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Drannivolka are essentially anthropomorphic felines that hail from the highlands of Dranniville. Their fur is generally an orange-ish color, which turns yellow about their muzzle and chest, and a dull grey around their eyes, the tips of their tail, and usually their hand-like claws. Their triangular ears allow them acute and exeptionally powerful hearing. They are generally taller and more swift than humans, their average height a little under six feet. They are generally reserved, quiet individuals not given to fits of anger or rage.

Drannivolka are all about speed and magic. All Drannivolka can use their wind magics to create magic wind bridges, an adaptation resulting from their mountainous island. They are extremely fast, and are just barely able to be seen by human eyes. They easily give winged demons and angels a difficult time in the air, and are able to stop at an exact location without stumbling forwards or falling backwards.

The magical abilities of the Drannivolka are quite above average, with the occasional exceptional fighter (much like the occasional exceptional Elven fighter). Apart from air magic, most Drannivolka focus on holy and non-elemental attacks, and some even focus on a combination of shade and fire magic.

Drannivolka are physically avarage when it comes to big fighters. It'll probably take a 'human' number of hits to take out the best Drannivolkan. However, actually hitting them is another matter. Their defense is their speed; in the time required for a bulky armored knight to swing a sword, a Drannivolkan Knight can spin around to his opponent's backside and slash him.

Fighting Style

Drannivolka are much like their distant cousins, the Velkens, who capitalize on their speed and magic as their primary offenses. However, an elite squad of Drannivolka fighters can be just as deadly on solo missions as they are in a squad.

Though other Drannivolka squadrons exist, the most common squad is three knights, two mages, and an elite knight who focuses on both magic and combat. These teams are especially deadly against single-minded soldiers, meaning the entire army focuses on either just combat or magic.

Knights wear light silver armor and carry a mixture of broad swords and short swords. They're generally better fighters than most, but are still avarage when it comes to fighting against trained soldiers. The most commonly used attack is a horizontal slash, usually aimed at the neck, as that is the lowest armored spot on most soldiers. Seldom do they thrust or stab.

Mages commonly team up with one another to create a super powerful effect against enemies with weaknesses to certain magics. Often, the elite will command from the rear to make sure the team of mages is doing the spell in a correct form, whilst the three knights in the front hold off the enemy until the mages are ready. The elite then gives a sort of signal, sometimes a noise (every squad has its own signal) and the knights jump out of the way as the mages cast the enhanced spell.

NPCs/Characters of this race