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"In yer MIND, eatin' yer DREAMS!!"
Created by Xorlak
Physical Description
SpecializationDeath-inducing hallucinations
Weapon(s)A huge scythe which he produces from his much smaller cloak, though he rarely uses it


Melface can assume a number of forms. He most commonly appears as a human child with long ears and white hair, draped in an off-white cloak. He has also been known to take the shape of an artic fox and a bat. Whatever shape he is in, his coloring is always the same off-white, his eyes red, and the creature he takes the shape of is always young. He can only speak while in human form, and he does so in deep and proper tones.


First appearing in Chapter 11 as a minion of Jayce, Melface is a Nightmare Demon from the dark reaches of Thanatos. He feeds off the fear of others, and consumes the souls of his victims by scaring them to death with intense hallucinations that only the victim can see. While attacking a victim he is able to read parts of his/her mind, and thus scan for whatever it is he/she fears.

Melface was hand picked by Jayce and put on the dark prince's gang of personal elites, where he served up until Jayce's death in Chapter 13. Melface really only looks out for himself, and he served the Dark Empire because he sees it as the best opportunity for survival. Since the fall of the Dark Empire he has become a rogue demon, haunting various forests and roads to prey upon travelers at night. He is intelligent, arrogant, and loathes most forms of life, especially those he cannot consume. He is aware of his own limitations, and will run when the situation is not in his favor.