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"Oh, I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing."
Created by Dude Man
Physical Description
Usual ClothingBlack pants.
EyesBlue (naturally red)
Body ArtFormerly had a tatooe on his forehead but it has dissappeared
Facial HairNone
SpecializationBlack and Elemental Magic
AllianceTalonscar (Chapter 6-9)

Crimson Empire (Chapter 6-8, 15)

Grey Empire (Chapter 8-9)
StatusFormerly deceased



Valos was strong and respected general, but had a tendency to be cruel and eruptive towards his soldiers. He spoke in a slight Russian accent, but he mostly spoke in English yet it was rumoured he knew a few words in some demonic languages. He was usually wearing a black robe, and he had the Talonscar symbol tattooed on his forehead.

He was possessed by the same spirit demon that possessed Nex. The spirit demon was dormant, but when he betrayed the Talonscar he became twisted and insane. He grew two spikes on each of his shoulders and his tattoo transformed into an inverted pentagram.

However his living body was returned to Gaian, but he was heavy scared. He was able to repair his body and make some slight changes. His skin is completely fixed and his eyes are now blue. How he did this is unknown. It's assumed it was just done through magic however.


A demonic ghost, summoned by Abodahon many years ago, for quite some time, possessed Valos. It is believed that most of his powers came from it. However, it remained dormant until Abodahon triggered it. Valos was confronted by Abodahon, and was told that he would be given a chance to prove his loyalty by attacking Draven. You can guess what happened next.

Before he was possessed, he lived a rather simple life. Yet for some unknown reason, a group of people from the Dark Empire came to his village, destroyed everything, killed mostly everyone else, but let Valos lived, on the condition that he would serve the Dark Empire. He mostly just served a small group, who called themselves, the Talonscar. A Dark Empire general named Nex, taught him a few things of magic. Eventually he gained a lot of trust in the Empire and eventually fought as a solider with them and became quite loyal to the Empire. Nex told Valos a lot about this one mission, were he had to slowly convince this one young man Duilin to become a 'full demon'. He referred him as the heir of the Talonscar. After a few years, the attack on Romme and the loss of many officers, and the forming of the Crimson Empire, he became a General.

In Chapter 6

"If that thing comes near the mainland, I'll vertically bisect that freak!"

He found Duilin! He has found the heir of the Talonscar. He must convince him to follow with his master’s plan, but how? Two 'people' were on to him, a half demon named Zeros' and a heretic imp named Rink. Also, a group know as the Aspyes has declared war on the Crimson Empire, and he must also do his duty to serve the Empire. They head to declare war on them, and wipe them out. After a large battle with the aid of the Blue Minotaur, and their new allies, Draven is lead to believe that Zeros' wiped out all of the Aspyes solders. Draven offers Zeros' the position of High General. Valos was furious about this, Valos has served with the Empire for years, and Zeros' wasn't even an official member of the Empire. He questions Draven on this, and is punished by getting put on the front lines of battle in the next attack on the Aspyes.

In Chapter 7

"Don't you dare talk to me like that, you ungrateful little shit! I know exactly what I'm doing!"

As he is shipped off to the fortress Redvik, he meets a woman named Aura and General Vincent. He goes with Aura, Rink and Xenai to one of the base camps. Valos then explains to the soldiers his plan of attack. Wile he waits he just rests at Redvik. Yet after awhile it is attacked, and the entire place seems to be falling apart. Draven makes contact with him, and Valos tells him the situation. Valos then goes off with his army to take out Laus, yet a volcanic eruption made by Ragnar, takes out his entire ground force. Yet he continues towards the city that is floating away. Valos, protected by two mages, charges up a large dark blast. Duilin arrives and then aids Valos in the attack, yet it still fails. Valos is struck with great rage. After awhile of groaning, he goes back to Redvik and talks with Vincent. He then senses Haraldur's aura, is at the Capital so he goes towards there to defend. He challenges Haraldur to fight; yet he refuses, he simply tells him that Abodahon has returned, and he should go to him, then leaves. Valos seems to know what he is talking about, so he does so. He begins to question if he should aid his former master Abodahon, because he is aiding Melkoth who is against The Crimson Empire. Abodahon warns Valos, and tells him to keep an eye on his son, Duilin.

Valos in his demonic body.
Valos in his demonic body.

In Chapter 8

"We're sorry Valos isn't here right now, please call again!"

Valos gets very worried and confused. He has served the Empire for so long, yet now he is confronted by his old master, and it turns out his plans aren't as he thought they were. If he joins with Abodahon, then he'll have to leave the Crimson Empire. Eventually, he meets Abodahon after a brawl with some Grey Empire warriors. He goes with him to Alphagrad and is then told to attack Draven. He then approaches Draven, but hesitates and then refuses to do so. The spirit demon inside him that he was possessed with kills him and controls his body.

Abodahon however chooses to fight Draven and "Valos" then fights Zion and Xenai. He wounds Xenai and he is left out of the fight, and then he has a mighty duel with Zion. Many of his new powers are shown. But due to the spirit not having total control for so many years, he has his head brutally lobbed off his neck by Zion. However, that doesn't kill him, after Zion and the others leave he repairs himself and then goes back to Abodahon, he then tells him to find Duilin and his friends.

In Chapter 9

Duilin and Valos fight on Tjed.
Duilin and Valos fight on Tjed.

