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Featured Quotes

  • (03-09-2007) "You need more credibility than just being old and calling yourself 'a prophet'." -- Draven, Chapter 7
  • (03-23-2007) "I really don't see why you continue to trust people; you obviously don't have the correct people skills. Oh, it just upsets me to think how heart breaking your love life must be." -- Abodahon, Chapter 8
  • (04-01-2007) "Your jest is very amusing, but clearly you wouldn't want to take this little joke of yours too far, for it would be very damaging for me to mistake your jest for truth and, say, disembowel your innards and mount your head among the other... examples..." -- Draven, Chapter 8
  • (04-11-2007) "I understand completely what you are: a mental case, but soon you will be a corpse!" -- Abodahon, Chapter 9
  • (04-20-2007) "I think it's about time you died, huh?" -- Draven, Chapter 1
  • (05-11-2007) "That cut on your neck doesn't look too good. Maybe I should finish it for you..." -- Draven, Chapter 1
  • (06-26-2007) "How is it that you, a poorly-dressed soldier-like man, know the ways of the arcane? At least dress for the profession... [...] And you? Since when do peasants fly in the sky? You look like someone who just stopped milking Mary the Cow from some god-forgotten farm! What's this world coming to?!" -- Steorra, Chapter 9
  • (07-12-2007) "SCREW PEACE!!! When has peace ever solved anything!? It might be a relaxing thing, but it's only just delaying another war!" -- Jacobie, Chapter 13
  • (07-23-2007) "There is a huge ass machine-like thing with a dog head and it's going to shoot a blast the size of Draven's ego in our general direction, if we, sorry, YOU don't do something about it!" --- Rink, Chapter 10
  • (08-10-2007) "Little hint: Laugh when you're winning." -- Draven, Chapter 6
  • (08-22-2007) "Consume all, flash of death!" -- Zion and Xenai
  • (09-13-2007) "I do hope you've learned a few more tricks in the past five years, comrade." -- Draven, Chapter 6
  • (12-04-2007) "Demons meddle in the affairs of superior races? Demons are the superior race. You humans don't realize that you're just small fish in a big ocean filled with hungry sharks." -- Abodahon, Chapter 8
  • (12-16-2007) "Uh, stop. I seriously, don't want to hear the famous 'prime time' story from another old man." -- Rink, Chapter 13
  • (01-03-2008) "Had enough yet? Too bad, I'm not finished. But don't worry. I’ll make sure you don't die until I'm done." -- Gorus, Chapter 14
  • (01-15-2008) "Sitting at my throne, I couldn't help but wonder - why am I so... absolutely perfect? I mean, I have armies of undead ready to obey my most whimsical thoughts. My Lich powers allow me to be completely unphased by any physical attacks. Even had all these powers been stripped from me, I still control an empire, soon to outgrow the Dark Empire itself. If I weren't me, I'm sure as Skorn I'd wish I was me." -- Kronos, Chapter 14
  • (01-29-2008) "Now, I could ask you again to join me...but to be honest I'd much rather have you as meal then as an ally." --- Nex, Chapter 15

  • (07-29-2008) "If I don't stop you, I am going to annoy the hell out of you while you do this, to make it as unpleasant as possible for you." --- Duilin, Chapter 15
  • (08-18-2008) "Oh for the love of all that is impure and unholy! I have to think of EVERYTHING when dealing with this guy." --- Nex, Chapter 15
  • (10-11-2008) "It's been a proven fact that human meat is the healthiest thing for demons to eat. They've got a lot more water in them then demons do, and demons come from a hot place. We get humans coming into Thanatos, a world of fire and brimstone, all the time. Where else can we get our water?" –-- Nex, Chapter 16
  • (12-17-2008) "Get to know the people you'll be sending to their deaths. It's always good practise to comfort your subordinates by letting them place the blame for their deaths on someone or something other than their own incompetence." –-- Wing, Chapter 16

  • (02-22-2011) "I like my meat, raw and alive. And I like to let my meat bleed a little bit before I eat it." --- Nex, Chapter 17

Featured Quote Suggestions

  • "'Dead' is such... an interesting term nowadays..." --- Julian, Chapter 17
  • "That's it, you die, Your corpse is mine, Your flesh, your soul, In my control." --- Kronos, Chapter 18
  • "Perhaps you could move your fight elsewhere? Although if you have a different plan, I'd be more than happy to give you my input." --- Duilin, Chapter 18
  • "Guess Duilin's is going to have to burn things now." --- Duilin, Chapter 18
  • "Who am I to destroy valuable real estate?" --- Kronos, Chapter 18
  • "Now you're probably expecting the hero to go through one of those moral dilemmas on whether or not he should finish off the helpless villain, but the thing is I'm not that kind of guy. If I have to chance to remove an error of the world like you I take it." --- Duilin, Chapter 18