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547 G.E.

557 G.E.

March 19th

  • The Dark Empire lands in southern Romme, the Battle of Romme begins.

March 21st

March 22nd

March 23rd

Late March

  • The Dark Empire crumbles due to the disappearance of the emperor and all high generals

April 21st

April 22nd

  • Chapter 5
  • Draven returns, reunites the Dark Empire and becomes its second emperor
  • The Dark God Qor is killed, leading to a large war in Hell between Abodahon and Iban, and their followers.
  • Cataclysmic battle with Alpha Retan. Gaian is nearly destroyed.
  • Gaian is healed through the intervention of Gaia and heros.
  • The island of Romme reappears, though it is uninhabited.


  • The Dark Empire becomes the Crimson Empire

562 G. E.

June 8th

June 9th

June 10th

  • Chapter 8
  • Sigmund falls to the Grey Empire
  • The Crimson Capital disappears into Draven's vortex, the Crimson Empire begins to crumble without its emperor
  • Vincent attempts to assimilate the Crimson Empire into the Grey Empire, with only limited success
  • Bandervil falls to the Grey Empire

June 11th

  • Chapter 9
  • Battle of Ugran
  • The Dark Emperor Retan and his son Jayce return
  • Bandervil is obliterated by Haraldur
  • Melkoth and Abodahon are destroyed, the Grey Empire begins to crumble
  • Due to the death of Abodahon, Iban takes rule of Thanatos
  • Draven returns
  • Haraldur disappears

June 12th

  • Retan reverses Draven's mandate, what's left of the Crimson Empire becomes the Dark Empire once more
  • Chapter 10
  • The Velkens arrive on Gaian
  • The Dark Empire and the Kandarinian Sovereignty become allies
  • Retan banishes the heroes and Draven into a vortex

June 13th


  • The last remnants of the Gray Empire fall to the Dark Empire


  • Terian is unified under the Dark Empire/Kandarinian Alliance, except for a few pocket areas of resistance


563 G.E.


  • The Dark Empire begins reclaiming lost lands overseas

December 1st

  • Chapter 11
  • Retan's banishment spell is reversed, the heroes return

December 2nd

December 3rd

  • Chapter 13
  • The Kandarinian Sovereignty officially gives up its claims on Terian to the Dark Empire
  • Count Vandrin refuses to leave Terian with the rest of Kandarin and declares war on Gorus
  • The Kandarinian Sovereignty moves to Gros Morne
  • High General Jayce of the Dark Empire falls in southern Tjed

December 4th

December 5th

  • Chapter 15
  • Tjed is free when Welkin is evacuated and the Velkens turn against the Dark Empire
  • Emperor Retan of the Darkness falls in Gros Morne