"You just don't know when to quit do ya!?"

Zeros' and his friends fly off from Valos, towards some freakishly powerful aura. Valos slowly follows them, but makes himself as undetectable as possible. After we watches them fight, he realises that Duilin likely won't choose to join him and Abodahon. So he approaches them after the mysterious new foe leaves and beings to harshly taunt Duilin into a fight. He splits his parts, creating a spirit of Nex and Pophin in their demonic forms. His clones fight his other friends while Valos battles with Duilin.

Eventually he shoots a teleportation blast, transporting Duilin and a group of citizens of Tjed, as well as himself, to the dungeon of Bandervil, where the Grey Empire held it's current main base. Abodahon approached them and was able to convince Duilin to join them. However Abodahon chose to keep Valos locked up in the large cage. Valos began to go slightly insane, yet slightly more reasonable. He realized that Abodahon was replacing him with Duilin, when the finally escaped; he swiped the Holy Bastard Sword from Abodahon's chambers. It was the weapon used to slay the former dark god Qor. Soon almost the entire fortress was taken out due to an explosion made by Haraldur.

Valos went totally insane, due to he had been over using Black Magic and his several memories were conflicting with each other. In his insanity killed Darak and the prisoners from Tjed, for no reason. Later he talked to Duilin, and revealed that he, as well as Pophin, is his older brother and that Abodahon paid a group of thugs to destroy their villages and kill everyone, but the son of Abodahon in that village. Duilin, who realizes the error of his ways, decides to join back with Zeros' and his group. Abodahon dies from a poisonous infection from Haraldur, and Valos and the remaining Talonscar members descended into hell. The spirit demon leaves the body of Valos and releases the souls of Pophin, Nex and Valos so they can finally rest.

In Chapter 15

"I'll give you true hell!!"

He's been trapped in Hell for over a year but he was still alive. Finally he found a chance to escape, yet some other souls were trying to get out too. Apparently Nex has returned to Gaian and was in an epic battle against Draven. Nex was using so much demonic energy that he was able to open a hell gate. Valos and the other tortured souls were able to escape, however they brought some rather nasty steam demons with them. The battle was ended when Retan himself arrived at the scene and (seemingly) destroyed Nex in a single blow. Draven and Valos then took the chance to run away, however they were chased by Retan and his dragon minion, Beta Vraigus. Valos was able to destroy Vraigus, and him along with Zerobi no Anti joined back up with Draven to battle Retan. It appeared that Draven fell in the battle, and Valos was held back by one of the dark emperor's shadow minions and Retan flew off.

With nothing left, and nobody to speak too. He couldn't help but think back on those terrible things that happened to him in Hell. He didn't want to go back, and he was afraid they were going to try and get him back. He began talking to himself and pointlessly digging holes. He then came to the conclusion that he should hunt down the demons that are trying to find him. Get them before they get him.

Chapter 15-16 interlude

Valos has mostly been on his own since the death of Retan. He has wandered around the world, hunting demons (and what he believes to be demons) and seeing that they can no longer harm him. Valos however has done his best to keep his distance from Nex, who is still at large. He has made his odd encounter with Duilin from now and then, and later he plans to kill him.


Valos practices many elemental types of magic, and therefore has a wide variety of skills but has very few high levelled spells.

Elemental Magic Attacks

Fire Ball, His skill in casting these isn't even close to Draven's. His fireballs tend to be very small but fast moving. He can also hold the fireballs in his fists, making a 'Burning Punch' attack.

Frost, A basic ice spell. Where he casts freezing energy at his target. He often charges this energy into his fists making a sort of 'Freezing Punch' attack.

Lightning Bolt, A very common and simple lightning spell. It's simply blasting a bolt of electricity from the hand, or fingers.

Foliage, A basic flora spell. He creates a vine of foliage, but he rarely ever uses this spell. When he does it often uses it to entangle around people, disabling them from moving for a short time.

Hydro, A water spell. He summons a geyser of high powered water that breaks from the ground.

Gale, An air spell. Valos shoots a high speed gale of wind from his hands, which have enough strength to send people in the air and damage small buildings.

Boulder, An earth spell. Valos creates a chunk of boulder in his hands. It can be fairly deadly.


Valos is able to fly, due to his knowledge of levitation magic. Usually when flying at fast speeds his aura flares out in a dark violet glow. His flight speed isn't impressive but still fairly decent, and comparable to the speeds of Draven and Duilin.


Valos has some slight abilities in telepathy. The only time he uses it, is to send messages to other people, a telepathic message or whisper if you may.


Valos blasts a ray of dark rings which basically gives the person hit, "bad luck". When they are cursed, they tend to trip often and miss many attacks. Game play wise, if a character is hit by this, Dude Man will have less respect for the accuracy of your attacks for however many posts the attack was charged for.

Shade Blast

A basic Shadow Elemental spell, but still fairly deadly. He often casts this attack when fighting stronger opponents.

Dark Lightning

A stronger Shadow Elemental spell. He only uses this spell when fighting stronger opponents or when he's really ticked off, as this spell can drain his energy pretty quickly.

Dark Blade

Currently his most powerful spell. Valos charges vast amounts of dark energy into his sword, either making it stronger or he can blast a large blade-shaped missile of shadow magic from his sword. This spell takes time to charge, and sometimes requires the aid of others to make it charge faster.