduced in Chapter 4 before the Crimson Empire existed. Then it was headed by Wallace, who oversaw the top secret airship development. When Retan disappeared and the Dark Empire broke up, he declared Redvik an independent nation, though this was quickly rectified when Draven took over.

General Vincent headed Redvik during most of its Crimson Empire days, who was an alchemist himself and helped push the airship technology further.

Redvik was largely destroyed during an Aspyes attack, when Haraldur caused a volcano to erupt upon it. Although mages were able to keep the main structure of the fortress from crumbling (entirely), the city was entirely wiped out by magma flows. The sprawling underground labs and airship docks survived the assault, however.