Vandrin's Mutants

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Vandrin's Mutants. Type 1 (centre) Type 2 (left) and Type 3 (right).
Vandrin's Mutants. Type 1 (centre) Type 2 (left) and Type 3 (right).

Count Vandrin's Mutants are the result of his Secret Chemical. They tend to have rocky cracked skin, and are immune to nearly any type of poisoning. The outcome of the type of mutant was orgionally random, and they usually they come out as one of these three types...

-Type 1- Large built humanoids with superhuman strength (employed as warriors).
-Type 2- Athletically built humanoids with wings (employed as scouts).
-Type 3- Medium built humanoids with magic abilities (employed as mages).

There are some that are a combination of two or even all of the types, which Vandrin employs as commanders of the other ones. The most common of the elite mutants, are the shadow mutants, which he employs as spies and assassins. Some also have some deformities, which are usually terminated. With Vandrin's first variation of the chemical the success rate of using the chemical was only 85%, which otherwise the person dies or turns out deformed. Yet Vandrin was able to greatly improve the chemical, by divided it into three so you could choose the type of outcome, made it work on other races and also made the success rate a full 100%, had it so it could work on corpses so Kronos could have full control over them and made the mutants generally better fighters.

Vandrin's introduction of the improved chemical

"I have been able to greatly improve my mutation chemical in just one night, when it took me a month to make it how it was before." Vandrin began, sounding like he was hosting an infomercial. "You see, the sucess rate is now 100% and we have been able to divide the chemical into three chemicals where you can choose the outcome. All subjects are put into a 'zombie-like' state, and are as fully controllable as undeads. Yet they also have enough independence to have more intelligent tactics yet not enough to question orders, making them the ideal super soldier."

"Now before this could only work on living humans. But now, we have mastered it to work on living or dead. But not just on humans, but tons of other species. Humans, elves, drows, orcs, drannivolka and even lizard men and demons can be mutated! So you could barge into some scum town with a bunch of non-humans kill them all and then make them into zombie-mutants that you could fully control. Much better than your basic zombie, trust me."

Vandrin lined up three vails, one with a red liquid one with yellow and the third with blue. He also had several empty vails.

"Now before, the outcome was pretty much one of the random three, with the occasional odd ball or super-mutant, but now we've divided the three outcomes into three different chemicals. The three chemicals have been coloured like so. Red for a super strong mutant, yellow for a winged/super agile mutant and blue for a mage mutant. But wait, what if you want a mutant with two or all of the powers?"

Vandrin lines up three empty vials and then pours some of the red chemical and the yellow chemical together, making it orange.

"Not a problem. You can make super strong winged mutants, or winged mages etc. However, it's sometimes best just to have them focus on one area, but having combined mutants can always be good too, so have as much fun as you want. Oh yes, also we've calculated the exact amount it takes to mutate, for each race. Humans, elves, drows and drannivolka require about 1 and a half quarts of chemical to fully mutate, while orcs, small lizard men and most human-sized demons require 3 quarts, and the larger demons and lizard men require around a gallon. We have designed containers of the exact sizes so you don't need to fuss over the measurements yourself. Oh yes, and if you don't like mixing we also have orange, green, purple and brown chemicals containers, I'm sure you can guess what mutant types those make."

(Excerpted from Chapter 15)