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Current Status: Active on Dranniville Softworks (DV-soft) Board of Directors, Active on MS forums, Innactive on TK forums

Drannic Lord joined this RP during chapter twelve and made his first post in it on Wednesday March 14th, 2007. Man, what a day that was. The enthusiasm has kind of dulled down, but I still check the RP almost as frequently as I used to.



Active Characters

Inactive Characters

NPC List

Dranniville Softworks Projects

Dranniville Softworks (more known as DV-soft) is a company of five people who use the toolkit to create games and such. We also make a few comics once in a while, but haven't worked on any in a few years as an intire company. Last manga was created in 2004. I've put all of my employees on the Legion of Darkness for a few years (2005 - 2007).

Employees and Co-founders

  • AdmiralBanks (John)
  • Drannic_Lord01 (Joe)
  • ElderScrollinIt (Jennie)
  • Exilethedark (Cory)
  • Reality Redefined (Pat Jr)
  • Virusoflife (Corey)

Current Projects

  • Dark Age Legends: The fall of Romme (game/current)
  • Legion of Darkness EX (game/on hold)
  • Legion of Darkness III: The Breath of god (game/on hold)

Old Projects

  • Drannica Vol: Black Tyrant (comic/complete)
  • Dungeons and Minnions: A D&D Parody (manga/complete)
  • Elfen Lied: Before First Blood (manga/unfinished)
  • Legion of Darkness and the Curse of the Fallen Angel (game/complete)
  • Legion of Darkness II: The Empire of Doom (game/complete)

Drannic Lord's Contact Info

E-mail Adress:

  • drannic_lord01@yahoo.com
  • guardian_of_morrowind@yahoo.com

Aol Instant Messenger:

  • DeathZORBAK666