The demon Ein summoned

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Ein's strange demon.
Ein's strange demon.

The Demon was summoned by Ein, mainly because he no longer felt like fighting Duilin. It spoke in a very strange language. The demon is infact immune to magic, however Duilin did not find to much of a problem killing it.

The demon is based on the Black Demon from the MMORPG RuneScape. It is also clear that it speaks in a form of leet.

Fight Scene

Duilin flue backwards dodging the demons claw. Duilin, then dives back at the demon and swings his mace, but the demon swings his claw again, smacking Duilin, onto the ground. The demon walks towards Duilin. "lol nub! i r teh poon u! omg! u r teh dumxorz!" the demon taunts in it's strange tongues. The demon, stands above Duilin, and swings his claw downwards. Duilin, almost to fast for you to see clearly, recovers, and dashes behind the demon striking it in the back, causing it to fall to the ground and fall several feet back. "wtf! u r hcax! i r teh reeport u fer maconing!"

Duilin gives the demon an odd look. "This thing is truly not from this dimension..." He sighs. He then dashes at the demon, swinging his mace, the demon blocks it with his claw, and then swings it's other claw down at Duilin. He grabs the demon's claw, drawing some blood. Duilin used his demonic strength, and began to break the demons claw. He then, kicked the demon right in the gut, and it stepped back. He stared into its eyes, and it stared back. They both ran at each other. The demon brought back it's claw, ready to strike the half demon right on it's head. Duilin then jumped into the air, right over the demon, back flipping, he faced the back of the demons head, and he swung his mace right at its neck. A loud cracking sound was heard and the beast fell to the ground. Duilin gracefully landed on the ground.

"Ownt..." Duilin said proudly with a smirk.