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Rufokanno with his old Bounty Hunting group.
Rufokanno with his old Bounty Hunting group.

Name: Rufokanno
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Specialization(s): Telekinesis
Age: 34
Job: Bounty Hunter
Weapon(s): None
Description: Stands at bit over 6 feet, he is dressed in the skin and fur of red wolves. He has a thick stripe of hair on his head, and dark orange lines tattooed over his body.



He was the chief of a tribe known as the Red Wolf Tribe. His name literately, means Leader of Red Wolf in his tribe’s tongue. His father and ancestors all had this name. Eventually his tribe was attacked and the survivors were put into slavery. He was later bought by a man named Brice, who freed him in an exchange of aiding him in his bounty hunting. He soon found the work quite rewarding, and gained a friendship with Brice. He then went on with him to form the small group known as The Malefactors

In Chapter 10

Him and his group sought out the grand bounty on a half demon named Duilin Talonscar. The group was able to pin point his location at Asgarnia and were able to hunt him down to a small inn. Rufokanno, confronted Renard who was a silver fox-like being. He battled him, giving Rufo a chance to show off his Telekinesis, but in the end was blown away into a building by a tornado attack.

In Chapter 11

With his entire team killed, he went working in the shadows. He thought of getting revenge on Duilin who had killed his friend Brice. After awhile he was approached by a strange woman, who apparently also wanted to find Duilin...

In Chapter 14

After a long hunt, him and Ophelia were able to find Duilin in Tjed, with the help of Melface. However their attempt at killing him failed, as Duilin proved too strong to defeat, epsecially with the help of his friends. He was beaten in a fight against Lagart and had his powers disabled by Bjendell. He was then locked in the Tjedon jail.