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Name: Steorra
Created by: D. Ein
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 26
Job: A powerful mage
Weapon: A tall staff, which looks like an ordinary stick, with the exception of a brightly glowing gem on top
Alliance: Crimson Empire


Height: 5'8
Build: Slim
Hair: Blonde, tied into long dreadlocks
Usual clothing: Black flares, and a black shirt
Eye colour: Brown
Body art: A tatoo of a rising star on her shoulder


Steorra, unlike most powerful mages, started out small. She only posessed rudimentary magic abilities, which were limited to not immediately blowing herself up when attempting to cast a spell. After a few years of hard training, she became aquitted with basic spells. She then worked as a mercenary for a short while but quit soon as there were too many mercenaries out there already. In her brief career she however further advanced in her skill, and got some pocket money to start looking for her next goal. Now a powerful mage concentrating mainly on heat and light (NOT fire!), she roams the Crimson Continent in search of a more steady life.