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Goblins are the result of a spell gone badly when an attempt to create more human-like orcs was tried. Goblins are the advanced decedents of the Orcs, they have better hearing, speed, and agility. Goblins are also generally better fighters and skilled at many more things than Orcs.

The actual formula to make a goblin is hard and written in the goblins math algorithms. this is the simplest( for purposes, the ingredients are not shown)
G= Goblin
B= Chemical
C= Mineral
M= Magic Spell

What other things that go into goblins are, a proper place to create them. Goblins can only be made in a special mud known as granting mud which is formed from another magical spell. After this is made, the above spell may be applied to it and sooner or later you will get goblins.

The inventor of goblins was the high orc alchemist Huget who realized that the same experiment that failed can be done over and over to make this advanced orc, he named them the Goblins after his sword whose name was Goblin, and the inventor of the mud was Hugets son Jagd. Not much is known on how they made the goblins breed so fast but there is enough evidence to say that if you kill one, ten will come in his place.

Characters of this Race