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Name: Xenai Omega
Creator: Trent
Gender: Male
Specialization: Dark Magic, Kenjutsu, Energy techniques
Race: Assumed to be Human
Age: 33
Job: Mercenary
Weapon: Zero Weapon, a large Zanbatou-style sword that radiates darkness
Alliance: Unknown



He stands about 5 foot 8, not quite bulky, but still very muscular. He has blue hair styled like that of Sagara Sanosuke, with a black headband to accompany it. He wears black everything. Black coat, black shirt, black jeans, black boots, and a black necklace with a black skull hanging from it. There's no holder for Zero Weapon. It's too big to carry around.


He mostly fights with his sword and energy techniques, but he is knowledgable of a respectable amount of black magic. As of now, his strongest black magic is called Damnation, which is a rain of dark beams from the ground (a worthy opposite to Judgment), and his strongest sword technique is yet unnamed, where he shoots by the target at lightspeed, with a mighty slash.

DAL History

It's been a really long time. I don't remember a lot of the details. Sorry. :P

Xenai's debut in Dark Age Legends came in Chapter 3, where he assisted Lars Draven in fighting Zion Ultima. He summoned a demonic mech of his called the Zero Weapon, which was promptly fought against by Zeros'. After that incident, he was mostly inactive. However, he was found to have a strange device attached to him which was making him evil. Zion destroyed this device, and Xenai became good. He then went off to tame the Zero Weapon, who wouldn't be very willing to cooperate with its creator now that he was defunct from the Dark Empire. However, he ended up sacrificing it along with Eternity Weapon to help Gaia save Gaian.

Years later, he had become a mercenary. He had a run-in with a pirate who had quite a large bounty on his head, and defeated him, carrying him off to his client so that he could get paid. He ended up getting caught up in Gaian's conflicts again, and stuck with Zion for most of his advents. He hasn't seen a lot of action thus far... Zion's hogged most of it. The group consisting of himself, Zion, Tsu Nami, Aura Hikari, and Zeros' was attacked by Nick, and Xenai didn't get to do any more than hold him off.

He's currently involved with the aforementioned group in an attack on the Grey Empire.