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Male (right) and female (left) elves.
Male (right) and female (left) elves.

A race highly similar to humans. They are as well, are bipedal primates. The main difference between them is the ears are much more pointed at the upper end. Their sense of hearing is usually higher then that of a human.

For the most part, elves have a slimmer build compared to humans. They are usually more agile, yet less physically strong then humans. They are in no way superior to humans, except they tend to have a longer lifespan. Yet elves of course very in agility and strength, just as humans do. (So feel free to use your imagination).

There are a few other races, similar to elves, such as Drows and the now extinct Jin Elf, which have a millennium long life span and never get old looking. They tend to be very proficient in White Magic.

The Jin Elves lived on the Island even before the Romme Empire occupied it. The Jin Elves battled the Romme Empire when they found the Island, a very long time ago. The Jin Elves lost the Battle due to lack of manpower and shortage of resources. The last survivor was a Jin Elf named Nevina Seev.

Characters of this Race